Electronic Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

Music Maker - Sounds Baker 20y - VeganEdenStudio

Produce, Recording, Editing, Mixing, Mastering, playing Bass & Drums, Synthesizer player, Vocalist...

Record/Mixing/Master/Post - Dennis Grell

Music´s first! (Bruce Swedien). I´m a Audio-Pro and Gearhead since 1998. I´ve worked for Labels like Sony, Universal and companys like Peermusic or Nintendo.

Music Production - Chris Mernda

My goal is to get emotions and feelings to translate from the speakers. I specialize in getting a tune to elicit the feelings intended by the composition.

Music Producer/ Engineer/ DJ - The CEE

Well versed multi genre producer with an Ep and singles out as well as a Dj. Currently working in masters music as a sound engineer along side well renowned Producer and audio Engineer Micheal fingers. Masters Music is where the 2018 World Cup song with Jason Derulo Feat Wykee Benda. #Colours was made.

Mixing, Mastering, Audio Post - Phoenix Mixing - Mastering

I am a creative technologist that works in all facets of audio post production. My mixing and mastering uses a combination of analog and digital tools (In the box and outboard gear). I work with the artist to make sure their hard work is taken to the next level. Sound is emotion, a feeling, and should sound timeless; that is my goal.

I mix and master music. - Glitch Unicorn

Mix and master music for electronic, hip-hop and blues groups. So far I have to 2 imdb credits

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Sam Smith

I'm a music producer with a number of professional releases to my name. I specialize in electronic music and have many years experience in the industry.

Pop & Dance Music Producer  - Matt Newman

Over 50 million streams on Spotify. Major Label cuts (Atlantic) Music supported by the BBC (BBC Radio1 & Radio2) on TV (channel 4/ Love Island) Music that has been viral on TikTok, I have produced music for L.O.L Dollz (Netflix).

Music Producer , Arranger - Yahia Shams

my name is Yahia, I'm Egyptian Music Producer And Music Arranger I was born on 12 November 1992 in Saudi Arabia and then we moved to Egypt, I entered school in 1998 and there I found the piano and all instruments. I discovered that I have a gift and I didn't realize that I played piano at parties the club journey has begun to pursue my dream.

producer, remixer, live, DJ - Adam Werderits

Hello! My name is Adam, I started producing electronic music more than 25 years ago. I have an extensive knowledge of synths and studio gear to make emotionally rich, cutting edge electronic sound. I am based in Barcelona and have a fully equipped study with vintage and modern synths.

Music Producing & Remixing - SYNUX

Have Been Among Top 80 Persian DJs & Founder Of VAPORLAND Label.

Electronic Music Production - Lone Monk Studio

WE ARE THE MUSIC MAKERS AND THE DREAMERS OF DREAMS We're Boston's creative hub for producers, electronic musicians, composers, sound designers and recording / mastering engineers. We collaborate with artist from around the world and help newcomers fulfill their musical dream.

Mastering - Fat Tape Mastering

Stem mastering offered at no additional cost. Unlimited revisions / no hidden costs.

Beat Maker/Mixing/Mastering  - Bouchardius

Ghost producer/Remixer/Mixing/Mastering and Video Game Music producer. Can match music quality of your favorite labels and artists in many genres! Released on Spinnin' and other major labels, supported by djs in the top 100 DJ MAG.

bar, events, party  - Hire it Event Furniture

Hire It is a renowned event furniture hire company that has been able to simplify any kind of event planning by providing the apt furniture for the occasion.

 Ambient/Synth/Composition - CM Standing

Ambient/Synth/Composition .

Mixing and mastering engineer - Fanu

Electronic music veteran with nearly 30 years of electronic music experience. Works with hundreds of songs per year.

Music Maker - Dave Smith

I can make a tasty orange marmalade curry

'Music Producer' - The GARIBAN

I am a producer who specializes in electronic music. Especially im in love with Cyberpunk, Synthwave, Vaporwave, İndustrial (bass) music. I create music with passion because I do what i love. I make music because i love the way i communicate with emotions. I think hearing is a lot exciting than seeing.

ProducerWriter/Instrumentalist - Lewis Tollan


I've been at this for 8 years, I've gained over 10+ Million streams with my work. successfully running a recording studio in Glasgow, Producing and writing with artists all over the world. Been in touring bands as well, touring with the biggest names in music. I know how this all works and have what I do down to a tee.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Harry Katehis

I love producing music, but the most fascinating stage is the mixing phase of the project. It is where all the magic happens and all the elements of the song come to life musically. A good mix can sky rocket a mediocre song. A bad mix can destroy a perfect one.

Mix/Master, Music Producer - Georgios Gverse Gkanidis

Being around in the music industry for about 5 years , finishing my bachelor at Point Blank London , I have many releases as an artist at many streaming platforms Beatport,Spotify,I-Tunes etc. plus I have consulting local artists to improve either they music or assisting with co-production , mixing & mastering.

Singer and songwriter - Ryan Lafferty

Experienced singer and songwriter who has worked with the likes of Rob Garza, Able Heart, Lena Leon, and more. Can write and sing across multiple genres including electronic, pop, folk, and more. Have a 4 octave voice and am happy to top line and write original tracks.

Music Producer/Mixing Engineer - Bastian Eberhard

Music producer from Karlsruhe, Germany. I produce all different kinds of genres, however, specialized in electronic music and mixing vocals/rap.

Music Producer, Remote Mixing - Cole Studios

Mixing Engineer and Music Producer with 6 years of experience working alongside artists, producers, and vocalists from around the world. Let's make something unique and wonderful!

Inspirational Music Producer - PRXDXGY Music

People always say to 'be yourself' - but I'm here to help you create yourself, to bring out your unique style and talents. I'm a music producer who is looking to help bring the best out of people through their musical work. Always happy to help with anything you need.

Music Producer, Guitarist. - Bart Poort

Honesty transcends genre.

Mixing Engineer - Royalston

20 years experience mixing Electronic music to perfection. Free master included.

Music Producer, Composer, - Joseph Hanay

I've been creating music with endless passion for past 10 years. As a professional i can produce any kind of genre that you wish to hear. You can listen my music from Spotify and Youtube.

Session Drummer / Producer  - Berkay Karabağ

Electronic Music Producer , Session & Live Drummer , Mix

Performers | Engineers - BROFORCE Music

NextBop describes them as "trailblazers on crack" - BROFORCE are 25 years old pianist, keyboardist, flutist, bassist, sound engineer, composer and arranger - Full-Tuition Scholarship at Berklee College of Music (Global Jazz), USC & Conservatoire de Paris - 2 DownBeat Student Music Award winner (June 2020 issue)

Production//Audio Services - Intermach

Look, I'm not going to lie to you and tell you I worked with artists I very obviously didn't work with, or claim credits for songs I didn't work on, and I won't overcharge you for sub-par service. I know what I'm doing and I do it well. I'll save you money and give you a great product. I'm not just a producer, I'm a musician. Hire me. I'm worth it.

singer, songwriter, producer  - Marty Crown

Marty Crown is electronic tribal singer and songwriter. Her EP “Hologram” was released in the Spring of 2017. Currently she is working with her new music album “Gem Store”. Already a sensation in Central Asia, Marty was the winner of Samsung’s EDGE Fest 2016 and has been featured in ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Esquire, Harper’s Bazaar etc.

Produce, Remix, Sound Design - Ray

I can make your next hit, made with love

 Composer, mixing, mastering - ScaryFox

My name is Denis (1990), I’ve been doing sound production for 10 years.

 Producer, Song Writer, Mixer - Gabriel Konskier

Whatever you need, We will DO IT. Working side by side with you I'll make your song sound just like you want it to. I am here to help you get where you want.

remote mixing & mastering  - frasound

i am here to maximize your sound ,I will follow your ideas and your creativity to reach the best result with the right budget .

Music Producer - Caio Saldanha

From the simple musical idea to a finished track, I'm here to guide you on this amazing journey. Always with love!

Music Producer - dopespace nine

No grammy won, but the music is lit.

Ghost Production - Jesus Pardo

Ghost production in electronic genres, Trap, Latin and Hip-hop

Mix, Mastering, Vocal Tuning - Ricard Galusi

Achieve industry-standard sonic quality in your music with over 6 years of experienced expertise.

Drummer - Marcel Chalhoub

I have performed with Legendary Lebanese composer Ziad Rahbany. I’ve done two drum clinics, one for DW drums, one for Roland.

DJ, Session Brass Player - Ben Marks (MAKS)

I am a talented Musician, DJ, Producer and Remixer who will listen and work to your needs. My work speaks for itself, and I look forward to working with you soon :)

Music Mastering & Mixing - Sine Sound Mastering

Sine Sound Mastering offers professional music mastering and mixing, with special expertise in electronic music. Collaborators and credits include Future Classic, Noisia and Symphonic Distribution. No nonsense, cutting edge and world-class quality only.

electronic music producer - soleDrummer

although I got involved with producing electronic music quite late, during the last 7-8 years I have produced and released 10 albums/singles. I know how hard it is to finish a project, and to work through the frustrations encountered in order to see your creation come to life. I can be the coach/partner that so many of us need from time to time.

Canvas & Visuals Designer - LUX | LUMN

Your sound is a story. These are the illustrations.

cover song  - SHERVINA AFSHARI

check mt ig you can get what you want to know

Spotify Canvas - 0t.lab

I am a motion designer/ animator and multidisciplinary artist. I will visualize your music with a Spotify Canvas. As a generalist I am able to meet your specific demands whatever they may be including design and illustration. Conceptually strong visuals and hardcore mixed media are my two pillars!

Mixing, arrangements - Boogie Vice

I produce music for myself and got to work with great artists along the way for mixdowns, arrangements and masters.

Mixing Engineer - Mixed by Redshape

Specialized in electronic (club) music mixing. 15 years of experience.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Dreamcoat Mastering

Modern analog-digital hybrid studio. We specialize in Electronic Music. By combining the warmth & tonality of analog gear & the reliability & precision of modern digital technology, we have a sound you'll love.

Music producer - Cando Kaendiz

Production of music for artists and DJs Making a hit in a requested music genre Professional sound equipment and tools Over 10 years experienced sound producers Providing a completed result during 3 weeks Confidential cooperation

Music producer - Leonardo García

Im music producer with more than 4 years of ONexperience,I produce EDM, Trap, hip hop,rock, etc. I have released songs in cloudkid,mrsuicidesheep,Lacuna,etc

Music Producer - Om Records

Modeling waves of sound

Remote mixing & mastering - Isaac Peachey

Mixing & mastering engineer, founder of Damaged studios.

Songwriter - Ynno

Singerf-songwriter electronic music

Digital art and animation - Ship Shape Studio Bristol

High energy, abstract and unique visual content and art direction.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Curiosibot Studios

Small studio located in central Valencia Spain. The engineers are professionals from Ecuador and New York with experience in Recording Studios, Music Production, and Post Production for Long format and advertising. For more info : www.alaynahughes.com and www.pierluigibarberis.com

Audio Engineering - Steve Believe

Multi-gold and platinum RIAA award-winning Audio Engineer since 2007.

Music Producer, Mixer, Drummer - Geordie Piseri-Diaz

Music porducer and sound engineer since 20 years

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