Top Mixing Engineers for hire

You have good sounding recorded tracks. Get a professional mix to turn your recordings into a great sounding song.

Mixing, Producer, Songwriter - Thomas Corde

I admire artists who can pour their soul into their craft without letting their heads get in the way with the original idea.

Mixing/Music Producer - Pnut Producer

Recording/Master Engineer

Music Producer - Caleb Gayton

I am a Music Producer from Atlanta GA and i will mix and master music for you. I also make beats! I go to Atlanta Institute of Music and Media

Music Producer,Sound Engineer - Gregg "Stormzone" Greer

Gregg "Stormzone" Greer is A highly creative Music Producer & Mix Engineer from Chicago, and also based in NYC. I have 30 years of experience making music being mentored by a music legend. My music style is rooted in Gospel, R&B, Soul, Hip Hop and inspirational. Greer owns interest including Radio, TV and an independent Record Label Soul America.

Music Producer - P V P E (lepape)

P V P E is a Professional Producer, Composer and Entrepreneur based in Marrakesh, Morocco. His style is every piece of music which makes you dance and move your body since he is from Africa, he grews up listening to all traditional and modern African Music but also the Universal Music, with all these cultures mixing together you got the PAPE SC

Recording Studio, Mix e Master - Dego Recording Studios

Nomination at Hollywood Music Award

Mixing / Producing / Recording - Coffee House Studio

Does your music sound like Caliente Basura? (Hot Garbage) I will mix your tracks and make them sound GOOD. I have some major credits on some major labels but all from the shadows, So if your looking to sound radio ready I'm your engineer!

Mixing and mastering - Julien B.

Mixing and mastering engineer.

Mixing & Mastering, Producer - Dereck Plaza

As a Berklee College of Music alumni for Music Production & Sound Engineering, I have learned and worked with some of the best within the industry! I offer my skills in production, mixing and mastering at an affordable and reasonable price! My motto is to "Make Good Music That Helps People & Help People Make Good Music".

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Svyat Ko

Работаю в разных стилях и жанрах. Имею определённый опыт как в студийной так и в концертной деятельности. Люблю то что делаю.

Producing, Mixing, & Mastering - Story Studios

We want to be your partner in the music-making process. Most musicians have great music but not a great strategy to get that music out to the world. That starts with the music itself. We will be a sounding board and tell you how to make your music shine. We will also track, mix, and master your track, so it has the best chance of being playlisted.

Mixing | Mastering - Pedro Peixoto

One of the most requested Mixing Engineers of Pop / R&B Genre in Brazil. # Over 200 million streams # Knowning for mixing / mastering for: Jota Quest | Lagum | Elana Dara | Gimenez | JJ SanSaverino | Paul Kastic | Shane Allenger. Work with major labels Warner Music Br, Sony Music, and also independent artists.

Mixing Engineer - Remote - Treasure Big Trez

Treasure Big Trez is a record producer and audio engineer specializing in mixing. He was involved in the development of the DC Metro Area R&B, Gospel, Go-Go Music, Smooth Jazz, and Hip-Hop scene. He has worked with Lil' Mo, Bryan Andrew Wilson, Critical Condition Band (CCB), Brian Simpson, Maysa, and DeAnna Stealth.

SoundDesign/RecordProduction - LUГ

Semi-Electronic-One-Man-Sound-Lab ; also known as Kowloon Broadcast Tower

Assistant Audio Engineer - Rick Marquez

Does your recordings need a bit of editing love? or need a great affordable mix? You can count on me!

All things sound. - Cult Classique

I make sounds, help others make sound better and add soundtrack to any element of life.

Remote mixing and mastering - George Leger III

35 years experience has given me the ability to add that extra bit of magic to your work, whatever it is. I'm a Juno Award winning mastering engineer in Canada, as well as Los Angeles Music Awards as Artist, producer, mix and mastering engineer. I also worked on 5 Barry Manilow records including 2 that were nominated for Grammy Awards.

Write, Produce, Record, Mix. - Joe Rubino

Hi, I have been singing, playing and producing music for over 50 years. I have my own home studio and with my years of production experience, I can help take your project to the highest level possible.

Recording, Drummer, Mastering - Ben Biggins

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Remote Mixing e Mastering - Lorenzo Crana

I work as assistant engineer in one of the best recordind studio for jazz and acoustic music in Italy.

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Yez Vanegas

Electronic, pop, trap and gospel experienced music producer, I won the "best music producer" Vertical Music Awards in 2010, have been producing music and shows with Alex Campos, Rojo, Ingrid Rosario, Gilberto Daza and more. Now I can make your songs sound perfect with sevices as editing, tuning, mixing and mastering remote services.

Mixing & Mastering - frznj

Over 6+ Years producing and mixing hip hop

Mixing  | Editing  - YourSoundEngineer

Buy 2 mixing = get 1 free! Mixing = 75$

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Camilo Chaves

Do you need to find that sound? You really need somebody who listens. To your Project and to what you want to say as an artist. I'll listen closely to make sure your audio sounds just right.

Live Sound Engineer, Studio Mi - Seb Barbato

I'm a live sound engineer and a studio mixer. I also do consulting and technical direction for many shows or events

Artist / Producer - Francis Brio

I am music brand who has gone deep in sounds and cultures, i had intercourse with nature and my mind got exposure.

Recording Studio - acustic sound

Acustic Sound Studio has been working for over 20 years in the field of audio recording, mixing, mastering and audio production.

Music Producer - Marcovits

I'm a Music Producer and I can help you finish your tracks mixwise, production or mastering no matter what style.

Music Producer - MarqueeMoon


Marquee Moon, self taught multi-instrumentalist music producer. In less than 24hs learned how to Dj and performed the Warm Up set for the headliner of Party in the Paddock Festival, Lilly Allen. Currently earned a scholarship to study Audio engineering at SAE in Byron Bay, Australia. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, currently living in Australia.

SERVICIO DE MEZCLA ONLINE - Carlos Nicolas Hernandez

Mezcla y Produccion Musical,edición de audio,DJ sessions Te ofrezco mi servicio de mezcla online,te oriento para que alcances el siguiente nivel en tus producciones

Production, Mix & Mastering - WAVE LIFE

Music Production Studios specialized in electronic and dance music.

mixing and mastering - opseek

Mix and mastering engineer im better to express myself in music than words

Editing and producing - Soty

Soty is a producer, musician, and composer based in Ukraine. He has been producing electronic music since 2010. Blends Chillout with elements of Trance and Electronic vibes. His tracks and remixes are played on radio shows all around the world and getting support from Chicane, Pedro Del Mar, Seven24, Martin Grey and others

singer,producer,mix-engineer - Singlemickey

I'm an out of the box kinda guy with a knack for fusing genres,working with me will definitely be a satisfying experience

Remote Mixing and Producing - BTGilbert Audio

Studied music for 2 years at college, then moved to London to get a degree in Music Production and Business, been recording/mixing for the past 10 years, and playing in bands alike. I have the facility to record full studio drums, electric guitars, bass (mic'd amplifiers), vocals, analogue synths and the rest!

music producer, and Writer - Shnell Music

I am a Music producer, with great Knowledge of musical instruments and song compositions. written for artists like Kiss Daniel. Burma And Teni

Recording and Mixing - Aris Son

I will put your song on top

Mixing Engineer, Beatmaker - HypeNoType

Russian graduate mixing/mastering engineer. Worked with Universal Music Russia, Sony Music Russia signed artists. Main mix/master/post-productions engineer at famous radio station in Saint-Petersburg. Have a lot of experience and ready to work with you, to help you improve your music sound.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Kayon Burbick

There's The Music. The Vocal. And The Person Who Puts It All Together and Elevates It. That's me. And I'm good at that shit. Let's work.

Sound Engineer - Atakan Durdu

Theory Guy

Remote Mixing and Mastering  - Lucas DeLorenzo

I have completed sound design work for a Lamborghini spec commercial. I also have completed mixing work for artists such as White Noise and Mortal Minds.

Recording Studio, Session GTR, - ProMusic

Mixing, Mastering, Recording all kind of instruments (Guitar, bass, percussion, trumpet, keys, etc)

Music Producer - B-Dos' Music Services

I produce music under the name B-Dos. You can hear my work here: I've been producing for the past 5 years and have dedicated several hours every day to become the best at what I do. My music has been featured on a few bigger SoundCloud labels like Quality Goods Records, Phuture Collective, etc.

Mixing and Mastering Engineer - J.R.

Hey Guys, I am a Audio Engineer out of Los Angeles California, I enjoy recording, mixing and mastering R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop, Gospel and all other genres of music. My main focus is on mixing and mastering your project to your utmost satisfaction.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - NoFun Audio

Stop letting your incredible ideas vanish with time, and get them put down on record the way you imagine them sounding. I can help you get there, and honor your artistic expression with the treatment it deserves.

R&B / Alternative Guitarist - Vudajé

I can provide clean, warm, and (sometimes) experimental audio to highlight what makes you unique.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Jonfin Recording

I can Mix & Master your song, Produce your song, write you a Rock Instrumental, and more.

Mixing & Mastering - Aaron Tristancho


Music Producer, Mastering - jTACTICS

I have had my works featured in Source Magazine, I have accumulated over 4000 followers on soundcloud, I have worked with artists signed by famous producer Timbaland.


Hey There! I am a musician, producer, engineer, songwriter and more. I love to mix and master records to radio and streaming perfection. Skills include pitch/time correction, restructuring, creative direction, and lyric rephrasing. I love all styles of music, From Folk To Trap. I WILL WORK WITH YOUR BUDGET to make your vision a reality!

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Alessandro Favero

I am a mix engineer, musician and producer based in north-east of Italy. I specialized in remote mixing and mastering, as well as producing all genres from pop to hip hop to rock and metal.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Your Uncle

Hi there! Thanks for looking up my profile. Professional Recording, Mixing and Mastering is my world, not just when I am working. With a background in Engineering, I come from a different kind of nerdy angle to music production. Developing high-end pro-audio speakers was what triggered my shift towards the music business years ago.

Mixing & Mastering, Recording  - Tekne Sounds

My name is A. Iván Rodríguez and I am an audio engineer and producer with more than five years of experience in this industry, I handle several musical genres and I am versatile in the sound that I can create, from modern and powerful, to vintage and clear. Tekne Sounds is my independent project originally from Mexico City, which aims to help me

Técnico en sonido - Seba Palma

Edición, mezcla y masterización de audio. Productor, Beatmaker.

Music Producers - TENDER

James Cullen and Daniel Cobb. London / Brighton / NY based Electronic / Pop / R&B duo. 200m+ streams. Previous collaborations with Kasbo / Claptone / Henry Green / XYLO / LANNDS / Xylo / FWAR / Gianluca Buccellati/ Exmoor Emperor / LOXE / Frank Colucci

Producer, Mix&Master, Engineer - Northstar144

Contact me for Professional and Expert Sound.

Mixing - Mastering - Altitude Music Studio

First Class mixing and mastering for artist.visit my website and listen my projects

Mixing & Mastering - deece

hear, what i let you hear

Rec & mix engineer, producer - Jean-Charles Versari Studios

All analog or all digital, hybrid work for recording, mixing and producing, in France or anywhere else. I am fluent in English. In my own studio or out of it. Recently doing a lot of remote mixing. My music world is wide, in taste and practice (I am currently part of four bands: Versari, Houdini, Adam H and Judas).

Mixing and mastering - ALBATROSS RECORDINGS


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