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Producer/Songwriter/Singer - Cameron Sanderson

Over 4,000,000+ Streams on Spotify alone. Tailor make beats at an unbeatable turnaround & quality. Produce artists & write.

Mixing, mastering, production - Edwin McLachlan

I'm a musician and record producer from Scotland, with 10 years of industry experience and a passion for crafting boundary-pushing records. Let's make some art.

Recording, Mixing & Mastering - Tristan T Roberts

Tristan T. Roberts is a rising figure in the music industry. After having worked with the likes of dozens of artists such as 100KTucc and rapper Jelly Roll, Roberts is quickly becoming the go-to audio engineer for musicians all around the United States.

producer, mixing, mastering - noraj cue • sendmestems.com

Do you love to play with ocean waves full of piercing synths and caves filled with bass layers, shattered by thriving toms & godforsaken melodic madness, freighting thunderclaps and razor-sharp hits & hats, big, bold, badass percussions crushing down into rhythmic patterns and what not?...... well, at some point you need balance right? call me :)

Mastering & Mixing  - AudioKemestry

AudioKemestry is owned and operated by Pablo Infinity (Mastering Engineer | Sound Scientist) and Kris Stiell (Mix Engineer), aka the "dynamics duo". They bring over 25 years of experience with audio mastering, mixing, recording, production, and digital audio restoration, and a relentless passion for music.

Sound Engineer/Producer - KJ Singh

Over 30 years of experience with producing and mixing music for feature films & independent artists from AR Rahman, Vishal Bhardwaj, Hariharan, Indian Ocean to Rabbi Shergill.

Singer,writer,remote producer - Ike Celso

What’s up?  My names Ike Celso and I’m not the typical artist. I’m a singer/songwriter/producer that has so many genres in my bag. From indie, pop, hip hop, all the way latin pop. I love collaborating simply because of how the art of music expands. So, vibe with me and let’s work!

Sound Designer & Dialogue Edit - Danilo Battistini

Sound designer and foley artist focused on using audio as a storytelling mechanism. Such as creating the sound of Bilgewater and Frejlörd for an immersive experience for Riot's League of Legends theme booth on CCXP 2019 in São Paulo.

_Mixing/ Mastering Engineer - _MixedbyDF LLC

I'm Frank "DiirtyFrank" Gillis, Recording & Mixing/ Mastering Engineer based in SWFL. With 7 years of experience working in the Music Industry, I have refined my Mixing process to create a Multi-Dimensional experience for my listeners. I work to highlight the Feel & Energy of the song while retaining Balance & Separation throughout.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Mike Rodio Audio

I'm a mix engineer from New York, now based just outside of Seattle Washington. I specialize in remote mixing and have worked on tracks that have regularly hit the Top 5 of the iTunes Blues Charts. I've had the pleasure of working alongside Producer Ryan Hadlock (The Lumineers, Foo Fighters, etc.) at Bear Creek Recording Studio as an assistant.

MusicProducer/Mixing/Mastering - kalafoniamusic

Make sound not noise!

Noise maker and researcher - DARSounds

Sociólogo - Cooperante - Musicólogo Constructor de Polígonos Sociales y coleccionista de ruidos La educación es política, la tecnología es un arma de instrucción masiva, la información es libre y se se contagia, la música transforma la conciencia sin que la conciencia sepa que transforma el mundo.

Remote Mixing - Bonsai Sound

Has your song been fully realized?

Music Producer and Mixing - Phenom Da DON

Producer/Engineer/Songwriter/DJ at  New .Wavz Only LLC P  678-835-7554  E  Phenomdadon@gmail.com  W  smart.bio/iamphenomdadon  Production credits: Eric Bellinger - Chevy Woods - JuiceManStoge - Migos - K.Camp - Trinidad James - Riff Raff - Jose Guapo - Shawty Lo - Boldy James - Classik Mussik - Mango Foo - Migo Domingo - Skippa Da Flippa

Mix Mastering Ghost Production - Mahdiar Rahmati

Revive your Mix and Mastering by Blowing my soul...

Try to enhance artist's soul. - AD Recording Studio

When I mix or master or produce music, i try to pull out the true soul and sound of the artist. I love music and i think that music always saves us.

Mixing - Michael O'Connell

Open to working on any mixing projects.

Sound Designer, Mastering - Sample Culture

For the Indie people, by the indie people. From the vintage sound of analog equipment to modern drone textures like Hans Zimmer. Hands-on and Transparent. Our scores have had audiences at festivals like BigSky, and the United Nations.

Compose, Produce, Mix/Master - Carl J Sorenson

I'll help take your music to the next level! I've studied music production in Chicago and LA! I keep my prices affordable, as well.

Next Level Mastering / Mixing - CassiBeatz Productions

ADVANCED & STEM MASTERING: $49 (was $99) Mixing & mastering for techno / tech-house producers. We usually get the track to a level of top 100 Beatport chart with our approach designing the track (Stem Mastering™). Advanced™ & Stem Mastering™ specialised for labels and releases. Basic mixing and mastering specialised for promos and testing tracks.

Music Producer/Mixing & Master - Barney

Barney is a London-based composer, mixing / mastering engineer, producer and sound designer. He has worked with musicians and on film productions, and also has tens of thousands of views of his beats on YouTube.

Song writer and producer - Fede Carranza

The art of Songwriting now in your grasp. Give me the theme, I'll give you the song. I've done it for over 20 years, with multiple artists and events. I've worked on more than 300 songs in both English and Spanish. I write for male and female singers in multiple genres and styles. The song is made to your specification so you know it's yours.

Music Producer - marcostarelov

I am really capable of doing anything, I produced some rap albums and some instrumentals for me.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Jordan Powell

A detail oriented approach to your sound, with solutions found quickly and logically.

Audio Editing and Mixing - MRJ Design Audio Studio

We are an audio team dedicated to providing high quality content for all clients, from Rock and Roll to Acapella

Singer (Opera/Jazz/World) - Nathan Granner

NATHAN GRANNER is a world-renowned leading tenor, headliner, solo and collaborative artist. Specializing in Contemporary & Classic Opera, Vocal Jazz, Authentic Flamenco and Tango, Soul, Pop, Crossover and even Tuvan Throat Singing, Mr. Granner keeps a varied and interesting variety of projects on his schedule.

Remote Mixing & Audio Post - Side Room Sounds

With a background deeply rooted in DIY and two degrees in Studio Production, Matt has the niche expertise necessary to help transform indie startup projects into compelling cult favorites.

producer multi-instrumentalist - Gerhardt Heusinkveld

I've had music I wrote, produced, performed, co-wrote or played on, synched to: Worldwide Apple commercial for iPhone 6s.Netflix series: Ozark, Suits, Sleepy Hollow. Movies: Inside the Rain, Hail Ceasar! Dancing With Stars (seriously!)

BassClarinet, Mixing&Mastering - Luca Bordonaro

Enthusiastic, nerdy and perfectionist! If you want to record clarinet/bass cl. or need mixing/mastering services, make sure to book a coffee with me to talk about your project and how to make it express its best potential!

Sound Design and Dialogue edit - Alysha Bermudez

At the core for me, it’s about the passion for creativity and striving to let people hear our stories. Which, is what I strive to do with any task. I hope I get the chance to provide my love of Film/TV/Game sound and knowledge of it to your project.

Recording Studio - CTC Studios

Good vibes are imperative to creating good music - our focus at CTC Studios is to create that vibe that will take your session and music to the next level. Regardless of your experience or your vision, CTC is where your music career begins.

Mixing / Mastering / Producer - Joel Yoshonis

Audio production credits on dozens of independent releases. Committed to achieving your musical vision. Music you don't just hear but feel in your gut.

Mixing/Mastering - Dan Johns Sound

Mixing engineer currently studying at the University of Hull

'Music Producer' - Nathan Beatz

Hip Hop/Trap Producer

Live Sound - Heard by Humans, LLC

Heard. Not overheard. We take pride in accurate audio reproduction that comfortably fits each occasion. Beyond fantastic sound, our commitment to superior service extends to the venue, performer, and listener alike. Providing high quality sound reinforcement for small to medium sized music venues, local and touring bands, weddings and other private

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Bear Phillips-Pearce

I'm Bear, an Audio Engineer with a passion for analog/digital hybrid Mixing and Mastering and I work outside the box to help you find yours.

Recording, Mixing & Mastering - Lyle | Morning Routine

Mixing and mastering services, Waves plugins, accurate monitoring. Loudness, references, revisions.

Mixing & Mastering - Jordi Vaquero

I'm a multi-instrumentalist, I've been playing heavy music for more than 20 years, and recording, editing, producing, mixing and mastering for more than 10 years. Specialized in sounds that range from the grooviest rock to the most extreme doom or death metal bands. If you're looking for a huge and natural sound, you're closer to it now!

Mastering - MA Mastering

Martina Albano is an Italian mastering engineer based in Atlanta, GA. She works on albums for independent artists and record labels. She currently serves as a Governor on the board of the Atlanta Chapter of the Recording Academy. She is also an Advisor on the board of ATL Collective.

Music Producer - Anne Dorko

Music producer, songwriter, composer.

Full Range Audio Service - sonorous audio - steve brown

Do you need your song / orchestral arrangement mastering for broadcast loudness. Do you need your vocals pitch corrected, comp'd, mastered? I've been working in Audio since 2005 and can make your voice and talent shine! I also offer a whole host of audio services, dialogue editing / cleaning. Music editing, Tempo Mapping and much more - just ask.

violinist,violinist,arranger - Mohammad rjoub.violin

my samples : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-io5aBc I am a professional violin player ,I Played in the ROYAL ALBERT HALL IN ENGLAND WITH NIGEL KENNEDY IN 2013. I play with the arab idols (mohammad assaf and yacoub shaheen and carmen soulyman). I play most of music styles like: Classical,oriental,Turkish,Arabic,gypsy,indian,jazz,rock,pop And more .

Music Producer, Remote Mixing - Ryan Shackleton

Do you need powerful, clean mixes ready for your next release? What about instrumentals that make everybody feel the message you're spreading? If so, I'm your guy! Drop me a message and let's make music!

I make records sound dope! - mrgeeaye

I can't really call this a "pitch", but here goes... My creative goals are simple: I want to work with quality people who want to make the best art we can make in the moment. If you want a "yes" person, worker bee type, I'm not really that engineer. But if you're building a team built on trust, integrity, quality and passion, let's work!

Mastering Engineer - sea_wraith Mastering

I provide professional studio mastering services for an affordable cost.

Recording & Mixing - Nick Braren

Recording and mixing studio on the leafy green outskirts of Hamburg, Germany, run by Nick Braren of Vandemonian. Specialising in drum and guitar tracking and post rock, prog rock mixing. In-your-face but natural sounding drums and BIG guitars.

Mastering - Boone McElroy


You're not going to get a better sound or anybody more dedicated to this.

Producer. Audio Engineer - Kevin Bigander

Modern Sound for the Modern Artist.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - João Sousa

Main objective: Customer satisfaction. Mixing and Mastering specialist; Songs elected among the 30 best in Portugal in 2019; Awards in the category of audio for documentaries; Music production and technologies Bachelor at a AES recognized University (ESMAE); 10 years of audio experience.

Songwriter, Emcee, Rapper, Mix - Michael burnz

I make great music! If you need premium lyrics , get ta me ! Let me show you... Lyric video...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pv4XgzhRU0 also Michaelburnz.com/Music

Word Smith - Song writer - Asjad Ahmad

I know how to spin the words to tug at heartstrings.

Hardware Processing Analog Mix - TomFoolery dublandstudios

I operate a private facility used by a small collection of producers and artists. Most folks just don't have access to a half ton mix desk. I open my Amek Mozart RN to your art.

Music Producer - Bern Ban

I'm a music producer specializing in future bass, disco and other modern forms of electronic music for film and TV.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Steven Meoni

I am a mixing engineer working out of ArtHuas in Sunrise, Florida. I will provide you with beautifully crafted chart-topping mixes for your record at an affordable price. I am committed to polishing your song into a record.

Mixing & Mastering Services - Phonogenic Audio

A dynamic and nimble outfit that offers broad expertise in modern music mixing, mastering and audio production. ⚡ Servicing artists, record labels and publishers around the globe.

Mix and Mastering - Engineer Ahmed

Music producer Ahmed K. Balewa has produced for a number of up and coming artist world wide. His creativity shows through his work with more than four years of experience as a recording, mixing and mastering engineer.

Mixing & Mastering - Dias Pora

Unique Mixing and Mastering with stylish Vibes Top Credits: Mario - Tell you now

Vocalist: Leads and Stacks 🔥  - Randall Thomas


Pro vocalist from Nashville/Los Angeles with a 3+ octave range can deliver everything from edgy lead vocals and high soaring banshee screaming to stacked and angelic padded vocals with everything in between. I cater my voice to fit each project as needed. Fast, efficient, professional and always on time. 15+ years writer and session vocalist.

Producer, Writer, Engineer - RLJ Audio

Hello Beautiful People, Peace, Love & Mic's Audio Engineer- Pro Tools Certifed

Remote Mix/Master + Producer - Yasha

Experienced Mix+Master Engineer

Mixing & Mastering - Matteo

Audio engineer specialized in rock/alternative music.

Production / Writing / Mixing - The Inscape

The Inscape is a music production, songwriting and composition collective run by Michelle, Tee and Dop. We're all artists and musicians in our own right, which is why we approach the process from the angle that we feel the industry is missing.

Music Producer - Shujo

I'm a composer who does freelance work, specifically orchestral music, hip hop/rap beats, lofi, jazz/blues, and more! My style is flexible and I can work with a variety of voices and sounds.

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