Podcast Editing & Mastering

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Miguel Pulido

I'm a Toronto based engineer who specializes in Mixing. I strive for client satisfaction and will deliver the best results for the music.

Music Producer, Audio Engineer - Moises Blandon

216 Million combined streams. Worked out of top studios such as Criteria Recording Studios aka The Hit Factory and Rebel Eleven Studios. Clients: Telemundo, HBO, Cash Money, White Lion, Rimas, Ozuna, CNCO, Mora, Maffio, Anuell AA, Darell, Jowell y Randy, El Alfa, Karol G, Lil Pump, Smoke Purp, Snow The Product, Timbaland, YNW Melly, and more

Mixing / Recording Engineer - Nils Karrer

Recording, Mixing Engineer based in Frankfurt/Germany. +10 years experience.

Audio Engineer - Michael Neil Wallace

Nearly 10 years of experience mixing live.

Urban Music Producer - ECR Records Music

Urban Music Producer and Sound Engineering Specialization

Rap/Trap Mixing and Mastering - Simone Frigerio

You think you did a great song but you know it could sound 100 times better? I am the right person, I can help you make your song sound better in a short time and add any type of effect you want ;).

Jazz Composer and Producer - Shim

I'm a multi-instrumentalist, producer based in Delhi. My main aim is to bridge the gap between your ambitions and a finished track, providing not only good sounds but also good vibes.

Mix/ Master , Session Music - Danny Wastelands

I'm a mixing and mastering engineer who's goal is to bring your song to life. No matter the genre, everyone is welcome. 10+ Years of experience in many Genres, ranging from blues rock to modern pop punk and metal productions. I also do session guitars and vocals.

Rock Producer, engineer, mixer - Leo Chupin

Do you want the most natural yet the more powerful sound? Look no further!


N.O #1 Award Winning Engineer who has worked on over 100 tracks in multiple genres. Hi I'm FAB , Top Rated Mixing and Mastering Engineer from Birmingham, United Kingdom.

Audio Engineer / Drummer - Zach Rescignano

Audio Engineer specializing in Punk, Rock, and Indie. I will bring out the energy of your live performance in your music. I come from a live audio background, so I'm well equipped in moving quickly and efficiently in my work while still allowing room for experimentation and play. I like finding new and exciting ways to achieve your artistic vision.

Online mixing_music consultant - lorenzo muscari

I provide mix, jingles, transcriptions, post production, editing and more.

Mix / Master / Edit / Produce - Grills / The Manor

Our function is to help bring every client’s vision to life, facilitating creative fullfillment, and keeping a tight focus on quality control. Specializing in mastering. Primary genres: hip-hop, soul, electronic, indie, and pop.

Producer, Mixer, Lover of Art. - Ryan hunter

Your art matters. Seriously, it matters more than we even know. Now that we've established that, I would love to work together to bring out your music's most pure sound. The sound that when you hear it, you just know; that's the song. I believe in collaboration with the universe and that art is the most pure version of that.

Music Producer  - anderson duarte

Hey I'm Anderson, a self-taught musician and music producer with expertise in various music genres. My mission is to take your ideas and turn them into complete songs. What are you waiting for? Let's work together to bring your music to life!"

Indie Mixing & Production - Brian K Fisher


I'm a Boston-based mixer & producer based that works with indie artists to help them craft their dream records. I also believe in sharing my knowledge and have done dozens of music production tutorials for iZotope and LEWITT.

Live Sound Engineer - Justin Chechile

Excited to bring to your mixes what I have been offering live audiences around the world.

Mixing, Editing, Creation - Studio Four Point Five

Specialising in electronic and dance music, our engineers work with you to finish your projects. We offer a range of mixing, editing and production services to take your tracks, recordings and online audio content to the next level.

Editing, Mixing & Mastering - Angry Dog Records

Same day professional editing, mixing and mastering!

create original music+remixes - A Starter Jacket

Two DJ's who are musicians, producers, and remixers who specialize in R&B and pop with the 90's + future feel to it. We also make some dope go-go (Washington DC stand up!) tracks as well.

Produtor Musical - Lucca Venuci

DJ, produtor musical e compositor.

Producer, Mixing and Mastering - Conan B

I am a Dublin City based musician, songwriter and music producer. I have an ear for hooks, melodies and what instruments and techniques will best get your musical vision across in a tasteful and impacting way. I can provide you with everything you need to make your track pop

Mixing,Mastering,Sound design - climonaudio

I mix and master records. I aim for clarity in every project but I understand creativity can also benefit the delivery experience listeners will have.

Music Production - Finley Gomez

My name is Finley Gomez, I am a music producer, bassist, trainee audio engineer & live performer from Guernsey in the UK. I have more than 6 years of experience behind me, and have amassed more than 100K plays, more than 10+ radio appearances throughout the years.

Remote Drum Tracking - David Blascoe

I will record a professional quality multitracked drum recording for your music in any style or genre!

Electronic Music Producer - Under6 Studio

Professional Electronic Music Producer and Engineer based in France

Remote Mixing - Editing - recathome.gr

> Επεξεργασία Ήχου: Μπορούμε να κάνουμε μια ηχογράφηση από το σπίτι σας να ακούγεται σαν επαγγελματική. > Μίξη Ήχου: Έχετε Ηχογραφήσει το Podcast ή το Τραγούδι σας και η μίξη δεν σας ακούγεται καλά; Είμαστε εμείς εδώ για να το κάνουμε για εσάς! > Mastering: Αναλαμβάνουμε να σας κάνουμε το τελικό Mastering!

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Christal Jerez

Get quality mixing and mastering from one of the best trained engineers available.

Artist, Vocal Mixing Engineer - BRANDEUS

With 5 years experience as a singer, songwriter, rapper and sound engineer for vocal mixing and mastering.

Beatmaker - Music Producer - USOH

Experienced engineer and producer with over a decade in the game; I offer fully bespoke production, mixing, and mastering services. Whether it’s creating a bold, new sound or refining your existing style, I'll work with you to craft a unique and unforgettable music that ensures you'll stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression.

Producer, Sound Designer - Biotic Audio Production

Aspiring Music Producer, Sound Designer, Post Production Engineer based in Berlin!

Mix-master,beatmaker,producer - Ground F sound

Heavy drums and boomy basses.Welcome to the that corner of the ground f sound studio.

Recording and Audio Production - Eddie Grupper

Music creation and post-production mixing.

Songwriter/Producer/Engineer - Pleasure Sleep Music

Billboard-Charting Songwriter/Producer wants to take your project’s songwriting, mixing or mastering to the next level.

Sound Designer, Audio Producer - Davide Cuoghi

I am a Sound Designer and Audio Producer with more than 5 years of experience. I graduated in July 2017 with a BEng in Electronic Engineering with Music Technology Systems from the University of York. Prior to that, I obtained Electronic Music Production and Sound Design certificates from the SAE Institute Milan.

Session Guitarist, Producer - Youssef Youssef

I will record backing tracks, produce music and play guitar/bass for you!

Music Producer/ Engineer - King Supa Beatz

All of my beats are custom cooked from start to finish. I don't use sampled music or loops so you don't have to worry about copyrights issues and can continue making music and rising to the top!

Mixing & mastering  - Mixedbyoso

If you want to be a household name that even johns grandparents know who you are! why not start with a world-class mix & master. With countless hours in the studio, I will make sure that you're next album/single is to its maximum potential, and that it competes with top-charting songs on the Billboard charts.

Remote Music Composition - Robert Martin

Hello, my name is Robert MartinI and I am here to help you bring your project to life. Whether you need help with a film score or you need someone to mix & master your next single, I am the guy for the job. I pride myself on the quality of my work so once I commit to your project I will ensure that you are satisfied with the results.

Recordist & Mixing Engineer - Robyn Mcburney

I'm an audio engineer in Los Angeles, I studied at the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences and have experience in Theatre, Post Production, Dialogue Editing, Recording, Mixing, and Mastering.

Mix - Master - Track - Alan Floyd

Mixing, Mastering and Tracking Engineer who has worked with numerous A-List Artists and Producers.

Hip Hop Mixing Engineer  - Luke Armenia

Delivering dynamic, breathing mixes that bring your words to life.

Recording and Mixing Studio - Soho Sessions

Recording Studio with top of the line gear. I've been working with international and national artists. Analog and Hybrid Mixing, Session Musicians.

Downtempo/LoFi/Chill producer - Sam O'Jan

Professional Mixing and Mastering services. I also produce songs. My main strength is in Lofi, chillout, lounge, Latin and reggaetón!

Audio/Music Editor and Mixer - Gabriel Mialchi

Audio and Music Editor and Mixer. I work with voice editing, tuning, podcast editing and mastering, film, series and documentaries sound design.

Audio Engineer, Producer - lowdoses

Well-rounded, fast working Audio engineer and music producer of 8 years.

mixing-mastering-intrumentist - SDB

work in mastering, mixing, composition and i'm a multi-instrumentalist

Mastering & Mixing Engineer - Matthew Barnhart

I've spent my entire life helping people make the records of their dreams. Mastering engineer @ Bob Weston's Chicago Mastering Service. Freelance recording and mixing engineer based out of Electrical Audio in Chicago. Tour manager and FOH mixer for indie legends Superchunk.

Mastering Engineer, Dog Lover - Piper Payne - Infrasonic Sound

I am a Mastering Engineer at Infrasonic Mastering in Nashville, TN and Oakland, CA. I'm a Trustee of the SF Chapter of the Recording Academy. I'm also an active member of the AES, Women's Audio Mission, and I lecture about audio to all who listen! I am deeply in the vinyl industry as well. I enjoy being a nice person and running a good business.

Dj\Producer\Mixing&Mastering - Marnage


We are Music Producers from Palermo, Italy. We have produced various tracks ranging from Big Room,Progressive House, Psytrance,Hardstyle,Future Bounce,Trap, Pop etc. We have had multiple worldwide releases under various international record labels including Revealed Recordings, Quartzo Records,2-Dutch, Peak Hour Music etc...

Production, Mixing - Israel Medina


10+ years producing electronic music, sample pack production, drum design, drum programming and music for tv/film.

Mixing, Mastering, Production - Nu Millennium (Higher Energy)

We aim to provide an environment for creative minds to explore endless possibilities and let their "Creative Juices" roll.

Recording and Mixing Studio  - Eastside Music Studios

Pursuing the next best sound is what we do daily.

Music Producer  - Bros Sound Production

Bros Sound Production is made up of three highly professional musicians and producers, clocking over 20 years experience collectively in the music industry. We are committed to working closely alongside our clients to create the best quality sound. Visit our Show Reel to hear what we can do for you! Link- https://youtu.be/4Qe7N0iA98g

Remote mixing and editing - Cantus Studio

Working on top of the line analog and digital audio equipment from SSL, Universial Audio and others, our hybrid workflow combines the flexibility of the digital domain with the unique sound of high quality analog gear. Our engineers are Avid certified Pro Tools operators, which ensures fast and reliable edits and professional mixes.

Remote mixing & mastering - Shawn Keys

I am Dorset UK based and work from my home studio providing mastering and mixing services remotely and locally. I have worked with the likes of KKlass, Mr C of the Shamen and Andrew Weatherall.

Creative Audio Producer - Morgan Prudhomme

Indie trendy edgy modern sound. Dynamic and creative. Addicted to creative challenges. I work fast.

Podcasts edificantes - Arlei Carvalho

Somos uma igreja local com um coração global, com a intenção de te abençoar e edificar a sua fé.

Audio Director, Mixing, Sound - Mason Hamilton

Hi, My name is Mason & I've been a Professional Audio Director for many years. With my years as an Audio Director & Sound Engineer, I have taught & worked with 100’s of Actors, Directors, Musicians & Sound Designers for many companies such as Netflix, Amazon, FIFA and BT

Musical production - JCB Blaker

DJ & Producer

Music Producer, Mastering, Mix - Isac Noir


Hey You! I am Isak, I've been producing music for about 5 years. Through these years I have been involved in different songs acting as a produced/Songwriter. I have a love for EDM music but been exploring different genres through the years. Looking forward to work with other talented music people. :)

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Tomás Gruosso

Pro Engineer from Argentina. Professional Mixing and Mastering from Nodriza Studio. First-class equipment and plugins to get the perfect mix of your song! More than 10 years of experience working with the most demanding artists!

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