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Production/Mixing/Mastering - Nimez

Ur guy for high quality electronic music production/mixing/mastering. Certified Audio Engineer.

Music Production - Ferko


Hi guys, I'm Ferko, currently based in Scotland, Glasgow. I'm a music producer and synthesizer enthusiastic. I do music production, mixing, sound design and teaching all the above.

Mixing Engineer - Hollis Parks

Hollis Parks is an avid engineer, musician, and producer located in downtown Seattle, WA. After 6 years of recording, mixing, and producing local bands in the region, Hollis now wants to provide you with the high caliber affordable mixing experience your music deserves.

Production, Instruments + Vox - Evan Blair

I'm a producer and songwriter signed to Sony/ATV. I've done songs with artists like Zedd, Bryce Vine, DREAMERS, MAX, and many more. I specialize in Pop, Alternative, and EDM. I love to collaborate and offer a very professional service.

Singer,Raper,Music Producer® - Shoonya Ikka Studios™

Hi I am Music Producer in Bollywood India. I am also a voice over Dubbing Artist for Hindi English Marathi Bhojpuri Maithili Sanskrit Languages.i also provide Sound effects & Folly to movies,Films, Cartoons etc.Feel free to contact me for your project.+91 8806399869

Producer, Mixing & Mastering - Barrett Marshall

Production, Mixing & Mastering available online. I'm willing to work with any genre of music. I have worked with electronic/EDM, pop, rap, metal, etc.

Producer & Audio Engineer - Jess Des

Passionate about making your music sound the best it can, Jess specialises and excels in a wide range of services ranging from Production to Mixing and everything in between.

Producer, Mixing & Mastering - Daniele Vantaggio

I'm always looking for the best sound for the artist

Music Producer - Dormio

I used to beat box as a kid for fun until one day I wanted to take it to the next level. So over the past 10 years I have taught myself how to produce music and have learned the intricacies of audio production, mixing and mastering my own tracks.

Producer, Engineer - Michael Hammerstiel

Vairity is my strength! Doing underground and major music. Have been in studios with many Artists, i.e. Anderson Paak, Bilderbuch, Conchita Wurst.

Mixing and Master - Antony Parker

I've been working on my own material for years and now would like to help other people achieve the sound quality they want. I'm attending Abbey Road Institute this September to go fully professional and want to demonstrate my skills as a producer so the service is free.

bar, events, party  - Hire it Event Furniture

Hire It is a renowned event furniture hire company that has been able to simplify any kind of event planning by providing the apt furniture for the occasion.

Analog Mastering - SENTRALL Sound

I’ve built my studio around the idea that the best modern analog tools paired with the best modern digital tools unquestionably deliver superior results. More importantly, as a musician and producer myself, I have an intimate understanding of both artistic and technical processes and how they can elevate each other.

Produce, Compose, M&M - Talus Talus

I've spent years curating my sound library, synths, and instruments in the beautiful name of quality. I am distinct in my level of detail and take no shortcuts. There is no ego in music, you have to just keep going until you discover what the music wants to be, in its truest form. Let's do this.

Music Produce & Audio Engineer - Joao Andrade

I am a music producer & sound engineer with more than 12 years exper. I produced/engineered songs for big labels like quantize recordings, defected, sony music africa, sony music portugal, purple music, soulstice music, candy beach, vida records, tribe records, and many others. I produce/engineer many styles from house, afro, soulful, r&b, hip-hop.

Electronic Producer, Mixer  - J. Begalla

I'm an indie-electronic producer, mix engineer, and hardware hype beast. If you're looking for that fun, buttery, analog synth touch to your music, I'm your guy. I'm always looking to make you a unique recording that you can't get anywhere else. And I love to have fun. Let's make it happen!

Ghost Producer // Beat Maker - Erik Husby

I can produce/co-produce a song for you, mix it and help make it unique to you. I specialize in Trap, Dubstep, Drum n Bass and Hip-Hop. If you want a hard hitting track that is sure to catch ears, contact me and I'll get in touch asap!

Producer, Mixing, Mastering. - Ronny On The Beatz

I like to make sad music, a little relaxing, but with many feelings within each one!

Mixing & mastering give lesson - Sjammienators

Getting you where you want to be with music

'Music Producer' - The GARIBAN

I am a producer who specializes in electronic music. Especially im in love with Cyberpunk, Synthwave, Vaporwave, İndustrial (bass) music. I create music with passion because I do what i love. I make music because i love the way i communicate with emotions. I think hearing is a lot exciting than seeing.

Music Producer/Audio Engineer - Pyxis Recordings

A seasoned producer with multiple self-produced releases. Over 2,000,000 plays on Soundcloud, and 200,000 plays on Youtube.

Artist Producer  - SUMKIND

From building dinos to slingin' drinks LETS DO THIS.

Sound Designer, Audio Producer - Davide Cuoghi

I am a Sound Designer and Audio Producer with more than 5 years of experience. I graduated in July 2017 with a BEng in Electronic Engineering with Music Technology Systems from the University of York. Prior to that, I obtained Electronic Music Production and Sound Design certificates from the SAE Institute Milan.

Mastering, Mixing, FOH Manager - ROSTAN Damien

I'm a live sound engineer, on tour with many artists over the past 18 years. The studio part is my side life when I'm not on tour. I'm mastering music tracks and albums. I'm mixing albums, tracks and demos for bands.

Composer - Just Offshore

Composer, creator, keyboardist.

Music Producer - Aashish Victor

A passionate music producer determined to work hard and excel in the music industry, with professional experience in live and studio environments, DAWs and Analog equipment. A versatile multi-instrumentalist, who is confident in making creative and impactful music.

Recording Studio, Mix ITB - Cosi aka Alahez

Mix in the box & recording Sessions.

Music Producer & Mixing - Diego Guzmán

I am passionate about sound and music production. If you are looking for a unique & professional sound, lets get in touch.

Mixing & Mastering, Producer - Mário Reiter

I mix and master songs of various genres. I have experience in mixing electronical music, alternative music, rap music and rock music aswell. I am also singer and pianist. I studied music in an art school.

Music Producer, Sound Engineer - Alexandre A.

Sound engineer and music producer specialized in Electronic Music and Rap. Over 1 million plays on Spotify.

Lyricist, Producer, Singer - Judah Pimentel of Bansh111

I have over 360 songs written from ages 12-present age of 18. They're all pretty darn good, and I'm only using some for my own project!

Multi platinum Songwriter  - David Hemingway

If you need a ghost writer / producer I’m your man 💿 sold over 2 million record’s recently .. my fees a very competitive and varied Depending on what you need .. I can help make your track a hit record or write and produce a new track that you will own all rights and publishing

Recording studio - NoiseActivity

composed and recorded music jingles for several radio and television stations - MTV CZ, CT Sport, CT1, Ocko TV, Nova TV, FTV Prima, O2 TV, Radio Cerna Hora, Czech Radio 1Radiozurnal, Czech Radio Region - 13 regional radio stations, Czech Radio Plus, Radio DJ, music for T-Mobile, Vodafone, McDonald’s, Snickers, Reflex, Pilsner Urquell, Skoda Auto...

Music Producer,Mixing, Master  - D A : T A

Experienced producer and with a medium-low budget

Composition, Studio Production - AP STUDIO

Need your song mixing, editing or arranging. I can master for you, compose for you or edit many styles and genres. Classically trained in Piano Forte and music theory. Bachelor Honours Degree in popular music and recording from the university of Salford. BTEC National Diploma in popular music and studio production.

Mixing Engineer, Producer - Ed Longo Calgari

Hi, I am a producer and engineer specialised in underground electronic, dance and disco/funk music. Operating out of Berlin I am in the center of the alternative European music scene, exposed to all sorts of new sounds. If you want your music to sound like all the other radio hits I'm not your guy, if you want it to be unique get in touch!

Live and Studio Session Vocals - Sabrina Altan

Provided vocals for Rocketman (Elton John Movie). Collaborated with Basement Jaxx. Sung BVs for Mel C, Beverly Knight, Marva King (Prince), Englebert Humperdinck. Top-line writer for Sync placement on: Neighbours, Hollyoaks, Coronation Street, BBC, C4, E4, ITV, BBC Radio 1, Capital FM, Heart FM. Major label sync releases Sony EMI/BMG / Universal.

Sound explorator and engineer  - Manuel Jesus

I have explored many places in the world by touring and travelling and have been exposed to a lot of different kind of music. It opened my mind to all kind of sounds. If you music resonates with me, I'll be happy to work on it, whatever the genre. Because I beleive that good music has something universal in it. And that's what I like to focus on

Toplines, Harmonies, Singer - Tace McNamara

Unique and fresh sounding toplines and lush layers of vocal harmonies. If you want your song to stand out and be remembered I'm the vocalist for you.

Music Producer, Writer, Studio - Sooski

Hey fellow creatives! My name is Sooski, I'm a music producer, writer and singer! Here to help create some amazing music made with love and passion! I have a home studio as well as access to a fully equipped private studio, should we need to use it.

Producer, Songwriting, Mixing - Sulkin' Raven

Sulkin' Raven is an electronic music producer, composer, and DJ based in North Hollywood, California. Sulkin' Raven's music combines the ambient sounds of music for passive listening with the grooves and melodies of music for the active ear.

Sound Designer, Music Producer - Nikolas Babic

I am music producer, sound designer and classically trained musician currently scoring short films and creating sound installations.

Session Flutist/Saxophone  - Sarah Jane Hargis

Ready to play, perform, improvise and create soundscapes for you!

vegan media - FUTUREPAW

What if music was about wildlife? What would that sound like? What is their song?

Music Composition / Arranging - Donovick Music

Obscure music for obscure times

Record Producer, Remixer, DJ - Chris Stath

Music Producer, Mixer, Remixer, Engineering, Drum Programming, Songwriting, Music Education and Song Placement

Producer, Mixing Engineer - Serhat Gedik

I am a multi-genre producer, Mixing & Mastering Engineer, DJ & Label owner from Famagusta, Cyprus. I have worked with many artists from all around the world in all calibers and I am ready to work with many more.

Affordable Mixing & Mastering - OPSAT

Affordable Mixing & Mastering for New Artists who are working on a budget. I am a self-releasing artist with over a decade of experience in Writing and Performing and currently release music under the Artist Name 'OPSAT'. I Mix & Master my own material and would love to work with artists who want a cheaper alternative for first releases.

i'm a designer and 3D ilustrat - Kontras std

i'm a art director and designer,from Indonesia, currently focused in graphic design and illustration on 3d style ,

Music Producer - Gabiniur

I write the music you have in mind

Remote mixing & mastering - Isaac Peachey

Mixing & mastering engineer, founder of Damaged studios.

Producer, Mixing & Mastering - Constantinne

Musician and music producer and audio engineer with over 50 million plays on various platforms, owner of one of the biggest hits of the Brazilian EDM

Mastering Engineer - Kognitiv Mastering

With some of the worlds leading artists and labels using Kognitiv Mastering. Your music will be taken good care of!

Graphic Designer - James Whistler

I create your albumcover & spotify canvas

Academic Writer - kevin johnson

My name is Kevin Johnson, Over 20+ years experience in content expert and academic writer consultant. I have also honed my skills in pay someone to do my essay UK.

Music Producer, Mix Engineer - Alexandru

I'm an experienced music producer, I've worked on releases which have been chart topping on Beatport and which have been played and supported by the likes of Sasha, John Digweed, Pete Tong and many more. Some of my last projects include work for pop artists and the likes of Gareth Emery.

Synth // Keyboards - Marc Aubele

I've Recorded and Toured with top Irish and International acts for many years now, I was representative for Moog Keyboards when they first came to Ireland and am one of the only people in Ireland with the ability to manipulate Modular Synths.

Independent Mixing & Mastering - Alex Wastnidge

Experienced independent music producer, recording, mixing & mastering specialising in indie/rock/house/techno/electronica. Priced friendly to independent budgets!

Mix, Mastering, Music Producer - Aleix Gimeno

I have a wide music industry experience offering exclusive customer service and accumulating more than 15 years of experience.

Producer, Mix & Mastering - Bursz

Freelance audio producer, multi-instrumentalist, composer and recording artist. Spotify playlist of selected work: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1YPpT4dvbP3vrfGnM9crEi?si=kDZBCMWpQGejKs4VCxNuxQ

Score, Mix, Film, Post, EDU - Stephen Ellestad

Creative WonderLab is what my team & i call my6600 sqft soundstage/production house in NorCal. Top tier recording facility w/full complement of instruments, amps and creative tools, 6x4k live broadcast & ISO video studio, 10kW true Quad/ambi soundstage,, AR projection, lasers + projection mpping. And a modular wall lol

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