Run Dreamer

Producer & digital artist

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I will create a production that is tailored to your voice, style & character. I only take gigs that are naturally aligned with my skills & super-powers.

Tel-Aviv based Musician & Multidisciplinary digital artist Run Dreamer is known for his large scale - semi political collaborative musical instrument. In his works he takes icons & symbols and let them rebrand themselves - exploring freedom & trying to change how they are perceived by the general population. In recent years, one specific music installation traveled all over europe & some other parts of the world - Jerusalem / Berlin / Warsaw / Madrid / Zurich / Brussels / London & LA! (where it decided to stay…for now). It’s a collaborative wall and musical instrument that let’s players on both sides play a track and create an arrangement together. he commonly performs & presentes in Music technology festivals & conferences around the world as well as playing one-off electronic music performances around the Middle East & Europe.

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