Top Mixing Engineers for hire

You have good sounding recorded tracks. Get a professional mix to turn your recordings into a great sounding song.

Hip-Hop, R&B Mixing - Loud Music

Hip-Hop: bright vocals, spaced out mix & thumping bass you're looking for. R&B: smooth vocals, with nice reverb & the clarity you need.

Mixing and Mastering - DJ Smath

It’s so fun to work with artists and engineers to help them achieve the sound they’re after!

Multi-Platinum Mixer/Producer - Mike Schuppan

LA based Multi-Platinum recording & mix engineer, and producer with credits including: Lady Gaga, Paramore, M83, Poppy, Ziggy Marley and more.

Mixing/Mastering Engineer - M0RGAD0

Want your music professionally mixed and mastered? I'm your guy!

Mix Engineer & Demo Vocalist  - LABRAT


Mezcla & Master Heavy Metal!!! - Fabio Crayachichi

Nos especializamos en Bandas de metal, pero trabajamos con cualquier estilo que nos requiera como por ejemplo Stoner Rock, Hard Rock, Pop Rock, Country, Blues, Acústico, Tango, Trap, y muchos mas.

Indie/Synth Pop Producers - The Hive

Collective of Producers, Sound Designers, Mixing and Master Engineers with years of experience in Pop music. Our credits include releases with Universal, Sony, Spinnin' Records, Monstercat. We worked with artists such as Khalid, Martin Garrix and for brands like Reebook.

Remote Music Production - Matthew Force

I can get you just about anything you need. I'm well versed in accurately reproducing guitar and synth tones, as well as replicating the sound and feel of just about any genre of music. I specialize in mixing your raw tracks into high quality music, but I'm no stranger to writing and producing from the ground up! What can I do for you?

Mix/Master Engineer & Producer - Mike Snell

Recording/Mixing/Master Engineer who's worked with Kanye West/Teyana Taylor/Timbaland/Danileigh/Future and many more!

Remote mixing - Christopher Brownbill

Mix engineer with 15 years experience operating on a custom Paul Wolff designed console with all the hardware and plugins one could ever need.

Musician/Producer/Composer - Mehdi Gorjestani

Songwriter and guitar player for a prog rock band Empty Yard Experiment.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Diogo Nabais

Audio Engineer specialised in Pop, R&B, Rock and Hip-Hop, available to help bring your songs to the next level.

Recording, Mixing, & Mastering - Craig White

I engineer the artist's unique vision of their music.

Pop, Soundtrack, & Rock Mixing - Ali Shirani

I help up & coming pop, soundtrack, and rock artists take their music to the next level by express their emotions to the fullest extent! With a diverse background in different genres, my goal is to collaborate with and help as many musicians and artists across the world as possible.

MIX | PRODUCTION | COMPOSITION - Paul David Heckhausen

Berlin-based mixing engineer, producer, composer & sound designer specialized in electroacoustic music, jazz, techno, organic house...

Mix Engineer / Producer - Ned Pegler

Available for mixdown work, with a focus on underground electronic club music. I moved into mixing other artists's work following the success I found as a remix artist, with over 50 commissions over 13 years for Medlar remixes, from both major & indie labels, achieving several million streams.

Mixing and Mastering - Ben Terwilliger

Helping metal musicians achieve a more organic sound, that still contains a raw, bone grinding tone.

Music producer/ Mix&Master Eng - Bullyscope

Music produce / Mix & Master Engineer

Mixing Engineer - Ivan "Fast Hands" Jimenez

I provide industry-quality mixing services for labels and independent artists. 6 years of professional experience. Credits: Tory Lanez, Vic Mensa, and many more.

Producer, Mix Engineer - Dawson March

All things production and mixing - would love to hear more about your project.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - MARCO

Get professional mixing and mastering done with efficiency and quick turn around.

Mixing/Recording Engineer - Janack

I love mixing for sound track, pop/rock performance with acoustic and effective sound.

Recording and Production - Maya Studio

Maya Studio is a recording studio from Argentina, with over 15 years working in the music industry. We currently have a team of 10+ engineers and music producers who actively work in different genres: Rock, pop, música urbana, folklore, soundtracks, and more.

Sound Design,Mixing, Mastering - Chloe

Experienced audio professional with expertise in mixing/mastering diverse genres & sound design. A keen eye for detail, passion for creativity, and delivering high-quality audio experiences. Elevating projects with versatile skills & wealth of experience.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Astra Studio

Listen to my Mix and Master playlist on Spotify:

Music Producer, Mixing Master - Gato Mendez

Certified Audio Engineer Professional polishing ideas into Final products.

Hip Hop/Rnb music producer. - Belle Glade Baby

Produced and engineered for Belle Glade baby, Roxx, and Lyric. I'm a producer, Mix engineer, and recording artist. I've interned at circle house in Miami, and Orap studios here in orlando. My work heavily focuses on sound design and and emotional articulation.

Hit-Making Songwriter & Prod  - Tripp

Take your music to the top with my expert songwriting and production skills! Specializing in Rap, Afrobeats, and R&B, I've worked with chart-topping artists such as Tems, Jackboy, and Tatiana Manaois. My unique approach to crafting infectious hooks and blending genres has resulted in millions of streams and views. Let me help you elevate your sound

Mix Engineer, Producer - Major Thump

Let me help you achieve the sound you envision.

Heavy Music Mixing - Pedro Vanooteghem

Ready to take your music to the next level? Ultimate Dynamics Studio, specialized in Heavy Music!

Mixing and Mastering - dankrochmal

Mixing and mastering engineer with over ten years experience. Owner of forest recording studio in the Pocono Mountains.

Mixing Engineer - Billy Kauffmann

From stereo to Dolby Atmos, my main focus is METAL. And by that I mean every genre from "Modern-Metal" to Djent all the way to Hardcore and many more. I have a bachelor's degree in audio engineering so I am pretty confident that my mixes will meet your expectations! I can communicate in 4 languages (English, German, French and Luxembourgish)

Producer/Songwriter/Mix and Ma - Bruno Liguori The Producer

I'm a Top Producer/Songwriter/Mix and Mastering Engineer from Uruguay and I work with label artist from Sondor Studios as well as independent artists from all over the world.

Remote mixing and mastering - Jarek

I offer mix, mastering and nice bass line in your music.

Mixing, Mastering, Songwriter  - Alysha Amerson

I can polish up your song to sound super clean! I can also write for you over any beat I am provided.

Mixing And Mastering - Zero_Gravity

My aim is to keep the spirit of your music in the mix and mastering. (just like yourself is doing in the production)

Production, Mixing, Mastering - David Huxtable

Professional level music production Mixing and Mastering. Because only the absolute best finished product will do.

Record/Mix/Master/Performance - Nu House Studios

We are a trans-owned studio whose mission it is to provide trans & queer musicians a safe, affordable, and comfortable space for high-quality recordings, mixes, and masters. We specialize in heavy music but do work for all genres of artists, including Victory Over The Sun, Mel Stone, Dreamwell, A Constant Knowledge of Death, and Eevie Echoes.

Rock and metal producer - Oscar Rangel

Audiovisual producer and mixing engineer, guitar abuser, always hungry, always sleepy.

Mixing & Mastering - Psycho Kid

Mixing & Mastering with UNLIMITED revisions until the desired sound is achieved. Also producing music mostly around the genre of Hip-Hop / Trap.

Mix Engineer, Bassist, Drummer - Nick Kiefer

(*Free Work*) No charge, want material to practice mixing with. Self taught (want to be) mix engineer. I have been mixing my own music for roughly three years.

Audio Engineer - Javi Bello

Mixing, mastering and more

Mix Engineer, Music Producer,  - Chris Manoj

Experienced audio recording and mixing engineer. Recorded and mixed music for artists, bands, independent works, choirs & short films. Along with it, I have been producing music for various independent artists and bands. Also been into background scoring for short films.

Overnight Mixing&Mastering - Blake Foster

Through years of crunch deadlines I've mastered the art of making mixes in less than 24 hours. My credits includes songs like "Luci" from Recess Radio(2 million+ streams) to "Mitsubishi Dreams" from Darion Harris(300,000+). I've also worked in a myriad of studios ranging from Titan Recordins on Ventura Boulevard to Fast Life Studios in Times Square

Mixing Rock, Powerpop & Punk - Ingo Bednarek

Enthusiastic full-time mixing engineer specialized in satisfying guitar tones.

Producer & Mixing Engineer - Giovanni Dasti

I'm a young and dynamic music producer, sound designer and mixing engineer. I do my best to make your music sound as you want it to sound. i'm open to several different projects and ideas, i thrive in a new challenge.

Remote Indie and Pop Mixing - Angelina Saathoff

My goal is turn your recorded music into a professional quality song that sparks your listeners ears.

Producer/Arranger/Mixer - EZACK

He specializes in independent music and pop music production. He has been in the industry for 20 years and has participated in thousands of works. He is good at arranging and mixing.

Mixing & Mastering - Panxii Badii

Hey! I'm a producer and mixing engineer from Barcelona.

Metal musician & mixer-wannabe - John The Bull Bullet

I will mix you one song for free, I'm learning so I need the experience, you also know what to expect.

Engineer / Producer / Mixer  - Owen Davies

I'm a UK based recording engineer / producer / mixer who specialises in genres of music that require a modern approach to production. I work out of my bespoke private studio Loud Noises Production located in Staffordshire, West Midlands.

Pro Mixing_Editing_Recording - Daniele Amatori

I'm a Mixing Engineer and if needed I can polish and edit the tracks for you, time and phase align drums, tune Vocals & instruments. If you need, I can also provide you with Bass Guitar & Guitar Recording or I could reamp your recordings, program and record drums or trigger your own drum tracks with the aid of special virtual softwares.

Mixing / Multi-instrumentalist - Stefan Livingston

Acoustic, Rock and Pop Mixing Engineer, Songwriter and Multi-Instrumentalist, providing session work and mixing for solo artists and bands. Latest work:

Recording, mixing & mastering  - Daniel de la Rosa

Hi! I'm Daniel, music producer and multi instrumentalist from Mexico. Recordig,mixing & mastering services available!

Producer, Music Engineer  - Ol CSoul

Credits: Baby Stone Gorillas, MUTURE, Dreamville Co-signed by: ZayToven [beatz], Compton AV, Tyla [team], Blxst, Dave East... Genre: Rap/Hip Hop, Afro Beats, R&B.

Mixing and Mastering - Conduit

Make your electronic music productions shine! 1 on 1 sessions with every artist to ensure every mix or master reaches its highest potential

Mixing Engineer - Zetta

Throughout my career, I have been involved in projects of EDM, Pop, Urban (Trap, Drill, Hip Hop), and Latin (Reggaeton) for labels such as Warner Music, Universal Music and many more. This has allowed me to develop analytical and adaptational capacity and acquire a lot of knowledge and techniques, which I believe makes me soo versatile.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Tom Maguire Music

Experience professional punch and clarity in your tracks or sets with me today. Rock, metal, EDM, indie or anything in between, with years of mixing experience, a dedicated workspace with loads of plugins and equipment let's work together and create something beautiful by taking your recordings to the next level and making your vision a reality.

Music engineer for Hire - laLaSounds

Looking to use my talents as an engineer to help talented people reach their musical goals.

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