Podcast Editing & Mastering

Hip Hop Music Producer - Cooper Alexander

I've been producing music for a little over 20 years now, and have worked with many artists ranging from Rock genres to EDM. I have toured the US as an artist and have worked in and out of some of the msot famous recording studios in the world. My approach to any project is target the most exciting part first and build around it.

Lead Guitarist & Producer - Pedro "Pkz" Souza

a regular guy who turns into a beast with a guitar! Guitarist, musician and producer for 3 years!

Mixer, Producer, Manager - Joey Cavallo Mixing

I am a young and hungry musician/engineer looking to work on anything I can get my hands on. I love music with a burning passion, I will dedicate my life to your record. I grew up in a studio and in the industry so I know my way around. I promise you will get that professional sound while staying within your budget.

 Production Mixing & Mastering - Alberto Battistella

Here for making your track explode! I can mix and master your tracks in order to reach the industry standards for streaming services and phisical support, bringing out the true potential of your song. I'm specialized in electronic music such as techno, house and subgenres and, as a musician, with acoustic music, like indie pop/ rock.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - kara22

I've been recording, mixing and mastering tracks for more than 5 years now. I am from Ukraine and during this time I managed to work with a lot of Ukrainian music. In particular I had experience of working with rap, rock and edm songs. During this time I learned how to achieve clarity, power and volume for any track

Mixing and Mastering - plusultra

Industry sound at an affordable price.

Mixing, Mastering Engineer - JMercé Music

Worked with Billboard charting artist, Shedrach Rowry (SHED). Featured on Soundgym's Artist Spotlight. Here are what my clients say about my work.

production/composition/mixing - Brian Wight


I have been a full time producer/writer based mostly out of Nashville and LA for 5 years. Most of my work is in the pop, indie, alternative, hip hop and R&B industries, as well as doing remixes or "reimagining's" of existing songs. I have worked with artists such as Judah and The Lion, COIN, Owl City, Penny & Sparrow, Chris Renzema, and CAPPA.

Sound producer, Lyric Songwrit - Ster

I've written a plethora of songs in countless notebooks and desktop folders. If you want and need a song that catches, I know I'm your songwriter.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Leon WZRD Davis

I am a professional mixing & mastering engineer with over 13 years experience. Available for all types of work and applications such as; Music / OST / Post / Dialogue / ADR / Audio Repair / Tuning / Sound Design. IMDb credited, UMA nominated audio engineer with a BA(hons) degree Music Technology.

Producer/Songwriter/Singer - Cameron Sanderson

Over 4,000,000+ Streams on Spotify alone. Tailor make beats at an unbeatable turnaround & quality. Produce artists & write.

Mix Engineer - Dan Ginolfi

Trusting me with your work is a great honor, and I use every tool available to me to make sure your music stands up to other hits you're hearing today. When I accept a job, I commit myself to making sure your music sounds as sonically pleasing as possible.

Try to enhance artist's soul. - AD Recording Studio

When I mix or master or produce music, i try to pull out the true soul and sound of the artist. I love music and i think that music always saves us.

Mixing & Mastering - Eli "Juwan" Manning

The music industry is competitive. Having a professional sounding mix and master can be the make or break difference between your song being heard all over the radio or only by your friends and family. That’s where I come in! My name is Eli "Juwan" Manning, and I’m the missing piece to your next big hit!

Techno | Mixing & Mastering - Matias Bagato

Techno DJ, Producer, Mixing & Mastering Engineer.

Edit, Mix, Master & Drummer - Andre Drummond

Drummer, Audio edit and Mix. (Oficial Pro Tools AVID Certified 210P)

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Michael Wilson

I will clean up and bring your song to life with a punchy and crisp mix. I am comfortable working with House music, Drum and Bass or Hip Hop/Trap. I've been featured on Majestic DnB multiple times which is a music YouTube channel. I'm very flexible with my time so reach on out!

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Sam Lazarev

Every project comes with a unique approach, my goal is to serve your project and represent your vision to the fullest extent. I am excited to hear your new tracks and take them to the next level together!

Pop Producer, Mix engineer - Manon van Dijk

Manon van Dijk is an incredible 22-year-old producer from Amsterdam and is currently based out of Stockholm. She is a very interesting producer and absolutely a rising star. Makes edgy pop that stands out of the crowd. She signed with Warner Chappell and has written and produced with Tate McRae, Daya, Stargate

Audio Engineer | Producer - Afrodisiac Sounds

Full time audio engineer based out of Los Angeles, CA. I have an extensive background in music and have earned a bachelors degree in audio production. I primarily work in ProTools for mixing/tracking and Abelton for production. In addition to operating as a recording/mix engineer, I work as a live sound engineer on the day to day.

Mix/Master, Singer, Writer  - AJ Audio - Anthony J. Houston


I am a Mix/Master Engineer, Vocalist, and Songwriter. I have been Mixing professionally for 18 years, both Live, and Studio. I have worked with Major Artists like Maroon 5, Baby Face, Kirk Franklin, Tye Tribbett, Sheila E., 112, and many others in LIVE & Studio environments. My niche genres are R&B, POP, Gospel, Hip-Hip & Country.

Audio Editing and Sound Design - Post Production Audio Services

Professional Audio Engineer with several years experience in post-production. Expert in audio editing, mixing, and sound design. Dedicated to ensuring your project meets expectations!

Remote Mixing & Mastering  - Keith Gillespie

I'm here to mix the music you've worked so hard to create and make it shine! I'm here to compose and score your film and push it to a whole other level! I'm here to give you all I got and help make your project the best it could be!

Mixing Engineer/Podcast Editor - Tomas Gregorio D. Magno

I have earned my certificate as an Avid ProTools Certified Professional in Protools NYC, in Brooklyn, NY (USA) and undergo Mixing and Mastering training at The Cutting Room Studios, in Manhattan, NY (USA). I am used to handling pressure and meeting deadlines. I have always adhered my working ethics on submission to authority.

Mixing, mastering, production - Edwin McLachlan

I'm a musician and record producer from Scotland, with 10 years of industry experience and a passion for crafting boundary-pushing records. Let's make some art.

Mix Engineer, Sound Designer - Joe G. Fredricks


"My goal is to deliver exceptional audio engineering services to every musician! With over 30 years of audio production experience, using tape machines/consoles, samplers, and digital audio workstation tools, I’m ready to work with you and will provide the exact sound you are looking for. Contact me for your next audio engineer of choice!"

Sound Designer & Dialogue Edit - Danilo Battistini

Sound designer and foley artist focused on using audio as a storytelling mechanism. Such as creating the sound of Bilgewater and Frejlörd for an immersive experience for Riot's League of Legends theme booth on CCXP 2019 in São Paulo.

Mixing & Mastering - Tom R

I'll mix and master your track using my professional analog gear and provide you the best quality. I'll provide you everything you'll need to put your track everywhere with the best quality (Youtube, Spotify, Apple, TV, Instrumental...).

Remote Recording Engineer - MacK Booth

Specializing in remote recording, engineering, and mixing. Classical music is my forte. Jazz, rock, and bluegrass are my mezzo. Beats and rap are my piano.

Song writer and producer - Fede Carranza

The art of Songwriting now in your grasp. Give me the theme, I'll give you the song. I've done it for over 20 years, with multiple artists and events. I've worked on more than 300 songs in both English and Spanish. I write for male and female singers in multiple genres and styles. The song is made to your specification so you know it's yours.

Mixing, Editing, Musician - Porter Studios

Long time musician who has written, recorded and mixed own music. Starting out pro, and looking to build on my current experience

Producer, Mixing, Mastering - Iceman Productions

My objective is making sure the music hits & people want to hear our product continuously. I offer a range of services from Production, Mixing & Mastering to Songwriting help and Engineering.

Ing. de Mezcla y mastering - Edgar Gómez

Soy músico y sé lo que los músicos buscan cuando necesitan una mezcla o mastering para sus canciones, soy muy detallista con mi trabajo y me encanta colaborar con proyectos.

Recording/Mixing Engineer - RC

There's a million different way that you could choose to live your life. Why let boring be one?

Pro Remote Mixing & Mastering - Hendriks Mastering

Mixing, Stem Mastering, Single-File Mastering, and Audio Editing at a professional level. I'm a classically trained musician who now works in audio engineering. I've been involved in various high-level recordings and mixes within Australia and internationally and would love to put my skills to use by making your track the best it can be!

Music Producer - Anne Dorko

Music producer, songwriter, composer.

Producer. Audio Engineer - Kevin Bigander

Modern Sound for the Modern Artist.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - João Sousa

Main objective: Customer satisfaction. Mixing and Mastering specialist; Songs elected among the 30 best in Portugal in 2019; Awards in the category of audio for documentaries; Music production and technologies Bachelor at a AES recognized University (ESMAE); 10 years of audio experience.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Joe Rodriguez

Mixing engineer with experience in EDM and electronic music in general, also podcast editing and radio shows.

Mixing Engineer - Ajay Phillips

Studio Tech at Box Hill Institute, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Musician. I have been in the music industry for pretty much my whole life and have a great ear for music and audio. I believe that I can deliver you a professional sounding product or service at an affordable and honest price.

Remote mixing & mastering - Isaac Peachey

Mixing & mastering engineer, founder of Damaged studios.

Music Producer, Beat Maker - Ed Rubi

I have 10 years experience in Ableton, and I specialize in electronic music (mainly dark and melodic future bass and downtempo music).

Recording | Mix Engineer  - DangerDereckMusic

Recording | Mix Engineer | Podcast Editor

SInger, Music & Arts producer - Know It

I´m a musisian since... i don´t know always, Bass, cello, voice, a camera and a computer is all that i need to make magic

Mixing, Mastering, Producing - Lavonte Davis (YellaOnDaBeatz)

Classically Trained in Music Theory,

Music Producer/Engineer - Egorhythm

Hi, I'm Richva a producer/songwriter based on Bandung, Indonesia. I am the type of producer that can play everything needed to get your track to be ready. I am also a Mixing/Mastering Engineer.Specialized in Neo-Soul, Funk, Neo-Psychedelia, Prog Rock, and Alt-Music (such as indierock, indiepop, garage rock) but able to work with any Music genre

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Darren Love Productions

Creating polished, audio ready magic for my clients!

Mixing / Mastering Engineer - Yuki Tasaka

Engineer @studio11chicago & @engineears Producer & Engineer @fnfstudios Bassist & Live Programmer for @two.depressed.kids & @smoking_wires_music

Pop,Rock,Folk Mix&Mastering  - Semih Çelik

You will get exactly what you want to hear! Contact me to get mixing & mastering services for the music you produce in the style you are interested in, exactly the way you want to hear it and in accordance with world standards.

'Music Producer' - Nathan Beatz

Hip Hop/Trap Producer

Word Smith - Song writer - Asjad Ahmad

I know how to spin the words to tug at heartstrings.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Bear Phillips-Pearce

I'm Bear, an Audio Engineer with a passion for analog/digital hybrid Mixing and Mastering and I work outside the box to help you find yours.

music producer, sound design - Pleasure Palace

Over a decades worth of experience in Logic Pro, and double that in writing and composing music. Accountable, enthusiastic sound designer with a passion for music and all things audio.

Mixing & Mastering - Jordi Vaquero

I'm a multi-instrumentalist, I've been playing heavy music for more than 20 years, and recording, editing, producing, mixing and mastering for more than 10 years. Specialized in sounds that range from the grooviest rock to the most extreme doom or death metal bands. If you're looking for a huge and natural sound, you're closer to it now!

Beatmaker and Mixing Engineer - Oliverto98

Dynamic Vibe for your project.

Remote mixing, session piano - Alexander Danieli

I'm an audio engineering and production student with a background in piano, strings, and synths (and a love for indie sadboy music.) My well-rounded musical background informs how I play and produce both for myself and for others. Let's make your music sound exactly the way you intend it to.

Music production, mixing - Valya Kan

Hi, I am a DJ and producer, mostly making electronic music. Here is mostly for production and mixing services.

Songwriter & Mix Engineer  - Impatient

I'm Ready when you are! Message me to Start!

Mix Engineer | Sound Designer - Molly

Post production for music, film, TV and games.

Mixing Engineer, Producer - Alex Munoz

A professional engineer who has worked in this industry for over five years and with major labels such as Def Jam, Sony, Warner, Atlantic, and Universal. Alex has worked with some of the most prominent artists in the industry, such as Pop Smoke, Bobby Shmurda, Dave East, G Herbo, B-Lovee, Benny the Butcher, DD Osama, Millyz, and more.

Mixdowns for singles and Album - Seattle Audio Mixing

I want to mix your songs! I am starting my career as a freelance Mixing Engineer. By day I work for a well respected live sound company in the Pacific Northwest, Morgan Sound. By night, I mix music.

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