Top Mixing Engineers for hire

You have good sounding recorded tracks. Get a professional mix to turn your recordings into a great sounding song.

Mixing, Beat making, Editing - Chris Sacco

Audio Engineer based in Clifton, NJ specializing in Mixing and Editing. Also an experienced Producer/Beat Maker. Shoot me an email detailing your project needs and I will get back to you.

Production, Mixing/ Mastering - Telamor Record Co.

Helping find, and refine your sound.

Recording, Mixing, Producer - Cales & Mr Hyde /Carlos Garcia

Music Producer, Dj, Author, Composer, Beatmaker, Music Business Expert, with more of 10 years experience in the music industry, working for own projects and for hire.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Itthiporn Navaitthiporn

Detail Oriented mixing and mastering your song as best as it gets.

Mixing, Mastering, Production - Joel Evenden

Hi! I'm Joel Evenden, I'm here offering my remote services for mixing, mastering and music production.

Mixing Engineer and Musician - The Mixing Guy

A 45 year old engineer, producer and musician with 25 years experience.

Music Producer, Mashup Creator - Andy Titcomb Audio

I have been writing and producing music at various levels for the last 12 years, I have played at many festivals and events across Europe and the UK in that time and have gained a lot of musical experience doing so.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Dreamcoat Mastering

Modern analog-digital hybrid studio. We specialize in Electronic Music. By combining the warmth & tonality of analog gear & the reliability & precision of modern digital technology, we have a sound you'll love.

Musician/Producer/Composer - Mehdi Gorjestani

Songwriter and guitar player for a prog rock band Empty Yard Experiment.

Producer/Audio Engineer - Stash Jonez

Hi, my name's Stash and I'm a music producer/audio engineer from London, UK.

Mixing,backing tracks,vocalist - Michael Dirksen (SOFA Audio)

Hi, I am Michael Dirksen a sound engineer and musician from Cape Town South Africa. I have 20 years experience working in the music industry. For the past eight years I have fostered a solo career under the pseudonym of 'Templeton' a progressive pop/rock musician. I have constructed a studio which allows me to explore and expand cosmic frequencies.

audio engineer - goolord

a young audio engineer & aspiring musician

skip_next two songs my production team wrote, mixed and produced

Music production - Magic Studio

Magic and music both operate energies (well, in theory of course) and potentially can have huge impact on a person or a larger population. Our goal is to explore that similarity to cleate truly magical musical moments. We offer mix and mastering services as well as music and video production, event organization and management. Let's do some Magic!

Mixing Engineer,Music Producer - TukzBeats

Former Brass Band Leader, play up to 7 instruments Qualified Mixing Engineer from South Africa with a international sound Heavily influenced by Noah 40 Shebib Timbaland Pharrell Williams



Music Producer - westah

Mix and Master at a very affordable rates. Hit me up and I'll start right away. Professional Studio based in London, UK.

Pop/Rock Producer - Blair Condon

Hey! I'm a producer, engineer and musical director from sunny Brisbane, Queensland. I have over 10 years of musical experience, having been in touring acts around Australia, been played on Australian radio stations and own a recording studio in the Fortitude Valley here in Brisbane. I can't wait to be a part of your musical projects journey!

Electronic Music Engineer - Matt At Home

Audio engineer/producer for Smooth Nature. "Waterslide", "No More", and "How Would It Feel?," all produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by yours truly. Studied audio engineering in a professional recording studio for 2 years and worked on countless projects of all genres, but I have big soft spot for the more experimental and electronic projects.

Producer & Mixing Engineer - Joan Edson Velez

Grammy Nominated Producer and Mix Engineer working with artists like Robie Draco Rosa, Box of Trash, The Tuckers, Ben Velasco, La Dama De Atraz, Daniel Juhre and many others.

Sound technician - Suso Ramallo

I'm live engineer over 30 years and studio recorder/mixer over 20 years, my specialty is acoustic music, classical, folk and celtic music, but I worked in the past in several styles, from Heavy Metal, Rock, Pop and Rap. I'm a certificated "Nuendo Pro Operator". I won a award "best sound technician" on the "Spain Music Awards" (Joaquin Sabina)

Mixing/Mastering Engineer - Nick Blagona

Seasoned recording, mixing, mastering engineer, with a wealth of recording studio environments and all types of consoles in my arsenal. I work seamlessly in both the digital and analogue recording environments.

Music Pro/Orchestral Arranger  - Aby Salvin Thomas

I am working as a music producer in the film background scoring sessions and songs. Using Samplitude as my DAW i can read and write Full score Orchestral arrangements and its production is my specialty. ready to collaborate with musicians mobile +919400481111

Mix & Mastering - KLove98

Up and coming Audio Engineer who's able to give you that crisp clear sound that you've been looking for. I'm open to whatever genre of music, I usually work with hiphop and r&b artist but I'm a very open minded person with plenty ideas that will make your music stand out even more.

Producer / Engineer - CaptainCLicK_


Professional audio services from an experienced Producer / Engineer

SoundDesign/RecordProduction - LUГ

Semi-Electronic-One-Man-Sound-Lab ; also known as Kowloon Broadcast Tower

Remote Mixing, Metal, Guitar,  - Producer/Mixer/Engineer/Ghost

I've been working professionally for 15 years, with artists of all levels and in all genres, and was trained in one of Scotland's top recording studio (Riverside Studios) before going freelance in 2019. I specialise Rock/Metal/Pop and Hip Hop. I offer ghost writing for your project and session performance for Guitar and Bass.

Pop Mixing  - Peter Russo

Graduated from Berklee College of Music. Past: Worked at Jungle City Studios NYC Current: Live Sound Engineer at Rockwood Music Hall as well as working on freelance music projects.

Music Producer and Engineer - illRow

Music All-Rounder, The Cape Doctore.

Producer, Mixing & Mastering - MNNR

Producer focused on Bass House, UK bassline and Tech House

Music producer and key player - OK Music

Multiple awarded Songwriter, Music producer and Piano player.

Grammy Mixing & Mastering - Wilfried Aubin

1,000,000+ Streams, World Renowned Mix + Mastering Engineer/Producer/Artist, 7+ Yrs Experience, Award Winning New York based composer, mixing/mastering engineer, producer, artist and sound designer. Worked with talented artist all across the globe. Unlimited free revisions

Rock/metal mixing/mastering - King Beard Productions

Cheap and fast mixing and mastering

Hip Hop Mixing and Mastering  - Vocal Vision Studios

We have built team of producers and mixing and mastering engineers in Asheville North Carolina. This team is well experienced with members of the team having credits with lil keed, Thouxanbanfauni, and 1900 Astro.

Engineer, Producer, Guitarist - Jamie Collazo

Hey I'm Jamie. I'm a multi-instrumentalist, producer, and audio engineer.

Musician, Music Producer  - Nuno Garcia

Music & Sound

Recording | Mixing | Mastering - Ophir Paz

Welcome to Paz Project Production, where your audio projects come to life. With years of experience in the music industry, I specialize in providing tailor-made audio services that will take your projects to the next level. From stereo to immersive audio, I am dedicated to crafting audio experiences that are unforgettable.

Artist / Producer - Francis Brio

I am music brand who has gone deep in sounds and cultures, i had intercourse with nature and my mind got exposure.

Musician, Mixing and Mastering - Multideur Entertainment

Multideur entertainment houses musicians, music producers and sound engineers who have experienced a lot of sides to music. Credits include the entire "I Am King" project by L-Dafar and various artists in the UK, US, Nigeria, South Africa and so much more. Hit us up

Mixing, Mastering, Producing - Niko Gigineishvili

First of all, I love music as I can, and if you really love it, we can get a good conversation. In my mixing room, I only have a Midi Keyboard and Cubase, that's what I really want to be creative, focused, and fast. I also have good monitors, headphones, Fender Strats, bass, acoustics, and all accessories, but in mixing and mastering - less is more

Mixing, Mastering, Beatmakers - El Medano Estudio

Incredible prices for a professional mix and/or master.

Production, Recording, Mixing - Johnathan Wright

Work for a cause, not for an applause. Live life to express, not to impress. Don't strive to make your presence noticed, just your absence felt. Then the job is done right! Excellent service in quality as well as sound comes first. Trust your ears and follow your feelings!

Mixing & Mastering  - Nilton Caboco

Crafting sonic dreams into reality, igniting emotion through every beat

Remote Sessions - Buckshot Rocket

A multi-instrumentalist that's been dabbling in writing, and producing for far too long- time to share.

Hip Hop Mixing and Mastering - MixedbyCic

Once a song is done for me personally, it’s usually ready when its blossoms.

Remote Audio Mixing/Editing - KemonDream

From beginning to end, the constant pursuit, only for the best artworks.

Audio Mix Engineer - Planet Audio Restoration

Hi, My name is Will. I'm a experienced freelance Audio Mix Engineer. Send me a MP3 of your song(s) with your best mix. If I like what I hear I'll let you know where to email your .wav or AIFF file(s). Please send only tracks you are serious about for EP, CD or Digital Release. Cordially,

Mixing Engineer, Bassist  - Aaron Narace

Hi and welcome. It will be a great pleasure to work with you! I'll work until you are satisfied! That's my motto. I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Music Producer, Audio Engineer - NappyBoyTheory

A Recording Artist/ Producer, Audio Engineer from Sacramento, CA

Mixing & Mastering - Mixed By Robn

London based Mix Engineer with 8 years experience! Unlimited Revisions. Recent Clients: Giggs, Zoey Dollaz, Rich The Kid, & M1llionz

Recording & Mixing Engineer - Narek Ambar

Most great engineers were musicians and music fans before they were engineers. Music was an emotion before it was ever a science. A great engineer is hired for their taste, not their technical skills. We use technical skills as the tools to help bring out the proper emotion of a song that the artist is portraying.

Editing, Mixing, Mastering - Tim Phillips

As a natural freelancer, I have learned to adapt to many different musical environments. This has given me the opportunity to record, mix and master a lot of records in a variety of genres including Rock, Reggae, Gospel, Jazz, Americana, Blues, and more.

Audio Engineer & Composer - Frank Spigner

I have spent about a decade serving a clientele of musicians, studio artists, and arts organizations as an audio engineer, composer, and creative technologist. I studied Music Composition at SUNY Purchase, hold an MFA in Sound Arts from the Columbia University, and currently work as a Recorded Music Technician at the Clive Davis Institute at NYU.

Producer | Engineer - George Karanikolos

Hi, my name is George Karanikolos and I am a record producer and sound engineer. I specialise in all aspects of music production; from recording to mixing and mastering. I am always looking for cool and fun projects to be involved with, offering my personal taste and expertise. Feel free to send a message so we can discuss about your next project.

Remote mixing & audio work. - Justice Långvall


I don't do "punchlines".

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Remi MAYOT

Remi Mayot, a mix engineer based in French Riviera, South of France. He strives for a perfect sound for the client and is dedicated to try and get the best sound possible from your music. Remi is also playing, writing, mixing and producing music in his own studio: Snapcut Studio

Mixing, Mastering, Producer - MIXEDBYKADA


A song is only as good as its mix. Quality is key, you've baked the cake, now let's put the icing on together! I am a world class audio engineer working on both logic pro x and pro tools and over 25 million streams across all platforms with a I am hard working, have a sharp and honest ear; I love to help artists find their own unique sound. Bless

Sound Engineer - Jogumes

Experience in operating, configuring, and setting-up a diverse range of complex professional sound reinforcement equipment, including most modern digital consoles, DSP, and line arrays. Experience multi-track recording using large-scale in-line consoles. Experience music producer, sound designer.

Re-recording Mixer - Sourabh

Hi this is Sourabh, I have my own film Post production setup for 5.1 Surround Sound format. I do Film / Music mixing & mastering. You can talk to me personally for any particular requirement.

Producing, Mixing, Mastering - FF Records

Hey guys, we are a professional music and video studio based in Munich. Everything is possible with us!

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