Top Mixing Engineers for hire

You have good sounding recorded tracks. Get a professional mix to turn your recordings into a great sounding song.

Mixing & Mastering - Martin Quizz

YOUR vision is MY vision. Here to help you to achieve your sonic goals. Versatile and eclectic mixing/mastering.

Recording, Mixing & Mastering. - Mix My Music

We have been working in this new facility for about 3 years. The control has been designed by Francis Manzella. Our crew has been twice in the phenomenal seminar called "Mix with the Masters" in South France with Andrew Scheps (Adele, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Lana del Rey, etc.) and Jack Joseph Puig (U2, Snow Patrol, John Mayer, etc.).

Rec Studio & Live Engineer - Todd Eckhart

Great ear for music ...seasoned Music Producer

I'm a music producer and I pro - prod. Ferdie

Hello my name is luis fernando i am from são paulo brazil and i have been in music production since 2014. i know about boom bap trap mix and master.

Sound designer and engineer - .bot

My name is Aleksandar, i'm 27 and i live in Belgrade, Serbia. I work as a live show mixing and sound engineer. I also work as sa sound designer for video and animation. I am into composing and making music. I have a master degre in sound engineering aquired at School of electrical and computer engineering of applied studies in Belgrade.

Sound & Mix Engineer - Casey Burnham

I will mix your masterpiece and master your mix. With a degree in recording arts from the University of Colorado, Denver, and practical experience at The Lab Music Studios in Denver, I have the technical expertise and creative prowess you need to bring your project to life.

Music producer, Dj - Dave

Unique Music Producer

Mastering & Mixing Engineer  - Leonardo Wallau - Black Lotus

Brazilian Mastering, Mixing Engineer and Music

Mixing Engineer - Bradley Giroux

Based out of Los Angeles CA

I create and improve songs! - Brian Manasco


I have been on MTV networks, AXS TV, Nights with Alice Cooper, KROQ w/ Rodney Bingenheimer, and was nominated for best indie/alt album at the 2016 Independent Music Awards in NYC at The Lincoln Center. I put time and effort into anything that has my name on it. I don't have the big names or Grammy's, but I have what it takes to help your music.

Recording Studio, Mix & Mast - DLP STUDIOS

Our purpose It is to create a space where musicians can develop their sound and creativity, leaving it embodied for eternity. For us, the most important thing is to always achieve the best results in terms of audio quality. For this reason, you will find in DLP Studios not only excellent facilities and equipment, but you can also count on our full

 - 3SB Productions

Hi my name is Farid " young belvi" ashmon, audio engineer and owner of 3SB productions. we specialize in production, mixing, editing and mastering. I have been a audio engineer for about 10 years with tons of work from a various of artist .

Audio Engineer & Producer - Vincent McMurtery

Recording Industry Production Graduate. Freelance Engineer & Producer. Dream chaser.

Mix/master and producing - Austin Taylor

Audio Engineer Graduate from the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences Certified in - Pro Tools - Logic Pro - Digidesign C|24 Console - SSL E/G

Sound Design & Music Mixing - Mix_by_Tyz

Im a professional mix engineer worked with artists from around the world(Korea, China, Taiwan, Canada, US, UK). Past work including post-production(sound design and film mixing), live recording mixing, album production and album mastering etc. Also been working with Warner Music Canada/Sony Italy for the past few years on several projects.

Mixer, Producer, Knob Twiddler - Matthew Emerson Brown


Since 1999 I've worked as a producer, engineer, mixer and musician with singer/songwriters for indie, rock, shoegaze and country bands; folk singers, jazz combos; and electronic and ambient artists. My goals are to always serve the song, create a unique sonic space for the music to live in, and to have a good time while doing it!

Amplify Your Creativity - Alphabeat Music

My Name is Franklin Socorro, I am a Multi-Grammy nominated Multi-Platinum Engineer / Producer

Senior Engineer & Studio Manag - Rory Behr

In-house TDE engineer since 2016

Engineer/Mixer/Producer - Jack McKenna

Recording Engineer, Mixer, and Producer working out of Lightship95 studios in East London. Available for studio sessions, on-location, and online.

Editing,Mixing,Mastering - Franz[.]Suono

Versatile sound engineer with 20+ years of professional experience, both in studios and live. Tracks, Edits, Mix, Masters. From solo acts to orchestra, from metal to folk. Always tuning-in to the artist's specific needs, taste and budget.

Producer, Mixing, Mastering - NoizeBusters

Im producing electronic music since 21 years and have several Music Projects such as Braincell, Solar Spectrum, Rastaliens, Unknown Reality, The Rave Comission Certified Trainer Bitwig Studio Sound Designer

Mixing and Mastering - Giuseppe Campanella

London based reliable Audio Engineer with a diverse background and proven working experiences as FOH Engineer, Music Producer and Live performer. Effective communicator with strong organisational skills and time managing abilities, moreover, I am also fluent in three different languages: Italian , English and Spanish.

Mixing & Mastering, Producer - PHVT BEATS

22 Years of age and I have worked with Sony Music.

Audio Producer - Silv3rfox

Engineer & Music Producer for a decade now. Some names I worked with are "Banks"," Welshly Arms" and "Gramatik" I like raising the bar no matter who you are and get you the most out of your sound! I am passionate about working with new talented artists. So let me hear what you got!

Mixing, Mastering - Max Spencer

Hello,i'm looking for musicians for my portfolio.

Music Producer&Sound Engineer - Loonylabs


Producer, mixer, remixer - SoniK Fusion

A producer, mixer and DJ with a love for house, R&B, jazz and chill out music. With over 25 years experience I´ve had the privilege of working with professional singers, musicians, producers and engineers along the way. I´m always excited to work with talented artists and look forward to working with you

Music producer - Leonardo García

Im music producer with more than 4 years of ONexperience,I produce EDM, Trap, hip hop,rock, etc. I have released songs in cloudkid,mrsuicidesheep,Lacuna,etc

Music producer, Sound engineer - illuminhadi

Music Nerd, Medical lab technologist

I make things sound Amazing - Ralph Stokes - Blueleaf Studio

No qualms mixing and mastering service. I'm not the best in the world, just look at my prices! However, I can guarantee I'll work on your sound until you're happy. I'll take the worry out of hiring an engineer you can afford by comparing your results to commercially released material and making sure your mix delivers your message to your fans.

Mix Engineer | Producer  - IC Mix

Mixing engineer specialist focused in understanding music and making the audience feel the artist's soul.

Mix Engineer - Simon L'Esperance

Crafting the sound your need !

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EDM Mixing and Mastering Engin - Giovanni Vecchio

Hello my name is Giovanni and I'm an composer of electronic music. I studied piano and continuing whit electric bass and keyboards sound synthesis. Then I studied all the various stages of a complete production mixing and then finalizing (Mastering) of music.

Remote Mixing,Music Production - Gary Brenner

Independent mixing engineer looking to help people take their recordings to the next level

Mixer/Engineer - Mike Ferretti

Two-Time Grammy Nominated Mixing/Recording Engineer.

Producer, Mixing & Mastering - Travis Good

Let me turn your recordings into professional quality records. I've worked and done recordings sessions with several industry artists as well as beginners. I am willing to work with your home or professional studio recordings, while also offering an amazing price.

More than mixing, we pimp song - Air Comme Rythme

What is more boring for an artist to sound like the neighbor, and the neighbor's neighbor? And what if you tried do get more personality in your creation? That's exactly the point, identity. You make music to get your voice heard, because your voice is different, our mission is to get it to the highest level with something they don't have.

Music Producer/Audio Engineer - Christopher I Summers

Since 2008, Chris Summers has invested, harvested and crafted his skill in music production and aims to match up towards the professionals in the music industry. After earning his BSc in Media Arts and Studies from Ohio University, he has went on to capitalize his strengths in online mixing and mastering, remixing and beat-making.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - DFLOW Productions

Hello My name is Darrel and I am a season mix and master audio engineer. I have been mixing songs for over 7 years.

Mix Engineer & Studio Musician - James Harmer

I do Mix Engineer Work and Studio Musician Work as a Guitarist and Drummer. My main focus right now is on Mixing, and in that regard it is on Professional and Competitive Quality.

Producer/ Mix Engineer - Joe Menzies

I am a London based producer and mix engineer. I graduated from Leeds College of Music with a 1st class degree and have 4 years experience working in professional studios. I have worked on a variety of different projects for artists around the UK. I am also a professional guitarist and bass player.

Mixing Mastering Production - Uli Zeller

I am a well-trained audio engineer and passionated music producer from Germany.

EDM Artist / Music Producer - BrillLion

EDM Production / Track Making / Ghost Production

Mixing - Esther R.

Hi! I am a musician (singer-songwriter) who loves life and it's lovely soundtrack! Being that I cannot live without music, I studied sound and music production. I am currently working with mixing, editing, and songwriting.

Recording, mixing, mastering - Happy Freqz Music

I have been engineering professionally about 5 years. I went to school at the Institute of Audio Research, in NY,NY.

Producer and Mixing Engineer - Callum Cowie

Quick and efficient producer and mixer, specialising in soul, hip hop and dance music; but open to all genres. I work intimately with artists to ensure the highest quality product for my customers.

Music Producer/Mixing Engineer - ATOK

Hello guys, my name is ATOK. It's not my real name obviously, it's my stage name.

Remote Mixing, Editing - Laura Pronestì

I'm into jazz and folk music, I love creative audio projects. I graduated in Musicology at University of Milan and in Audio Technology at Accademia del Teatro alla Scala, Milan.

Music producer, Songwriter - Andreas Hedlund

I have been mixing and produced the song I Want to Fly and the song was appointed as the official song for the 2008 Olympic Sailing events held in Qingdao.

Mixing & Mastering - Tahsin Güngör Aktürk


Istanbul based Audio Engineer

Digital Mixing and Mastering - Jeremy Anderson

Ancient Wineskins strives to provide excellent audio production services. This includes recording, mixing, mastering, and producing services for various style of music and arrangements. From podcasts and Nashville songwriter demos to full band album productions and worship team albums, I love all types of projects.

Recording and Mix Engineer - Graham Cochrane

Experienced mixer and educator - founder of the The Recording Revolution.

Recording/Production/Mixing - SGS

Hey! My name is Spencer and I love helping people make music! I have interned in Nashville under Ed Cash and am now entering the industry.

Recording, mixing, bass - Kyle Wierzba

I love to run analog as much as possible, but can do everything with everything digital too. Best of both worlds.

Music Producer/Mixer - Ian Salazar / Chez Skinny

Expand your sounds to new places, planets, star clusters, diners, drive-ins, dives, and many other dimensions with me, Ian Salazar- Taking you and your sounds on a calm, efficient, and always fun journey. For list of artists and projects I've worked on, as well as sound samples, visit my website at

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Dars Matias

In many years of playing with a band and now mixing and mastering a song, i became so passionate in making every song great and just enjoy a good sounding music which i believe what everybody wants.


Recording Studio specializing in mixing and mastering on the go so that its convenient for the client. Just send what you got and feel relieved that its taken care of. Also in house recording if you need to capture that clean sound the will be fit for the music industry.

Mixing, Mastering, Remixing - DeepHouseMastering

Let's make your great productions shine

Mix engineer, Music Production - James Peters

Music Production, Mixing, Audio Editing. Catering to any budget big or small. Mixing through an Anolog console and a variety of outboard gear in conjuntion with modern plugins. Press the Green tab to contact me. Let's make some noise!

Mixing Engineer & Producer - Liam Annert Thirty Mill Studio

I've been a music producer for over 8 years working on original material as music for other artists. Recently I have moved into audio engineering, working on some fantastic new projects coming out of Australia. I'm an assistant engineer to Colin Wynne at Thirty Mill Studios who has a long list of accolades including multiple ARIA awards.

Remote Mixing Engineer - Mixed By D, LLC.

With over a decade of experience I take great pride in helping artist find their sound and reach a level in their career, music and lives that they did not think they could achieve.

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