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Quality Productions Recording Editing Mixing Mastering Studio, Piano and Keyboard Sessions Eros Ramazzotti & Laura Pausini ( over 50 million sales ) ,handling many aspects of the process of creating a finished product from beginning to end.


Pop-Rock Arranger
Mixing Egineers
String Arranger Example:
Piano and Keyboards Sessions
Post Editing
Programmed Drums
Post Mixing

For DJs and not :

Vocal Tuning
Time alignement-Quantizing
Vocal Comping
Programming Beat Making
Session DJ
Dialogue Editing

Soundtracks Example:
Sound Design For Yamaha
Game Audio

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Gear Highlights
  • Protools HDX
  • HD/IO
  • Omni HD
  • MacPro3Ghz8CoreE5 64GB
  • Lexicon 480 L-PCM 90-PCM 70
  • API eq 550 b-comp 525-eq 550
  • Tube Tech PE1C-MP1A-CL1B
  • Valley People Gain Brain-Maxi Q
  • Aphex Type 3
  • Avalon SP 737
  • SPL Transient Designer
More Photos
More Samples
  • Colors - Music by Bruno ZucchettiOct 21, 2014

    Colors is an example about:  Soundtrack/Orchestral Composition/ String Arrange/ Programming Vienna Instruments/ Protools/Mix/ Mastering
    See the Video on YouTube

  • FIMIC - Automatic Melt Filter - VFX at Frankfurt MesseOct 17, 2014

    Director: Alessandro Mattielli
    3D Model/Texture/Storyboard: Alessandro Mattielli
    Music: Bruno Zucchetti

    Watch on Vimeo :