Podcast Editing & Mastering

I Rec, Mixing & Mastering Hits - Jesus Castro (Soul Wit)

*Mastering included FREE with any mix project! I care about you, and your ART. Tell me how can I help you. I put Soul and body on every project, let´s work together.

Producer, Executive Producer,  - Rajah

My team has produced for many artist's. We provide quality production for the likes of all genres. Let us know how we can make a Hit for you!!

Soul / Funk Music Mixer - ruderuda

I am a musician and producer originally from the Czech Republic. I have made and mixed records mainly in the soul and funk genre. Most consistently I have worked with the Memory Records label who focus on covering soul hits in Czech.

Music Producer  - Kazi Panjery

Panjery | Music Producer | Finalist of "Channel I Shera Kontho" 🎵 Passionate Music Producer | Genre Fusion Expert | Sound Engineering Wizard 🎧 🌟 Crafting unforgettable musical experiences for 8+ years, blending the best of hip-hop, pop, house, R&B, classical, and more. 🎶

Electronic Music Producer - Pratik

Pratik best known as øddKidd, is a music producer, sound editor, music arranger and a professional mashup artist. Please check my portfolio website for work examples.

Piano/Organ/Synths/Keyboards - Jamie Safir

Experienced session player on most keyboard instruments - I have toured and recorded extensively for 11 years in a wide variety of styles from straight-pop to straight-ahead jazz.

Mix Engineer - Mark MacTaggart


Hello, My name is Mark MacTaggart and I am a Producer and Songwriter based just outside of Boston, MA. I am an alumni of Berklee College of Music ('11), with a degree in Music Production & Engineering. I would love to work with you on your project!

Edit/Mix, singer/songwriter - atank

Experience as a musician and audio engineer to elevate any track

Music ~ Sound Design ~ Mix - Calvin Hunting Pia

Emmy-nominated mixer, sound-designer and multi-instrumentalist from Brooklyn, NY.

Record Producer - Jose Solis

Just ask, I charge extremely low amounts :)

Drumming Sensation - Johnny Hamilton

If you like people and songs to be on time, I am your guy!

Mixing & Mastering  - Ian Colorado

I am a very enthusiastic person, I've always had good communication, also I can speak English and Spanish very fluently. I consider myself as innovative and experimental with the projects I've worked on, without losing the feeling that has been printed on the music of my client, I can work on pressure with no problem and I always enjoy my work

Music Producer and Composer - Dead Rick

Composer and Producer for a variety of genres.

Creative Programmer, Composer  - AlecG__

I'll build your synth to make weird as hell sounds

Remote Mixing/Mastering - Travis Dolan

Mixing & Mastering for all Major Platforms. Apple Digital Mastering Certified. EDM, World, Ambient, Downtempo, Sound Journeys, Sound Baths

Recording / Mixing / Mastering - WavSingh

I believe when you first start a mix it’s better to make small changes rather than few big changes.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Skylar Bankson

Skylar has years of experience working with artists such as Little River Band, Sydney Sprague, and a multitude of other artists spanning across all kinds of genres. He will competently mix and master your song to a professional product for extremely competitive prices.


Tailor made for this shit, you niggas ain't cut for it You wouldn't do it if you weren't getting a cut from it Put my niggas on, now the studio's star-studded You better respect it even if you choose to not love it

Music Professional  - Stephan Jacobs

Stephan has been working with A-List artists for about a decade, utilizing his wide skill set and ability to take on complex projects with efficiency and ease. The value he adds has proven to be a major asset to any project he is involved with. https://www.stephanjacobs.net/professional

Mixing, Mastering, Editing - Mohr Sound

"Mohr Sound" is a studio that delivers modern high end sound for your productions.

Metal Mix Engineer - Edward Batchelor

I have a decade worth of experience working with DAWs and have finally reached a point where I feel confident enough to seek out clients. My background is mostly in working with Metal subgenres. I love working in a live setting or in a studio, but do the bulk of my editing and mixing in Presonus Studio One Professional 4. I have hundreds of plugins

Music Engineer/Masters - Ryan Quin

I will professionally mix and master your song using top of the scope tools and plugins to give your song that final touch that makes it 'ready'.

Producer, Sound Designer - George Cicci

Dark music and sound with gravity and atmosphere for your next trailer, game, film or show. I’m a production music composer with two decades of boutique sound design and production experience. While I can produce almost anything, my core competencies lie within the darker, aggressive and sound design side of trailer and tension music.

Vocalist/Singer-Songwriter - Tyler Dial

I am a singer/songwriter in Nashville Tennessee with over 10 years of experience as a vocalist, songwriter and musician. I am available for hire to record lead vocals, harmonies, and to write (top line and lyrics).

Mixing, Mastering, Production - IV Leigue

A label from Short Hills, New Jersey. Music Production, Audio Mixing/Mastering, Distribution and Artist Development company founded by Tha Ryllist.

Engineer Producer Bassist  - Garret Lang

I am an accomplished musician and audio engineer with credits that include Matt Berninger (The National) Johanna Samuels, Lisa Loeb among many others.

Mixing. Mastering. Production. - Xander Maas


Maas Audio is a boutique sound studio founded by audio engineer and producer Xander Maas. With his personal approach on engineering and production, Xander Maas has mixed/mastered for Diplo, Jillionaire, Rocky Wellstack, Spinnin' Records, Sony and Armada. Together, the credits have well over 26 million streams combined. Collaboration = 🔥📀📈

Remote Mixing & Production - Moebius Music

As a producer and engineer, Giles favours an organic approach, often working with bands playing together in the spacious live room of Soup Studio. Whilst Soup Studio is closed, Giles is available for online mixing and editing services from his own studio in South East London.

Music Producer, Remote Mixing - RCG

I specialize in producing electronic and indie pop that's a little more rough around the edges. If you're on the look out for a unique indie sound, I'm your guy.

Music Producer,  - VSNX

Bachelor of Music Student at the Reid School of Music with experience producing film music.

Producer/Engineer - Lucas Messore

Here to make your story come alive through music.

Production, Mixing & Mastering - Cesar G

I am a record producer, engineer, sound designer based in New York City. Over 15 years experience, worked with major artists including Shaggy, Fred Da Godson, and illwayno.

Remote Mixing Engineer  - Jordan Paton

Mix engineer specialising in indie rock, acoustic/folk and also sound design

Production, Mixing & Mastering - E-Thrilla - Mindmaverik Media

For the artist the song is their baby. My job as producer, Mixing or mastering engineer once they entrust me with that baby is to care for, nourish and nurture until such time I return a fully formed product, charged with emotion, drive and energy.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Cam Allen - Sunroom Studios

Elevating your tracks to meet your vision and amaze your audience.

Composer, Music Assistant - Wayne Yang

Creative Composer and Music Assistant with a passion for multimedia projects and the emphasis of collaboration and teamwork.

Create Art - Prince Fusion

Produced for The Vivid Project, Harrison Cole, Sembari, and Retro. Mixing, Mastering, Producing, Composing, Songwriting services available

Dolby ATMOS mixer - Wojtek Blachowiak

Hello, I'm Wojtek. I'm an audio engineer with over 10 years of experience, specializing in immersive mixing (mainly in Dolby Atmos). I'm an AVID Dolby certified engineer I use a combination of digital and analog gear to deliver immersive audio experiences.

Recording Engineer & Mixer - Kyle Blunt

I am a professional Recording Engineer/Mixer with 5+ years of experience in a state-of-the-art recording studio in Nashville, TN with extensive knowledge of the professional music industry.

Sound Design,Mixing, Mastering - Chloe

Experienced audio professional with expertise in mixing/mastering diverse genres & sound design. A keen eye for detail, passion for creativity, and delivering high-quality audio experiences. Elevating projects with versatile skills & wealth of experience.

Mix Engineer and Sound Design - Jeremy Donovan

I have been enhancing amazing projects for years with some very prolific artist's like Yo Gotti and the Lt. Dan Band. I have any resource needed at my fingertips to help create an amazing product with you.

professional mix/mastering  - redbox studio

Professional Mixing and Mastering Engineer from Italy

Remote Mixing & Mastering - AR Mix&Master

Producer / Mixing & Mastering engineer from Amsterdam. (EDM, Pop, Reggaeton) Credits: Rauw Alejandro & Chencho Corleone - El Efecto https://youtu.be/vpD_EvXiGQ4 Artistic Raw - Drop The Bass: https://youtu.be/RAU-J5on6aA Artistic Raw - In The Middle https://youtu.be/ZG2G7FlUZYI

"music producer" - Nirvik Gill

I can make a variety of different music styles and genres . So hit me up and lets make a banger.

Mixing, Mastering, Production - Acknowledge Music Services

Over 20 years of experience producing audio tracks in the Seattle area. I specialize in rock and indie recording, as well as singer/songwriter material. Allow me to make your pre-recorded material radio-ready, or work with me as a producer.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - untitld.audio

Consider myself new to the audio realm but am hungry and willing to work for an affordable price! Help me help you for a price that doesn’t dig deep into your pockets.

Experimental Music Producer - Sarthak Ray

I'm an experimental music producer and mixing and mastering engineer. You can find my work under my project name 'Project Hamsadhwani'. Hit me up for any production needs, as well as any mixing and mastering needs. Looking forward to working together with you!

Editor - Dylan Hodgson

Have you become frustrated writing your research paper? Isn't it about time you took a break and let expert writers take care of your assignment.

Singer, Guitarist, Producer - Jimi Weissleder

Jimi Weissleder is a german musician, singer/songwriter & producer based in Berlin. Check out my music on Spotify etc...

Audio Engineer - Javi Bello

Mixing, mastering and more

Musician, Sound Engineer  - Justin T

I am a musician and sound engineer with over 10 years of experience. I am creative and passionate about music. I am confident that I can use my skills and experience to help you achieve your musical goals.

Affordable Music/Audio Expert - Caiius Payne

First class degree and bags of experience. I've been producing since 2013 and have since been fixing audio, producing foley, adding sounds to video and getting music artists work to the next level.

Audio Engineer, Composer - Uno Huang

Uno Huang, a composer and audio engineer based in New York. He has written and produced music for various forms of media, includes Film, Advertisement, Theater, Documentary, Installations. His music has been heard at multiple film festivals.

Producer, Engineer, Composer - Corin Rogers


I am producer, mix engineer, and composer based in Atlanta, GA. My work has accumulated over 6 million streams, downloads, and views. I specialize in working with singers to transform a song from a small demo into a full production. I play piano, guitar, bass, flute, percussion, and am skilled at programming drums/strings/samples/synths.

Recording + Mixing Engineer - Brok Mende


I was the staff engineer at Audiotree Studios in Chicago, IL from 2013-18. I now co-own Friends of Friends Recording in Chicago, IL, with my partner DeAnna Doersch. My work has over a million monthly streams via Spotify alone. I'm drawn to the human experience through music and how it is perceived. An artist at heart and a listener by trade.

Mixing | Mastering | Recording - Nik Sarnacki (Nik North)


My name is Nik. I am an audio engineer based out of the NYC area. I have worked with artists such as Dave East, Lil Tjay, Offset, Southside, Cordae, Yungblud, Jim Jones, The Heatmakerz, G Herbo, Dawid Podsiadlo, and more.

Head Engineer at AGE Studios - Avant-Garde Ent Studios

Im here to build relationships. My pricing is low and flexible, and my quality is superb and under priced. I want to grow with artists professionally, keep music quality high, and marketing budgets higher.

Mixing and Mastering - Audio Alpha

You have done the hard work recording. Now let a professional take it to the next level. Audio Alpha is here to help!

Sound Design, Composer - Broken Hz.

[Specialization] in recording sound for film, documentaries, series, commercials, [Special Qualities] - mixing, composing, jingles, ginging workshops. I produce also electronic music that I would like to be released.

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