Smooth Soulful Vocals + BVs - Holly


Smooth Soulful Vocals + BVs

Hi, I'm Holly! Full-time vocalist heard by over 7 million people every week with clients such as The Grand Prix, John Lewis and the Olympics. I'd love to get involved in your project, so pop me a message and let's get started!

Music Production - Tim

United Kingdom

Music Production

After 25 years in the industry, Bespoke Music is one of the UK’s established jingle and music imaging houses, composing jingles and production music for many of the radio industry’s major players, including BBC, Bauer Media, BMG Publishing, Global Radio, UKRD and many more.

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Composer, Producer, Topline - Obtusive


Composer, Producer, Topline

I'll work hard on your creative project to help fulfill your artistic dreams. I have over 5 years experience on treble clef instruments, so I have a good understanding of harmonies and melodies for both classical and modern musical styles. My unique skills are song arrangement/orchestration, melody writing, lyric writing, and rhythm writing.


Mixing Engineer  - Pedro


Mixing Engineer

My art evolves around music. I am a music producer and audio engineer. I am here to record history, capture performances that can touch the audiences. In the production and engineering process my goal is to make a record sonically pleasing, interesting and, above all, to preserve and emphasize the feeling and emotion that the music is trying to con


Home Recording/Mixing Studio - 9:05


Home Recording/Mixing Studio

Wanting to get that radio quality, professional sound in your next track, but don't want to break the bank? Grant Christian from 9:05 Productions can help!


Mixing & Mastering - Robert


Mixing & Mastering

Hey, my name is Robert Kade, I work as a Mixing and Mastering engineer. Let me take the sound of your music to the next level. I want to understand your vision and passion to make your music sound exactly how you want it to sound.


Trombone, Bass Trombone, Tuba - Juliane

Los Angeles

Trombone, Bass Trombone, Tuba

Recording artist in Los Angeles with wide ranging experience from horn sections to motion pictures in any conceivable genre.


Mixing/Mastering - D.Woo



#1 charts on BOOM: VERBEE - Зацепила I work in pop music genres,Trap and Hip-Hop music production

Producer, Mix Engineer - Caleb


Producer, Mix Engineer

I am a Producer and Multi-Instrumentalist with over 10 years of production experience in helping bring artists and musicians together to create meaningful music in nearly every genre. I seek first and foremost to get to know the artist and the project and how we can achieve the best end while staying true to the song and its original intent.

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