You deserve a real orchestra! - Jonas

Los Angeles

You deserve a real orchestra!

I arrange and record real strings for your film music, pop or Hip hop production. REAL and UNIQUE. Within 24 hours. Unlimited revisions. My clients range from the biggest Hollywood Film Studios to Songwriters, Bands and Beat Producers.

Composer, Orchestrator, MIDI - Shipwreck

Los Angeles

Composer, Orchestrator, MIDI

Star Wars to Stranger Things, A-list sound, A-list credits.

Session Flutist - Gina

Los Angeles

Session Flutist

I am a session flutist in Los Angeles and have played with artists such as Kanye West, Ariana Grande, Billy Idol and recorded on soundtracks including The Simpsons, The Nun and Planet Earth II. I have a wide variety of flutes including flute, piccolo, alto, bass, Recorder, Irish Whistle, Chinese flute, Bansuri, Native American Flute and more.

Songwriter.Vocalist.BGVS - Hollie



Praised for her impeccable pitch and harmonies, warm vocal tone, and positive energy, Hollie has become a sought-after session vocalist in Nashville. Her experience performing and recording in a range of styles makes her versatile & truly unique and irreplaceable. She has also been a songwriter for both artists and in commercial settings.

Online  Drummer and Beatmaker - Sara


Online Drummer and Beatmaker

If you are you looking for characterful drum tracks with a big warm sound or maybe intricate, broken programmed beats you have come to the right place.

Remote Music Producer/Composer - Hákon


Remote Music Producer/Composer

I make your music sound like it's from space

Mastering Engineer - Borza

Los Angeles

Mastering Engineer

A lot of music today is being made in home studios, which is a great step forward for musicians everywhere! That being said, the precision instruments and experienced ears of a mastering engineer are more necessary than ever. I’ve built my entire business around turning DIY recordings into professional production masters for sale and distribution.

Production, Mixing & Mastering - Blighty

Santa Monica

Production, Mixing & Mastering

I'm a very experienced (20+years) British producer/engineer. I played guitars for the Grammy-nominated Australian artist, Sia and have written loads of movie music in Hollywood. I'm the guy that can quickly deliver exactly what's needed to make your project successful. Everything I do, I offer remotely

Producer/Engineer/Mixer/Studio - Haydn



Finding it so uncomfortable trying to sell myself. Just a few names: Pat Metheny, Luther Vandross, Chris Botti, Kate Bush, Beach Boys, Roy Orbison, McCartney, Massive Attack, Dave Gilmour, Gary Moore, XTC, loads of orchestral work too. Various awards and stuff gained along the way, don't like them at all, or the competitive aspect of prizes. ))

Producer - Mixing & Mastering  - Alix


Producer - Mixing & Mastering

As a 25 years of Gold & Platinum experience mix engineer, I get to work and dissect a lot of Pop, R&B, Dance and Indie productions coming from many different producers. This gives me a little extra insight as to what’s working and what’s not. I've worked for Grammy Award artists & producers like RedOne or D. Guetta.

Session Percussionist/Drummer - MB


Session Percussionist/Drummer

I won a Grammy in 2019 for the New Age Album, "Opium Moon". I have 40+ years experience playing on over 1000 movies, including Frozen 1 and 2, Moana, Black Panther, X-Men, Transformers and Batman. Countless TV episodes and records. I am both a session player and a live musician. I have performed with the LA Phil and many other local orchestras.

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