Podcast Editing & Mastering

Remote mixing - Joaco Dezeo

Get the sound you're looking for

Mixing and Mastering - HMX

I will Mix and Master your song in a short amount of time with high-quality work using the best tools and plugins to make your song sounds 100% better.

Audio Engineer | Producer - Afrodisiac Sounds

Full time audio engineer based out of Los Angeles, CA. I have an extensive background in music and have earned a bachelors degree in audio production. I primarily work in ProTools for mixing/tracking and Abelton for production. In addition to operating as a recording/mix engineer, I work as a live sound engineer on the day to day.

 Production Mixing & Mastering - Alberto Battistella

Here for making your track explode! I can mix and master your tracks in order to reach the industry standards for streaming services and phisical support, bringing out the true potential of your song. I'm specialized in electronic music such as techno, house and subgenres and, as a musician, with acoustic music, like indie pop/ rock.

Pop,Rock,Folk Mix&Mastering  - Semih Çelik

You will get exactly what you want to hear! Contact me to get mixing & mastering services for the music you produce in the style you are interested in, exactly the way you want to hear it and in accordance with world standards.

Editing, mixing and mastering - Igor Grdic

More than 30 years in audio world!

Mixing - Michael O'Connell

Open to working on any mixing projects.

Music Producer/Mixing & Master - Barney

Barney is a London-based composer, mixing / mastering engineer, producer and sound designer. He has worked with musicians and on film productions, and also has tens of thousands of views of his beats on YouTube.

Music Producer, Remote Mixing - Ryan Shackleton

Do you need powerful, clean mixes ready for your next release? What about instrumentals that make everybody feel the message you're spreading? If so, I'm your guy! Drop me a message and let's make music!

Music Producer, Audio Engineer - Ramiro Belen

7 years producing electronic music on Ableton Live. 4 years working as Sound Engineer at a professional recording studio.

Premium Mixing & Mastering! - Niels van de Pavert

Hi i'm Niels van de Pavert, As a self-taught producer, mix & mastering engineer, i have been working in the dance industry over the past ten years. Early on, my love for music made me explore my own talents. My mission is to take your songs to the next level sonic wise!

Audio Engineer for Hire - Caleb Stanton

At Stanton Creative Studios, we'll get the job done well.

Mixing, Editing, Musician - Porter Studios

Long time musician who has written, recorded and mixed own music. Starting out pro, and looking to build on my current experience

Produce beats & Soundscapes - Aaron Benavides

Fierce Futuristic Originality. Together, we'll create Next level immersive electronic tracks and videos

Remote mixing, session piano - Alexander Danieli

I'm an audio engineering and production student with a background in piano, strings, and synths (and a love for indie sadboy music.) My well-rounded musical background informs how I play and produce both for myself and for others. Let's make your music sound exactly the way you intend it to.

Mixing & Mastering - Eli "Juwan" Manning

The music industry is competitive. Having a professional sounding mix and master can be the make or break difference between your song being heard all over the radio or only by your friends and family. That’s where I come in! My name is Eli "Juwan" Manning, and I’m the missing piece to your next big hit!

Remote Mixing & Mastering, - BitterSweet Recordings

Current audio engineering student at Media Tech Institute. I've been engineering 5 years . 1 year professionally, Quick turn Around, 1-2 days for most projects! Communicative, let me know what you want and i'll make it happen! Fair pricing for multiple projects! I work with most budgets, just run it by me and maybe able to come to an agreement.

Production, mixing, mastering - Cador

I have been working in various capacities of audio production for the last five years and music production for the last seven years. I graduated from American University with a degree in Audio Technology. I've produced over 100 original pieces of music and often work with other artists to record, mix, and master their music. I do vocals as well.

Pop Music Proudcer - Songwrite - Dharu Mojo

Promising music producers trusted by many local artists and brands who works passionately for the audio product.

Mixing and Mastering engineer - Ale saenz

Graduated sound engineer from Barcelona

Hip Hop Music Producer - Cooper Alexander

I've been producing music for a little over 20 years now, and have worked with many artists ranging from Rock genres to EDM. I have toured the US as an artist and have worked in and out of some of the msot famous recording studios in the world. My approach to any project is target the most exciting part first and build around it.

Mixing and Mastering - EVERGUN

I love to work with new artists and already established artists, so whoever you are, I will make your music sound the way you meant it to sound. I want you to succeed because your success means that I did a great job bringing your mixes and masters to the professional level. So: Your success is my success, and my success is your success!

Mix and Mastering - Andrea Giuliana

With several multi-platinum and gold awards to my credits, collaborations with established artists, and an undoubted dedication to the sonic and emotional impact of music: "the most important thing for me is the emotion that comes from a song, always" , and my goal is for your music to have all of that.

EDM Mixing/Mastering Engineer - Jack Blom

Elevate your tunes to the next level with my cheap & easy mixing/mastering services, honed through collaboration with emerging Australian talents like Fitch and Midnight Dance Party, and refined under the guidance of industry professionals at Icon Collective.

Songwriter, Producer, Engineer - Cole Nesson

Worked with David Kalmusky, Dave Hagen, Chris Leidhecker, and more. I have experience producing masters, demos, and mixing. I've qualified and will be competing in AES's Spring Student Mixing Competition.

Sound Designer - Lucia Mendoza

Sound designer, dialogue editor, re recording mixer. I have a pre mix studio with 5.1 genelec monitors and over 30 movies and tv shows experience.

Hardware Processing Analog Mix - TomFoolery dublandstudios

I operate a private facility used by a small collection of producers and artists. Most folks just don't have access to a half ton mix desk. I open my Amek Mozart RN to your art.

Full Music Production Company - Tomorrow's Sound Production

We're Tomorrow's Sound Productions, a Full music production company that provides you all you need for your projects, since Session Musicians (THE ONE YOU WANT) to Audio Engineers, going by: Professional composer with master's degrees, Music producers (that they even teach at important universities in Latin America) and Audio Engineers.

Mixing/ Mastering Engineer - _MixedbyDF LLC

I'm Frank "DiirtyFrank" Gillis, Recording & Mixing/ Mastering Engineer based in SWFL. With 10 years of experience working in the Music Industry, I have refined my Mixing process to create a Multi-Dimensional experience for my listeners. I work to highlight the Feel & Energy of the song while retaining Balance & Separation throughout.

Remote Recording Engineer - MacK Booth

Specializing in remote recording, engineering, and mixing. Classical music is my forte. Jazz, rock, and bluegrass are my mezzo. Beats and rap are my piano.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Bear Phillips-Pearce

I'm Bear, an Audio Engineer with a passion for analog/digital hybrid Mixing and Mastering and I work outside the box to help you find yours.

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Tyler Bolhuis

I strive for excellence in everything I do and am very detail oriented. Working with producers or mix/mastering engineers can be a nightmare sometimes - I always have been a strong believer in "communication is key". I will work with you to deliver the style of mix you're looking for with professionalism and excellence.

Lyrics - Chrissie Dechamps

I specialize in creating lyrics and editing Podcasts. Contact for pricing.

Mixing, Mastering, Producing - Niko Gigineishvili

First of all, I love music as I can, and if you really love it, we can get a good conversation. In my mixing room, I only have a Midi Keyboard and Cubase, that's what I really want to be creative, focused, and fast. I also have good monitors, headphones, Fender Strats, bass, acoustics, and all accessories, but in mixing and mastering - less is more

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Sam Lazarev

Every project comes with a unique approach, my goal is to serve your project and represent your vision to the fullest extent. I am excited to hear your new tracks and take them to the next level together!

Mixer - Antonio

Eager to practice my craft as a producer and audio engineer within the music industry. I am a self-starter and work well both independently and within a team environment. I am here to help.

Mixing, Mastering & Production - Right Hand Studios

Right Hand Studios is a client-focussed, Birmingham-based audio production studio that specialises in urban genres such as R&B, Hip-Hop, Gospel, Soul and Rap.

Music producer - Johannes MK

Music producer, songwriter, creative artist.

Master musique électronique - Adrien M

Sound engineer Adrien M is an audio magician, shaping the emotion and sound quality of the music we love. His mastery of technology and passion for art make him an essential pillar of your music, helping to make every song a memorable experience for listeners around the world.

Producer Mix & Master Engineer - Dillon

Hey there I'm Dillon I'm a seasoned mix and mastering engineer with a passion to bring artists visions to life. With years of experience and working in the industry I've had the pleasure of working with a diverse range of musicians.

Mastering Engineer - Austin Haayer

Audio Mixing and Mastering engineer here! I've been working in radio, post production, and live broadcast for the last 6 years. If you're looking for audio that will make your podcast listeners go wow or music that is clear and beautiful. I got you covered!

Mastering and Mentoring - Roughgrain Mastering

I love making your music sound the best it can and making you and your fans happy. As a producer and musician I understand the creative process, I work with you to deliver the best product. From my experience as a university tutor I can help guide your mixes to the next level by suggesting potential technical improvements.

Remote Mixer, Mastering - Collin Dupuis

Two time Grammy winning recording and mixing engineer who's worked on multiple platinum and gold albums. Worked with artist such as Lana Del Rey, Angel Olsen, Yves Tumor, Lawrence Rothman, Blondshell and many others.

Audio Editing and Sound Design - Post Production Audio Services

Professional Audio Engineer with several years experience in post-production. Expert in audio editing, mixing, and sound design. Dedicated to ensuring your project meets expectations!

Next Level Mastering / Mixing - CassiBeatz Productions

ADVANCED & STEM MASTERING: $49 (was $99) Mixing & mastering for techno / tech-house producers. We usually get the track to a level of top 100 Beatport chart with our approach designing the track (Stem Mastering™). Advanced™ & Stem Mastering™ specialised for labels and releases. Basic mixing and mastering specialised for promos and testing tracks.

Producer/Songwriter/Singer - Cameron Sanderson

Over 4,000,000+ Streams on Spotify alone. Tailor make beats at an unbeatable turnaround & quality. Produce artists & write.

sound producer sound engineer  - ACTIVSOUND

sound producer sound engineer recording studio musician arranger composer songwriter

Song writer and producer - Fede Carranza

The art of Songwriting now in your grasp. Give me the theme, I'll give you the song. I've done it for over 20 years, with multiple artists and events. I've worked on more than 300 songs in both English and Spanish. I write for male and female singers in multiple genres and styles. The song is made to your specification so you know it's yours.

music producer, sound design - Pleasure Palace

Over a decades worth of experience in Logic Pro, and double that in writing and composing music. Accountable, enthusiastic sound designer with a passion for music and all things audio.

Recording, Mixing & Mastering - Lyle | Morning Routine

Mixing and mastering services, Waves plugins, accurate monitoring. Loudness, references, revisions.

Mixing Engineer - Roberto Corneliani

Obtained licences and certificates: - Synth Programming - Ableton Live 10 Training / University of Southern California - Audio Engineering Society - Compression and Dynamic Processing - EQ and Filters - Audio Foundations: Reverb - Audio Mastering - Bobby Owsinski --> Audio Mixing Boot camp - Bobby Owsinski --> Audio Mixing Master Class

SSSSSSOUND - Alberto Madrigali

_ Milan based post-production audio editor, designer and mixer for dialogue, FXs and music. Need to clean up the mess you made during recording or you need sound for a video, documentary, or a sound trademark? I'm the (not so expensive) guy for you _

Music Producer, Sound engineer - Rebel 7

I am an active Music producer/ Rapper from the Indian Hip Hop Community with over 20k+ Subscriber on youtube and 10k+ Followers on Spotify. I have worked with big names in the Industry. My music gets played on BBC Radio often and has also got many video features on Television.

Music producer - Juanita Jimenez Aguilar

My name is Juanita Jiménez, i'm a music producer with experience as a sound engineer in recording studios, live sound events, mixing, sound edition, digital mastering, jingle creation, singing and voice over. Committed to high quality work.

Mixing & Mastering engineer. - Ioannis Nafpliotis

From ghost writing to editing & sound design, to mixing and mastering services, I can handle every task and find solution where needed, within a small period of time, with satisfied private customers and artists over the years.

Electro-Acoustic Production - Mercurial Artes

Khrystoph is classically trained multi-instrumentalist with 15 years of orchestral, jazz, commercial, recording, live performance, live audio, and DJ experience. With a honed ear and tender care for each sonic detail he brings each track alive with dynamic mixes and colourful arrangements by blending many worlds of musical influence.

Mixer, Mastering, keyboardist - Rocktech

Budget mastering, mixing and recording with pro results, focus on dynamics, tonal balance and musical beauty that touches hearts.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Vision

Expert in delivering industry standard loudness and clarity across mixes while maintaining the integrity of the artist's original vision. Credits include 2021 Grammy nominee CHIKA, American Idol host Randy Jackson, UnoTheActivist, Thouxanbanfauni, Lucki, Jose Guapo, 2GramCam, and many more

Mix, Master, Sound Design - Some Kind of Audio

Elevate Your Sound: Expert Audio Services for Every Project

Mixing And Mastering Engineer - Ponksound

Audio professional specializing in the post-production processes of mixing and mastering.

Mixing Engineer,Music Producer - Soular


Webby award winning producer and mix engineer with major placements on Soundcloud, Spotify and Tidal playlists.

Remote Mixing & Mastering  - Cornell Johnson

My motivation, commitment, and pre-existing skills with plugins such as Universal Audio, Slate Digital, and Izotope for recording, mixing, and mastering make me an ideal candidate for this position. In addition, my knowledge and working experience with signal flow and industry standard DAWs such as Pro Tools and Logic allow me to make an impact.

Mixing & Mastering - Native Sound Works

Hello! I'm Eric, and I want to help design the best of your creative work, using the keystones of my talent & knowledge.

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