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Production, Mixing & Mastering - StoneBridge Productions

Home of Grammy nominated artist/producer/remixer StoneBridge & Team. Founded 1990 in Stockholm with a long history of working with artists like Lenny Kravitz, Ariana Grande, Pink, Kelly Clarkson, Sia, Flo Rida, Ne-Yo, Usher, Taio Cruz, Lenny Kravitz, Mamamoo, Nelly Furtado, Texas and many more. What we do: Production, remixing, mixing, mastering

Producer , dj, musician - Haldo

I'm a producer with many tracks released on Spotify, and producer of a project named Deep Formentera # 1,2,3 and working on the new one.

Mixing, Mastering, Producing - Tyrvnt

I know how hard it can be keeping up with the competition with all the loudness war that's been going on. I would like to let you know that I have got you covered, I'll take good care of our songs as if they were mine.

Mixing, Sound Design - Bold Sound

Sound Design, Music for films and commercials, Mixing.

Mixing, Mastering & Edits - Person Studios

As mixing/mastering engineer for bassmusic-centered record labels in the past, this sound quality fanatic has an edge to provide you the cleanest and dynamic mixdown or master you could wish for.

Music Producer & Guitarist  - Firas Nassri

I'm a music producer and guitarist, based in Montreal, Canada. I've been in the local electronic pop scene for a little while now :-)

session drummer & producer - antimo

Drummer, studio owner, professional recording, different genres, ready to give the best for your music.

Sound Engineer - Jogumes

Experience in operating, configuring, and setting-up a diverse range of complex professional sound reinforcement equipment, including most modern digital consoles, DSP, and line arrays. Experience multi-track recording using large-scale in-line consoles. Experience music producer, sound designer.

Music Producer,Mixing, Master  - D A : T A

Experienced producer and with a medium-low budget

Composition, Studio Production - AP STUDIO

Need your song mixing, editing or arranging. I can master for you, compose for you or edit many styles and genres. Classically trained in Piano Forte and music theory. Bachelor Honours Degree in popular music and recording from the university of Salford. BTEC National Diploma in popular music and studio production.

Remote Composition & Mixing - Robert Martin

Hello, my name is Robert MartinI and I am here to help you bring your project to life. Whether you need help with a film score or you need someone to mix & master your next single, I am the guy for the job. I pride myself on the quality of my work so once I commit to your project I will ensure that you are satisfied with the results.

Sound explorator and engineer  - Manuel Jesus

I have explored many places in the world by touring and travelling and have been exposed to a lot of different kind of music. It opened my mind to all kind of sounds. If you music resonates with me, I'll be happy to work on it, whatever the genre. Because I beleive that good music has something universal in it. And that's what I like to focus on

Music Producer | Cellist  - Bea Andrés

Professional Cellist & Music Producer. I offer my services as a professional player, electronic music producer & sound designer. Would you like to add some extra special colour to your track? Maybe that's what you're looking for!

Ghost Producing/Mix/Master/ - Unidade

We are a group of producers of music and content creators, we can do everything about your music since the producing,mixing arrangement to the Mastering in form of Ghost Producing or Collaborations to the design's and marketing strategies too. We Resolve. It's your slogan

Certified Producer/Vocalist - Corey Alec

Music Production (Berklee College of Music, 2020) Piano (2011-2016) YouTube (2019-present)

Mastering Engineer - Drange

I have an audio engineering certificate from SAE Istanbul, and I have been in the industry over ten years as an mastering engineers/tonmeister/A&R for some labels.

Producer, Artist, beat maker - Danny Griffin

Starting as a rave DJ back in the day, and went on to learn electronic music production and Tibetan throat singing. Work used in many film & TV syncs. Worked as HH Dalai Lama's sound man for two years. Worked with JEM, The Prodigy, Adam Freeland, Ed Sheehan and more.. Now crafting beats and eclectic electronica for an upcoming album

Music producer - SLYRS

I will carefully listen to all your production and help, giving your track instant energy for streaming purposes and digital releases. I specialize mainly in the electronic music field with 8 years of experience.

Music Producer, Mix engineer - Kusuri

I'm a producer, sound designer and a mixing engineer from Barcelona, ho has more than 10 years of experience, specializing in electronic and urban music. One of my goals as a producer is to mix urban music with electronic music and I can offer to you this new concept, because that's what defines me as an artist.

Sessions, Mixing, & Mastering - Tucker Landis

I can record sessions of guitar, keyboard, and bass guitar for you, then I can edit, mix, and master your track. I am a Swiss Army Knife ready to get your tracks released as soon as possible.

Ingeniero de Sonido - Danny Mendez

Ingeniero de sonido Empezando un proyecto llamado DAMN en la cual hago la Edición y la mezcla. Stage Manager de MNKYBSNSS, banda de Barranquilla (Colombia), en la cual participe en este cargo en sus dos presentaciones en el Festival Estéreo Picnic en los años 2016 y 2018, festivales como TIMELESS, HERMOSO RUIDO y CORONA SUNSETS

Dolby Atmos Sound Mixing - Toolshed Audio Post

DOLBY CERTIFIED FOR ATMOS MUSIC Our studio is located in the private, serene Woodland Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles. Let the stress and noise of Hollywood fade away and spend the day mixing in our Valley oasis. Once inside, you’ll find a cutting-edge room tuned for both film and music mixes and certified by Dolby for Atmos.

Electronic Composer - Yu Miyashita

Electronic Composer / Audio Engineer / Label Gardener

Creative Programmer, Composer  - AlecG__

I'll build your synth to make weird as hell sounds

Mixing&Mastering, Sound Desgin - Diogo Magalhães

Creative and idiosyncratic ideas, is what Diogo is all about. Likes to experiment in the process of getting somewhere with the work done. Loves to help people bring their projects to live. Has released his own music in several labels around the world, had his music feature in various compilations and has been a dj for over 10 years.

Produce music - SHIBOMAKI

Artist, Music producer

Sound Engineer - Stefano B.

I’m a certified sound engineer and I can provide you professional and clean audio.

Music Producer - Maaskant

Atmospheric production with vintage analog keyboards, drum machines, and samplers.

Producer - Elc_

Dj, Produtor Musica Eletrônica Deep House, Tech House

music producer orchestral bass - KOWZ

signed on Electronyse Me, Château Bruyant, Buy Now Records

Producer | Musician | Composer - Vachantu

Como parte de una corriente que busca incorporar lo orgánico a la música electrónica, deconstruyo, transformo y reutilizo elementos naturales primarios, asumiendo la búsqueda de sentido como algo fundamental y abrazando al mismo tiempo las posibilidades de profundidad sónica que brinda la tecnología.

Music Producer / Remixing - Cahelo

Cahelo is a French musician who creates his own unique organic rhythms and aerial melodies inspired by his home setting in the Caribbean Islands.

Composer + Music Producer - Charles Barton Music

I will craft a work of art true to your style and expectations that allows my experience and artistic flare to shine. I can, but am not limited to, record each instrument live, maintaining an organic and vibrant integrity to my work. I can work in a wide range of styles including electronic, hip hop, jazz, and cinematic.

Helping you create  - Trevor Kerr

No boundaries, I create and I love to help others create.

DJ / Guitar / psytrance - MOAB

DJ and Producer Started the project “MOABLIVE”

Artist - Md Burhan Uddin

Md Burhan Uddin is a Composer and Tune maker of Bangladesh with Some of hit songs. He was born on 11 September 1999. He is different from others in every views and he proved every time he is the best tune make and composer of Bangladeshi music industry. He Is The Founder And CEO Of Burhan Media Partners. Every time he invent something new.

Producer, Composer, and Writer - Oskar Marks


Hello! I am a co-founder and Director at Flak Records, an independent record label based in London and Stockholm. I have worked with international artists for the past 10 years as a producer, writer and manager.

Music Producer/Remixer - Ben Casey

I have 13 years of playing live instruments such as guitar, keys and brass under my belt on-top of 7 years producing. I recently won a remix competition with a track called "Where Would We Be" released by Nicky Romero and ROZES that landed a number #9 spot on the iTunes dance charts along with being entered into the "Discover Weekly" on Spotify.

Electronic Producer/Engineer - Rory John


Rory is a freelance music producer, mix engineer and multi-instrumentalist. He works from his production room at Soulistify studios. Having produced and engineered for artists including Owls, Scarlett Fae, Nico Cara and Johnny Foreigner. Specifying in electronic music production.

Producer, composer, mastering - Ingo Vogelmann

Ingo Vogelmann is a music producer, DJ, composer, song-writer, mixing and mastering engineer, label founder and A&R manager.

Recording, mixes, and remixes - Christopher G. Brown

Run by Boston-based engineer Christopher G. Brown, The Bureau of Balance is one of Boston's best-kept secrets for mixing, remixing, and overdub tracking.

Mastering all the time. - Deep Wide Mastering

Our ears, experience and full dedication for what we do, our best guarantee. Do not hesitate, we will take your sound wherever you wish!

MusicProducer/SessionMusician - AMIT SNIR

Much experience in folk, pop, rock, and electronic genres (beat production), with a variety of instruments such as acoustic/electric guitar, synth, and keys. I am a sound engineering graduate, having studied production, mixing, recording, mastering, studio design, and music business. Versed in Reason and Logic X.

Producer, Mix/Master Engineer - Tadhg Kelly

Hi, my name is Tadhg. I'm from the West coast of Ireland. I have a BSc Eng in music technology and production and have been working in the realms of sound engineering, music production, mixing, mastering, sound design and music for film/documentary for the past 6 years.

Pro Mastering Engineer - Jason Mitchell Mastering

Welcome to Jason Mitchell Mastering, the online studio for digital mastering that uses human ears and not algorithms! Quick service and professional results from years of professional mastering!

Music Producer, Mix Engineer - Alisdair Mason (Ficci)

Alisdair is a music producer and audio engineer from Birmingham, UK. His experience has spanned 7 years in which time he has had his productions aired on BBC Radio1, 1XTRA and Triple J. I am currently taking on work as a freelance. alisdairjamesmason@gmail.com www.soundcloud.com/ficci www.facebook.com/ficciofficial www.twitter.com/ficciofficial

Fl Studio Producer! - chandubaba

Hi! I make beats in fl studio

mastering - Da Goose Mastering

Mastering is the final step before your music is released to the world. I take that very seriously.

Producer & Audio Engineer - False Panic

Producer and Audio Engineer based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Producer | Mix & Master - Nirmal JP

I'm an executive music producer in Indian Film Industry. I work on multiple genres. With 10+ years of experience in producing and mixing I can give you professional feedback in improving your production or can give you creative directions to take off your projects from scratch. I aim for perfection and client satisfaction.

I will record Handpan stems  - Walter Scalzone

✅ Recorded for well known DJs such as Oliver Koletzki, Federico Scavo, Kryder ✅ 1 Hour Response Time ✅ High Quality Work ✅ 8+ Years of Experience Recording & Performing this incredible instrument

Mix and master - OCD Mixing

Let me polish your sound!

'Sound Design', 'SFX' - Matt Cutshaw

I pride myself on making unique sound effects that enhance the story.

Production/Mixing/Co-writes - Landau Audio Design

Mix-minded co-writer and producer for electronic and indie acts a la Body Language, Vacationer, Hypercolor, Passion Pit. From EDM to Cello chamber pop, we do everything.

Producing and Understanding - Ben Coe

I work as a physicist and part time mixing and mastering music. My knowledge of math and physics underlies the way I approach music creation and my analytical methods allow me to approach any project with a clear goal and understanding of how to achieve the desired sound, emotion, or mood.

Creative Services Expert - Cameron Bashaw

With over 16+ years of experience crossing multiple disciplines from graphics and visual design to music & audio production, I've worked with local talent such as Faith & Bullets, to national brands like PBS, and even international businesses like Creative Labs SoundBlaster. Whatever your vision, I will bring invaluable experience to the table!

Music editing, mixing, comping - Frank Furter Studio

Frank Furter Media Lab is a company dedicated to audio specialized edition, be it vocal comping, comping, tuning, quantization, restoration and mixing, either stereo or 5.1 surround.

Music Producer - Marvin Inu

I am a music producer from Germany.

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I deleted account

Visionary Music Producer - Snyder

Artists come to me to push their sound - I love that. At the end of the day, success in my eyes is connecting an artist with organic sounds and the ultimate goal of creating hit records. I'll help you take your sound to the next level , let's make some music!

Music Producer/Sound Engineer - Steven Lujan

I'm a skilled music producer from California. I've graduated from the same music production school (Icon Collective) as Slander, Jauz, Kayzo, NGHTMRE, Dack Janiels, Protohype, and many more. I'm skilled in Ableton, Logic, songwriting, sound design, mixing and mastering. I've been producing for 7 years and am extremely fast with my production.

Sound Artist, sound designer - Harel Trachterman

I'm a Sound artist, Music producer and Sound designer. I have knowledge in computer programs- Ableton live, Pro tools, Max, Audacity. I'm working self-employment for customers, recording, editing, design, mixing, till the whole product. I will be more than happy to work with you and share my knowledge.

Producer, Mixing & Mastering - Daniele Vantaggio

I'm always looking for the best sound for the artist

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