Podcast Editing & Mastering

Producer x solution finder - ggg11even

Love to make people feel better with my music.

Production, Mixing & Mastering - E-Thrilla - Mindmaverik Media

For the artist the song is their baby. My job as producer, Mixing or mastering engineer once they entrust me with that baby is to care for, nourish and nurture until such time I return a fully formed product, charged with emotion, drive and energy.

Music/Film Productions - E. D. S. Productions, Inc.

Complete music production! I play all keyboard instruments. Produced music for television series "Blue Bloods", and "Blind spot", and "Pawn Stars".

Producer, Audio Engineer - MAGYAR

Passionate with music since a very young age. I always knew that I wanted to pursue a career in this industry and connect with people. I am a Musician, Producer, Mixing Engineer, and DJ. With experience in EDM music and Latin music.

Production Recording Mixing - Sean Andrew Martin

production | recording | mixing | live sound | post | editing | sound design

Producer/Composer/Engineer - José Cálix

Jazz musician by education, beat-maker by conviction, José Cálix has worked with artists from all around the world such as NIO, Los de Allá, MHL Big Band, Cascabel, as well as releasing his own solo projects. He has worked for film, TV and video games, either working behind the computer or rocking out on an instrument (if not both).

Multifaceted Hip Hop Artist - Gweedy

Producer, Writer, Rapper, Singer, Mixing Engineer; How Can I Help You?

I am recording studio owner - Center Piece Pro

The centerpiece to all your musical goals!

Remote Mixing & Audio Lessons - Jon Bicchieri

Audio Engineer with 5+ years of tutoring experience in higher education and bachelor level. I have a passion in capturing and manipulating authentic sounds. I specialize in punk and hardcore music, but love working in any genre and skill level!

Mixing, Producing, Mastering - Matthias Gugubauer

I am mainly active at my fulltime job as a live broadcast mixer, however I am also involved in the production, and recording side of things. I have a media composer certificate and have been mixing, mastering, and producing music since 2014.

Mixing/Tuning/Prod/Post-Prod - Next Level Engineering

With 4+ years of experience and a formal education in the field, I am ready to take on any project with a open mind and focused ears. I see each project as a new challenge and am looking to take on as many possible. I have experience in Hip-Hop/EDM/Pop music.

Production,Mix and Master - Mehrads

More than 20 years of experience.

Producer, Sound Designer - George Cicci

Dark music and sound with gravity and atmosphere for your next trailer, game, film or show. I’m a production music composer with two decades of boutique sound design and production experience. While I can produce almost anything, my core competencies lie within the darker, aggressive and sound design side of trailer and tension music.

Mixing and Mastering - Charles Zeringue

Mixing and Mastering engineer specializing in Hip-Hop and Rock

Electronic Music Engineer - Roben

Let's embark on a musical journey together, where your ideas meet my expertise to create something extraordinary. I am excited about the opportunity to contribute to your success as an artist.

Audio Engineer, Composer - Uno Huang

Uno Huang, a composer and audio engineer based in New York. He has written and produced music for various forms of media, includes Film, Advertisement, Theater, Documentary, Installations. His music has been heard at multiple film festivals.

Music Producer & Mix Engineer - Jairo Pineda

Hello, my name is Jairo Pineda, I'm a mix engineer and music producer from Bogotá, Colombia. I work at Bearserker Sound, my mixing studio located in Bogotá, Colombia. We do remote mixing, as well as recording, producing and remixing. I studied with Chris Lord-Alge in 2017, and graduatated from Universidad de Los Andes.

Mixing & Mastering, Recording - Jason Rostkowski

Frequencies are cycles. Cycles are rhythms. Rhythms make us move. Moving makes us feel. Feeling invites us to be, and to be, is the reason we are here. We are all creative beings, and much of my happiness comes from helping those who create through sound go beyond their potential. How can we work together in a way that invites you to grow?

Mixing. Mastering. Production. - Xander Maas


Maas Audio is a boutique sound studio founded by audio engineer and producer Xander Maas. With his personal approach on engineering and production, Xander Maas has mixed/mastered for Diplo, Jillionaire, Rocky Wellstack, Spinnin' Records, Sony and Armada. Together, the credits have well over 26 million streams combined. Collaboration = 🔥📀📈

Music Production/ Mixing - KMS-Tonstudio (Kurt)

I make beats, record (mostly vocals) and do editing and mixing, also for podcasts.

Remote Mixing & Production - Moebius Music

As a producer and engineer, Giles favours an organic approach, often working with bands playing together in the spacious live room of Soup Studio. Whilst Soup Studio is closed, Giles is available for online mixing and editing services from his own studio in South East London.

Music Producer, Remote Mixing - RCG

I specialize in producing electronic and indie pop that's a little more rough around the edges. If you're on the look out for a unique indie sound, I'm your guy.

Session Bassist, Music Produce - Wes Johnson

Bass Creative. HMU if you need something tasteful, unique, and hooky. Not your standard musician!

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Max (Perfect Cadence)

I am an award-winning Mixing and Mastering engineer, with more than a decade's experience. I have mixed for top acts and award-winning artists, as well. As a music producer, I have scored advertisements and movies, not forgetting your top 40 style Pop Music.

Session guitarist, producer - Liviu Dirdala

Professional musician and session guitarist. I can work on your track following your exact requirements and can also add a creative contribution. Happy to work on a wide range of tracks and as an accomplished guitarist especially in modern instrumental techniques, I can add a really genuine and expressive playing feel suited to your music.

Remote Mixing & Vocal Tuning - Russell Combs

I have over 20 years experience with live and post audio mixing and production.

Sound Designer and Composer - Alasdair Marnoch

I am a sound designer and editor with a first-class honours degree in Sound and Music for Games who received the JAMES award for exceptional work. Whilst at university I became fascinated at how sound can be used to immerse audiences in both visual and sonic forms of entertainment.

General Audio Services - Jekks

Ethnic instruments/Music Production/Mixing/Mastering

Producer, Engineer - No Thanks

Music producer and mixing/mastering engineer with releases on Spinnin' Records, Armada Music, Capitol Music, Insomniac Records, CONFESSION, Space Yacht, Revealed Recordings + more.

productor musical , cantante  - adrian caballero harana

Audio Engineer, Digital Market - Yung E

"All you need to be successful in one place." (Mixing & Mastering, Digital Marketing, Graphic Design and a Community for Features & Instrumentals)

Mixing & mastering - Wilmer

Productor musical e ing de sonido dedicado a Mixing & Mastering

Mixing & Mastering  - Pawel Zalewski

I am a student at the Academy of Sound Engineering in Warsaw. My journey with sound editing started about 8 years ago. I don't have a very extensive portfolio available online because I have always been striving for perfection and kept my works "in the drawer". However, I would be happy to share my works if you are interested.

Producer,recording & composing - Lisandro Bastiani

Recording, mixing and composing services for musicians, podcasters and audiovisual content

Mixing,Mastering,Sound design - Roy Perez

Audio Engineer ,Composer and Sound Designer with more then 30 years of experience working in different studios around the world. Specialised in Mixing and mastering as well as music Production for Film and Television.

Pro Mix Engineer For Hire - Daryl Harkin Sound

Hard-working and dedicated mix engineer. Trusted by some of the biggest names in entertainment and broadcasting. Passionate about what I do, passionate about what you do.

Sound Technician/Musician - Antonio Coelho de Melo Vales

Hi, I'm a Sound Technician with an ACS degree in Sound and Music Recording Technology. I have experience in audio restoration, recording, editing, mixing and mastering.  I think that the best way to show my capability is by putting it to practice, right?

Singer, Songwriter, Artist - Josh Caballes

I am a local r&b/pop/hip hop artist from Phoenix, Arizona. My music ranges from hip hop and r&b drums to new wave pop. I released my first EP “Josh Caballes EP I” in August of 2016 and have since released seven records. Over the years, I’ve contributed to sold out shows in AZ, hosted music events in local businesses, and done shows out of state.

Music Producer,  - VSNX

Bachelor of Music Student at the Reid School of Music with experience producing film music.

Music Producer / Drummer - tapenine

As a musician and all-round producer, I will give you the professional sound you need. From producing to editing to live drums, I've got your back.

Session Guitarist - Dan Davis

Nashville Session Guitar Pro Looking to Play on Your Songs!

Music and Audio Services - Vishvesh Parmar

if you have any work related to music or audio feel free to contact me .

Electronic music production - Simple Tom

Hi, I primarily make and perform my own music (you can find on Spotify under the same alias). Fast forward the pandemic, I have the time to assist you in making something from scratch or polishing your own production.

Mixing and Sample Playbacks - John Clark

Mixing, production and mastering services. Sample replays for Mylo’s Destroy Rock & Roll album including “In My Arms”. Remix credits w/ Linus Loves on Number 1 singles by Justin Timberlake - “SexyBack” and Scissor Sisters - “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin”. Recent mixing clients include Pearl City and Ben Hayes.

Producer, Songwriter Guitarist - Edward

Guitarist and Songwriter at heart. Having learnt the ropes out on in the road in bands, supporting acts such as Kasabian and Craig David. Been recording and producing music for many years.

Music Producer,Mixing Engineer - TheGreySafari Studios

Producer, engineer and singer-songwriter with over 10 years of experience. Credits include Universal Music, AMA Music and more.

Recording, Mixing & Mastering - Duarte Guelha

Hello everyone! My name is Duarte and I'm a 20 yo sound engineer and musician. I've been in the music industry since 2010, starting in classical and jazz music school and, in late 2016, became a punk drummer and bassist.

Recording, Mix/Master, VO - Sandbox Studio

Looking to record vocals, instruments, film, voice overs? Need music production, mix engineering, or mastering engineering? Sandbox Studio is located right in the middle of Wellington CBD on The Terrace. We are a team of musicians and engineers who are passionate about music.

Soul / Funk Music Mixer - ruderuda

I am a musician and producer originally from the Czech Republic. I have made and mixed records mainly in the soul and funk genre. Most consistently I have worked with the Memory Records label who focus on covering soul hits in Czech.

mixing and mastering - pavel eremeev mixing

Your music will pump, the instruments will be juicy, the mixes will have depth

mixing and mastering engineer. - ginger

if you wanna mix something harsh and heavy and don't know how to, i can help. been mixing and mastering for over 4 years, with an ear for heavy genres, and experimental stuff, so if you have a punk, hardcore, digicore, crust, screamo or crustcore project feel free to contact me.

make your Video sound ace!   - Tanya Jones

An audio professional with over 20 years of experience with clients such as Porsche, the United Nations, the Oxford University Press amongst others.

Remote mixng and mastering - 808SpinZ

I have done production, mixing, and mastering for labels like Universal Music Group and Cinematic Music Group as well as hundreds of independent artists.

Remote Mix Engineer - sam.wav

Audio Engineer and Music Producer with 5+ years in Mixing to make your song sound just as fantastic as you imagined it would. I take a personal and detailed approach to mixing where I get to know you as an artist and understand your vision for the art before even starting.

Electronic Music Producer - Pratik

Pratik best known as øddKidd, is a music producer, sound editor, music arranger and a professional mashup artist. Please check my portfolio website for work examples.

Mixer, Pruducer, Musician - Max Northern

I work in a studio with various genres of live music. The largest number of artists I've worked with play in the hard rock and metal genres, although I love a variety of music and would love to go beyond the usual boundaries

Mixing & Mastering, Producer - Joe

Get your songs to sound professional without paying a ridiculous amount.

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Ian Mereness - The Hit Shop

I've worked with a lot of talented A-List such as Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Whitney Houston, Isley Brothers, Jay-Z, Michael Jackson, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, R. Kelly, Lil Wayne, Tyrese, Jamie Foxx, Charlie Wilson, Maxwell, K-Ci & JoJo, Fat Joe, Brian McKnight, Brittany Spears, Ciara, Gucci Mane, TY $, Chris Brown, Kid Ink, Rick Ross, Rich Gang and more!

Record, Mix engineer  - #SkunkMixedIt

I make your sound so good you can even smell its greatness! I don't sell studio time I sell high vibrations and great experiences!!

Audio Engineer - ThisisBiggz

Unlock the celestial potential of your music and captivate your audience with the expert touch of Biggz Industry – your homeboy engineer/producer. Elevate your sound, connect with the stars, and leave an indelible mark on the industry. Ready to transform your music into a cosmic experience? Let's make waves together.

mastering engineer, composer - prodbymendus

Undergraduate Student at Point Blank Music School London for BA (Hons) in Music Production and Sound Engineering. Mastering Engineer, Film Score composer, producer.

Mastering,Producing/Beat Maker - OctaVain

Trained ear for your track from Production to Mastering.

Music Producer - Feinallday

💯 Buy 3 Beats Gets 1 Free 💰 Mixing and Mastering 🇦🇺 DM For Free Beat 🧪 Custom Beats Available 👇Link Below for Everything traktrain.com/a/feinallday

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