Podcast Editing & Mastering

Music production, mixing - Valya Kan

Hi, I am a DJ and producer, mostly making electronic music. Here is mostly for production and mixing services.

Audio Engineer - Jake Stern

Professional sound without the professional pricing.

Remote Rock Mixing - Cade Collison

I am an up-and-coming audio engineer eager to work and gain experience in the field.

Lo-fi and Home Records Mixing - Eric-Marie (Missié) Picard

We often have this unique home made recording that we want to preserve and to share. But the background noise is too loud, the recording itself is poor quality, the played back music needs to be reinforced... When feelings and live freshness are more important than sound standards, I can help editing, mixing and meeting your expectations.

Mixing Enginner - Walisson Calil

3 years working how Mixing Engineer and always giving the best.

Pop,Rock,Folk Mix&Mastering  - Semih Çelik

You will get exactly what you want to hear! Contact me to get mixing & mastering services for the music you produce in the style you are interested in, exactly the way you want to hear it and in accordance with world standards.

Editor Audiovisual - Walter Barrera

Mezcla y mastering con más de 10 años de experiencia. Montador

Recording And Mixing Engineer  - ThisMixGoated

A meticulous mixing and recording engineer based in Atlanta,GA, I've honed my craft while contributing to the success of two cutting-edge recording studios. Collaborating with acclaimed artists such as Vedo, Pig The Gemini, Rugrat OD, and Courtney Williams of the Chicago Sky, I've consistently delivered top-notch audio quality and hope to have th

Audio Mixing Engineer/ Studio - Wheres Dank

Professional High Quality Master and Mastering. Lots of experience, this is my full time Job

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Vision

Expert in delivering industry standard loudness and clarity across mixes while maintaining the integrity of the artist's original vision. Credits include 2021 Grammy nominee CHIKA, American Idol host Randy Jackson, UnoTheActivist, Thouxanbanfauni, Lucki, Jose Guapo, 2GramCam, and many more

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Leon WZRD Davis

I am a professional mixing & mastering engineer with over 13 years experience. Available for all types of work and applications such as; Music / OST / Post / Dialogue / ADR / Audio Repair / Tuning / Sound Design. IMDb credited, UMA nominated audio engineer with a BA(hons) degree Music Technology.

Recording Studio - CTC Studios

Good vibes are imperative to creating good music - our focus at CTC Studios is to create that vibe that will take your session and music to the next level. Regardless of your experience or your vision, CTC is where your music career begins.

Mixing, Recording Studio - Felipe Romagna

Hello. I like to work on conceptual projects, where I can add artistic value. If you are looking for a versatile saxophonist and a music producer attentive to your values and concepts, you've come to the right place.

Mixing Engineer - Ajay Phillips

Studio Tech at Box Hill Institute, Mixing Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Musician. I have been in the music industry for pretty much my whole life and have a great ear for music and audio. I believe that I can deliver you a professional sounding product or service at an affordable and honest price.

Mixing and Mastering - Alex Velte Music

Get a mix and master that’ll make your song sound pro. Stop wasting time running to the car to check mixes when you could be using that time to make more music. I make your music sound as amazing as you hear it in your head.

Pop Music Proudcer - Songwrite - Dharu Mojo

Promising music producers trusted by many local artists and brands who works passionately for the audio product.

Mixer - Antonio

Eager to practice my craft as a producer and audio engineer within the music industry. I am a self-starter and work well both independently and within a team environment. I am here to help.

Mixing and Mastering - Aaron Holden

Industry leading productions, mixes, masters, compositions and song-writing. Key skills in mixing, mastering, audio engineering, sound for visual(film)/podcasts. Musical composition, production, sound design and song writing. Proficient in several DAW's, Focal/Adam/KRK VXT8 Monitor systems setup, treated acoustic room and industry standard plugins.

Mix and Mastering Engineer - caughtmedead

I produce, sing, record, mix, master, and make cover art for all of my music under caughtmedead! I am looking to mix and master songs for people and provide cover art if needed. I mainly work with my long-time friend Lil Peri so I have plenty of time to dedicate for other sessions.

Producer, Mixer, Guitarist - John March

I am the creative collaborator you are looking for. Whether you need a great guitar part or a sound design for a game or a film, or maybe you need a Producer and mixer to finalize a project? I can help you get to where you want to go. My entire focus is on wanting to get you the best possible result in the most creative and cost-effective way.

Music Producer - Dmytro Gurskiy

Looking for a nice voice that writes lyrics for collaboration. I can arrange and mix/master the whole project.

Mixing, Mastering, Production - justCHAD

Creative and meticulous mixing is my strong suit. I've produced, mixed, and mastered different genres including trance, house music, hip-hop, trap, ambient, soundtracks/journeys, etc.

Mixing engineer - Yann

I am a music enthusiast, and my mixing studio in Saint-Brieuc is here to assist you in bringing your projects to life.

Sound Designer / Composer - emiliano.gabriel

I'm a Sound designer and musician specialized in Sound Art, Sound Narratives (Podcasts, Audiopapers, Soundscapes, etc.) and Audiovisual Media. Working with sound since 2010.

||| Mix More Fuzz ||| - Cork Capp Audio Co.


||| Everything needs at least a little distortion |||

Mixing/ Mastering Engineer - _MixedbyDF LLC

I'm Frank "DiirtyFrank" Gillis, Recording & Mixing/ Mastering Engineer based in SWFL. With 10 years of experience working in the Music Industry, I have refined my Mixing process to create a Multi-Dimensional experience for my listeners. I work to highlight the Feel & Energy of the song while retaining Balance & Separation throughout.

Try to enhance artist's soul. - AD Recording Studio

When I mix or master or produce music, i try to pull out the true soul and sound of the artist. I love music and i think that music always saves us.

Post, Sound Design, ADR & More - Janice Marie Audio

In need of someone to edit dialogue, create sound design, do Foley, record ADR, or even just create a Demo Reel for animation, video games, short films, etc.? Then I'm your girl!

SSSSSSOUND - Alberto Madrigali

_ Milan based post-production audio editor, designer and mixer for dialogue, FXs and music. Need to clean up the mess you made during recording or you need sound for a video, documentary, or a sound trademark? I'm the (not so expensive) guy for you _

Guitarist (Rhythm and Lead) - GNM

Writer, Producer, and Instrumentalist

Audio mixing, Music production - Jose Matias

A passionate and goal-oriented music producer with over 10 years of industry experienc that is ready and willing to help performers accelerate their careers and creat music that they're passionate about.

Mixing Engineer - Daniel

Greetings! I am a skilled mixing engineer ready to bring your music to life. With my professional expertise, I offer top-notch song mixing services tailored to your specific needs. I prioritize effective communication to ensure your vision is fully realized throughout the process.

remote mixing engineer - Gabriel Gadelha

Looking for high-quality remote mixing and mastering services? Look no further! Our professional team of mix engineers and mastering experts can take your music to the next level with our top-of-the-line equipment and years of experience. No matter where you are in the world, we can help you achieve the perfect sound for your music.

Creating art in sound - Kiracoustic

Having the enthusiasm of working and exploring everything related to sound, I am always motivated to consider all fields related to Audio including field recording, live sound, sound design, and production. I always seek more knowledge and experience in the Audio field, and i welcome the opportunities for collaboration.

Mastering - MA Mastering

Martina Albano is an Italian mastering engineer based in Atlanta, GA. She works on albums for independent artists and record labels. She currently serves as a Governor on the board of the Atlanta Chapter of the Recording Academy. She is also an Advisor on the board of ATL Collective.

Mastering - Boone McElroy


You're not going to get a better sound or anybody more dedicated to this.

Mixing & Mastering - Native Sound Works

Hello! I'm Eric, and I want to help design the best of your creative work, using the keystones of my talent & knowledge.

Mixing and Mastering (72 Hour) - ZndBornMixedit

www.ZndBornMixedit.com “Berklee Graduated, SoundGym Validated” I introduced to Jazz through the prestigious performing arts academy NOCCA in New Orleans, where he studied under numerous Jazz greats like Peter Martin, Clyde Kerr, and Wynton Marsalis. He attended Berklee College of Music where he had the opportunity to study Audio Engineering.

Producer, bassist, guitarist - Soto Street Music

Program orchestral parts, track electric and upright bass, track guitar, musical arrangements for up to 10 piece bands and up, film scores, and track producing.

Mixing Engineer, Producer - Alex Munoz

A professional engineer who has worked in this industry for over five years and with major labels such as Def Jam, Sony, Warner, Atlantic, and Universal. Alex has worked with some of the most prominent artists in the industry, such as Pop Smoke, Bobby Shmurda, Dave East, G Herbo, B-Lovee, Benny the Butcher, DD Osama, Millyz, and more.

BassClarinet, Mixing&Mastering - Luca Bordonaro

Enthusiastic, nerdy and perfectionist! If you want to record clarinet/bass cl. or need mixing/mastering services, make sure to book a coffee with me to talk about your project and how to make it express its best potential!

Live Sound, Audio Post - Jim Teh

Hello, I'm Jim from Malaysia, residing in Kuala Lumpur

Producer, Mixer, Engineer - Matthew Twaites

Production, Mixing and Engineering with 20 years experience

Mixing, Mastering, Producer - Caleb Ritz

Clear, engaging, and musical mixes. Fast communication, fast delivery.

Mastering Engineer - sea_wraith Mastering

I provide professional audio mastering services for an accessible cost and fast turnaround time. I love doing what I do. I'm a mastering engineer and DJ now based in NYC, I began mastering at the Hallowed Halls studio in Portland OR. Credits include 50+ artists and labels, multiple albums, singles, remixes, DJ mixes, and vinyl and tape releases.

Music Production Services - Wolf Tone Recorders

From overdub recording his own music as a child using two ghetto blasters with built-in mics, to mixing bands with dozens of inputs through line array PA systems and everything in between, Caley's 20+ years of passion in music and sound are an asset to all projects he works on.

Remote Mixing/Music Producer - Hector Merejo

Great at bringing out the best sound quality in your music and producing professional tracks.

Audio Engineer for Hire - Caleb Stanton

At Stanton Creative Studios, we'll get the job done well.

Music Producer, Mix&Mastering  - Ansh Chomal

Aspire to work on various genres, with a quality product. Adjustable to number of changes required for best output.

Session Cellist and Arranger - Luis Almeida

Session Musician, Doctoral Researcher and Professor based in Montreal

Mixing and Mastering - HMX

I will Mix and Master your song in a short amount of time with high-quality work using the best tools and plugins to make your song sounds 100% better.

Pro Remote Mixing & Mastering - Hendriks Mastering

Mixing, Stem Mastering, Single-File Mastering, and Audio Editing at a professional level. I'm a classically trained musician who now works in audio engineering. I've been involved in various high-level recordings and mixes within Australia and internationally and would love to put my skills to use by making your track the best it can be!

Make image sounds - Kazuyoshi

Graduated in Music Production from Anhembi Morumbi University, São Paulo, Brazil. Edit and mixing audio in Protools 12. Audio Restoration Izotope RX6 Worked as an assistant in post audio production at ARPX Audio for TV Series from Globosat channels. Now Sound Engineer at Jacarandá Audio Post Production Hope we can work together. Best regards

Music Producer - Bern Ban

I'm a music producer specializing in future bass, disco and other modern forms of electronic music for film and TV.

Sound Designer & Immersive Mix - Danilo Battistini

Sound designer and foley artist focused on using audio as a storytelling mechanism. Such as creating the sound of Bilgewater and Frejlörd for an immersive experience for Riot's League of Legends theme booth on CCXP 2019 in São Paulo.

Mixing, Production, Editing - Logan Miley

As an audio engineer, my goal is to do whatever is necessary in the service of the music! My rates are negotiable, I wholeheartedly believe that finances should not get in the way of music-making.

Hip Hop Music Producer - Cooper Alexander

I've been producing music for a little over 20 years now, and have worked with many artists ranging from Rock genres to EDM. I have toured the US as an artist and have worked in and out of some of the msot famous recording studios in the world. My approach to any project is target the most exciting part first and build around it.

Recording, Mixing, daBass  - RoAn Gibson

I offer affordable, high-quality mixing work specializing in acoustic instruments (folk, american, jazz, and bluegrass) and I'm nice as fuck to work with.

producer, mixing, mastering - noraj cue • sendmestems.com

Do you love to play with ocean waves full of piercing synths and caves filled with bass layers, shattered by thriving toms & godforsaken melodic madness, freighting thunderclaps and razor-sharp hits & hats, big, bold, badass percussions crushing down into rhythmic patterns and what not?...... well, at some point you need balance right? call me :)

'Music Producer' - Nathan Beatz

Hip Hop/Trap Producer

I sing anything & everything! - QueenMaisy916

I am a singer. I sang at Cal-Expo twice as a teen at a talent show and I got first place both times, years apart. I love singing it is my passion. I work with foster youth and my clients have been pushing me to follow my dreams just as I push them to follow their dreams.

Music Producer/audio engineer - SH

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