Top Mixing Engineers for hire

You have good sounding recorded tracks. Get a professional mix to turn your recordings into a great sounding song.

Video, Design, SFX-VFX, Mixing - RvonA

Producer, songwriter, beatmaker, filmmaker, designer and audio engineer all rolled into one. #multimedia #artist #shreditor

Ghost Producer - James Pro Engineer

Professional with over 30 years of experience, Ghost Producer, Mixing & Mastering Engineers, Film Composer

Dub engineer, Producer - Studiored

Reggae / Dub mixes and Productions

Mix Engineer - Andrew Oedel

Andrew is a Grammy-nominated engineer and owner of Ghost Hit Recording in West Springfield, MA. He has worked with clients from all over the world, including numerous Grammy award winners, The Voice winner Brynn Cartelli, and America’s Got Talent “Golden Buzzer” winner Mandy Harvey.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Midnight1200

London based engineer (Joé Blais) - Over 15 million streams for tracks I have Produced/Mixed/Mastered/Engineered.

Engineer, Mixer and Producer - Andy

I've been producing and mixing for over 20 years with origins in electronica and hiphop. Now migrating into more pop based genres. Looking to collaborate on anything and everything really but mostly experienced in these styles. Looking for artistic collaboration only.

Mixing Engineer Music Producer - Kimmy

My name is Kimmy Nam. I recently produced Anoc's About You single album. I've been a professional music producer an 6 years I can Produce and Mixing (especially a Band Mixing) You will have no regrets I can mix the tracks to be a Natural but also a Punchy

Recording, Mixing & Mastering - Lazlo

Working permanently @Butterama Recording Center. I can also offer you my own more budget Studio in Marzahn. Analog and Digital always the best of both worlds. Usually work Hybrid but in the box is also totally fine. All styles accepted and respected.

Everything Music - Man Deep

Hi i have been Rapping and Producing for over a decade now. I am a Sound Engineer Graduate from SAE Institute of creative Media.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Moshe Productions

I am a professional Freelance Mixing & Mastering Engineer with a diverse portfolio of genre's. I am mostly regarded for mixing Pop/electronic music, but have also worked on acoustic songwriting and Rock Genres.

Mixing & Recording Engineer - Mike McG

I'm a dedicated, motivated mixing and recording engineer determined to provide a professional product and a satisfied customer.

Create, license, mix & master - Music Paths

When was the last time someone pushed you to be creative and believed in your work? Music Paths is a group of musician's dedicated to believing in your work. Our skilled team is always at hand to direct and provide you with the resources needed to become a successful artist.

Mixing, Production & Mastering - Andrew Grosse / Audio Engineer

Exciting & unique editing, mixing, production and mastering work via a hybrid of digital and analog processing.

Record, edit, and mix songs  - Peachy Music

Having gone to school, Metalworks Institute in Mississauga, and working in the Toronto studio scene since, I am looking to break out into more freelance jobs. This gets you professional level recording, editing and mixing without the 'Pros' price tag attached! Always making sure you are happy with the outcome is the top priority!

Mixing and Mastering - Pirkka Räisänen

Over 10 million production streams in Spotify

Composing, Mixing & Mastering - Alwyn Nienaber

I will work with you to compose and produce the music that YOU want to put out. I am happy when my client is happy!

Music Producer - Om Records

Modeling waves of sound

R&B/Soul Mixing Engineer - Monielle

For the indie artist! A student of R&B/Soul music, I know the genre and the sound impeccably. Message me. I've studied mixing for 10 years+ and my recent mixing project debuted in the Top 100 HipHop Albums via Itunes & top 40 New Releases on Amazon. As a singer, I hear your vocals in a way the average engineer may not. DM Me!

Music Production and Mastering - Derrej Llewnroc

I will make your song sound amazing in post production! I can also produce music for you. specialize in audio mixing and mastering

Remote Mixing & Mastering - MixedbyAM

My main goal has always been delivering the best possible quality while creating unique vibes for your song . let's get it touch if you’re ready to work!

Producer/Mixing/Mastering - Kevin Ribbans Music

I never change what you have, I just take your vision and make it sound big!

Recording Mixing and Mastering - Fabrica D'arte Studios

Audio services and engineering that put the art first

Artists, songwriter, producer - Nugget2Gs

Let’s get creative and make something legendary! I am all about clarity, and warmth when it comes to a mix.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Studio Moonglow

I will mix and master your song

Studio Engineer - American Dead Cross

Mixing and mastering songs for a vast amount of artists


I'm just a producer who try to do hits and put it on some singers to try to win exposure in music industry.

Producing & Mixing - Marius

My focus while mixing doesn't just lie on setting the levels right, adding some fandy effects and getting the song ready for mastering. For me, it's about developing a sonic and artistic vision for the end result and helping you achieve that goal. At the end, a mix should satisfy you as an artist while also meeting professional standards.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - José Manuel Busso

I am a sound engineer and musician passionate about sound in all its expressions. More than 13 years of experience as a sound engineer in recording studios. Sound manipulation expert: recording, editing, post-production, sound design, mixing and mastering.

Music Producer / Mixer - Jonas Wang

I am a Music Producer / Mixer based in London. I specialise in styles namely pop, dance, electronic, hiphop, film scoring, etc. If you got a song idea written that needs a beat, a film that needs a backing track I got you, or even anything music production, I`ll get it done.

Sessions, Mix and Master. - AnxSion

I provide quality mixing and mastering services at affordable rates. I also provide guitar, bass and drums sessions playback services as well. I run a concept studio based in India and can provide assistance in live shows and visual jockey service.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Syht

Production school student. Jack of all trades: Beats, Rapping, Sampling, Mixing, Mastering, Editing, Comping, Vocal Tuning, and anything else an artist may need to make the vision for a record become a reality.

Studio Mix and Master Engineer - Mariano Ast

Mix engineer and producer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Music Producer, Mix & Master - Ramon Espinoza

Ramon Jose Espinoza is an audio engineer based in Denver, Colorado. He has spent the past 5 years developing skills in recording, producing, mixing, and designing sounds. He believes in creating meaningful music and art while helping his collaborators manifest their artistic ambitions.

Music Producer to the stars - Bee Ta


Audio Engineer - Eddie Johnson

Have engineered for artists all across the USA. Music that I've mixed and mastered have been played on the radio, been in movies, and has been used for commercial use. If you want fast, efficient, and most importantly professional sounding quality contact me and lets get you on the right path!

Producer, Mix engineer - Daniel Wheale

I am a song creator, producer and mix engineer based in Belfast NI, I have worked in the industry for nearly a decade and love working with artists to help get what they hear in their head out onto record. Very passionate about working with people in a partnership to get the best results.

Mixing And mastering   - O.P HEMANT

I am a 21-year-old mixing and recording engineer from Bangalore, India. Having worked in various productions of Hindi short films, Kannada and Tamil movies as well as commercial songs, I have a broadened sense of approaching mixes and recordings. My work has been in Indie Pop, Bollywood, Hindustani Classical, Hip-Hop, etc.

Music Production from A to Z  - 1904 Recording Studio

1904 is one of the best italian Recording Studio. We drive the production, the artist or the creator from the starting process to the final post-production of the project. The analogue heart of the direction is represented by the newest SSL's Console: the ORIGIN. Analogue gear from Lexicon, Eventide, Studer and many more...

Online Mixing & Mastering - Gray

Mixing vocals, mainly r&b soul, hip hop, and modern pop

Mixing - Mastering - Producing - Matthew Nowak

A discerning ear, exceptional intuition and grit has fast-tracked Matthew Nowak into working with multi-award winning engineers and artists from all over the world. Music is a visceral means of communication, and Matthew strives to connect with people from around the world to make sure their music can be expressed even better than they picture it.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Alex Sandra

shaping your sound as the way you like with a quality that everyone likes

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Alex Thompson

I love to work particularly on Indie / Alternative / Rock / Pop music and can't wait to mix your project

Mixing, Mastering & Production - Kaan Yurdakul

Recording, mixing, arranging and performing at an industry level.

Production, Mixing & Mastering - Nathaniel Lewis Carreon

I am an independent audio engineer, producer, and musician with 5+ years of experience, here to take your project to the next level!

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Alex Fahlman Audio

Needing any Mixing or Mastering done? I'm Alex and I just graduated Pixel Blue College and have a diploma in Digital Audio Production. Right now I'm just looking to get some experience working with clients and continuing to build up my portfolio.

Remote Mixing, Producer - Derek Coburn

Grammy nominated mixer, producer, engineer and musician. I've worked with artists like: The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Chelsea Wolfe, Bun B, The Armed, Wavves, Nea, Surf Curse, and Azealia Banks.

Mixing & Mastering - Chris Ganoudis


Nashville based Mix Engineer, Producer, Songwriter and Multi-instrumentalist working in Pop, EDM, Country and Rock.

Sound Engineer/Musician - Can Ersalıcı

Capable sound engineer with two years’ experience in live music halls & music studios, seeking to develop himself in sound related areas.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Ash Brown Audio

Proficient in multiple areas of audio engineering, Ashlee offers a wide variety of services to meet your audio requirements, whether that be in the studio or at a gig!

Music Producer, Mixing, Record - PRODUCER AND MIXER

I am a sound engineer in a French label "Black Palladium". I play guitar since I was a kid. Currently I compose for french artists. I also mix in a pro studio in Paris.

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - Marcus Morrison

Authentic, creative mixing that emphasizes and declares the emotional elements that exist within your music.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - JRglobal

Mixing Engineer at the Sydney Opera House for 15 Years, from classical to jazz and acoustic live music performances to speech/podcast and recording/streaming productions, Studio Owner specialised in Surround Mixing/ Mastering for Streaming, Stereo Upmixing to Dolby Atmos and Binaural Surround Mixing for Headphones.

Mix, Master, Producing, Italia - Bruno Mari

I am an Italian producer, songwriter, guitarist, mixing engineer, and performer. What can I do best? Maybe better than other? I think I have three main good qualities:1) Writing goo song in Italian 2) Creating the right groove and the right feel for a song 3) Good and low-cost mixing service, and psychedelic skills

EDM Mixing & Mastering Remote - KOEXIST Mixing and Mastering

Extensively studied mixing and mastering from a collection of the best in the industry including Seth Drake, ill.Gates, 6th Street, and more. For a limited time, accepting free mixes and masters for testimonials. Contact me for more details. Get a high quality sounding mix & master with a quick turnaround!

Mixing Engineer - Drew Sliger

Drew is a multi-platinum recording engineer/mixer based out of Los Angeles, CA.

Mixing Engineer, Bassist - Jeffrey Yocum

I am Jeffrey Yocum | Mixing Engineer | Session Bassist | Mastering Engineer "I want to help you bring your musical creations to life!!"

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Increase Your Quality

Interesting package and UNLIMITED FREE revisions ! I'm the official engineer of Milkshake Label 🥤 Mixing & mastering: 120 euros with unlimited revisions / Mixing: 100 euros with unlimited revisions / Mastering: 40 euros with unlimited revisions.

Production, Mixing & Mastering - Lokevivi

Get your track perfectly mixed and mastered and get ready to send it to your favourite record label. Specialized in "Tech House" grooves, following the trail of big ones like: Michael Bibi, BlackChild, Detlef, Classmatic...

Make your music sound better - KG Mixes

All genre's welcome. All work can be found at

'Producer Engineer' - Eleusis

Listening to Grunge since I was a teenager trained my ears, then I trained my Production skills while making my own music and selling beats, now I wanna offer my expertise to make sure your song gets the sound it deserves!

Producer & Mix Engineer - Luca Gache

Open minded approach to all projects and willing to give an outside opinion to help deliver a quality final product. Lover of high fidelity and creative effects.

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