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Writing papers

I mean get a life! these people have no right to plant in our parents’ minds careers we would hate once we grow up. We then turn into a goat ready to get slaughtered just after graduation because of these people and their stupid ideas. On one hand our mothers want to see us performing our first operation, whereas fathers see us as a prosperous engineer or paper writer. what to do in such circumstances?
many would simply execute their parents’ wishes like a dumb cow, burying their flares deep down their hearts. My comments over such attitude are:

tip 1: if you don’t like a career tell your parents before starting your O or A Level, confront them, its your right to make this decision. do not wait for graduation.

tip 2: you shall prove yourself . this doesn’t by any chance mean that you start a hunger strike and turn faces to your parents , instead show them how successful you can be in your field of interest. you may take part in various contests and show them your expertise in that area.

This short guide will surely help you re-frame your perspective , when it comes to career decisions. see what suits your personality best as you will have to live with your choice for the rest of your life , not any one else…..

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