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Cello_Arrangement_Ambitronica - Armed With Bow

I'm the independent, creative minded cellist you're looking for to add some string magic to your track. Whether you're just looking to fill out your track with some string parts or you're looking for some creative input for a cello feature on a track, I've got you.

Mastering Engineer - SafeandSound Mastering

Online mastering studio dedicated to providing professional mastering services to bands, musicians, independent record labels and mix engineers.

Music Production - Greynote Music

Greynote Music is an independent music production company by Augusto; a Master of Music graduated composer and producer from the Netherlands. Greynote Music has provided music for feature films, aspiring artists, hardware companies and more.

Music Producer, Audio Editing  - Cristian G

I am a electronic music producer with music released in digital and vinyl at four different labels accros the globe. Having a very good feel about new sounds and new ways of crating electronic music helped me become a successful composer. I am working with sound for 7 years now with a fully professional studio http://www.discogs.com/artist/1181435

Sound Operator - jacek opielka

hallo, deals with sounds of varying characters from the 80s, I have skills in the field of radio-television, music postproduction. I work with small and large, I always look for creative solutions, I am an individualist with the ability to get along.

Music Producer, Sound Engineer - Pack Leaders Records

Pack Leaders Records was established in the UK in 2021 and is leading the way for a new generation to create the best quality music, sound FX, and foley for all your production needs. We pride ourselves on the best quality and quick turn around. Studio, Custom Music Production, Sound FX + Foley, Record Label, Music Libary/Streaming Music,Publisher

Audio Engineer, Music Producer - Riccardo Benigno

I am a young man who's love for music began twenty years ago and the passion for sound and manipulation has grown ever since. Incredibly inspired and extremely thankful for the talent and opportunities i have been blessed with, and look forward to this infinite journey of sound.

Mixing, mixing and mixing - Tortion. Studio

Hey! I've been working over 15 years as an independent sound engineer running my own studio. As such, I've mixed more songs than I can remember! Dozens of albums, singles, EPs for local and international artists.

Music Production, Mixing - Aesthetic Vibes

15 years of experience in music industry. Wide range of services are available in-house with our friends around the world. Music production, Mixing, mastering, co-writing.

Sound mix Engineer since 1991 - Analoge C400-Recordings

I am an producer since 1988 and a Sound / Mix Engineer since 1991. My first remix for a band (The Wrangles) was in 1985 at the age of 18. Having mixed numbers of hits worldwide (Technotronic, human league Daniel beddingfield Dina carol, jive bunny etc). I turned to Sound- Mix Engineer in 1991. and worked /hired at Emi, Jive Sony music japan etc.

Electronic & Hip Hop Producer - Bluesanova Studios

Bluesanova is one of the top producers behind the fresh sound of indie hip hop in India. Blending powerful drums, addictive melodies with lush synths and sharp hooks, Bluesanova is one of the most unique voices to come out of Mumbai. He has crafted hits for artists like Dopeadelicz, MC Altaf, 7Bantaiz and Emiway.

Electronic Music Producer  - Andrew Huston

Looking for that modern sound?

Music Producer, Mix&Master - Janosch Bryner

Just Ask! Sound Design, Mix&Master,

songwriter,ghost prod,scoring  - sigalax

Help finish your music to creating something from scratch,co-producer,scoring and mastering

Music Producer, Sound Engineer - Toby

Award Winning Artist/Producer/Songwriter/DJ (Published by EMI/Sony BMG)

Music Producer & Engineer - James Zamyslianskyj

Multidisciplinary producer and engineer based in the North East of England.

Sonic Branding, Audio Logos - Afield Audio

Music & Sound for Design, Games, and Branding.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Two Infinity Mastering

Hi! I am a music producer of 10 years experience. My goal is to build a loyal clientele of people who can count on me to deliver their needs every time at half of the industry average cost. I will always complete your first project for free! I am doing this because you need to know that I can deliver to your satisfaction right?

Engineer, Producer & Studio - SoundShop370

Are you truly serious about your music? If so, I look forward to hearing back from so you— we can also talk about your project, what your goals are, your budget, time constraints, etc.

Audio Producer - Silv3rfox

Engineer & Music Producer for a decade now. Some names I worked with are "Banks"," Welshly Arms" and "Gramatik" I like raising the bar no matter who you are and get you the most out of your sound! I am passionate about working with new talented artists. So let me hear what you got!

Bespoke Composer & Producer - Dom Howard Music

Award-winning Bespoke Composition & Production with London studio.

vocal arranger,composer,keys - angel da singer

25 yrs at published award winning radio,tv film, song-writer SONGS..!!!!!aka the classics you sing forever..when no ones looking.

Producer - Olmos

I can make Hip-Hop, Pop, Electronic, R&B - Soul, Alternative music.

Mastering, audio editing - Xsentric Audio

Xsentric Audio Mastering provides a bespoke mastering service to clients using high-end digital and analog equipment. Free mix evaluations are provided if necessary, to ensure the best final master is achieved.

Editing, Mixing and Mastering - Creston Christians

I produce electronic music and would like to help you make the best out of your material.

Singer, songwriter, producer - LACY

I am a singer, producer, songwriter, and certified sound engineer. Producing music in different genres (Pop, R&B, Hip Hop and more) for myself and other artists. I can cover anything from demo tracks to release ready records.

Mixing & Mastering studio  - Mansion Mastering

2.4kW Dynaudio mains, esoteric outboard and top notch acoustics all come together at the Mansion. The main room, 2 smaller rooms and living with huge kitchen make sure your music translates perfectly, and you can feel at comfort doing so!

I mix and master music. - Glitch Unicorn

Mix and master music for electronic, hip-hop and blues groups. So far I have to 2 imdb credits

Sounddesigner/engineer  - SONICrider

SONICrider (Jurgen Winkel) is a producer, musician, artist & performer from the South of The Netherlands. Working with analog gear combined with high end recording equipment and mix/master software, the produced sounds are unique and real. Open for any challenge supporting artistic project with the sound they need(and or mixing/mastering).

Producing, Mixing, Mastering - BOYSRUS

We can help you create the next song you need, we can also help you out with a song you are stuck on.

Music Producer - Split An Atom

Multi-award winning producers Hammy Havoc and Ali Amel.

Producer/Mix/Master Engineer - Alaa Ashkar

I Have been 9 years in the field and produced tracks since 2010 for many big names that are even bigger now on Spinnin, Ultra, and many many big and major labels I can mix your track, master your track using the techniques given by Full Sail University Professors with same alternative plugins giving the professional standard touch to your music

Audio Engineer - Audio Umbrella

Making music for me is more then just a passion, it is life. An audio engineer graduate from Pinnacle college in 2015 and having been recording, mixing and mastering ever since. As a bass player I understand the recording process of traditional recordings but also blend electronic vibes to my productions as well

Producer, Sound Engineer - BEATMAGIK

BEATMAGIK - Music Producer, DJ, Artist, Mixing & Mastering Engineer. Owner & CEO of Elemenetary Muzik Label. Owner & CEO of SMG Music Label. Electronic music producer under the name "BEATMAGIK". Founder and head of electronic music project called "DMNDZ". Co-Founder and part of production team "Diamond Style Productions".

Music Producer - Nick Brennan

A.K.A. Tripswitch - NYTimes-featured electronic music producer, remixer, mixing and mastering engineer, writing partner to Nick Warren & Hernan Cattaneo, CEO of onedotsixtwo and Section Records

Music Producer - Alabaster

Conceptual Music for Artists, Film & Television.

Music Producer,Mixing Engineer - Sugyann

I specialize in creating and mixing hard hitting beats.

Artist Management agency  - Happy Elephant Mgmt

Multi Platinum Award Winning Producers & Songwriters with over 15 years of experience that produced and written #1 Billboard & American Top 40 charting songs for major artists.

Music producer - Miguel Lázaro

Music and sound are my passion. More than 20 years on it. My first work, 18 years old, was the music for "Always On" Coca-Cola campaing. I give my best in every work.

Music Producer, Radio Host, DJ - Antonino Musco

Involved with BFF.fm Espresso Sesh, Freestyle Fiesta, Goonpaz, Italic Disco, Msk / MSK.fm, Sicilian AV Project, and Sonamó

Music Producer, Mix Engineer - adrian Carvel

Works heard on Ministry of Sound, Radio 1, 1xtra, Kiss Fresh, Kiss Fm, Capital Xtra plus many more.

Producer / Mixing & Mastering  - Softmal

3 times top #1 Beatport -> https://www.beatstats.com/artist/softmal/100815-genre39

Music Producer - El Ta

Japanese musician based in Tokyo.

Music Producer - Damjan

Hi, I am a young student of music on Paris conservatory of music. Since the age of twelve I have been into music production and music writing. Music I am mainly making is electronic, but also acoustic and classic sometimes. Programs I use are Ableton and Pro Tools. Feel free to contact me for any questions you have!

Producer, Mixing & Mastering - Aidan McDonald

I can professionally mix and master your work, as well as help you achieve the production level that you desire

All things sound. - Cult Classique

I make sounds, help others make sound better and add soundtrack to any element of life.

Music production, Songwriting - Kate & Years

Looking for your next melodic uplifting production? Kate & Years (KAY) can help you out with whatever style of production and songwriting you need for your project! With Years releasing his Beatport #1 hit of Axwell & Shapov - Belong (Axwell & Years Remode), you can trust us to allways be on top of the game when it comes to creative melody making.

session drummer & producer - antimo

Drummer, studio owner, professional recording, different genres, ready to give the best for your music.

producer, mixing & mastering - David Yu

get your track mix and mastered by a avid certified Pro Tools engineer! give me your demo and I will produce it to a full track with regular updates and notes! very fast response time as I am working all the time.

DJ & electronic music producer - Kyoumx


Production & Creative Consult  - Michael Shine

Ableton Live 10 - Coaching, Creating, Brainstorming, Problem Solving - I want to share everything I know and my spirit of enthusiasm for creating art in the image of the human experience, whatever that looks like for you, let's discover it!

Music Producer, Mix and Master - Gabriel Rosario

I've been a music producer for 6 years now, and have a degree on Sound engineer. If you need a track or you need to mix and master your track, I'm willing to give a hand even if you have a limited budget.

Mixing & Mastering - Roykey J

What´s up! I´m Roykey Julien, a graduatet Sound Engineer, Mixing Engineer and Mastering Engineer based in Munich, Germany. Feel free to contact me!


I like to create other worldly sounds that reflect what I see and imagine in self stories.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Symphonic (Mastering)

Our engineers have over 10 years of production experience spanning recording, mixing, and mastering. The team have worked as producers and engineered in the EDM, Latin, and Hip Hop fields and additionally have mixed and mastered Rock, Alternative, and other genres ensuring that you will have the right sound for your project.

composer, music producer - Rokoko

experimental classic and electronic, electroacoustic

Electronic music producer - Abrasko

Passionate music producer, who believe in creativity and focusing in electronic music to bring some new ideas in music world, music production, sound element experiments in the first place.

Producer, Mixing & Mastering - Danbeat

I am a degree in music, I am a producer musician, I do mixing and mastering for independent artists and I manage an audiovisual production company.

Stem Mixing - Dimitri Stavroudis

Struggling with your mixdown? I provide stem mixing services that will lift your production to a higher level. With an official degree in audio production and experience as a producer releasing on electronic labels like Suara, Rawthentic, Be Chosen, Memoria and Atmosphere Records to name a few, I will provide you with a decent premaster.

Music Producer - Om Records

Modeling waves of sound

Mentor and Production (Remote) - Ubiniqu

Mentor to artists and musicians for many years, personable and willing to encourage inquiring minds on the aspects of music and sound work. Beginners and curious souls welcome. Help with acoustic set-ups for better sounding home studios or even how to build one in an affordable way. Techniques of thinking out of the box or looking for inspiration.

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