Heavy Metal and Heavy Rock Recording Studios, Mix & Mastering Engineers

Live Drums, Percussion - Jerry


Live Drums, Percussion

Third generation Nashville-Native session musician. I work across many genres. Credits include charting/#1 singles by Keith Urban, Luke Combs, Brett Young, Josh Groban, & Florida Georgia Line, alongside Country/Americana/Indie artists Molly Tuttle, Emmylou Harris, & Greg Laswell, as well as my own metal/sludge/hard rock band, Friendship Commanders.

Mixing, Mastering, Production. - Darren


Mixing, Mastering, Production.

I am a producer, mix engineer, and musician based in London. I specialise in remote mixing and mastering, as well as production for all genres from pop to hip hop to rock and metal.

Rock & Heavy Mixing/Mastering - Benedikt


Rock & Heavy Mixing/Mastering

Want your songs to sound exciting and authentic? Send me your tracks and I’ll turn them into professional, heavy, impactful, yet organic sounding mixes! I can also help you get the whole (DIY-)production spot on, right from the start of the recording process, so you can make records that you, your audience and potential labels will love forever!

Remote Mixing And Mastering - Fretless

Fort Wayne

Remote Mixing And Mastering

Music production without the fret. Take a second to listen to my past work to see if I can provide value for your music! Here to get your tracks sounding top-notch.

Vocal Editor/Mixer - Alex


Vocal Editor/Mixer

I have worked with and learned from the best in the industry, such as Shawn Mendes, Three Days Grace, Billy Talent, Drake, and many more. I have many tricks up my sleeve to make your productions sound tight, big, and professional. I will make your vocals perfectly in tune, and your instruments perfectly in time, without sounding edited!

Drum Editor - Dustin


Drum Editor

I will edit your drums tight, professional, and natural. 30$ a song on average.

Remote Editing and Mixing - Stephen


Remote Editing and Mixing

My name is Stephen Freeman and I am the owner of a home studio now located in Phoenix, AZ. My goal is to remain affordable to the bands or artists who can't afford a high end studio but still deserve to be heard in the best way possible.

Metal & Rock session guitarist - Juan


Metal & Rock session guitarist

Besides my musical background, I have degrees in both sound post production and filmmaking so yes, I have a pretty good big picture of how things are supposed to sound. This couple of last years I´ve been working side by side with other artists as a producer, giving my -mostly rocker- input in their projects.

Session Rock Bass Player - Diego


Session Rock Bass Player

Don't trust people who say they can play every genre, with many instruments... I play bass, I play Rock.

Online Mixing & Mastering - Riccardo


Online Mixing & Mastering

I've worked with many nationally and internationally successful artists as well as countless local and independent talent, in a variety of genres. I have worked with most succesful hardcore, punk and metal italian bands.

Vocalist / Music Producer - Rasmus


Vocalist / Music Producer

Raw powerful vocals is what I do! Sweet sounding produced music is what I make!

Mixing, Mastering, & Composing - Baby

Los Angeles

Mixing, Mastering, & Composing

8 Years of Mixing & Mastering Experience | 10 Years of Composing Experience

Singer, Top Liner, Lyricist - Phee-K


Singer, Top Liner, Lyricist

Multi- talented Artist offering different services. Ranging from blues and pop to rock and EDM, I am open to different genres and looking forward to improve your songs. I am a songwriter, lyricist, a seeker of melodies and a passionate singer. I have been singing and fronting bands for 20 years but my musical taste has always been eclectic.

Your Rock/Metal Power vox - Leonel


Your Rock/Metal Power vox

Powerful Rock/Metal clean voice with large studio recording experience! I deliver not only lead vocals but also some rich harmonies and chorus on your song!

Mixing & Mastering - Dennis


Mixing & Mastering

Mixing / Mastering engineer mostly for heavy stuff. I worked with SODOM, EXUMER, ORDEN OGAN

Produce/Write/Mix/Engineer - Taylor

Los Angeles


Hey there! I had the privilege of growing up in Nashville with a two-time Grammy award winning father ( Bruce Carroll ) since I was a child and that’s what got me started in making music. I have had the pleasure of working for artists such as Taylor Swift, Sabrina Carpenter, Lit, Mest, and many others. My specialty is Rock/Pop/country/alternative.

Affordable Online Mastering - Waltz


Affordable Online Mastering

We offer top quality, quick & affordable mastering. Grammy Nom. Clients Include: DJ Premier, Wu-Tang, Mike Mangini, James Labrie (Dream Theater), Billy Gibbons, Skatalites, Peter Wolf (J Geils) RJD2, Coolio, Marky Mark, Tom Jones & many more. Free previews & No charge for any Revisions. Also offer: Stem mastering & free mix consulting.

Drummer / Mixer / Producer - Alessandro

63822 Porto San Giorgio

Drummer / Mixer / Producer

I'm a professional musician and sound engineer living in Italy, playing drums (touring with many projects, including mine) and making on-line sessions. I can provide hi-standard drums trackings in my own studio, human-like programmed drums, audio editing and mixing via file sharing, producing. My cup of tea is Rock, Metal, Funk, Hip-Hop.

Editing/Mixing/Mastering - Kevin



I can get the sound you're looking for! No matter how long it takes, I strive to never leave an unhappy client and will make it my personal responsibility to make sure you're happy with the result.

Rock/Metal/Techno/Trap Singer - Leo


Rock/Metal/Techno/Trap Singer

Bilingual (English, Italian) singer and top line writer Leo Barbato is enrolled in the last year of her studies in the British and Irish Modern Music Institute (BIMM) located in Berlin. She was booked as second-leading act in the BIMM Induction concert of 2019, as well as in venues such as Maschinenhaus, Kantine am Berghain, and Musik & Frieden.

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