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Top of the class producer, sound engineer and music composer with 30+ years of experience and 2 Grammy Awards won on our back!

Load is the perfect studio to start making a record in. The rooms are designed to be a creative haven. There is a great selection of mic pre-amps (including API, Neve, Mindprint, Calrec and SSL), lots of microphones, a fantastic choice of analogue keyboards, some great backline including an upright and a half tail pianos, a Yamaha Birch Custom Absolute drum kit and plenty of guitars and amps. All recording is done on the Pro Tools HDX rig running Pro Tools 12 or the latest version of Digital Performer using the great SSL 5040. With the included UAD octo satellite and brand new Zingali Client Evo 1.5 monitors paired with the majestic ATC SCM25A and the classics Yamaha NS-10M the main control room also serves as a powerful 'mixing ' and mastering room.

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Gear Highlights
  • SSL 5040
  • Zingali Client Evo 1.5
  • ATC SCM25A
  • Pro Tools HDX
  • Pro Tools 12
  • 1176
  • API512
  • API550
  • SPL Transient Designer
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