Electronic Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

Production, mixing, mastering - Erik Husby

Have been making music/art for 5 years, and can offer you a professional sounding product thats guaranteed to catch a lot of ears.



Producer and Song Writer - The Natural Curve

Nile Rodgers thought my song was "awesome"

Producer, Audio Engineer - Tyler Sneed

Producer, Beatmaker, Audio Engineer

Music Production - Henry Cron

Henry Cron puts forth an alternative approach to music production. In my 2 years of music production,I have produced 13 of my own EPs and Albums, with the production of these I tried to figure out what my sound was, I experimented with different genres until deciding that making music spontaneously, without a specific genre in mind, is what I do

Professional Audio & Visual - XOF Studio

On the forefront of what's possible for your budget when it comes to music production, sound design or editing/mixing/mastering. All productions elegant & mature.

Composer, Producer, Remixer - Cain MacWitish

Hear some my most popular work on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/1g3niTq1K7Ot5FpSfmmAAK

Production, Mixing & Mastering - Taabu

I am a Juno Award and Polaris Music Prize winning Producer and Audio Engineer. Among collaborating with 2oolman of A Tribe Called Red, Juno & Polaris Prize nominated Snotty Nose Rez Kids, I have worked with artists stylistically ranging from Dancehall and Hip Hop, to EDM and Pop. In essence, I make your music sound and feel as good as it can.

Music Producer, Noise Maker - Cody James

Collaboration is the secret sauce to great production. I’ve worked with companies such as Walt Disney, ESPN, ABC, and scored feature length films and countless indie projects. Let’s create!

Music Producer - Rotem Doron

I'm a music producer based in Tel Aviv, specializing in electronic music for the last 17 years, released in almost every psytrance label, also released techno/tech-house, melodic techno in the last 3 years under a different project,

Producer-Performer-Musician - Takumi Motokawa

Producer/Composer and Keyboardist, Pianist, Percussionist all-in-one package. I've been working closely with Shackleton since 2015 and most recently we've released an Album together under Tunes of Negation. Bringing the mixture of classical, electronic, world and experimental sounds into the sonic landscape.

Producer, Guitarist - Daktyl

Multi Instrumentalist, Producer, Beat Maker and DJ.

Music Producer - .isle

I try to keep my music as close to my emotions as possible and so I use the sounds of my surroundings and instruments. I also trust my ears to mix my songs in addition to using technique. Eventually, I separate music from the industry and find it pure art.

Recording & Production Studio - Apollo's Auricle Studios

We are a holistic recording studio. We have everything you need to bring your ideas to life and to share them with the world. All you need to bring is your dream. We'll handle the rest,

Singer, Songwriter, VO Artist - Lolo


Lolo is a Singer/Songwriter & DJ. She has toured the US, South Africa, Belgium, Holland, Dubai, & Tokyo. She was previously signed to EPIC SONY & toured as an opening act for BRITNEY SPEARS, KATY PERRY, & even performed at the SUPER BOWL. She has licensed over 150 songs to Film/TV/Commercials. She has successful songs out w/ MILLIONS of streams.

Recording Studio - Modern Classic Sounds Studio

We are creative and audio designers and producers based in bogota - colombia

session drummer & producer - antimo

Drummer, studio owner, professional recording, different genres, ready to give the best for your music.

Music Producer, Mastering - Angus Gow

Music Producer of mainly house music but also done music for adverts and TV. Biggest deal was the music for the Oryx Energies "With You Everyday" advert used during the African Nations Championship in 2014, deal included music for the advert, mobile phone ringtones and IVR music. Also wrote the theme for the first series of Poker Million on Sky.

Producer, Mixing, Sound Design - Earlybird

If you've started an idea and looking for someone dedicated to help you finish it, let's talk and get your project done. I'm a passionate Artrist/Music Producer, an enthused Sound Designer, driven by art and have a keen hobby of being attentive to the tiniest little details. I worked in scoring studios and bedroom studios.

Session Guitarist, Producer  - Paul Jouannet

Long time guitarist and music connoisseur. Been expanding into other instruments and production techniques. Absolute love for the craft, passion for creating, music is my wheelhouse! Ability to complement or innovate your sound, whichever direction is desired, I know I can pursue it.

Music Producer, Arrangement - ICHIRO KAMIYAMA

I’m a music producer based in Tokyo, Japan. I’ve worked with major labels such as Sony, and Universal, and many indies labels. I’d love to connect with creators from all over the world using SoundBetter! Feel free to hit me up with your ideas (pricing is all discussable)

Music producer_Sound engineer - Little by Little

French music producer and dj since 1997.

'Remote Mixing & Mastering' - MightyVibe Studios

MightyVibe Studios Offers Mixing, Recording, Production & Mastering Services For Musicians, Singers, Songwriters & More

Recording, sound desing.  - GreyLabs Creative workshop.

Recording, mixing, sound design, Mastering, stem Mastering, Live band recording, Stem Mixing SSL console.

Prod / Remix / Edit / Mix - Lossio

A Brazilian producer who understands black music both American and Brazilian. What do you need?

Producer & Musician - Cactiisemia

I strive to bring my client's vision into reality, and have passion for every part of the music-making process

Composition, Mixing, Producing - Stereovine Production

Our mission is to provide professional audio services to musicians, filmmakers, and storytellers.

music making coach  - Andrew Brown

Creative code cracked - I will tell you a method where you will make 20 songs no matter what level you are. Guaranteed or your money back. I cannot wait to tell you and coach you!

Music producer - Tony Hultkvist

I love the weird and different stuff.

i'm a designer and 3D ilustrat - Kontras std

i'm a art director and designer,from Indonesia, currently focused in graphic design and illustration on 3d style ,

Mix Engineer, Producer, Editor - Brennan Haleski

With experience in the studio as well as the live show realm, "swiss army knife" would be downplaying my abilities. Some things I do include beat making, mixing, editing full songs, vocal tuning, drum gridding + MIDI, writing drum parts, and thats just in the studio world.

Beat maker, Music Producer - Views Recordings

Specializing in Electronic Dance Music with the focus on Techno, Organic Deep House/Downtempo & Afrobeats

Mastering Engineer - Rodrigo Andrade

I deliver a fast and top quality Mastering for ALL kinds of Electronic music!

Music Producer, Mixing, Master - Gregor McMurray

I am a music producer based in Sydney, Australia. My work mainly focuses on electronic and experimental music but I have been involved in garage rock and acoustic work aswell. I have been producing for 6 years now and have developed my skills in production, mixing and mastering.

DJ / Guitar / psytrance - MOAB

DJ and Producer Started the project “MOABLIVE”

Musician and Actor - Md. Ehsanul Habib Onik

Hello, this is Md. Ehsanul Habib Onik. I'm a musician, entrepreneur,Actor, singer, writer, lyricist, rock guitarist.

Venta de códigos digitales - Full Games Latam

Full.Games es una tienda de videojuegos y gift cards orientada al público latinoamericano. La experiencia de usuario está optimizada para que los gamers encuentren lo que buscan, accedan a un soporte de calidad y tengan la opción de abonar en la moneda de su país sin problemas.

music, art, think, relax. - beyond the shape

Open up, let yourself slip through the cracks and make sure you have a good time. Beyond the Shape is a project by the italian musician and composer Gianvittorio Fallace. The project, born in 2019, has the precise idea of asking a fundamental question on the theme of "shape" in music, how to give music a shape and think music in and beyond it.

Recording Studio - Sound Elements

Sound Elements is a recording studio founded in Chicago, IL in 2021. It has state-of-the-art equipment, sound engineers, a space to book for events and production of audio recordings.

Music Producer, Singer - Gee Moore

I have been a professional musician and music producer for far too many years to count on my fingers, I have released music in my own right for many renound recording labels as well as remix work and co productions. I have a vocal that suites many different genres of music. Always looking for intresting co production projects.

Music producer,Songwriter - Shadd

I am a electronic songwriter, producer, i run a recording studio based in Budapest. We record any vocals or instrument that is needed and help musicians write songs. my music gets released trough AHA Recordings I also produce hip hop beats.

Mix and Masteringservice - Andreas Florin

With over 15 years of experience in the music industry I am well prepared and skilled to take your track to the next level. My mix and master will bring your music to life I love all parts of the music creating process from creation to final mix and mastering. I'm a perfectionist and I know how important music is to the artist.

I Write Hits for YOU - Watashi

LA-based producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. I will help you create a hit song for an affordable price!

Music Producer, Sound Designer - Freqax

FREQAX is the indelible moniker that houses the searing frequencies of Romanian producer Adrian Andrei, a sonic creator enriched with a wide array of inspirations that have emerged in transcendently heavy forms through his many productions.

Producer, Musician, Sound - Omar Vincent Al-Bochi

I am the Sonic Wizard.

Mixing/ Mastering Engineer - Sonic Labs

Clear, Engaging and Musical Mixes. Fast communication and Fast delivery.

Composing, mixing - Pinipida

15+ years of experience

Mixing Engineer & Mastering  - Gianluigi Salzano / Coma

We can bring out the best in your songs, productions and recordings of all kinds and genre. With years of experience behind us, we offer high quality: Mixing, Mastering, Production and Recording services for your song with professional instrumentation. Just be Swag.

Audio Mixing Engineer - Aaron D.

If you're looking for an audio engineer with an intense passion for helping other artists, you've found one! I specialize in many kinds of services for all kinds of genres. Contact me and we'll get to work!

Music Producer and DJ - Atris

Atris is a Music Producer and DJ In Cambodia. His real name is Sam Prathna. He was born In Cambodia in city of Phnom Penh. He also completes high school and attends dental school at the university. Right now, he is studying at Norton University of Health Sciences. Moreover, he is working as a digital marketer and dentist.

Electronic and Trap producer - DECKMANN

Beat maker and music producer from Brazil. Already worked with artists from Sony Music such as BENI.

Synth, piano, strings composer - Andrew Jaworski

You need the melodies and I make them.

Music producer. Mix engineer. - Craig Tucker

Available for overall production, recording, arrangement, mixing & mastering. BA hons degree in audio & music production. Worked for many years as a dj/producer around UK as well as audio engineer for ITV whist at university. Enjoy working with all types of music artists and look forward to working with you in the future.

Digital Music Producer - Dom Toone

20 years experience in digital mixing and production. recently finished MA in Creative Music at ICMP. Industry standard product and delivery. I have had mix lessons from Paul Waller who produced Unfinished Sympathy by Massive Attack and Venus as a Boy by Bjork. I have also been complimented on my mixes by Dominic Morley who mixed Back to Black.

Dark Ambient Composer - Michael Alain Heroux

Electronic and ambient musician, Alain Héroux, awakens connotations of terror, sadness, and despair with organic authenticity. Blending genres like Dungeon Synth, Vaporwave, Chillwave and Dark Ambient to create an enchanting and addictive timbre.

Mixing engineer - Roman Iavich

Hi there! I'am working on my portfolio, so for you it is a great opportunity to get an amazing sounding tracks for symbolic price!

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