Kyle Delso

Music producer, mix engineer.

Kyle Delso on SoundBetter

If you're looking for thick, raw, and ambient soundscape-- you've come to the right guy.

Thick, aggressive, natural and yet clean, raw and ambient. If you're looking for production that carries heavy blankets of emotion while maintaining a tactile sense of realism and texture, you're looking in the right spot. Over processed pop music doesn't fly here. Anger, sadness, and melancholy does. Heartfelt music that is teaming with life is what I love. If you're aural art needs to be an atmospheric stew, get in touch. I'm always looking for music that is oozing passion.

Send me an email through 'Contact' button above and I'll get back to you asap.

Gear Highlights
  • Avalon vt 737
  • Manley VoxBox
  • Sony c800g
  • Neumann KM184s
  • Shure SM7b
  • Avantone CV-12
  • Avantone CR-14
  • Waves Mercury Bundle
  • C|24 with ProTools HD I/O
  • Cubase 8
  • 12 Core MacPro
  • Focal Twin 6bes
  • Tannoy 501a Reveals
  • Yamaha NS10s
  • Avantone MixCubes
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