Electronic Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

Music Producer - James Collector

I write and produce music that blends electronic and acoustic elements. (Sounds like Bonobo, Four Tet, Emancipator, etc.). I co-founded Host Bodies and currently live and perform in the Bay Area. I'm on SoundBetter to work, collaborate, and be inspired. - jamescollector.com

Music Producer & Mix Master - Gavin Bass

I take the drop and make it pop!

Professional Audio & Visual - XOF Studio

On the forefront of what's possible for your budget when it comes to music production, sound design or editing/mixing/mastering. All productions elegant & mature.

Music Producer/Mixing Engineer - Bastian Eberhard

Music producer from Karlsruhe, Germany. I produce all different kinds of genres, however, specialized in electronic music and mixing vocals/rap.

Music Producer - Hlfreyr

Deep melodys and break beat

Music Producer, Composer,  - Flo Førg

I believe a collaboration and have already had very good experiences with it!!!

Composer - Just Offshore

Composer, creator, keyboardist.

Mix & Mastering/ Producer - Kenny Powerz


I mix & master all types of music, coming from an electronic background of production - I use interesting techniques that push the boundaries of “textbook” do's & don't's.

Mixing & master engineer - Kovadar

Work hard, sound hard. This is my motto when working on a mix, master or a musical production.

Artist I Producer I Mixing - I.am.Mario

Mixing I Mastering I Writing I Audio restoration

I produce beats - DJ bass-ball

I am the guy who makes beats once a weak

Producer, Song Writer, Drummer - Dj No one

I am an Electronic, pop and rock producer with a characteristically sound. I am multi-instrumentalist musician with very solid rules. I produce artist from the independent scene of Bogotá.

Retro Gear Curator Hotrod&Mods - WOZ.LOL

Send your sound or midi through our flavorful old gear. Custom futuristic gesture-control midi devices. A hot rod shop, restoring/upgrading 80/90’s gear for more power/performance + modern safety/reliability. Throwback studio gear treasury for lofi feelsy something-wave vibes, early-hiphop, new-wave, neo-soul and VHS-era 90's kid nostalgia.

Session Synthesist 🎹🎶🎧 - Burke Johnson

I am an avid synth lover and lover of music in general. Though I am not a professional, my strong musical ear let's me hear all of the subtleties of music, and that is reflected in expressiveness while performing a synth part. Send me a bass part, support part, solo, whatever, and I'll send back a recording with impressive artistry for the value🤙

Production, Mixing, Mastering - Michael Butterly

University-trained Music Producer/Audio Engineer. Have done various jobs from Mastering to Production to Album Art.

Music Producer , Mixing - Crossbeat


mastering - Jan Ohlhorst

Jan Ohlhorst has over 20 years of know-how and experience spanning all audio related fields. This encompasses the entirety of the recording process from production, recording, mixing, to mastering. He studied electrical engineering at the University of Applied Sciences and has worked professionally for more than a decade mastering audio.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Zachary White

Music is undoubtedly, unquestionably, art. The power in this form of art boils down to one thing: the sound. A strong bass track could clash with the drums, taking power away from the song. Vocals and synths might reside in the same range, taking power away from the song. What I do for you is give power to your song, by creating the perfect mix.

Certified Producer/Vocalist - Corey Alec

Music Production (Berklee College of Music, 2020) Piano (2011-2016) YouTube (2019-present)

We care about music! <3 - DADDY'S GROOVE

We have been doing the music producing and the mixing & mastering job for 20 years, in which we have had the good fortune to work for very important names in the world record industry. (David Guetta in the first place, with whom we have been working for 10 years so far, Sia, J Balvin, Celine Dion, Lady Gaga, just to name a few).

Topliner, Producer & Engineer - joegarratt

joegarratt is a successful electronic artist and vocalist whose work has received over 10 million streams worldwide and has been supported by artists such as Diplo, Tiësto, Martin Garrix and The Chainsmokers. He has worked with many electronic artists and producers to provide industry-standard top line writing, production and engineering.

Producer, Composer, Engineer - Elena Šiljić

Elena Šiljić is a composer, producer, DJ, and multi-instrumentalist from Auckland, NZ. She has worked in numerous studios around the world and is a big advocate for female and non-binary people in the industry. At the end of 2019, she started up her own boutique production company, 'Strange Blood Productions.'

Music Producer | Songwriter  - Jonathan Philippou

Write a song where someone feels it, you then have a listener forever.

Music Producer - ItsTomVR

Experienced producer, mixer, listener!

Music production - Studio Wacked

Recording studio based in center Paris, Studio Wacked is specialized in composition, arrangement, artistic direction, mixing and mastering. Two fully studios, teams that can tackle any demands, state of the art analog gear... Every steps is carefully crafter to achieve your project.

Noise maker and researcher - DARSounds

Sociólogo - Cooperante - Musicólogo Constructor de Polígonos Sociales y coleccionista de ruidos La educación es política, la tecnología es un arma de instrucción masiva, la información es libre y se se contagia, la música transforma la conciencia sin que la conciencia sepa que transforma el mundo.

Canvas & Visuals Designer - LUX | LUMN

Your sound is a story. These are the illustrations.

Musician, producer and mixer. - Marvin Costa

Músico e produtor musical com ênfase no trabalho de equilibrar sonoridades acústicas e eletrônicas. Trabalhos lançados com artistas brasileiros como Guevara Songs, Marcelo Yuka e Tubarões Voadores.

Producer, Ghost Producer - Yagiz Ince

Yagiz Ince at Spotify yagizincemusic at instagram

Music Producer - Yelo

Hello, I am a professional music producer. I have worked with famous musicians and rap artists in my country. You can definitely entrust me with any work related to music. My work will be in my portfolio. I am just new as a freelancer and I want to do this during the quarantine period. Thank you for your attention!

Music Composition / Arranging - Donovick Music

Obscure music for obscure times

Mastering - qbp Mastering

Eliran Ohayon 20 years expirience

what can i do for you? creates - rezberry

sound designer graduated from the Trebas Institute in Montreal. I specialize in post-production, mixing, and sound effects but I also have a passion for music, I play guitar and piano, and my pleasure is to create ambience for video and logo intros. Mechanic and computer scientist by trade, I am comfortable solving complex problems.

EDM production mainly Progress - Andre de Jong

A good mixture of older synths and effects with modern samples and synths.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Miguel Serrano @Musa Mastering

Beatport Top 100 Producer, Mixing & Mastering Engineer that makes your tracks sound as tops.

Versatile Producer & Composer  - JR Music Services

High quality music productions in all areas of composition, mixing and mastering - Composer for BMG label 'The Home Of Happy' - electronic music specialist.

Music Producer - Werner Wenzlitschke

In 2002 Kate received an e-mail from Mike Burn with an invitation to come to Germany. Six months later Kate landed in Frankfurt/Germany to meet MBAF for the first time with her acoustic guitar.

Remote mixing & mastering - Isaac Peachey

Mixing & mastering engineer, founder of Damaged studios.

Record Mixer / Audio Engineer - Andrés Hinestrosa

Andrés Hinestrosa is a Music Recording Mixing Engineer, Artist and Producer of electronic music and world music, born in the city of Popayán, Department of Cauca, Colombia.Through his music, he generates concepts of the world around him, to sound moments of life.

Music Producer - RW

I Make Music For Cumin And Spice

Music Producer Mixing & Master - Juan Fe

If you are looking for an experimental twist to give an original touch to your production stops searching and let's work right away, I'll help you to have a structure that breaks the loop and express what you were looking for in studio quality.

Songwriter - Ynno

Singerf-songwriter electronic music

Producing & Mixing - Marius

My focus while mixing doesn't just lie on setting the levels right, adding some fandy effects and getting the song ready for mastering. For me, it's about developing a sonic and artistic vision for the end result and helping you achieve that goal. At the end, a mix should satisfy you as an artist while also meeting professional standards.


I'm kinda just looking to expand my knowledge of mixing and mastering as I already have some familiarities with it. I think i can impress my clients and I could potentially gain some more experience to even apply it to my musical endeavors.

Voice over artist - Paul Berry

If you need a voice over or narration for your music, audio or video project, I can help.

Compose music - Monsieur Heebs

I experiment and travel in sounds just for pleasure

Production, Mixing & Mastering - Louis Reynolds

Versatile Producer, Mixing and Mastering Engineer

Producer and Mixer - Michael B.

I am a producer looking to work with some amazing talent, I can help take your next track to take my music to the next level.

Musical artist - Roman Matovsky

Artist, author, iOS app and video game developer, website and graphic designer, TV commercial actor and model, photographer.

Music Production - Mad Decorator!

Like my sound & want to work together? Get in touch and let me know what you have in mind.

beatmaker - flowerwine

Futuristic - Sounding Ambassador

Hardstyle/EDM Ghost Producer  - Horyzon

Hardstyle/DJ producer with a decade of experience. Releasing music on Dirty Workz Label. I'll definitely have the experience to make a full EDM track on almost any genre by your request.

Songwriter, Vocalist, Topliner - Sarah-Beth

Topliner - I can write and sing on your track

Mix, and master - Nebula Black

Mix and mastering engineer, credits include Nebula Black, and Halo In Reverse

We work with musical services - Mustache Crew Studios

We are a company focused on services for Music Industry.

Electronic music - Parham Fazaee

Sound designer, Composer, Producer, Thereminist

Accountant - Danial M. Warren

My name is Danial M. Warren, I'm from Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Electronic Producer & Singer - Alexéy

Berklee graduate - I make custom beats, vocal arrangements and remixes. I can add background vocals to your projects and finalize mixes. I'm easy to reach and communicate with.

Producer & Songwriter - SlimKillsALL

200-foot post-punk Americana rollercoaster without seatbelts.

Producer / Mixing Engineer - vinny

Engineer that’s been developing mixing skills since 2016. I’m here to help finish your track(s) and get the clarity, depth, and loudness you need for distribution. Unless you specifically ask for my creative advice, I am 100% impartial, and will only perform the tasks that are asked of me to the best of my ability. Msg me for info/concerns/advice.

innovative music and sonorous - Julien Gratecap

Profound tones and timbres. Dense sound. Intense music composition and production.

Producer/Session Player - Robert Beebe

Multi-instrumentalist looking to work in all genres. Able to travel for recording sessions, producing, engineering.

Sound designer  - Suzanne Bonifacio

I am a sound designer with emphasis in vocal sound design in Ableton Live. I produced my first record in 2013 and have been dabbling in sound design since 2007. I was sited in Billboard Magazine as a woman producer to know in 2018. My first love is vocals/performance, which I did first in life and am the front person for rock project Tiny the Dream

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