Top Dialogue Editors for hire

Get the cleanest dialogue tracks for your production. These pro dialogue editors will fix messy dialogue, record ADR, and mix together your best dialogue tracks.

Remote Mixing and Beatmaking - Nicolas Benitez

A higher result for a lower price

Productor musical, Compositor. - RanatroniC

Soy músico hace 40 años y 20 como productor. Toco bajo, guitarras y teclados. Trabajé para la emisora de radio FM Metro y actualmente creando artística sonora en FM Urbana Play. Realice la banda sonora de 12 obras de teatro y la música de publicidades e institucionales para marcas como Budweiser, La Rural, National Geographic y Disney.

Composer, Music Assistant - Wayne Yang

Creative Composer and Music Assistant with a passion for multimedia projects and the emphasis of collaboration and teamwork.

Session Musician/Remote Mixing - Martin Castelos

Session Guitarist with experience, as studio and live guitarist. Mixing & Mastering

Artist, Marketer - Tahmid Islam Munna

Tahmid Islam Munna Student SEO Expert

Vocals, melodies, bass - Hannah Kruse

Committed musician with 10+ years experience in playing, writing, singing, and performing.

beat producer, rock guitarist - yivmusic

¿Buscas algo más que música? Soy Yiv, el arquitecto de beats. Fusiono lo clásico con lo vanguardista, creando un paisaje sonoro que rompe esquemas. En mi estudio, la innovación y la calidad van de la mano. ¿Listos para explorar nuevos horizontes musicales?

 - The Piano Room

The Piano Room on SoundBetter

Remote mixing and mastering - Bubbatronics

Matt Wilenchik is a Recording/Mixing engineer, live sound engineer, ProTools instructor, and audio systems designer living in Portland, OR

Editing and Mixing Engineer - Danny Leiva

Hi, my name is Danny Leiva, I'm the proud owner of "El Jabalí Home Studio" located in Quito, Ecuador, I'm a sound and acoustic engineer who loves working in music projects (specially if they are pop, rock, metal related).

Music & Sound Engineer - Nikki Semenov

I'm a music producer, recording engineer, mixing & mastering engineer.

Pro Audio Production and More - Belt Fed Studios

If your looking for a cookie cutter engineer, you might want to look else where. If your looking for a innovative top notch creative engineer that will intently focus on encompassing your artistic vision - then lets chat!

Music Producer, Mixer - Chris "Ninjaboy" Liang

North America Pro Max Gold and Silver Award winning Sound Designer and Mixer with a track record of delivering cutting edge, captivating and immersive audio content for Feature Films, Network Television, and Commercial Agencies

Sound Design, Film/Game Audio - Bert - Eklen Sounds

I am jointly provide true and natural audio services for feature films, short movies, videogames, commercials and more. Cleaning and repairing dialogue, creating sound effects and ambiences from zero, doing full postproduction of sound files, mixing audio for film/TV/theatre. Doing creative sound design for best feeling of your project in audio.

mixing & mastering  - Nicola Grimaldi

I will make your music play at the top

Mixing  - Studio Gold

If you are looking for that fresh, modern sound in Rap, Urban, and Pop? Congratulations, you just met us! Working with labels like Universal, Kontor Records, and ChapterOne and references like Söhne Mannheims, Than Bui, and brands like Coca Cola. We are providing HQ mixing & mastering services and vocal/ podcast editing.

Music & Audio Visual Producer - Guillermo Rezzónico

One place to everything. Composition, music arrangements, pre-production, edition, records, mixes, mastering, video editing and all that your creative project needs.

Urban Music Producer & Artist - Henak

As an artist myself, I know how important it is to work one on one with a producer that understands and can deliver on your needs. I've operated in the music industry for over 15 years and had the chance to work with over a hundred artists in a diverse range of genres. My specialty is producing and mixing Urban Music, mainly Hip Hop, Trap & Soul.

make your Video sound ace!   - Tanya Jones

An audio professional with over 20 years of experience with clients such as Porsche, the United Nations, the Oxford University Press amongst others.

Top-liner & Songwriter - Rhyan Shirley

I'm a Billboard #1, BMI award winning lyricist. I've been writing songs for 10+ years. I have experiences in Pop, CCM, EDM, Singer-songwriter, TV-Film, and even (occasionally) Country. I love telling stories, creating hooks, and making songs memorable and singable.

Afrobeats [Ghost prod.] - Mirano

I produce afrobeats and Afrofusion. Offers Discounted Mixing and Mastering to returning clients and remakes.

I make things sound better. - Sque Sound

I am an experienced mixing engineer, with a professional background in the following: Session Bassist Composer (Score & Library) Sound Designer Sound Editorial Re-Recording Mixer

remote mixing and mastering - Cam Steacy

I work primarily with psych and indie rock both recording, mixing and mastering. I enjoy mastering electronic music.

Mixing Engineer, musician - Lesly Grange

I'm a mixing engineer, music producer but also a musician. I have been studying at the ACM in Guildford, UK. I have been working on rock and acoustic music as well as electronic and hiphop. I am also playing the guitar, piano, bass, trombone and I sing, what can be useful if you need any extra to your track. I'm french and live in Lyon.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Thoru G. Oguri

I'm an audio engineer in the process of opening a recording studio in Mexico City. I'm also a sound designer and mixer for video. I'm a certified Pro Tools Operator for Music and Post Production. I also a play the drums for a rock band and a reggae/funk/rock project. I like all kinds of music ranging from Jazz to Metal and Electronic Music.

Produce, Mix & Master      - Mixed by Frank G

I am a Producer, Mixing, & Mastering engineer from Orlando FL. Check out my website and my soundcloud for my original work. ///////

Audio Post Production Mixer - Pulse Post Audio

I own and operate an audio post production studio in Nashville, TN specializing in audio mixing and sound design for dramatic and music-oriented television programs, commercials, documentaries, movies, and concert films. I have over 20 years of experience involving every aspect of the film and TV industry.

Vocal pitch correction - Vladimir Banovcanin

English speaking audio engineer. I have more than 16 years of experience. My unique specialization is vocal restoration, cleaning and tunning. With the background of a professional musician with a relative pitch and a trained audio engineer, I possess an ability to turn a noisy and out of tune recordings into a commercial ready track.

Session Bassist, Sound Design - Richard L. Entrup

(working on it) Bassist, FX artist, and sound designer.

Mix & Master, Music Production - Anthony Karuna

Bring music together that sounds like a record!

Podcast & VO Recording Studio - Paddington Works Production

The go-to studio for Podcasters​,​ Voiceover Artists & Creative Agencies. Living inside one of London's "best kept secret" creative houses​,​ our purpose built studios have "above industry standard" equipment​,​ software + plugins so you get the best results.

Produce, Mix, Master - Nassif

Let's Make art together

Sound Design,Mixing, Mastering - Chloe

Experienced audio professional with expertise in mixing/mastering diverse genres & sound design. A keen eye for detail, passion for creativity, and delivering high-quality audio experiences. Elevating projects with versatile skills & wealth of experience.

Music composer, mixing, master - Mulika studios

Mulika Studios: Uganda’s Hidden Gem in Audio Production In the heart of Kampala, where creativity thrives and musical dreams come alive, stands Mulika Studios—a beacon of excellence in audio production. With a blend of passion, expertise, and cutting-edge technology.

Music creator & Sound engineer - Lucas Vazz

Unique ideas that can make a big difference in your sound!

 - Paramika Mixing

Paramika Mixing is a company created by Philip Rollett and Matt Williams. After realising that more and more people these days are recording at home, we decided to offer a mixing service that allows customers to send their recordings for us to mix to a high quality.

Mixing & Mastering, Music Prod - Iván Cortés Mora

My name is Iván Cortés Mora, I'm a Music producer and Sound Engineer.

Studio Sound/Audio PostPro - Igor Sherbakov

Hey, i have more than eight years of film and TV sound working experience. Also can edit, mix and master studio sound recordings. Live Sound and Game Audio.

Recording & Mixing Engineer - Jeff Mayer

Hello All! I have been in the industry since 2009 and love working with different styles and genres of music. I have a bachelor of science in audio production and experience with rock, blues rock, reggae, jazz, gospel, R&B, classical and electronic music and am always open to work with something new and unique. Let's make your vision a reality!

Mixing and Sound Design - David Mann

Hi, my name Is David Mann. I am a Sound Designer Dialog Editor, Mixer and a Foley artist. Check out my list of TV and movies credits here : As a hobby I am mixing music, since I don't yet have allot of credits I do it for almost nothing, I guarantee you love my mixes or you don't need to pay.

Music composer/mixing/producer - Mks

HI! , I'm Mks, I'm pretty passionate about music so that I compose songs and musics. I have created many songs of mine and they are on Facebook and Youtube by the name "NM BROTHERS" as well as Mp3 on "SOUNDCLOUD". I have been working on creating/composing/mixing musics & songs for 3 to 4 years. Creating music is like my hobbies.

Music producer / songwriter - Blue Jay

I'm a french music producer, songwriter and sound engineer from the SAE Institute of Paris

Creative Engineering - DUBROBOT

Grammy Nominated. Equally solid in music or film production. I solve creative problems with experience.

Mastering Restoration Editing - Falcon Audio

Audio Professional/Music Maker - Eric Thompson

Over a decade of music industry experience. Toured the world, and parts of Georgia. Making things louder since 2009.

Remote Drum Tracks - Victor - VC Groove Studios

VC Groove Studios is a complete remote drum tracking solution for all your needs. We provide top of the line drum & percussion tracks for artists, composers, and producers all around the world.

Sound Engineer - STONEY

Best sound for the best prices! (All negotiable)

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Justin Mandar

Send your multi-track for a professional mixdown. Get your track to its full sonic potential.

Mixing and Mastering - Aaron Holden

Industry leading productions, mixes, masters, compositions and song-writing. Key skills in mixing, mastering, audio engineering, sound for visual(film)/podcasts. Musical composition, production, sound design and song writing. Proficient in several DAW's, Focal/Adam/KRK VXT8 Monitor systems setup, treated acoustic room and industry standard plugins.

Music Prod - Session Guitarist - Andre Dietschi

Music Producer, Mixing/Mastering Engineer, Session Guitarist

Mixing Engineer - Sound Design Studio

Hello, my name is Moses Michael, let me share my knowledge & passion into your next song. I'm a musician for, almost, 20 years and I treat any song as it was my own!

Producer, Mix/Mastering, Edits - J-Beats Production

Need a Production or music/audio files to be mixed and/or mastered, edited, restored/repaired, treated with fx or effects? Maybe your audio recordings need to be synced with video footage? Looking for a soundtrack or jingle? If yes, I am happy to get in touch and help you out for a great result! Let's bring your vision to life!

Remote - Sound mixer - Ivo Porreca

Ivo Porreca, Remote Mixing and mastering services

 - Jack LeTourneau Productions

Jack LeTourneau Productions 30 years of Recording and Mixing experience.

music producer , mixing and ma - JOY SOLOMON

Hello folks.... Im a music producer, mix engineer and a keyboard player.. been doing this for quite sometime

Freelance Audio Engineer - Austin McMaken

I'm an experienced audio engineer proficient in recording, editing and mixing. After attending the Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences, I moved to Cleveland and began working at Lava Room Recording, where I still engineer today. I have an eclectic musical background affording me a unique ear to any project.

Audio Engineer - Nicolasm23

Underdog Audio Engineer & Music Producer

Remote mixing & mastering - Andreev

University of Hertfordshire graduate with over a decade of experience in the field of Sound design and Music technology. I work remotely in my own studio and hire session musicians when required. I do Foley, SFX and dialogue for films of any length. I also produce electronic music, most of which is saved on floppy disks and played on hardware.

Mix Engineer - Tony Mardini

2016 & 2017 Grammy Winner for mixing/recording.

Tuning, Mixing, Mastering etc. - Prosonic Studio

I have over 20 years of professional experience working as a specialist audio engineer in music production, audio production and audio restoration.

Remote Mixing and Sound Design - Nuisance Audio

Get your tracks sounding punchy and tight or design your own motif. Wether its Dialogue editing or Stereo mixing for music, films or ads, Radio spot production or plain podcast production, All services provided.

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