Professional audio editors curate, crossfade, and cut all your recorded takes, providing you with one perfect track

Beat Maker, Guitarist - Isaac

New York

Beat Maker, Guitarist

Here to make your lofi beats with great production and West Coast guitar licks! I've worked with podcasts, producers, and artists alike, love making chill and vibey tunes!

soy estudiante de producción - angel


soy estudiante de producción

soy un estudiante de produccion tambien beatmaker y diseñador


Vocal Editor/Mixer - Alex


Vocal Editor/Mixer

I have worked with and learned from the best in the industry, such as Shawn Mendes, Three Days Grace, Billy Talent, Drake, and many more. I have many tricks up my sleeve to make your productions sound tight, big, and professional. I will make your vocals perfectly in tune, and your instruments perfectly in time, without sounding edited!

Music Editor - Elias


Music Editor

Meticulous and accurate editing/comping/quantizing/tuning on Pro-Tools 12

Session Guitarist, Songwriter - Cipo


Session Guitarist, Songwriter

Guitar player for Italian artist Francesco Gabbani since 2017. Session guitar player and songwriter. Logic Pro X expert.

Editing, Mixing, Remixing - NOx


Editing, Mixing, Remixing

Being a musician, I always break the barrier between audio engineer's technical mind and musician's creative heart. Que además habla español!

Music Producer/Composer - Nick

North Carolina

Music Producer/Composer

If you have a podcast or film, wanting a new track, or need any production assistance, I will help make your project come to life!

Singer, Writer, Vocal Producer - Andy


Singer, Writer, Vocal Producer

Pro Session Vocalist, Writer & Vocal Produce with 13 years of experience.

EDM MusicProducer, Ghost Prod. - Ghost


EDM MusicProducer, Ghost Prod.

Your Music producer of EDM, Pop, House, etc.

Creative music Producer  - Roni


Creative music Producer

BA (Hons) creative music graduate aiming to achieve the desired sound output for your music and also for multimedia projects at a professional standard.


Editing / Comping / Tuning - Ali


Editing / Comping / Tuning

Having a professional editor will make your tracks sound tight, groovy, and polished, ready for the mixing process.

Remote Mixing and Editing - Brent

Los Angeles

Remote Mixing and Editing

From managing recording studios to working with amateur and professional clients, Brent feels equally comfortable in any audio environment. Brent specializes in mixing and editing. Brent takes your track and makes sure it is polished and perfected and ready for the world.


Producer Editor Trombone Voice - Jeff


Producer Editor Trombone Voice

Decades of experience as a session Trombonist, Producer, Editor, and Engineer. ProTools and many other DAWs. Please listen to the sample for the most recent examples of all. Please listen to the Soundcloud playlist for a comprehensive batch of samples demonstrating my prowess as a commercial trombonist.


I Mix and Master Records! - Mike


I Mix and Master Records!

I am a mixer/producer/engineer and mastering engineer with over 30 years of experience. I have recorded and mixed all types of music in all types of situations.

Prolific songwriter - André


Prolific songwriter

I've been writing, recording and producing music for 15 years, mostly for my indie pop project Stars in Coma, but also with other artists. Skills are songwriting, mixing and production. Know how to come up with a great pop melody and get that sweet indie pop/electro pop sound! Don't hesitate to get in contact!

Colombian Multi instrumentist  - Kmi


Colombian Multi instrumentist

Hi, i am Kmi, hope you like Colombian music, cuz i can produce the music you want from the Colombian Tradicional Folk, The Afro Caribean Drums, The sounds from the Indigenous Flutes, The Voices of bullerengue, the Chonta Marimba from the deep Pacific Jungle, and the beatifull sounds of the Interior with the Tiple, Bandola, Arpa, Cuatro.

Music Producer, Mixer, Remixer - Tristan


Music Producer, Mixer, Remixer

Music Producer based in London, United Kingdom.

Music Producer, Beatmaker - Kanstan


Music Producer, Beatmaker

I'm an independent music producer. For the last 4 years I have been sailing through genres in search for that unique, out of the ordinary sound. My passion lies in wide rage of trap/hip-hop and house styles.


Remote mixing and Mastering - Jordan


Remote mixing and Mastering

Music is my life & passion. I am the bassist for the progressive postmetal band, Aurorae, and run Alpha State Audioworks. I enjoy many genres of music, though metal is my favorite, and I enjoy working with them all. I have worked with singer/songwriters, hard rock bands, pop punk, black metal and more.

Published Songwriter - Jackie

Los Angeles

Published Songwriter

Hi! I'm Jackie, a professional, published songwriter with a catalog equating to 12.5 million+ streams. My music has been included in editorial playlists such as Spotify's New Music and Creamy and Apple Music's Breaking Pop and A-List Pop. Recent Collabs include Sabrina Claudio, Eric Nam, Dinah Jane (Fifth Harmony), Hey Violet, and Loren Gray.

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