Podcast Editing & Mastering

mix and master your song - VZ

mix and master your song free of charge. you only pay if you like the sample snippets.

Remote Mixing Engineers - Jacopo Foschi

I love this world and I am confident in my abilities. I'm Jacopo, studying in conservatory of electronic music, working for 5 years as Mixing Engineer for some local companies.

Music Producer - Bern Ban

I'm a music producer specializing in future bass, disco and other modern forms of electronic music for film and TV.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Leon WZRD Davis

I am a professional mixing & mastering engineer with over 13 years experience. Available for all types of work and applications such as; Music / OST / Post / Dialogue / ADR / Audio Repair / Tuning / Sound Design. IMDb credited, UMA nominated audio engineer with a BA(hons) degree Music Technology.

Mixing and Mastering - DIESEUN

3 years of experience mixing and mastering.

sound producer sound engineer  - ACTIVSOUND

sound producer sound engineer recording studio musician arranger composer songwriter

Harmony Singer! FilmComposer. - Jim Beckwith

Let me blend some velvety harmonies with your tune. Placido Domingo, Jr. said to me: "your voice is like a 'refined-Sting'."

Mix Engineer - Dan Ginolfi

Trusting me with your work is a great honor, and I use every tool available to me to make sure your music stands up to other hits you're hearing today. When I accept a job, I commit myself to making sure your music sounds as sonically pleasing as possible.

Audio Engineer for Hire - Caleb Stanton

At Stanton Creative Studios, we'll get the job done well.

Music Producer - marcostarelov

I am really capable of doing anything, I produced some rap albums and some instrumentals for me.

Recording, Mixing & Mastering - Lyle | Morning Routine

Mixing and mastering services, Waves plugins, accurate monitoring. Loudness, references, revisions.

Sound Design and Dialogue edit - Alysha Bermudez

At the core for me, it’s about the passion for creativity and striving to let people hear our stories. Which, is what I strive to do with any task. I hope I get the chance to provide my love of Film/TV/Game sound and knowledge of it to your project.

Audio Engineering  - Gustavo Velasco

I have mixed over 1000 Songs and have clients who's songs have over 80k streams on Spotify.

Music Producer - Izak Mannberg

Hello! My name is Izak Mannnberg and I'm a producer from northern Sweden. I've been producing for over 6 years, making songs for people all over the world. Check out the small chop of a production/vocal production I just created!

Mixing and Session Instruments - Wellspring Studio

Wellspring Studio is owned and operated by James Perkins. We specialize in helping churches and worship artists minister to their audience through backing tracks, live recordings, mixing, and podcast editing.

SInger, Music & Arts producer - Know It

I´m a musisian since... i don´t know always, Bass, cello, voice, a camera and a computer is all that i need to make magic

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Sam T Audio

Artist/Producer/Songwriter - Professional grade mixing and mastering done in-studio. I love working with numerous genres, math rock/indie/folk/metal and more. BA in Audio Production with a minor in Audio Tech and ethnomusicology

Remote Music Mixing - Ryon Glenn

My experience, touring in a metal band, recording pop music, degree in Media Arts, and my attention to detail, are what sets me apart from other audio engineers in my market.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - João Sousa

Main objective: Customer satisfaction. Mixing and Mastering specialist; Songs elected among the 30 best in Portugal in 2019; Awards in the category of audio for documentaries; Music production and technologies Bachelor at a AES recognized University (ESMAE); 10 years of audio experience.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Bear Phillips-Pearce

I'm Bear, an Audio Engineer with a passion for analog/digital hybrid Mixing and Mastering and I work outside the box to help you find yours.

Remote Mixing  - Thomas Priest

Having years of learning and practice with some of the best studios, I want to provide artists with professional mixes at a reasonable cost. Your song or podcast will be brought to life with industry standard mixing equipment and plugins!

Music Producer - Ion Odagiu

I create music of my own and publish it online. You may do the same.

Live Stem and Studio Mixing - Jamie Murphy

My goal is to make your vision come to life! As the artist, you have a specific sound in mind and you want somebody that will align with that vision and deliver a mix that encapsulates that sound.

Sound Engineer & Rapper - Impatient

I'm Ready when you are! Message me to Start!

Remote Mixing/Music Producer - Hector Merejo

Great at bringing out the best sound quality in your music and producing professional tracks.

Music Producer  - MSP211 Ent

I produce Hip Hop, RnB, Chill, Mellow, Trip Hop, and a lot of other creations!

Music Producer - Sid M.


I have written music for an Oscar-shortlisted student short film, produced songs found on Spotted Records(LA), Brooklyn Fire (NYC), T-Series (IN), Universal Music (IN). Experienced with Pop, Alt, and Dance. I would love to have a conversation about your vision. I believe firmly that the right approach is crucial to produce a hit.

Mix Mastering Ghost Production - Mahdiar Rahmati

Revive your Mix and Mastering by Blowing my soul...

I make records sound dope! - mrgeeaye

I can't really call this a "pitch", but here goes... My creative goals are simple: I want to work with quality people who want to make the best art we can make in the moment. If you want a "yes" person, worker bee type, I'm not really that engineer. But if you're building a team built on trust, integrity, quality and passion, let's work!

BassClarinet, Mixing&Mastering - Luca Bordonaro

Enthusiastic, nerdy and perfectionist! If you want to record clarinet/bass cl. or need mixing/mastering services, make sure to book a coffee with me to talk about your project and how to make it express its best potential!

Mixing, Editing, Musician - Porter Studios

Long time musician who has written, recorded and mixed own music. Starting out pro, and looking to build on my current experience

Wind Instruments/Sound Design - Maxence Fulconis

I currently work for Aodyo Instruments making incredible electronic musical instruments. On top of this, I spend my days playing flute, saxophone, electronic wind instruments as well as other winds such as duduk and quena. I have been playing music since I was 3! I am fully immersed in music and would love to offer you my help with any projects!

Produce beats & Soundscapes - Aaron Benavides

Fierce Futuristic Originality. Together, we'll create Next level immersive electronic tracks and videos

i make beats, i seldom rap - Jaylon michael Odum

i dont talk much



Remote Mixing and Mastering - Debut mixing and mastering

15+ Years experience across multiple genres. Music, film and game audio. I work towards making the best experience for clients across formats.

Hardware Processing Analog Mix - TomFoolery dublandstudios

I operate a private facility used by a small collection of producers and artists. Most folks just don't have access to a half ton mix desk. I open my Amek Mozart RN to your art.

Mix, Mastering, Recording, MP - Future Mind

I am a very experienced sound engineer, music producer. I have experience in almost all styles and my list of references is large. If you are interested, take a look at my website: www.tonmischung.de

producer multi-instrumentalist - Gerhardt Heusinkveld

I've had music I wrote, produced, performed, co-wrote or played on, synched to: Worldwide Apple commercial for iPhone 6s.Netflix series: Ozark, Suits, Sleepy Hollow. Movies: Inside the Rain, Hail Ceasar! Dancing With Stars (seriously!)

Mixing and Mastering - Russ_11thHourSound

I'm a studio owner and fulltime music mixer who specialises in taking your recorded or created tracks and making a professional sounding; song, EP or album. I work in a professionally acoustically treated space, with pro audio hardware and software to make your song the best it can be.

Remote mixing & mastering - Isaac Peachey

Mixing & mastering engineer, founder of Damaged studios.

Songwriter, Emcee, Rapper, Mix - Michael burnz

I make great music! If you need premium lyrics , get ta me ! Let me show you... Lyric video...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pv4XgzhRU0 also Michaelburnz.com/Music

Recording | Mix Engineer  - DangerDereckMusic

Recording | Mix Engineer | Podcast Editor

Mixing, Mastering, Producing - Niko Gigineishvili

First of all, I love music as I can, and if you really love it, we can get a good conversation. In my mixing room, I only have a Midi Keyboard and Cubase, that's what I really want to be creative, focused, and fast. I also have good monitors, headphones, Fender Strats, bass, acoustics, and all accessories, but in mixing and mastering - less is more

Guitarist (Rhythm and Lead) - GNM

Writer, Producer, and Instrumentalist

I mix music - Joris Buffin

I will mix your sound to accentuate the emotion and make it professional. I am professional French sound engineer living in Paris passionate about mixing. Always listening to the artists ! If you're looking for a modern mix, I'll be the one to match.

Audio Editing and Sound Design - Post Production Audio Services

Professional Audio Engineer with several years experience in post-production. Expert in audio editing, mixing, and sound design. Dedicated to ensuring your project meets expectations!

Mixing, Mastering & Production - Tim Vitek Mastering

I specialize in mixing and mastering. I offer affordable rates, a quick turnaround time and a full analog mastering chain.

_Mixing/ Mastering Engineer - _MixedbyDF LLC

I'm Frank "DiirtyFrank" Gillis, Recording & Mixing/ Mastering Engineer based in SWFL. With 9 years of experience working in the Music Industry, I have refined my Mixing process to create a Multi-Dimensional experience for my listeners. I work to highlight the Feel & Energy of the song while retaining Balance & Separation throughout.

Remote Recording Engineer - MacK Booth

Specializing in remote recording, engineering, and mixing. Classical music is my forte. Jazz, rock, and bluegrass are my mezzo. Beats and rap are my piano.

Production, Mixing & Mastering - Saurya

Get professional-quality mixing and mastering services at reasonable and flexible prices.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Jordan Powell

A detail oriented approach to your sound, with solutions found quickly and logically.

Mixing & Mastering - Jordi Vaquero

I'm a multi-instrumentalist, I've been playing heavy music for more than 20 years, and recording, editing, producing, mixing and mastering for more than 10 years. Specialized in sounds that range from the grooviest rock to the most extreme doom or death metal bands. If you're looking for a huge and natural sound, you're closer to it now!

SSSSSSOUND - Alberto Madrigali

_ Milan based post-production audio editor, designer and mixer for dialogue, FXs and music. Need to clean up the mess you made during recording or you need sound for a video, documentary, or a sound trademark? I'm the (not so expensive) guy for you _

Audio Engineer - Nero Lee

Had been an assistant engineer in one of the Taiwan's greatest studios, Platinum Studio. Now, I want to start my own business with the skill and experience of audio engineering I've cultivated over the years by providing satisfying service for customers. Specializing in Audio Mixing, Editing and Noise Reduction.

producer, mixing, mastering - noraj cue • sendmestems.com

Do you love to play with ocean waves full of piercing synths and caves filled with bass layers, shattered by thriving toms & godforsaken melodic madness, freighting thunderclaps and razor-sharp hits & hats, big, bold, badass percussions crushing down into rhythmic patterns and what not?...... well, at some point you need balance right? call me :)

Music Producer, Audio Engineer - Ramiro Belen

7 years producing electronic music on Ableton Live. 4 years working as Sound Engineer at a professional recording studio.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Joe Rodriguez

Mixing engineer with experience in EDM and electronic music in general, also podcast editing and radio shows.

Beatmaker and Mixing Engineer - Oliverto98

Dynamic Vibe for your project.

I make rock n' roll records! - Josh Garcia

I just love to mix records and I have been fortunate to make records with some of my heroes. I mix on analog consoles and I love to track bands live in the same room to tape if possible. Lets connect and make some music.

Electronic music producer - Made by Fredrik

If you have a sketch, I can turn it into gold. No genre is off limits. You need a triphop, drum n bass, boom bap type sound. Let's talk. I'm not afraid to make your song special. We work together to find that sound that suits your style, your voice, your wishes and make it into that song you need to introduce yourself to the world.

Production, mixing, mastering - Cador

I have been working in various capacities of audio production for the last five years and music production for the last seven years. I graduated from American University with a degree in Audio Technology. I've produced over 100 original pieces of music and often work with other artists to record, mix, and master their music. I do vocals as well.

Music Producer & Engineer - Trungng

Charting Producer & Engineer with millions of streams worldwide at affordable prices.

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