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Colombian Multi instrumentist

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Hi, i am Kmi, hope you like Colombian music, cuz i can produce the music you want from the Colombian Tradicional Folk, The Afro Caribean Drums, The sounds from the Indigenous Flutes, The Voices of bullerengue, the Chonta Marimba from the deep Pacific Jungle, and the beatifull sounds of the Interior with the Tiple, Bandola, Arpa, Cuatro.

Producer, composer, multi-instruentist, from the city of Bogota, Colombia.

Plays The Gaita, The Chonta Marimba, The Andes Tiple, Cuatro Llanero, Afro Colombian Drums (Alegre, Tambora, Bombo, Maracas, Llamador, Cununo) Guitars,Bass and drum.

Director and Producer of the legendary Artist ¨La Negra Grande De Colombia¨
Also Producer of the Group Curupira, Latin Latas, Mariposa Solar, Gualajo, Comadre Araña,Jesus Hidalgo, and many other artist from the International Escene.

Worked as a Guitarrist in the band Los Aterciopelados and won a Latin Grammy for his participation in the album Öye¨, also Worked with producer ¨Chucho Merchan¨.

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