Mix, Master & Sound Design - Nicolás


Mix, Master & Sound Design

I think sound can emotionally impact and influence the subconscious more than any other sense, thats why I followed a career in sound and acoustics engineering in order to accomplish my sonic dreams and help others accomplish theirs. I narrate histories with sound design, music and mixing.

Sound designer for animation - Nemanja


Sound designer for animation

Immersive sound design to draw your audience in! Sound effects, foley and music all carefully mixed in your animation to give it 'soul'. Contact me with details and I'll be glad to discuss! Cheers

Music Production & Mixing - GLIA


Music Production & Mixing

I create music in my spaceship and play it to aliens in space time.

null - Liam


Liam O'Connor is a freelance audio engineer working from his own studio located in Limerick, Ireland. He has been working as a recording, mixing, and mastering engineer since 2010 while studying a degree in Music Technology and Production. In 2013 he graduated with distinction and continues to provide professional quality audio services.

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