Top Mixing Engineers for hire

You have good sounding recorded tracks. Get a professional mix to turn your recordings into a great sounding song.

Mixing Engineer and Mastering - Scavvy

I'm a music producer, Mixing engineer for fun. I enjoy making music and I wish to collaborate with fuck ton amount of people! PM me for any querie(s) ;)

Master, mixing, producer & com - MindZ RecordZ

I compose, mix, master & produce music, audio or soundtracks for clips, short films, comercials, video games & movies. We have worked with many different artist & audio projects

Music Producer - André Gomes

I've had created/innovated some bass technics in the middle 80' such as the Double Thumb. Also, I've performed around the world with some of the best Brazilian's artists. Currently, I'm working with music production, creating beats, recording, mixing and mastering for the biggest artists from Brazil.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Michael Ferraris

Mixing and Mastering engineer specialized in Trap and Lofi Hip Hop

Mixing & Mastering - Nikhil Thakar

I'm an electronic artist, producer and engineer based out of Los Angeles, CA – previously graduated from Icon Collective! Would love to take your record to the next level with my expertise with mixing and mastering! Cheers!

Mixing & Mastering - Gigi Piscitelli

"When Music sounds bad, It's only got the wrong dress on. Let’s go shopping!"

Mixing, multi-instrumentalist - Brian Penny

I approach mixing from a emotional performance based perspective. I find the story in the song and help bring that out in the listeners experience.

Remote Mixing, Music Producer - Brodie T

Hello my name is Brodie T. I'm an audio engineer and a producer from Melbourne,Australia. i can do most genres but i specialise in trap/pop . I look forward to working with you

Recording/Mix Engineer/ReAmper - Ari Raskin

Recording/mix/mastering engineer, producer and guitarist with credits over a wide range of genres, from recording straight ahead jazz bands to hip hop mixing to pop vocal tuning to singer-songwriter production. Engineer on several Grammy-nominated and winning albums. Large vintage classic gear selection as well -- great for reamping and processing.

Audio Engineer / Producer - ETHAN MIDNIGHT

Mix Engineer w/Analogue touch - Noah Nelson

Get that analogue warmth and polished sound that bangs 🔥

Producer & Mixer - Tandem Powerhouse

Sound artist with 10 years of experience in producing and mixing electronic music. My own maximalist production style has made me a mixer with attention to even the tiniest detail. I can create space in complex arrangements and can make minimal compositions sound grandios.

Mix and Master Engineer - Ron Music

Hi, I'm Ron, Award-Winning Mixing and Mastering engineer. You can expect the best possible quality for your music which will be professionally mixed, mastered to ensure it sounds as good as possible.

Engineer, Guitarist, Producer  - Peter Asher Production

I will always remember the first record I ever held in my hands: 'Bringing it All Back Home" by Bob Dylan. I must've listened to it a thousand times. The blood of the 60's is in my veins. I have a total crush on earnest lyricism. My desire for your music is that we make something together that gives someone that same first record feeling I've had.

Recording, mixing, live audio - Fabio Marazzi - Audio Engineer

Finalizzo la tua musica, così come l'hai immaginata. Su disco o dal vivo, fatti notare.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Coma

Hey, my names Dustin but I generally go under the alias Coma, I love working with music, I've been making beats in FL Studio for ~4 years and recently finished up a diploma in Audio Engineering.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Alan Whelan

Let me mix and master your projects to release standards. I am here to get your product to where it needs to be in today's music business. I am person who is not finished until you are 100% happy and I strive for perfection in everything I work on.

Music Producer, Mix and Master - Gabriel Rosario

I've been a music producer for 6 years now, and have a degree on Sound engineer. If you need a track or you need to mix and master your track, I'm willing to give a hand even if you have a limited budget.

Record-Produce-Mix-Master - Dan Broad

Production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Composition, Programming, Session Guitar/Bass.

Music Producer, Mixing - Yann Bargain

Do you have a clear vision of your song, but struggle to reach it? I'm here to help you! I will provide full production and/or mixing service to enhance your music and make it ready for all streaming platforms. My work accumulated over 350+ million streams across all platforms.

Musician with recording studio - Mano Crei

15 years of experience, songwriter, guitarist, singer, sound engineer and owner of recording studio. I've recorded few albums, I mix, I don't master. I've did sound for many live performances. Highly experienced with technical stuff and requirements, Logic Pro, Cubase, Live Loops, macOS, midi mapping, etc.

Mixing, Mastering, Composing - DALY

I create music that gets stuck in your head

Mixing  &  Mastering Engineer  - Argest Rushiti

Working with Love and passion for the last 17 years as a Live & Studio Sound Engineer,has made me understand musician's and producer's needs for the sound they love and want.Originality,quality,exellence and client's sattisfaction is my main goal.I use my ears to listen and my heart to feel.I take care of your passion,your music,your sound.

Production, Keys, Voice, Mix - Quentin Bethea

As a producer, singer and educator I not only bring years of talent, a masters degree, and many satisfied customers, but also the best quality of work you'll find for a price you can afford

Real Audio Works - Mike Coughlan

My mission is to work with other creators internationally, providing them with above industry-standard audio production, sound design, original music composition, and eventually mix and mastering culminating in a perfect project.

Mixing Engineer - Victor

Passionate about making your project sounding the best it can !!

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Labyrinth Soundworks

I am Chris Parkes, please allow me to put my experience to work in bringing your musical vision to life. I have been working mainly freelance for the past twenty years mixing, editing, and mastering. I work in a private studio in the North Shore of Massachusetts using Logic Pro and a fully in-the-box solution of modern and 'vintage' software.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Vilius isavas

Song Producer, Solo guitar, bass guitar, piano, vocal recording and full arrangement.

Remote Recording/Mixing/Master - Strange Skies Recording

If you need affordable and professional portable recording, mixing, and mastering services, contact me for a free consultation of your project. I want to help you bring your music ideas to life.

Remote Mixing  - Brandon Lackey

My work has recently been featured on Billboard, Netflix, HBO, FOX, ABC, SiriusXM Shade45, Okayplayer, & and REVOLT TV. I care about your music and am relentlessly committed to customer satisfaction.

RADIO READY Mixing/Mastering - Tony Martino

***24 HOUR TURNAROUND!*** My name is Tony Martino. I am a professional multi-instrumentalist musician, songwriter, producer, mixing/mastering engineer, from Chicago. I have been working full time as a musician for around 10 years, and I have been doing studio work for around 2 years. Music is what I do.


Creative Mixing

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Jacob Rones

Professional Level Mixing and Mastering at an affordable cost!

Producer, Mixer, Guitarist - Jordan Karg

I take your creativeness and music and turn it into life. I will help you each step along the way. Whether it is producing your art, mixing to stereo, or a guitar session over your track, I will make your music soar.

Mezcla y Mastering, Producción - Luis Ruky

Mezclas desdel Pop, Rock y Urbano

Music producer and key player - OK Music

Multiple awarded Songwriter, Music producer and Piano player.

Engineer - Scooter Jr.

Been pushin' buttons makin' people sound good for about 5 Years.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - James Franz

JFMM (James Franz Mixing & Mastering) is the answer for music creators who want a PRISTINE and PUMPING professional mix. JFMM delivers top quality mixes and will do everything to ensure you are happy with the end result. With 10+ years of top mixing experience, I am able to work comfortably in any genre; Rock, Hip-Hop, Singer-Songwriter etc.

Recording, Mixing & Mastering - Lazlo

Working permanently @Butterama Recording Center. I can also offer you my own more budget Studio in Marzahn. Analog and Digital always the best of both worlds. Usually work Hybrid but in the box is also totally fine. All styles accepted and respected.

Music Producer / Mix Engineer - Johnny Deezal

I have radio ready hits with or without hooks. As a music producer with over 15 years experience in multiple genre's I'm ready to work for you !

Producer & Mixing Engineer. - K Malice

I'm an experienced Mixing Engineer and Producer. If you're not happy, I'll make it right. My services value comes from the care of my work.

Mix Engineer - Rob Ficara

Touring and Studio Mix Engineer Based in Buffalo, NY.

Singer,writer,remote producer - Ike Celso

What’s up?  My names Ike Celso and I’m not the typical artist. I’m a singer/songwriter/producer that has so many genres in my bag. From indie, pop, hip hop, all the way latin pop. I love collaborating simply because of how the art of music expands. So, vibe with me and let’s work!

Online Mixing & Mastering - Cherished Mixing

Clear, concise, cherished, and musical mixes. I specialize in Heavy genres of music, Core, Djent, Punk, Etc... Get your music sounding the way you think it should.

Producer, Guitarist and Singer - Gustavo Marson Battistini

Hi, my name is Gustavo and I'm an artist from Brazil. I am a guitarist and singer with a various background in latin, brazilian music, jazz and pop/rock songs. As a producer, I've worked with people from all over the world, like Brazil, United States, Nepal, China, United Kingdom and helped them achieve marvelous results.

I am a mixing engineer - NVMusic

My goal is to elevate your music by mixing creatively and out of the box. I always try to do something different.

Recording & Mixing - Russell Tanner

I've been making records in sunny (read: HOT) Austin, TX for over a decade. I've worked in genres ranging from bluegrass to thrash metal; at the end of the day I love working with good songs. I've been described as "the new old-school" and consider that a compliment. I want to bring a sense of dynamics and space to your project.

Mixing and Sample Playbacks - John Clark

Mixing, production and mastering services. Sample replays for Mylo’s Destroy Rock & Roll album including “In My Arms”. Remix credits w/ Linus Loves on Number 1 singles by Justin Timberlake - “SexyBack” and Scissor Sisters - “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin”. Recent mixing clients include Pearl City and Ben Hayes.

Industry Standard Mixing  - Stewart Moody

Looking for quality and not break the bank?? Look no further. I am a Professionally trained Mixing Engineer excited to mix your music to an industry standard for the world to hear.

Mixing engineer student - Fabio Rimoldi

I'm an audio engineering student, and I want to improve myself. I do this to gain experience!

Audio Engineer - kenansound

a simple boy with a strong sense of music.

Mix Engineer - Mike Prosser

Hi, I'm Mike - an experienced touring sound engineer bringing my expertise in delivering powerful live mixes and immersive stage monitoring experiences for artists like Ms. Lauryn Hill, Clean Cut Kid, Circa Waves, Marsicans and more in to the studio environment to create productions with all the energy of a great live performance!

Mixing & Mastering  - Khatune

I'm a Melodic House & Peak Dark Techno Music Producer Mixed and Mastered Tracks achieved the top 100 on Beatport

Mixing & Mastering, Guitarist - Kato Hafez

A Musician & A sound Engineer From Alexandria/Egypt, Roundglass US Music Awards Winner for the Best Rock Song, I love Rock / Pop/ Metal Music , I would like to try other genres too. I Promise I will try to make you sound as good as possible with Whatever gears you have used.

Remote Mixing & Mastering. - Liquid Records

Hmm, aspiring hobbyist producer... Can mix and master. Interested in anything that will learn me something (or together).

Mixing & Mastering - Gravity

I will mix, pitch correct and master your song...

Mixing & Mastering - Phil Stackson

The audio solution you have been looking for.

Mixing and Mastering - David Pilz

Sound Engineer with with over 10 years of professional working experience based in the Austrian alps

Music Producer - KAYD

Developing unheard talent!

Producing. Mixing mainly - Kekoodiko

Doing beats and producing songs for everyone

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