Electronic Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

Producer, Mixing, Mastering - Pysh

Hello! My name is Phil. I am polish artist living in Berlin and owner of Pysh studio focused on electronic music, dj, composition, sound design, teaching), film scoring, audio edition, podcasts, video creation (tutorials) and graphic design services also.

Music Producer - adhoc_music

I'm a music producer from the alps and take you through the depths of the synth sounds and don't use any genre. Music is the voice, the instrument of feelings and play this instrument with every fiber of my being!

Cinematic music producer. - Mahmoud Wagih

A film composer, and audio engineer, producing background sound for films, videos.

Hardware Processing Analog Mix - TomFoolery dublandstudios

I operate a private facility used by a small collection of producers and artists. Most folks just don't have access to a half ton mix desk. I open my Amek Mozart RN to your art.

Vocalist & Producer - Jerica

Hello!! I am a singer,writer and producer. I am happy to hear any projects you have and see how I can help. Whether that is adding backgrounds, assistance with writing melodies or production. I love electronic music and r&b and fusing those elements together. I've worked on electronic, alternative, rap r&b, and pop projects.

Producing, Mastering & Mixing - Florian Mehnert

I am the producer you need, but you’ve never heard about ;)) There’s no beat I won’t create, so just message me! Kind regards

Cross Genre Collaborator  - Phinestro

Emmy-nominated Composer, NFT seasoned web 3 musician ready to Elevate your projects with quality audio. Marvel Spider-Man 2, Billboard #1 K-pop collab, Dolby Atmos expertise. Let's sculpt immersive worlds together!

Music producer, sound engineer - Novus

If you need a beat, ballad, or any type of song, you're in the right place! I specialize in production & composition, but I'm comfortable with any step of the song production, even including the sound design of the drum samples :)

Vocal Ref, Mix, Prod & Writing - ADN Adien Lewis


Written/produced for various social media and YouTube acts since 2010. Songs have garnered millions of plays. Worked with and under Grammy Award-winning producer, Brian Kennedy (of Chris Brown - Forever, Rihanna - Disturbia, Kelly Clarkson - Mr. Know-It-All fame). Wrote/produced award-winning K-Pop song, "MOVE" by Taemin (of SHINee), in 2017.

Music Producer - Genys

Lithuanian born DJ/Producer and Sound Designer. Living in Berlin, founder of an electronic music label - Lowvibe. Member of Weboogie crew and sound designer at Bitwig.

DJ Beatmaker & Female Vocalist - MysticModerna

As of 2020, I launched Mystic Moderna after growing up in a musical family and singing a capella choral. As a DJ Beatmaker I focus on progressive trance, dubstep, and mixing interesting techno sounds to take the listener on a journey. I am still fresh as a singer and female vocalist and experimenting with natural reverb and layered studio tracks.

Independant Wizard - Aura Shred

I'm an electronic remixer, producer, mixing / mastering engineer based in France. As a remixer, I provided countless remixes for various artists in the electronic / metal scenes.

Production, Mixing, Mastering - Djenga

I am one half of the international duo, Locnville. I'm a producer that has won multiple international awards including MTV EMA. My productions, mixes and masters have sold more than 1,000,000 copies worldwide.

Producer, Mixing & Mastering - Aidan McDonald

I can professionally mix and master your work, as well as help you achieve the production level that you desire

I am a versatil music producer - Danna Gonzalez

I am sponsor by Native Instruments and Image-Line, rest assured that my job will bring you high quality solutions.

Mixing Engineer - Sergey Ionov

Good day. I am audio engineer and producer Sergey. I live and work in middle city Cheliyabinsk (Russia). Extensive experience in create atmosphere in electronic music. I make your music deep and warm

DJ / Guitar / psytrance - MOAB

DJ and Producer Started the project “MOABLIVE”

 - IFL3Studios (Inspire-Factory)

IFL3Studios is a Mix/Mastering Studio based in Riom, in the center of France. We mainly work on mixes and masterings for EDM, Dubstep, Drum and bass, Metal and Rock Artists and labels, we also propose original creations and writing for soundtracks dedicated to short or long movies and video games...

DJ & electronic music producer - Kyoumx


All things sound. - Cult Classique

I make sounds, help others make sound better and add soundtrack to any element of life.

Music Producer Mixing engineer - Tuket music

I never give up until you like my product. Happiness of my customers is more important than the money i get in a time period for that job.

songwriter  - hb

i write songs and mix/master and play a ton of instruments and styles! let me know what i can do for you

Music Producer  - Stephan

Electronic Music Producer

EDM/Alt Vocalist & Songwriter - SOUNDR

Hey guys! I'm an EDM & Alternative vocalist and songwriter that has been featured on major electronic tracks with artists like Adventure Club, MitiS, Blanke, ARMNHMR, and more. I would love to work with you!

Mixing and Mastering - JorgeVianaProd

Professional producer, mix and mastering. Nick Warren, Hernan Cattaneo, etc.

The jack of ALL bass abilities - Urban Underground

I am the jack of all bass guitar related abilities with the side ability to produce and engineer. There was a period of time when I was REGULARLY rubbing shoulders with a few 'major label' artists and personnel. I have learned A LOT from those experiences. So please allow me to help you and you help me. Hey a TEAM..

Electronic Mixing Engineer - MVDVS

Serving the Artist

Recording Studio, Production - Konnekted Studios

Konnekted Studios is a multi-purpose space dedicated to the Audio & Creative Industries. With a high-end, full-service recording studio in the heart of Amman, plus an international network of specialists in over fifty countries, and state of the art equipment, Konnekted provides the perfect environment for turning your big ideas into reality .

Bassguitar//Synthbass//808' - Evden Dimitrov Session bassist

Hi, I can record a high-quality bass, synth and 808 bass lines for your music.

Record, mix, master, produce - Jeff Kaiser

I focus on creative music—and the musicians that make it.

Podcast Editing & Mastering - Giuliano

Podcast editing, post-production and mastering.

Prod / Remix / Edit / Mix - Lossio

A Brazilian producer who understands black music both American and Brazilian. What do you need?

Music Producer  - DREAMLAND

Im a self-made music producer. I’ll actually work for free on whatever project you’re working on i’m looking for experience. I’m more into experimental and electronic but im open to stuff, just not too basic.

Music Producer, Mix Engineer - Aaryan

A seasoned DJ and producer, I'm offering mixing and mastering services for any genre. I've mixed all of my own tracks (of course) which have helped me land releases on labels like URSL, Disco Halal, and Sincopat, and if you'd like to hear some of my music, it's available on your favourite platforms via this link - https://linktr.ee/aaryanmusic

Music Producer - Jay Ruiz

I’ll transform your music idea into a pro - finished track. I’m a sound engineer and I’ve released on labels like Enhanced Music, Zero Cool, Musata, Clippers Sounds, Blanco y Negro music…

Music Producer - Chakraborty Samrat

Experimenting and learning is the key to any journey in life, music as well. I experiment, experience and learn to seek new boundaries to reach. Being trained in Indian classical music and a certified Sound Engineer, it has become easier for me to produce different genres knowing the musicality and the technical requirements of the project.

Record Producer, Remixer, DJ - Chris Stath

Music Producer, Mixer, Remixer, Engineering, Drum Programming, Songwriting, Music Education and Song Placement

DJ, Producer, Remixer - David Tort


DJ/Producer/Remixer David Tort is one of the most influential Spanish artists in the global electronic music scene. His success is the product of both his distinctive studio work and his in-demand DJ sets all around the world. Both sides have made him a household name in modern club culture.

Mix & Mastering Engineer - Tom Fall

Electronic Music Producer, Dj and Mixing & Mastering Engineer from Lohja, Finland. Armada Music artist since 2010.

Online Mixing & Mastering - Mason Mastering

Some Mixing & Mastering services treat artists as if they're just part of the herd. They make no attempt to grasp the message and artistic vision behind the record. They provide very few revision options, collect their payment, and usher the artists out the door.

Music Producer&Audio Engineer - Infinitum Beatz

Music Producer , Sound Designer , Mixing & Mastering Engineer

Music Producer - Jacob Dalton


Music Producer/ Beat Maker EDM, POP, FAMOUS maker JacobDaltonMusic.com or have a listen to the samples on this page

Recording Studio - Transcend Studio

The Transcend Music Studio is part of the Mynol musical project. Located in the hills of eastern Antióquia, the studio is a mark in the advance and development of musical production in underground house and techno.

 Production Mixing & Mastering - Alberto Battistella

Here for making your track explode! I can mix and master your tracks in order to reach the industry standards for streaming services and phisical support, bringing out the true potential of your song. I'm specialized in electronic music such as techno, house and subgenres and, as a musician, with acoustic music, like indie pop/ rock.

Mixing & Mastering - Schaub Audio Engineering

Hi! My name is Sebastian. I’m an electronic music Producer and have been a mixing engineer for 13 years with a degree in Audio Engineering from the SAE Institute Zürich.

cover song  - SHERVINA AFSHARI

check mt ig you can get what you want to know

music producer - minimum

Hi there! My name is Norbert Kovács, and I am a music producer, under the artist name 'minimum' from Budapest, HU. If you need help with production/mixing/mastering for your tracks hire me, and I am also experienced in sound design, so I can offer making presets for various VST plugins for you as well!

Music producer, Music engineer - Emil Lindström

Hello folks, My name is Emil and Im a music producer/engineer from Sweden.

Beats, Songs, Scores, Sound FX - Renner

Extremely varied producer, can recreate any style of music, I will cater to your personal needs and requirements for what you want.. I will be the machine that brings your exact vision to life

Record, Edit, Pro Mixdown - Angelos Moutsai

Specialized at -Electronic music production (& Ghost Production) -Synthesizers (Sound Design) -Engineering (Mixing - Editing)

Producer/Songwriter/Singer - Taleudo

I am a Producer/Songwriter/Singer and have garnered up to 80,000 streams on Spotify till date. I have been featured on editorial playlist such as "Electro Mix" for 7 consecutive weeks. I am keen in exploring all kinds of alternative EDM & Synth Pop genre.I have participated in songwriting/production camps in Zendyll Records and Wire Music Week.

Music Producer, Beatmaker, DJ - Tiam Wills

💿🎶Testé positif au disco 🎶💿 ✨Musician, Producer & DJ ✨

Producer/Mix Engineer - Scott D.

Mix Engineer, Producer, Songwriter, Guitar Player

Vocalist, composer - Nicklas Björkman

Looking for a collaboration to create electronic music? Are you a game developer or movie producer looking for soundscapes? Or perhaps you want deep male vocals with a nerve for your latest song?

Music Producer & Engineer - Minno

Hi I'm Chris and I'm a professional music producer and engineer with over 10 years experience. I specialize in Electronic, Pop, and Hip hop music and can adapt to a variety of different styles to fit your needs. Let me bring your song to life in a way it fits your needs and you are 100% satisfied.

Music producer/Composer - Weird Eraser

If you are looking for quality alternative electronic or instrumental music at a low price ~$10. I will help you. Write to me and describe what exactly you are looking for, and I will be glad to help you with your project!

Electronic Music producer  - Enrique Acosta

Vivo por y para la música y compartir de mis conocimientos y ayudar con mis servicios, me alegra mucho.

Sound Designer and Composer - Aurelie Moiroud

I'm a creative and enthusiastic sound designer and composer who enjoys creating audio. I put my skills at the service of projects so that the audio supports the artistic, conceptual, and technical vision.

Mix /Master / Audio - Phorzaeken

I do audio production, mixing, mastering and probably much more.

Musical artist - Roman Matovsky

Artist, author, iOS app and video game developer, website and graphic designer, TV commercial actor and model, photographer.

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