Top Dialogue Editors for hire

Get the cleanest dialogue tracks for your production. These pro dialogue editors will fix messy dialogue, record ADR, and mix together your best dialogue tracks.

Podcast, Dialogue Editor - Elvira Pena Pena

Experienced audio editor and audio production specialist for your Shortfilm, Podcast or AudioBook! Great proficiency in Audio Cleaning and Restoration with the iZotope RX Audio Editor and ProTools software.

Mixing Engineer / Producer - Jason Lee

With a solid commitment to personal and professional excellence, this has led to my work receiving 2 Grammy Nominations, multiple top 100 Billboard charting in 4 different countries, and 2x platinum sales for my respective clients.

Sound Design, Mixing, Cleaning - Damon Mckenzie

I am a sound designer from South Africa with 4 years in the game and a passion for taking projects to the next level.I specialize in creating SFX for games and animations with a knack for the unconventional. I have created audio and mixed for some of the biggest brands out there!

Audio | Mixing | Engineer - Eric Elterman


Credits include Les Paul, Meshell Ndegeocello, San Fermin, Elysian Fields, John Zorn and Thurston Moore. Eric is a NYC based audio engineer with credits that span numerous genres and include Grammy-nominated and Grammy Award-winning projects.

Producer, Engineer, Guitar - Morph Productions

Hello! I've been a professional music producer, engineer, writer and musician for 15 years. Check out my SoundCloud production demo and if you think I can help you with your project feel free to contact me. Always open to working on great new projects.

 - Hugo Leitão - Loudness Films

• Sound Designer / Editor on various projects including feature films, television and documentaries. Editing tasks included Dialog, Music, Foley, Sound Effects and ADR editorial.

 - daniele bertinelli

Hi! I'm an Italian sound engineer and sound designer.

Online Mixing and Mastering - Broken Record Productions

Broken Record Productions is an online resource for high quality audio mixing, mastering, and editing. Our specialty is music of any genre but we also have editing services for video, podcasts, radio, etc.

Remote Editing and Mixing - Bad Cop Audio

Hi! I'm a musician/songwriter/audio engineer/editor/mixer from Edinburgh, Scotland. I love music! I'm also a big cinephile, reader and comedy fan. Oh, and in addition to the more creative stuff, I also work part-time in a Genetics lab!

writing, singin, produce, mix. - martin black

Hello, I've been involved with music making for twenty years, playing live and working in various studios in Europe. All kinds of music is interesting to me.

Live Sound, Tracking, Mixing - Daniel Styles

Gospel to rap, rock to country, big corporate events, weddings or simple voice overs.

Remote Mixing & Mastering  - DJ Komplex

As a Music Producer and Professional Sound Designer/Engineer, DJ Komplex has worked with Major Labels, Publishers, and Music Artist from around the globe.

Remote Mixing & Mastering  - Boisterous Noise Soundworks

Fast, quality delivery of your creative vision.

Music Production, Video Editor - Patrick of EIC Studios

A Digital Renaissance Man, Professional Audio Engineer, and intuitive creative. The work isn't done until it brings out that feeling

Full Service Audio/Video Post - KMG

25 years making Film and Television sound phenomenal. Multiple awards and nominations

Mixing & Mastering, Producer - JUAN FERNANDO NAVARRO ROJO

Audio Engineer, specialized in remote mixing, vocal tuning & comping, also into dialogue editing and post production services.

I make records sound dope! - mrgeeaye

I can't really call this a "pitch", but here goes... My creative goals are simple: I want to work with quality people who want to make the best art we can make in the moment. If you want a "yes" person, worker bee type, I'm not really that engineer. But if you're building a team built on trust, integrity, quality and passion, let's work!

Producción, mezcla y podcast - Giácomo Casas

Técnico de sonido con mas de 15 años de experiencia, especialista en mezcla de sonido y diseño sonoro

Sound Design & Mixing Engineer - Alex Barcelos

Bacharel in Industrial Design at UFES (Universidade Federal do Espí­rito Santo, Brasil), with a post specialization in Score Mixing at Mix with the Masters at La Fabrique Studios, France, with Alan Meyerson. Mixing Engineer at Funky Pirata Studios, Vitória, ES, Brazil, since 2014.

Recording & Mixing Engineer - Devin Wickens


Sound is what I love to do. There are times, no matter what you are doing, where you hit that "sweet spot". You know, everyone knows - that you nailed it. I live for those moments. That's my job, making those moments happen.

Recording Studio - Black Fire Audio

Black Fire Audio is a multi faceted project based on love of everything audio. We focus on bringing the best quality audio to you in a professional and timely manner. Our goal is to branch out as much as possible and deliver what you envision to our final product.

Music Producer - Pepe Leon

I´m a passionate and very creative music producer.


SEND US THE TRACK AND WE WILL GET IT READY FOR YOU!! Every sub-genre of Electronic Dance Music, from Future Bass to Future House, Trap, Hip hop, Pop dance, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Electro House, BigRoom, Deep House, Trance. Contact us for services.

Sound Designer & Mixer - Brian Golub Sound

Original Sound Design, Audio Post Production, Mixing for Film, TV, Promos, Multimedia Music Mixing, Mastering, and Remix

Tracking & Mixing Engineer - Ramon Alvarado


I always found amazing how engineers can can add the missing elements of a song through mixing. That is one of my goals I try to accomplish in every mix.

Mixing Engineer, Producer - Mike Macaluso

I am a mixing engineer with over 20 yrs of experience in Post Production mixing and music. I have worked with many clients in broadcast and I have recently won an Emmy for Super Bowl 50. I'm extremely passionate about what I do and my goal is to deliver the sound to your production that YOU are looking for.

Sound Designer, Post edit\mix. - B&N-SOUND

Hi My name is Roi Yossefi i am a Sound Designer who specializes in Post-Production and Sound Design for video and image.

Premiere Audio Post Production - Outloud Audio

Highest quality audio post production. Exceptional service. All in a comfortable state-of-the-art environment.

Audio Editor & Engineer  - Martin Uriel Garcia

Music is the shorthand of emotion

Music Producer and Engineer - nkdvkng

Pay for more than a mix, Pay for the vibe.

get touched from some waves - Foxy Daniel

Handling the Sound with whatever it needs or not. Living from Project to Project, from Wave to Wave. Let's see whats next.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Reneé

let's create something that's going to help somebody.

Singer, Beatmaker,  - WhosBlare

Whats good fellas & ladies! Im a 17 year old aspiring artist from rural canada. We all know the young generation is killing the game right?! How about you check my ins & outs, let me know if you could use my skills! Im working on a friend basis with artists like, Dutch revz, Steven Cannon, & Lethal weapon actor Dante Brown!

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Remote Mixing, Producer - Paige Coley


Hi! I'm a Mixing Engineer and Producer and I'd love to work with you!

Sound Deisnger - Some Sound Guy

I'm a local sound Designer that is good with creating large imaginative worlds

Audio Engineer and Producer. - Kieron Matthew Banerji

London based musician, audio engineer and producer.

Certified Audio Engineer - Think61

Commercial Music Production - Specializing in Recording, Mixing, Mastering & Production.

Recording Studio - Matrix Production Studios

Matrix Digital supplies high quality audio and visual content to organisations that need to communicate professionally via any electronic medium. We do this by respecting our client, listening to their needs and understanding their goals.

Music Producer/Audio Engineer - AsparTateSounds

Jialei Lee - 5 PIECES LOVE STORY: FX, Foley, and Complete surround mix. (2017) Merril Miller - Murals. Album production (2016) AsparTateRecords - IRIS, les chanson du printemps, Album production(2015)

audio engineer, music producer - mohogany wimple

I am a professional audio engineer and music producer. I have worked in many sessions with many known artists today.

Mixing Engineer/Mix Ninja - Northern Noize

I am a dedicated and motivated mixing engineer. I take pride in every single project I am a part of and never settle for "good enough". If I don't feel I am the right person for the job I will refer you to someone who is a better fit!

Recording and Mixing Studio  - Eastside Music Studios

Pursuing the next best sound is what we do daily.

Music producer, Remote Mixing  - Samantha Delfin

Have you ever wanted to truly listened? I can make you sound the way you want. I have experience working with the hardest productions and all of them were completely satisfied.

Producer, Songwriter, Singer - Matthew Ellis

Creative singer/songwriter and producer on multiple advertisements and Spotify tracks, clients including Bakers Delight, Crimson Education, Skwosh and Glasseslit to name a few.

Songwriter/Sound Designer - Nate Flaks

As a songwriter, sound designer, podcaster, and half of a pop/production duo, I can cover a lot of ground when it comes to potential projects in music, podcasting, and film. Likewise, having written with 150+ artists in various genres I'm up for writing pop with any kind of twist you'd like! My top songwriting credit is "Long Shot" by Transviolet.

Producer, Songwriter, Mixer  - Adam Rom

Singer, Songwriter, Producer. All own material has been played multiple times on prime time BBC Radio 1 shows. Syncs on shows such as 'Love Island' and 'The only way is Essex'. I am all about detail and originality, all projects I work on I am invested in. We are here to make art, and I, can help you with that.

Experimental Violinist - Alina Maldonado

I am a awarded session violinist and composer. I make music for films, theater, and dance projects. I like thinking outside the box when making music.

Female Singer/lyricist  - Taylor Javier

I can learn to perform any song in a short amount of time. I have a passion for singing, love learning new songs and performing them. I love a new challenge and I am a fast learner. I have a wide vocal range and like most genres.

Music Producer - Filip Blazic

Independent Music Producer & Audio Engineer with a background of Songwriting & Performance credits on radio air-played tracks. Multi-instrumentalist with primary focus on guitar, bass and drum programming.

Remote Mixing/Mastering - Number 4 West Studio

Founder of Number 4 West & Co-Founder of Home Forever Collective which the studio operates under. I’ve been playing for over fifteen years & have been producing for about four years. In 2015 I studied at the Institute of Audio Research where I gained certification in the use of AVID Pro Tools. Lots of experience with platinum winning producers.

Sound Specialist - OB

Since many years ago I work with Sound, Tracks, Musicians, Mixing Consoles, Pro Tools, pro tools again, and again. Hard working on audio restoration, impossible is nothing.

Professional Audio Services  - Luis CH

Hi, I am Luis CH a full time professional Audio Engineer and Sound Designer, graduated from The Art Institute of California with over 7 years of experience! Mix & Master, Music Production, Sound for Film, Game Audio.

Sound Designer & Dubbing Mixer - Adrian Ferry

Nominated for 'Best Sound for Television' award. Currently with +23 years of professional post-production experience and I've worked on many award winning titles to date. Solutions can be provided for Production Audio on-site, Post-Production Sound Design / Editing / Mixing, also content creation for Interactive Audio for Events & Installations.

Sound Design, Editing & Mixing - Anthony Turi

Affirming your project's sonic intention is my passion. I'm a NAPPA-winning Audio Engineer & Sound Designer who's worked across music, television, film & games. Video Game Credits: CoD: Warzone, CoD: Vanguard, Genshin Impact, Forspoken, League of Legends Music Credits: Anuel AA, Rod Wave, Ozuna, Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins, Jac Ross & more.

Let Me Hydrate You - DeLaVanta "D-Hydrate" Tabor

Award winning Musician (Drums & Keys) | Audio Engineer (Music & Post) | Music Producer/Director With experience in both music and post, I bring a unique blend of technical skills and creativity to each and every project. Send me a message so that we can discuss how I can Hydrate your next project.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - DEMISVASILIADIS

I am a sound producer and director of cinema.

Sound Designer, Editor, Mixer - Luca de Sensi

Sound designer, audio editor, dubbing director and mixing engineer. 30 years in advertising, tv, cinema, radio and music production.

Producer, Writer & Singer  - Wei Eara

I'm an artist and producer independent

Mixing/Post Audio Editing    - Oh Allen

After working with "Rza" on both in music and film projects for many years I have developed a lifetime of experience in trouble shooting knowledge, deadlines and over all project completion.

Music Producer - K.Rahshad

I'm a BeatMaker, Songwriter, Tracker, Composer, Producer also a Full-time Videographer/Cinematographer based out in Los Angeles,Ca looking to creatively work with aspiring artists around the world, to not only bring their dreams and talents to life, but to help make an impact in a creative way in the world.

 Mixing, Producing & Recording - Will Massaad


Hi there, My name is Will. I have 17 years experience mixing and engineering sessions. My goal is to ensure your mix connects with its audience on a sonic and emotional level. Artists I am influenced by ;The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Tom Petty, Ray Lamontagne, The Boss, Ed Sheeran, Daniel Lanois, Blue Rodeo and Genesis.

Mixing & Mastering Services  - Natural Selektion Labs

At Natural Selektion Labs, our goal is to give you the best experience with trained professionals for a fraction of what the big studios are charging.

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