Podcast Editing & Mastering

Producer, Mix Engineer - Romario Jackson

I'm a musician specializing in Audio Production, Audio Engineering. My #1 goal is to make music better, ensuring to deliver high quality mixes and masters or production with every opportunity given. By any means I strive for consistency of quality in deliveries, artists from near and far I give my maximum gratitude for trusting me with their work.

Mix Engineer, Drummer - Lauren Grubb


Hi! I'm Lauren Grubb. I am a freelance audio engineer and multi-instrumentalist based in Brooklyn, NY. ​

Audio Engineer - James McLear

Experienced engineer specialising in full band recordings, recording studio in Dalston, East London fully equipped for full band recordings, great selection of mics pre amps and compressors, email me for more details. For my portfolio and testimonials from my previous clients, visit my website below. https://mixbyld.wixsite.com/mysite

Live Sound Engineer - Roman Falkov

Roman Falkov here, Live Sound Engineer based in Prague. Seeking a challenging position with a well-established organization in EU, where I can use my skills, knowledge and experience to bring out the best results and contribute to the performance of the organization. Contract or Freelance. Willingness to travel and non-regular working hours.

Recording and Mixing Studio  - Eastside Music Studios

Pursuing the next best sound is what we do daily.

create original music+remixes - A Starter Jacket

Two DJ's who are musicians, producers, and remixers who specialize in R&B and pop with the 90's + future feel to it. We also make some dope go-go (Washington DC stand up!) tracks as well.

Techno DJ and Producer - Roberto Lealz

I’m a techno DJ and producer with some strong releases under my moniker in some of the most respected techno labels, I’m looking for a ghost producing job to do by the side. I’m able to produce most styles of techno nowadays. I would like also to keep my artist name outside this profile for obvious reasons.

Mixing Mastering Verses Hooks - 4EyezWD

I will expertly mix your sound the way you want it, creating a complimenting and exhilarating mix. I have been writing and editing music for about 3 years and want to deliver my skills to you. I also write verses and hooks to record or for ghostwriting. Inspirations include: Mac Miller, Earl Sweatshirt, Royce D'59, Flatbush Zombies.

Remote audio mixing, mastering - Granastudio

Passionate about audio, passionate about results.

Remote Mixing & Mastering  - Alex Edge

I want to give you professional & exciting mixes and masters. I have worked with a lot of bands and I always want to make sure that I push the mix a little further to make it something properly special.

Mixing & Mastering - Mike @ Earthrise Audio

Pro Tools Operator Certified Engineer.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Alessandro Favero

I am a mix engineer, musician and producer based in north-east of Italy. I specialized in remote mixing and mastering, as well as producing all genres from pop to hip hop to rock and metal.

Remote Mixing & Mastering  - Juice Cajuice

Mix your song with me and I will master it also, free of charge. I can have your song professionally mixed and mastered in 24-48hrs.

Producing, Mixing, Mastering - Mihai-Andrei Ciupitu

When I was born, I was gifted with oscillators instead of ears. Sine me up

Mixing & Mastering - Rilho

Good is not enough! In the box mix and mastering.

Producer, Engineer and Artist - K-OG

Producer and audio engineer here to take your songs from good to great.

Mixing,Mastering,Sound design - climonaudio

I mix and master records. I aim for clarity in every project but I understand creativity can also benefit the delivery experience listeners will have.

Producer, Engineer, Composer - Dom Edgley

Dominic Edgley // Walcott // Holism. Producer for Holism, Field Kit, Sibéri, CØR, SOURCY, and MOJO Filmmaking Collectives Composer for BANFF award-winning documentary Running The Roof, Da Unten Im Himel, M¥CELIUM, and more Engineer and composer for Blinkist, VAHA, Asana Rebel, and Filter Stories Podcasts.

Mix /Master / Audio - Phorzaeken

I do audio production, mixing, mastering and probably much more.

Hip Hop Producer & Engineer - Frizzy Astro

Hi, I'm Frizzy, a professional music producer and audio engineer with a diploma in Professional Sound & Business (Studio Production Major) and have been making music for +5 years with many commercial releases mostly in Hip-Hop, R&B, Soul, Rock, and Acoustic music.

Vocals, Production - Cleo Kaerf

I'm a music and commercial producer. I've worked with dozens of small time bands, and I'm currently producing for 3 radio stations. I've worked on a variety of genres, I also produce podcasts and advertisements.

Music Producer - Christ Malvin

Musician, Producer and DJ. I have been producing Electronic Music for 10 years. I make sure that the tracks I produce are 100% original and stand out from the rest. The best known artists of my genre have already worked with me or used my tracks in their performances.

Mastering - Master Frasco Audio

Master Frasco Audio Labs is run by Chris Frasco. He has worked entirely as a mastering engineer since 2012; specializing in Pop, Rock, Country, and Hip Hop, for artists such as; O'Shea, Hit The Lights, Brian Wright, Janelle Arthur, and many more.

Music Producer, Audio Engineer - Falko

Clean and alive Sounds are the next way. My main goal is moving away from Samples for my own unique style and Sound, while also play in the movesets of the Genre im Playing in. Im a Graduated Student from the Akademie Deutsche POP Hannover/ music support group - in Music Design and Audio Engineering and Mastering.

Mixing and Mastering - Lavender Studios

A custom mix every time. Honest, authentic, and true to your sound.

Recording and Mixing Studio - BCB Studios

Are you a singer/songwriter, indie rock, or acoustic artist mixing your own recordings but just can't get them to sound right? I can help!

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Raimundo Rocha Neto

Audio Editing, Mixing and Mastering. Very good skills in Postcast and dialogue editing.

Mixing and Mastering - Fellow Scorpio

I have a unique ear for processing audio recordings, and my years studying audiology at college have given me an advantage.

Recording & Mix Engineer - Jesco Payne

My name is Jesse 'Jesco' Payne. I have been a recording engineer / musician for over 10 year. I created Low Shelf Recording in Portland Oregon 5 years ago where I've grown my career and honed my skills.

Mixing & Mastering - Elijah Walsh

Every artist is different, they see the world through a unique lens. Every mix is different. It's like audio snowflakes.

Audio Engineer - Michael Neil Wallace

Nearly 10 years of experience mixing live.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Zoe's Sounds

GRAMMY® nominated mixer/engineer and Quad Studios Chief is Engineer

Recording Mixing Mastering - Our Vitamin C

Hi, my name is Steve Jones, sound engineer at Our Vitamin C. With over 10 years experience in the sound industry, playing first, then engineering. I always ensure all my clients walk away happy! I love creating records with people, and live to be part of the process and to push myself to do better.

Remote mixing and mastering. - Marcus Sjöberg Mixer

I mix your music with musicality and attention to detail to reach the highest sound quality regardless of genre.

Musical production - JCB Blaker

DJ & Producer

Audio Engineer, Music Producer - Recorded by JJ

I work alongside you from pre-production to mastering to ensure you love your music, it stands out, and can help you get to the next level. I am well trained, experienced, and have a passion for making music. I'm right for you because I am the missing link for your music. I will help make your songs sound complete, and compete in your genre.

Beatmaker - Desingner - Prod - LUCker

Trap soul - Trap - R&B - Hip hop

Mixing Engineer - Kevin Speyer

Mixing your music, Editing your films, I can do it!

Audio Editor & Engineer  - Martin Uriel Garcia

Music is the shorthand of emotion

Music Producer  - Bros Sound Production

Bros Sound Production is made up of three highly professional musicians and producers, clocking over 20 years experience collectively in the music industry. We are committed to working closely alongside our clients to create the best quality sound. Visit our Show Reel to hear what we can do for you! Link- https://youtu.be/4Qe7N0iA98g

Remote Mixing / Audio Services - Toph Audio - Chris Doherty

CHRIS DOHERTY - RELEASE QUALITY MIX FROM A MIX ENGINEER WITH 15 YEARS EXPERIENCE ACROSS MANY GENRES. I have worked with artists from Snoop Dogg, Coldplay, Red Hot Chilli Peppers to Symphony Orchestras and acclaimed world-music and baroque ensembles. My experience goes beyond "pop" so if your music deserves a different approach I am here to help!

Nostalgic Trap Beat Creator - Benyamin Holley


Need a songwriter? A singer? A producer? A consultant? I'm able to assist you with any of your audio media needs. My speciality is in doing features (hooks and vocals), vocal tuning, beat production and mixing services for hip hop and indie artists.

Vocal Producer, Songwriter - Adri'd

Hi, Im Adri'd, I have over 4 years of experience in music production and songwriting and over 10 years performing in theatres, hotels, local venues and pubs. I have an understanding of sound and how it works, and i've acquired skills in mixing and mastering, audio editing vocal recording and arrangement,

mixing engineer,music producer - Statik

Hello! My name is Statik, I'm a professional mixing and sound engineer. I can help you with any kind of audio work from editing to producing, mixing and mastering.

Producer & Audio Enginner - maddeof_music

Producing & Enginerring for the last 5 years, Maddeof specialises in producing clean, release ready mixes having dabbled in multiple genres as a producer as well as an engineer. With prices as cheap as 75$ for a track, Maddeof looks forward to connecting with new artists.

#1 Billboard Mix And Mastering - G5!

4x Billboard Charting + #1 Billboard Album, Worked With Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Atlantic Records, Interscope Records, Sony ATV, 300, Rich The Kid, Jacquees, NoCap, Hotboii, Never Broke Again Records, Rich Gang, Saweetie

Music Producer and Engineer  - Wilson B.

A Musician-first producer with over a decade's worth of experience devoted to mixing, mastering, and consulting to make your tracks reach their highest potential.

Producer, Sound Designer - Biotic Audio Production

Aspiring Music Producer, Sound Designer, Post Production Engineer based in Berlin!

Music Producer - Next Chapter

Capturing Greatness. Next Chapter Productions.

Drummer~Composer~Sound Design - Callum Lee Gow

Trained and experienced musician and engineer, I am ready to help your project. Offering services of session percussion work, and Media Composition and Sound Design.

Music Producer, Media Composer - ERIK-G MUSIK

I make music for television and film, which means I'm used to producing, mixing, and mastering within tight deadlines. If you are an artist who needs help producing a record, or if you need custom music for your show or film, then I'm your guy! I'm also a session pianist, keyboardist, and vocalist if you need that as well. More info in my bio.

Mixing , Mastering Vocals Only - Knell Anwyll

Hi , Im Bel Mostafa Yassine , Aka , Knell Anwyll , 21 Years old , have been mixing / mastering songs since 2019 , have worked on more than 200 Songs+ so far and I have learned a lot , so technically , i would like to show you all what I got .

Session Violinist - Pierre Violin

Film score violin solo? I got you. Rock song? Even better! Classical music? I'm your man. Oriental violin solo? One of my specialties!

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Tomás Gruosso

Pro Engineer from Argentina. Professional Mixing and Mastering from Nodriza Studio. First-class equipment and plugins to get the perfect mix of your song! More than 10 years of experience working with the most demanding artists!

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Aubrey Head

I have mixed sound various bands and always enjoy the process of music sound better.

Mixing, Master, PostProduction - Eron

I will mix and master to industry standard and GIG.

Remote Mixing and Master - Jonathan Torres

Music producer and engineer form Puerto Rico. I have collaborated with music industry producers like Admes and Dynamic Frequency Music. Co-owner of a Music Label and Studio called Broken Label with 4 singed artists and more to come. We specialize in recording and mixing with our hybrid environment.

Dj\Producer\Mixing&Mastering - Marnage


We are Music Producers from Palermo, Italy. We have produced various tracks ranging from Big Room,Progressive House, Psytrance,Hardstyle,Future Bounce,Trap, Pop etc. We have had multiple worldwide releases under various international record labels including Revealed Recordings, Quartzo Records,2-Dutch, Peak Hour Music etc...

Mixing, Editing, Creation - Studio Four Point Five

Specialising in electronic and dance music, our engineers work with you to finish your projects. We offer a range of mixing, editing and production services to take your tracks, recordings and online audio content to the next level.

Remote Audio Engineer  - Jay Dreadwolf

You give me audio, I give you gold. or at least a project that was tended to with care and guided by absolute patients for the benefit of my and the overall performance.

MusicXpert and Music Producer - Márcio Brant

I'm a especialist in music career growth. During my years like music producer, I produce independent artists and great like Ivete Sangalo, Paula Lima, César Menotti & Fabiano, Fernanda Takai and others! Let's talk about how the greatest artist become bigger!

Podcasts edificantes - Arlei Carvalho

Somos uma igreja local com um coração global, com a intenção de te abençoar e edificar a sua fé.

Produtor Musical - Lucca Venuci

DJ, produtor musical e compositor.

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