Podcast Editing & Mastering

Sound Design, Composer - Broken Hz.

[Specialization] in recording sound for film, documentaries, series, commercials, [Special Qualities] - mixing, composing, jingles, ginging workshops. I produce also electronic music that I would like to be released.

Singer, Songwriter, Artist - Josh Caballes

I am a local r&b/pop/hip hop artist from Phoenix, Arizona. My music ranges from hip hop and r&b drums to new wave pop. I released my first EP “Josh Caballes EP I” in August of 2016 and have since released seven records. Over the years, I’ve contributed to sold out shows in AZ, hosted music events in local businesses, and done shows out of state.

Songwriter/lyricist - Luis Mendoza

Singer, songwriter, lyricist.

Producer / Audio Engineer - Josh Owens

10+ Years As A Audio Engineer / Music Producer C.E.O. of A100DRUMZ Productions Co Founder of Twist Up Entertainment

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Samarth Dhawan

I am somebody who loves to chase goosebumps through the mixing and mastering process.

Producer & Instrumentalist - Tom Wynne-Jones

Freelance Musician available to answer any need for new music. Largely experienced with Sample Based electronica and knowledge about music theory strong enough to work effectively to specifications. Perfectly suited for projects involving Classical, Jazz, Hip, Hop, Trap, Rock, Indie, Trance, Dubstep, Ambient, Electronic, Vaporwave or Acoustic.

Music Producer | Mix Engineer - Bailey Beats

Are you looking for someone to fully produce, mix, or master your song? Then you came to the right place! I can create your song from scratch or build and produce a full arrangement around the ideas that you send me. I also offer professional mixing and mastering services for both music and dialogue!

Mixing Engineer, Audio Editor - Tim

As a mixing engineer, my goal is to make the story of your song continue in the mix. Because I've worked with multiple artists, mixed several genres and am a musician myself, I know how to make everyone's personal story pop-out in the mix in a unique way.

Audio Engineer - C. Orozco

Audio Engineer specializing in the Entertainment, Gaming, and Music Industry.

Mixing and Mastering engineer - NS MUSIC

Let's work together and take your music to the next level !

Mixer | Mastering Engineer | - Miguel "Macgyver" Scott

2x Grammy-winning Engineer. Credits Include Lenny Kravitz, Whitney Houston, Lil Wayne, Carly Simon, Usher, Drake, Styx, Dej Loaf among others. Over 15 years experience with top industry talent world-class facilities.

Mixing and Editing Audio - Jcaofficial

Mixing, Editing, Mastering Audio engineer and Producer

Songwriter + Music Producer - Michael Seay

I am a singer/songwriter and producer splitting time between NYC and Nashville. I love helping vocalists sound and feel their best while writing and recording, and work intently to find melodies and lyrics that are natural to the artist while keeping them competitive and achieving broad appeal.

Remote Mixing & Sound Design - Ted White

Ted is a music producer, mixing engineer and sound designer whose credits span across the music, tv and the film industry. Ted's ability to compose music and mix across multiple genres has allowed him to work with some of the largest household names such as; Dua Lipa, Samsung, Nivea, Esteē Lauder, Stella McCartney among many others.

Music Producer,  - VSNX

Bachelor of Music Student at the Reid School of Music with experience producing film music.

Remote Mastering & Restoration - Orange County Mastering

Rock, Alt, Rap, Country, big and small projects. I've done them all and can say that the same amount of detail and attention is given to them equally. As a client of OCM, you become family and that expectation of satisfaction is what drives me to do this job.

Remote Editing and Mixing - Red Admiral Studio

Editing, comping, and podcasting mixing/mastering. I am newer to things but I have plenty of experience in Pro Tools and Studio One to help your work. I can also compose original ambient background music for podcast pieces

Profession Singer - Gayatree Gaikwad-Gulhane

Gayatree Gaikwad-Gulhane is one of the finest and recognized artist of “Patiyala Gharana” and “Kirana Gharana”. She regularly performs Khyaal, Ghazal, Dadra, Thumri, and Abhang. GayatreeG www.GayatreeG.com

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - L. Scampamorte

Audio recording, mixing and mastering engineer, graduated from Escuela Tecson, (City of Buenos Aires, Argentina), complementing my career by taking various seminars and courses with great engineers from the local scene in the best studios in Buenos Aires.

Producer, Mix/ Master Engineer - Florian Hähnel

Producing since 2017, Genres: HipHop, R&B, Trap, Rap, Indie, Rock. If you're into these?! Im your man!

Remote Mixing/Mastering - Khristian Geisse

Clear, Expansive, and Musical Mixes, Reliable Communication, and Fast Turnaround.

I am recording studio owner - Center Piece Pro

The centerpiece to all your musical goals!

Dolby Atmos mixing engineer - Kulchytskyi Oleg

Dolby Atmos , Spatial audio , Immersive sound mixing , Dolby Digital

Multi-genre producer - Atharv

I have over a decade of experience performing, producing and mix/mastering music. I've had over 15 official releases out of which the last two were signed by an upcoming music label. I believe in working fast and efficient. Hit me up for any music/sound related need!

Production,Mix and Master - Mehrads

More than 20 years of experience.

Audio post production - Experienced sound engineer

Hi! I'm Wouter. I've been working with sound for the past 20 years, at award winning sound studios, now running my own studio in Amsterdam working for both national and international clients. I specialise in audio/dialogue editing, sound design, mixing/mastering. I'd love to see what I can do for your project and how I can make it sound better!

Recording, Editing, Mixing - Dylan Waterhouse

Hi! I'm Dylan and I would like to help you paint the perfect sonic picture. I record, edit, and mix out of my home studio here in Los Angeles. Let's have coffee and make music!

Producer, Engineer, Composer - Corin Rogers


I am producer, mix engineer, and composer based in Atlanta, GA. My work has accumulated over 6 million streams, downloads, and views. I specialize in working with singers to transform a song from a small demo into a full production. I play piano, guitar, bass, flute, percussion, and am skilled at programming drums/strings/samples/synths.

Recording + Mixing Engineer - Brok Mende


I was the staff engineer at Audiotree Studios in Chicago, IL from 2013-18. I now co-own Friends of Friends Recording in Chicago, IL, with my partner DeAnna Doersch. My work has over a million monthly streams via Spotify alone. I'm drawn to the human experience through music and how it is perceived. An artist at heart and a listener by trade.

Playlist Curator & Mixing  - Lyrical Layers

Need more #SpotifyStreams on your music? 🔊📈 Ready to become a better artist?🎧🎤 Lyrical Layers: Where The Community Meets The Industry Join Lyrical Layers for a daily increase in streams, distribution tips, song review and feedback, plus more. 💰

bring ideas to life - M13

8 years of music experience.From classic recording sessions all the way to EDM.Mixing is my passion, making music is what i was born to do

Remote Mixing & Mastering - AR Mix&Master

Producer / Mixing & Mastering engineer from Amsterdam. (EDM, Pop, Reggaeton) Credits: Rauw Alejandro & Chencho Corleone - El Efecto https://youtu.be/vpD_EvXiGQ4 Artistic Raw - Drop The Bass: https://youtu.be/RAU-J5on6aA Artistic Raw - In The Middle https://youtu.be/ZG2G7FlUZYI

Record, Mix, Produce, Master - Dave Cook - Area 52 Studios

Almost 4 decades in the audio field (my only job ever) has honed my skills to be one of the most respected engineers in the business. Specializing in non-electronic music, meaning instruments played by people, I'm an expert Pro Tools user with my roots deep within the analog world.

Mix and Mastering  - Daniel Whitehouse

Music Production Studio; Mixing and Mastering; Recording and Developing Artists and Bands; Current acts and credits include, Via Holland, The Cinematic’s, Luxury Goods, and Bungalow. Helping the artists produce high quality recordings.

Producer, Executive Producer,  - Rajah

My team has produced for many artist's. We provide quality production for the likes of all genres. Let us know how we can make a Hit for you!!

Mixing and Mastering Engineer  - DJ Cyreen

Nashville Rap/Hip Hop Producer

Learning Music Production - JMonteagudo12

i like music production.

Composer, Music Assistant - Wayne Yang

Creative Composer and Music Assistant with a passion for multimedia projects and the emphasis of collaboration and teamwork.

Remote Voice Over Editor - Tam Duong

Dynamic - Clarity - Professionalism

Composer, Mixing, Mastering - Esteban Campos

I can start your song from a voice note and take it to a professional level. Mixing and mastering engineer, working remotely and giving a fresh and original touch to your songs.

Remote mixing & mastering - Dylan Pietersen

I am a mix engineer from Pretoria, South Africa. I have completed certification from Avid as a Pro Tools User, Pro Tools User Game Audio and Pro Tools Operator Music.

Music Producer - Feinallday

💯 Buy 3 Beats Gets 1 Free 💰 Mixing and Mastering 🇦🇺 DM For Free Beat 🧪 Custom Beats Available 👇Link Below for Everything traktrain.com/a/feinallday

Sound Designer and Composer - Alasdair Marnoch

I am a sound designer and editor with a first-class honours degree in Sound and Music for Games who received the JAMES award for exceptional work. Whilst at university I became fascinated at how sound can be used to immerse audiences in both visual and sonic forms of entertainment.

Mixing and Production - Mike McGinnis

Producer, Mixer and Songwriter with over a decade of experience working with major and Indie artists.

Recording Studio, Mixing   - Jakob Oudhof

As a Sound Engineer I am incredibly focused on delivering the emotion of your song for your crowd, together with the technical aspects in the right construction. I am excellent in my work up unto the border of a perfectionist. Why? Because your product has the right to be. Contact me personally via Whatsapp or email for questions you might have.

Mixing/Editing/Musician - Nate Head

"Sofia" for Clairo "Now I'm In It" & "Summer Girl" for Haim "Inner World", "Overlord", & "Search for Life" for Dirty Projectors Touring Drummer for Rostam Ableton Playback for Saint Motel

Mixing, Mastering, Engineering - Octave Records

I'm a remote mixing engineer, producer, and mastering engineer. I went to school for music and recording, but much of my experience has been self-taught and hands-on. I graduated music recording school with the vision of helping others make it in the music industry, I have the tools to take your demo and turn it into a polished work of art!

Editing and Mixing Engineer - Sutton Gaddis

15 years of multi-faceted audio experience: producing, tracking, editing, mixing, songwriting, and multi-instrumental performance (Voice, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Trumpet, Percussion, various others). I combine my experience and skills with attention to detail and attentive customer service to bring you the highest quality product.

Recording Studio For Hire - Dassey Recording Studio

Over 20 years experience in the home recording industry, I can help you learn how to record your own music, pick out the right equipment, or record vocals and music tracks in my home studio. If you're looking for affordable vocal recording & music mixing rates, you've come to the right place. I also offering music track mastering services as well.

Post Mixing, Editing, ADR - Studio 873

Hi My name is Ben Dotson. I am an audio post production engineer with lots of industry experience. Friendly, professional and trustworthy , I will always give you a prompt response. Located in the heart of union Square in Manhattan.

Recording,Mixing & Mastering - Grand Sound Studio

We have worked with Snoop. Dogg, Raesmurd, Murda Beatz, Tory Lanez, Savannah Re and many other rising local talents. We also provide incomparable rates for Recording, Mixing/Mastering, Our World-class professional services, support and resources are ready to ensure your projects are completed with the industry-standard quality it deserves.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Dars Matias

In many years of playing with a band and now mixing and mastering a song, i became so passionate in making every song great and just enjoy a good sounding music which i believe what everybody wants.

Experimental Music Producer - Sarthak Ray

I'm an experimental music producer and mixing and mastering engineer. You can find my work under my project name 'Project Hamsadhwani'. Hit me up for any production needs, as well as any mixing and mastering needs. Looking forward to working together with you!

Dolby ATMOS mixer - Wojtek Blachowiak

Hi, I'm Wojtek - a professional mixing engineer with over 10 years of experience, specializing in Dolby Atmos, and an AVID Dolby certified engineer. My team at Xin Audio and I use a combination of digital and analog gear to deliver immersive audio experiences.

Remote Audio Engineer - Catalyst Audio


Hey! My name is Kory and I have a bachelors degree in recording arts with 7 years of experience as an audio engineer working various projects ranging from music, film, as well as video games. I guarantee a fast turn-around, and a quality finished product.

Mixing Engineer & Producer - Tobijah Rogers

My goal in music production is to transform human experience into musical form, and to create a product that is formative to the listener's experience. I aim to provide the utmost attention to your project at an affordable cost. Please reach out to me with any questions and/or bookings – I'd love to hear about your project!

Mix Engineer and Sound Design - Jeremy Donovan

I have been enhancing amazing projects for years with some very prolific artist's like Yo Gotti and the Lt. Dan Band. I have any resource needed at my fingertips to help create an amazing product with you.

Guitar/Drums/Bass & Producer - Chase Nixon

I have been a performing/recording musician and producer/mixer for 17 years. I play many instruments, but am a highly proficient guitarist, drummer, and bassist. I've had the pleasure of working at both a top recording studio and a top venue in Atlanta, where I learned a lot about music production, and interacted with many acts such as Usher, Ludac

Music production, mixing, SFX - BrilliantFilms

Experienced professional musician and producer (20+ years), have produced countless live shows and several albums. I’ve been involved in shows at the Kennedy Center and Strathmore, and worked in rock, classical, gospel, indie, pop, metal, and many other styles. I’m happy to bring your songs or mixes to life in the our studio. Remote work available.

Singer, Indian Classical - Adi Rao

Adi’s music infuses Western styles with Eastern soul to produce a genre-bending, alternative sound, be it through Indian Classical, Jazz, Rock, or every genre in between.

Award Winning Producer - Mercuroid Music

Award Winning Music Producer & Sound Engineer. Worked for Spinnin' Records, Netflix, Blacklight Records and many more. Fulltime mixing & mastering engineer, music producer, sound design and teacher. I love to create music & sounds and get the best possible results in terms of sound quality. From EDM to Rock and music for movies. I've done it all.

Techno DJ and Producer - Anthony J Martin

I’m a Techno Producer and DJ looking for ghost producing side jobs. I've worked for many top touring international DJs and released in top beatport labels. I can produce any genre in Techno you need. Also I like to maintain full secrecy about my identity and customers identity. Click on "Contact" for more, looking forward to hear you.

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