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Helping For Free - Mr. Anonymous

I'm getting job for free in this level and feel free to ask anything from me .

Vocal Lyricist, DJ/Producer  - Camikazy Uzi

I do vocals, rapping and electronic talkative vocals, I producer, and mix. Im on every streaming platforms under my stage name Camikazy Uzi. You can book me for a dj session via my record label: www.scprodparisgang.com

Mixing, Mastering, Producing - Kilo's Studio

I am a professional and experienced engineer that provides proven old school mixing and mastering techniques with today's newest digital technology that together provides the sound that everyone desires in today's and yesterdays music, also creating a unique sound. I also will work with others under my project name, Industrial Rhythms.

Mix and Master Engineer - Wesely Audio & Music

I'm a freelance mix and mastering engineer as well as a session musician. I've spent almost 20 years learning and crafting my skills and I'm here to share them with you.

Mixing, Mastering, Production - WhosTaylor

I am a music producer and engineer (live and studio). The last 5 years, my main job has been live & studio mixing. I've been playing and writing music for 10+ years. I have written hardcore/metal core and pop/rock for many years, but have become the most comfortable in the electronic world. I can write anywhere from Trap to Pop.

Record label and studio - MONOMOJO

Swedish boutique record label and production studio operated by Farhang Hamed in Stockholm, Sweden. Services include song writing, production, beats, sound design, engineering, bass and guitar magic.

Mixing and mastering engineer - Fanu

Electronic music veteran with nearly 30 years of electronic music experience. Works with hundreds of songs per year.

Mixing, Mastering & Production - Tim Vitek Mastering

I am a client focused mastering engineer. My goal is to build relationships with artists and labels to deliver the best sounding audio possible.

Vintage Synth Expert - Owen Meyers

Classically trained pianist with a modest vintage synth collection.

Everything Audio related. - Thomas Benson

I'm an audio engineer, synthesis lover, electronic artist, soundcape maker and session guitarist, Toured worldwide with Wheatus, The Brian Jones town Massacre, Busted, the list goes on. Played around the world with a multitude of different artists. In it for the long haul, can't do anything else as well as I do audio/music related things.

Music Producer - Sergey Suokas

Music for TV, films, games and advertisings.

Mixing Engineer - Royalston

20 years experience mixing Electronic music to perfection. Free master included.

Music & Sound Producer  - Dmitry Gruber

I'm multi-instrumentalist, composer, sound-engineer, record label owner. My songs were used by Netflix, ITV (UK), Carolina Herrera and other brands.

Beatmaker, Mastering & Mix - Spicy Signal

Hit me up for Quality sound and full instrumentals

Recording Engineer, Beat Maker - Ben Herman

I have been working as a recording engineer for 5+ years. I use FL Studio 20 for recording, mixing, mastering, and beat making. I have a strong attention to detail and take care in producing and curating quality content. I have a love for music and sound engineering in general.

Sound Engineer - Jogumes

Experience in operating, configuring, and setting-up a diverse range of complex professional sound reinforcement equipment, including most modern digital consoles, DSP, and line arrays. Experience multi-track recording using large-scale in-line consoles. Experience music producer, sound designer.

DJ & electronic music producer - Kyoumx


Music Producer / Vocalist - CHENDA

Hello! If you're looking for a hard-working, friendly, talented and persistent producer/vocalist, then look no further! Let me provide to your needs in order to take your music to the next level!

Music Producer - Tyler "Skorge" Conlin

My name's Tyler Conlin and I produce under the moniker Skorge. I have done music for TV and Film as well as procured over 7.4 million views on Youtube and 8 millions plays on Soundcloud.

remote mixing & mastering  - frasound

i am here to maximize your sound ,I will follow your ideas and your creativity to reach the best result with the right budget .

Music Producer - Caio Saldanha

From the simple musical idea to a finished track, I'm here to guide you on this amazing journey. Always with love!

Music Producer & Engineer - Rafa Alvarez


I'm Rafa Alvarez, an artist and producer also known as "Different Sleep". I've composed music for Deepak Chopra, produced jingles on MTV and Comedy Central, and worked for Disney and Nickelodeon as a recording engineer. I'm a multi-instrumentalist and have been producing music for 10+ years.

Music Producer/ VO Artist - Akshai Biloniya

Your song is like a baby. Feel free to contact me for being his guardian.

Hot Mixing & Mastering - Harshit Agr.

Much love to all the creators out there. My name is Harshit and I am an audio engineer working in VintageDorian Studio since 2 years with a degree in audio production. Worked with several great artists based around here. My ultimate goal is to serve the best of the best skills to craft out the emotion out of mixes you have.

Music producer & Awful Cook - Clem Beatz

French producer/musician Electronic music (impressive right ?), hiphop and pop music too.

Producer & Musician - Cactiisemia

I strive to bring my client's vision into reality, and have passion for every part of the music-making process

Canvas Designer & Video Editor - Blanco y Negro Music

Blanco y Negro Music is the leading independent record label in Spain. Founded in 1983 with its headquarters in Barcelona it is currently one of the main references for electronic music among European labels.

Composer, music producer - jerefernandez

I look for music for inspiration, not for production

Production, Mixing & Mastering - EZATO SOUND

I will help you leave your mark on Earth 👽

Multi-genre Mix Engineer - Melissa Mattey

Looking to hire a mix engineer? I can help complete your sound! 20+ years experience in production, arrangement, songwriting and recording round out my skills as a mixer. I pay close attention to the nuances and details in the mix to bring your production across the finish line.

Music Producer Mixing Engineer - Saturnlight

15 years of mixing experience, both live and studio. I am able to mix any project with a unique skill set that allows me to bring out the best in your music.

Music Producer and Vocalist - TyArc

Hey there! My name is Tyler, I'm a producer, DJ, and vocalist based in the United States. I am very passionate about music production and songwriting and have over 4 years of experience in the field. I'm looking forward to working with you and achieving your goals musically!

Versatile Producer & Composer  - JR Music Services

High quality music productions in all areas of composition, mixing and mastering - Composer for BMG label 'The Home Of Happy' - electronic music specialist.

Music Producer - Gabriele Romano

I create the songs you have in mind

Songwriter - Ynno

Singerf-songwriter electronic music

Music producer and composer - StMikey

After a harsh life of violence and tragedy, there has been a build up of unexpressed emotions. Taking them to the screen as an actor and to music as a composer was an ideal solution. I hope you guys enjoy my work, it's all that matters to me.

Dj  - Luma

dj dj dj

Music producer - Alex Ever

Music producer and sound designer

Full instrumentals/jazz piano - Jazzy Beats

From the UK, now living near Prague. I am a Jazz pianist, organist by background. I can write a full instrumental for your vocals to go to the next level. Everything bespoke based on what you want and tips on what might suit. Check out my SoundCloud for some examples of instrumentals written over the last year.

guitarist , compressor  - Siavash

I'm a professional guitarist and composer looking for a producer for my work. If you are interested in the themes and atmosphere of my work, contact me. Thanks.

music, art, think, relax. - beyond the shape

Open up, let yourself slip through the cracks and make sure you have a good time. Beyond the Shape is a project by the italian musician and composer Gianvittorio Fallace. The project, born in 2019, has the precise idea of asking a fundamental question on the theme of "shape" in music, how to give music a shape and think music in and beyond it.

Electronic music producer - Lindsey Aliksanyan

Award-winning electronic music producer and artist based in Brooklyn, I specialize in minimal, micro-house primarily working with analog equipment.

Production, Mixing & Mastering - Constantin Mahlberg

I will produce, edit, enhance, mix or master your music!

Visual Artist // Canvas Design - Shawn Knol

Finding inspiration in the oil/water transparency projector visuals of concerts in the 60's, these close-up photography experiments are unique to each time I open the camera shutter.

Mixing | Mastering | BeatMaker - Uriel Martinez

Mixing and mastering engineer, I want to help you get a professional sound.

Production+Mixing+Mastering  - Maura Rosa

Air Builder a.k.a Music producer, sound engineer, songwriter, instrumentalist with 10+ years experience.

Remixing - DJElectricJes

Greetings, I'm DJElectricJes, I'm an American DJ

Mix & Mastering Engineer - Keeper Records

You don't have to know everything to be the best you can be!

Producer / Mix Engineer - Si Nicol


Mastering Engineer - MACH Audio

Your music deserves a respectful treatment before hitting the streaming services. That's why you should hire me to do the mastering - I'd love to take care of your music! I've worked with a wide variety of genres, mainly by artists from Denmark and Germany.

Music for Streamers/Youtubers - Missing Teeth

I make music for any and all of your video needs. My commissions are totally yours when I make it for you no royalties to worry about!

Production and composition - Denave

I am looking to collaborate to people with their musical projects (singles, albums, original soundtracks for videogames, short films, commercials, etc).

Electronic Audio Engineer - Sensitive Sound Studios

- Record Label Owner. - Ghost Producer Multi Genre. - Mixing & Mastering Specialist. - Multi Genre International Artist. - Sound Design and Cinema Scoring.

Producer, artist manager - Rando Gunga

Electronica Kung Fu Master DJ and producer, albanian roots, actually based in Berlin. Multi disciplinary artist, constantly sound evolving with electric energy, multi-instrumentalist soul characterized by deep passion for visceral hypnotic sounds as well as triggering raw eruptions on stage. Founder of Urka Limited in 2019 and Danae Records


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