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You have good sounding recorded tracks. Get a professional mix to turn your recordings into a great sounding song.

Studio, Mixing, Mastering - flohzirkus

flohzirkus is a 22yo Record Producer and Mix- & Mastering engineer specialized on Hip Hop & RnB/Soul!

Mix and Master Engineer - Jackson

EDM Mix and Mastering Engineer / Tech House DJ and Producer

Producer/Musician/Engineer - Santiago Reos

Hi! My name is Santiago. I am a professional musician, audio engineer and music professor. I have my own movil studio called "Estudio Borges" where I can work with your music. I am an independent musician and I know how important it is to have professional quality audio in order to spread your message. Peace

Music Producer, Mastering, Mix - Isac Noir


Hey You! I am Isak, I've been producing music for about 5 years. Through these years I have been involved in different songs acting as a produced/Songwriter. I have a love for EDM music but been exploring different genres through the years. Looking forward to work with other talented music people. :)

Mixing and mastering - ABF Productions

My One Top Credit Is L3 23 Because he gave me a song that is not something i normally would mix but was able to do it it come out sounding good this is one of my impressive accomplishment

R Studio, Songwriter, Producer - Broadwater Studios Ltd

Let your ears decide - 'Raising the bar and setting the standard of audio in the North East of England'. Exciting online portfolio from major label to unsigned artists. Singer songwriter production has become our trademark.

Recording Studio,Remote Mixing - Digital Forest Studio

Digital Forest Studio is a boutique recording, mixing and music composition facility.

Mixing & Mastering - BURNEKK

I excel at bringing specially tailored vocal performances edits to your recording whether it's Rock Music, Hip-Hop, House, Pop, EDM, etc. as well as mixing and mastering your recording to give it that WOW radio-feel vibe. I will make your vocals find their place in the mix and bring life into them.

Hollywood-Based Music Producer - Mark Diedrichsen

Click the 'Contact' above to get in touch. Let's work!!!

Beats, Mix and Master - Emerickbeats

The best, if you want the sauce of "Funk Carioca" and the Real Trap of Rio de Janeiro

Recording Studio - Breezy Studios

Record like royalty at your private get away recording studio in Orleans, MA!

Producing, Mixing, Mastering - Jon Barnard

Music producer, mix & mastering engineer with more than 8 years of experience. Released music and worked with labels like Gemstone Records, Strange Fruits, Sirup, Global Records, Perfecto House and more. My music has been supported by some of the biggest DJs in the world and placed on some of the biggest playlists across Spotify and Apple Music.

Electronic Music Producer - Mr.Diamond

Electronic music producer signed to Hot Creations, Saved, Moon Harbour, Solid Grooves.

Music Producer - SB90

Whether it’s Hip-Hop, EDM, acoustic, dance or alternative pop that you’re after, Producer SB90 knows just how to make audio dreams come true. Working with the likes of Thandi Phoenix, KYLE, KLP, Fractures and Benson, while also contributing remixes to Pop superstar Ruel and Grammy Award winning Producer M-Phazes, SB90 is on the cusp of greatness.

Recording Studio, Mixing, Post - Estudio Naranja

With over 15 years of experience recording, mixing and producing artists and bands in the alternative rock, urban, pop music scene in Colombia. We are recording studio created for musicians and fully equipped for engineers. We have hosted sessions for several local and international bands and producers. The best creative space for your music.

music producers mix engineer  - The Bard Knight Brothers

we can be your ghost producers, part time producers and composers and we can be your mix and master engineer

Mastering - Mallorca Mastering

After many years recording and mixing I took a mentorship with Hay Zeelen at his mastering studio (Sepultura, The Prodigy, Beth Hart, Level 42, 10CC, Joe Jackson... to name just a few) and here I am, ready to serve your songs and have a great time by doing so.

Music Producer, Audio Engineer - Spandan Wasnik


Hey, I'm Spandan Wasnik a music producer & multi-instrumentalist based in Mumbai, India. I specialize in Pop-Music production, although I am a multi-genre producer having worked on genres ranging from Pop, Rock, Lo-fi, Indie all the way to Bollywood music. Achieving the TOP-MOST QUALITY of sound is the main motto for my music career.

Mastering/Mixing and Editing  - Caava / C.Vee / White Studio

Mixing, Mastering, Editing Vocals or helping at an production!

Mixing & Music Producer - MIR1NDA Music

Hi. I'm Sergei MIR1NDA Music. I am a mixing engineer and producer and I want to help you make an awesome song. Together we can do something really cool to win the hearts of many listeners!

Mixing & Mastering, Guitarist - Edward Gavitt

Brooklyn based engineer and guitarist. I have worked on many projects. Active performer in the NYC scene and engineered Grammy and Latin Grammy nominated recordings.

Recording & Production Studio - Noise Together

Brand new recording studio in Milwaukee, WI, offering 3 full-time engineers working on your project, for the price of one. Let's make some magic.

Session Musician - Constantine Vassilakis

Session musician with 12 plus years working with artists and bands all over the world..! Don't hesitate asking any question! Can't wait to get started with your song!

Producer + Session Guitarist - John Lenin

I'm a Music Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist (and Graphic Designer) from Germany. I have been playing instruments and writing songs for more than 20 years and made the jump to professional music production 3 years ago. I am published by Edition UGF at Roba Music Publishing.

Production+Mixing+Mastering  - Maura Rosa

Air Builder a.k.a Music producer, sound engineer, songwriter, instrumentalist with 10+ years experience.

Pop Songwriter and Producer - Itamar Lapidot

Musical Swiss Army Knife. Let's take your stories and turn them into beautiful and textured songs!

Mixing Engineer and Producer - Mark Anthony

Here to bring your music to life. 2x Billboard Producer and Engineer for BabyTron and TheHipHopLab based in Detroit, MI. Over 10,000,000 Streams I have mixed and recorded with some of Michigan's Biggest Artist from Icewear Vezzo, Peezy, Rio da yung og, RMC Mike, Louie Ray, Pretty Brayah, and outside creatives Daboii, Mistah FAB, Philthy Rich.

K-POP Dolby Atmos mixing - Sound360 Studio

Dolby Atmos Mixing Specialist for K-pop

Rap Music Producer - Mighty Swank

Look- I'm not a pro, and neither are you, but who's to say we can't both progress together? What I need: experience on mixing, and eventually credit (but that's way further down the line) What you need: to turn your average sounding project into something that resembles a professional mix What it costs: free, until I have enough experience

Modern Metal Prod. Mix Eng. - Rey Lynx

Looking for a budget-friendly, cutting-edge modern metal producer who offers unlimited revisions and 10+ years of experience in songwriting, mixing, and beat-making? Let's collaborate to create something unique and tailored to your style. Ready to take your music to the next level? Let's make it happen!

Mixing and Mastering engineer - Culture Livingston

Im Culture. i work at Catalyst Recording in Philadelphia Where "Billie Eilish", the viral hit by Armani White was recorded mixed and mastered. I have been involved with numerous projects and numerous genres during the course of my career. Im not a hobbyist. This is how I pay my bills. I look forward to helping create value in your music.

Production and Instrumentals  - ATO The Collective

With over 10 years of collective experience, we're a team of producers, engineers, vocalists, and multi instrumentalists who wish to help make your vision of your art complete.

Music Producer, Audio Engineer - Sanfer "S3" Chaney III

Attention all artists! Are you ready for world-class production that will take your music to the next level? As a certified producer with over a decade of experience, I specialize in creating dynamic, genre-crossing tracks that resonate with listeners. Im here to elevate your sound and help you stand out in a crowded industry. Lets make some magic!

Pop, R&B, Hip Hop Producer - Calvin Smith

Skilled producer/mixer/master & audio-engineer.

Modern Music Producer - Garrett Neal

I specialize in Pop, Hip Hop and Electronic Music Production. By utilizing a mix of Modern and Vintage synthesizers, I am able to create music that spans genres and decades.

Producer & Engineer - Fisher Thompson

I help produce, engineer, and mix genre-bending hip-hop, folk, and rock.

Remote Music Producer - Alberto Rivera

Make your music dreams a reality for less! Produce and record remotely in Mexico.

Audio Engineer, Music Producer - Hridyansh Bramhanand Tichkule

Hi, my name is Hridyansh and I am a student at The Los Angeles Recording School for a Bachelor's degree in Audio Production. I have 2 years of experience in Audio Engineering, in which I studied A-Level Music Technology and have gotten an excellency award for my outstanding performance in the subject. I know how to play the guitar, drums, piano

Mixing, mastering. Keyboards - Arctic Lyd

Over 20 years of experience, worked with artists like Ken Hensley, The Blues Express, Geir Bertheussen Blues Express, and many more

Mastering, Mixing - Get Real Audio

World-class mastering and mixing, in an English castle!

Your Go-To Mixing Engineer - MixedByNawtyway

Nawtyway's mixes have debuted on platforms such as ESPN, VH1, UFC & more.

Mixing Engineer - Joy Paul

Sound Arrangement, Mixing & Mustering

mixing mastering engineeer - Robert Harder

I mix and master for you online. Countless successful productions in USA and Europe, I combine the knowledge of the old analog and very current methods of engineering. People who know my mixes and masters say they have an edgy but warm, punchy but natural style.

Producer. DJ. Engineer. - Muffin Creatives

Unlock the full potential of your music with my expertise as a music producer. With a keen ear for detail and a deep understanding of diverse genres, I bring a dynamic and professional touch to your sound. From conceptualization to final mixdown, I am dedicated to creating captivating tracks that resonate with listeners.

Producer, Sound Designer - George Cicci

Dark music and sound with gravity and atmosphere for your next trailer, game, film or show. I’m a production music composer with two decades of boutique sound design and production experience. While I can produce almost anything, my core competencies lie within the darker, aggressive and sound design side of trailer and tension music.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Ever Guajardo

Unlock Your Music's Brilliance! 🎧🎶 Mixing & Mastering Specialist since 2014. Specializing in mesmerizing church productions with premium plugins. Based in Monterrey, Mexico, I'm on a mission to make your music shine at affordable rates. Let's create something amazing together!

Music Producer & Engineer - Kleft

Hi, I'm Kleft, a music producer and engineer from Colombia who's had the honor of working with top labels like eONE Entertainment and talented Latin artists like Bryant Myers, Jamby El Favo, Pacho El Antifeka and more.

We are a music production team - The HouseMen Music LLC.

Music production, mixing, and mastering for Disney, Fox Sports, MTV, and numerous remixes for artists such as Missy Elliot, Nas, and Jay-z to name a few.

Recording Studio - G7 Studio

Great recordings aren't made, they're captured! We are a professional recording studio with a focus on rock, indie, singer-songwriter, and live sessions. We are distinguished by our excellent sound, wonderful team, and a studio atmosphere that is unique throughout Berlin.

Music Producer / Beatmaker - Beto Sandoval

I'm a Music producer and Beatmaker, Full service production, editing sessions, mixing, mastering, vocal production, everything for u song.

Hip Hop/rap music producer - J Soto

Text me and you will sound better than Drake.

Session Guitar, Mix & Master - Nicholas Poppin

Session guitar, Mixing, Mastering

Drummer & Mixing Engineer - Tyson Williams

Civil engineer and U.S. Navy Veteran with 20+ years experience drumming in live and studio performances. I apply a strong technical background and honest work ethic to the tasks of mixing engineering and music production. My mission is taking your project to the next level and enhancing my client portfolio.

Music Producer  - anderson duarte

I consider myself a creative and perceptive musician & producer, deeply passionate about music. With a skill set that includes playing guitar, bass, and most importantly, a profound love for music itself, I immerse myself in each project to craft something truly special. My goal is to bring your musical vision to life and infuse it with creativity

Ghost Production - ICON Samples

Welcome to the ICØN Samples! Professional Ghost Productions that will help you lay down your ideas quickly.

Remote Mixing and Editing - Ashley Wootton

I can mix or edit your music to a very precise standard.

Producer, Songwriter, Artist - Kennen

Music producer, songwriter, and artist with 13+ million stream on Spotify (2023). Work with the collaborator of Billboard and Rolling Stone-featured Vardaan Arora, RuPaul's Drag Race UK’s Tia Kofi, and Produce 101 China season 3 contestant Curley G.

Owner, Engineer - Justin Hess - Hit Recording

Full-service analog recording studio reasonably priced for demos, EP and full length records. Featuring Allen Toussaint’s 24 input MCI JH-416 B console from Sea-Saint Studios and a Scully 284 1” 8-track machine.

Music Producer mix engineer  - Alex Alberdi Sidewinder Studio

With a wealth of experience as a music producer and adept mix engineer, I have a demonstrated history of turning artistic visions into refined, top-tier tracks. My expertise spans various genres, infusing each project with creativity, technical finesse, and a precise eye for detail. Join me in a collaborative effort to enhance your music.

Producer, Mix/Master Engineer - Pop Plug

Beatmaker, Producer, Mix/Master Engineer. Can make any beat the artist desires, build your unique sound today fpr heavy replay value.

Mixing Engineer 🎧 Producer 🎹 - Amir Swain

As the creative force behind a variety of major artists' sound, with 67 million streams worldwide, I bring unmatched mixing expertise to elevate your music to extraordinary heights."

Indie-Pop-Rock Producer - Joshua Taylor


Head Engineer/Producer at The Walrus Studio in London specialising in music with heart. Get your music created in one of London's best old school analog studios by an award winning producer and internationally touring musician.

Singer & Producer - Colin Egan


Dynamic vocalist, producer, and mixing engineer with a knack for harmonies and catchy melodies, as well as mixing orchestra for broadcast. As a singer, I've toured internationally with the House Jacks, Duwende, sang backing vocals for Our Lady J, LaChanze, Kenita Miller, and others and have been a featured vocalist on ABC's "What Would You Do?"

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