Lesly Grange

Mixing Engineer, musician

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I'm a mixing engineer, music producer but also a musician. I have been studying at the ACM in Guildford, UK. I have been working on rock and acoustic music as well as electronic and hiphop. I am also playing the guitar, piano, bass, trombone and I sing, what can be useful if you need any extra to your track. I'm french and live in Lyon.

I can mix, edit, add extra tracks to your project.
I like to give every instrument its proper space but always in a really natural way.
throughout the years I have worked with many musicians and with many instruments so I have got a pretty good knowledge on how to mix new tracks.
I love trying to find this extra thing that will make a mix sound great, and even if the goal is always to be in the industry's standards I like it when a mix is going a way that not been this much heard before.
Loving old recordings I like to experiment with analogue gear and switch between mono and stereo.
I work at my home and in some studios in the Lyon area, depending on the project's need.
I am really looking forward to new projects and meeting new people in this industry.

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Terms Of Service

It's taking me a day per song to propose something. And then up to three revisions if it's really required (if the wrongs are already in the mix I'd already have done what I could to enhance it)

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