Mixing & Mastering Engineers who worked with "EverythingBetweenPaintAndAWall"/Grandview

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Photo of Chris LaRocque/Kennedy Studios

Picking up audio engineering via a hands on and DIY approach, I look forward to making each new project better than my previous and delivering top quality results to clients in a friendly and collaborative environment.

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Photo of Indiana

Indiana is a Pop/R&B tenor singer. His singing style is similar to Michael Jackson or Justin Timberlake. With a four octave range in his voice, he can easily sing any modern song (without any pitch shifting devices like autotune). He is also a beatmaker and a profesionnal sound engineer (mixing).

Photo of Kyle Rowland @MKR Media

Hi! We strive to create exeptionally high quality product with great recording equipment while still working within your budget. Our services include music for film and television, songwriting and production, live drum and percussion tracking, mixing, & sound design.

Photo of Jeff Jones The Producer

A well rounded and versatile music producer.

Photo of Junior Gonçalves (Brasil)

Brazilian guitarist with 11 years of career and experience as a professional musician. For a good job ... "Feel the sound, play what the music asks for and not what the ego wants." Bachelor's Degree - Souza Lima College - Berklee

Photo of Bryant Fars

Let your ambition carry you

Photo of Magix

Producer out of Dallas with a wide range of skills in crafting music.

Photo of Yourhomestyles

A business description gives a snapshot of the business you plan to run or are already running. Business descriptions are typically written to appeal to potential investors, but they are important regardless of whether you're looking for funding. Website:- http://www.yourhomestyles.net/

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