Top Dialogue Editors for hire

Get the cleanest dialogue tracks for your production. These pro dialogue editors will fix messy dialogue, record ADR, and mix together your best dialogue tracks.

Music & Audio Visual Producer - Guillermo Rezzónico

One place to everything. Composition, music arrangements, pre-production, edition, records, mixes, mastering, video editing and all that your creative project needs.

Mixing Engineer - Sound Design Studio

Hello, my name is Moses Michael, let me share my knowledge & passion into your next song. I'm a musician for, almost, 20 years and I treat any song as it was my own!

Production,Mixing,Sound Design - Kevin Alves

Award winning, music producer, mixing, and sound design artist. With over 20 years experience. I can help you with any of your projects from music all the way through to master. Helped develop Output Exhale, Studio One features, Kontakt libraries, and was a touring EDM artist.

Artist, Marketer - Tahmid Islam Munna

Tahmid Islam Munna Student SEO Expert

Music Mixing and Post Audio - Hitt Studios

Providing rich and layered audio for movies and professional mixing for music from my home studio.

Pop, Synth-Pop Music Producer - Marsy

When you choose to work with me, you're not just getting a music producer and mix engineer you're gaining a partner who is as invested in your project's success as you are. My commitment to delivering exceptional results, combined with my passion for music, ensures that your vision will be realized in the most captivating and engaging way possible.

Music Production & Mixing - Wes Yee

I approach all audio and/or music related projects with my client's vision as top priority. I've produced tracks for sync that have been placed on MTV, VH1, E!. I was the lead engineer of the #1 best selling audio book 13 Hours in Benghazi and I make beats with producers for Lil Uzi Vert, 21 Savage, Juice Wrld & more.

 - 48volts

Post audio engineer for film, Tv, advertising and interactive media.

Mixing & Mastering - Killumall Media

Killumall Media specializes in quality Mixing and Mastering for artists and independent labels without the big budget.

Music & Post Mixing - Felipy Andrade

I'm a curious and experimental mixer. Like to try diferent things in each project that I take.

 - Tony Lovic

I am a guitar player for over 30 years and recording and mixing ing. for about 20 years.Last 15y I am working in the recording studio Plavi film making music for the movies, tv shows and commercials Some of my music you can listening on the audio jungle

Music Producer / Mixer - Richard Williams

I am a Berlin based producer, mixer, writer and sound designer specialising in a variety of electronic based music.

Audio Production Engineer - Doug Reynolds Audio

Doug Reynolds is an expert in the field of entertainment and possesses 10+ years of experience in music production. I prefer working with people who have not yet established themselves and will work hard to make sure your songs or production are end their journey with high-quality sound.

Mixing Engineer, musician - Lesly Grange

I'm a mixing engineer, music producer but also a musician. I have been studying at the ACM in Guildford, UK. I have been working on rock and acoustic music as well as electronic and hiphop. I am also playing the guitar, piano, bass, trombone and I sing, what can be useful if you need any extra to your track. I'm french and live in Lyon.

Production mixer/recordist  - Nour Halawani sound services

I Started my career at The Red Sea Institute of Cinematic Arts. During those 2 years, I fell in love with sound recording and sound design, and decided to major in it and make it my carrier . Since then i worked as a sound man on many Projects from feature films, Short films, TV Dramas, WebTV shows, and Documentaries.

Audio Engineer - Aiesha Bacalso

Currently an undergrad with a strong skills in audio engineering. Have been working the live circuit, working with a range of different bands and artists of different genres.

Music Producer/Composer/Mixer - Pankaj Patel

I am a Music Producer from Bhopal, India. I have produced various tracks ranging from House, Trap, Hip-hop, Trance, Bollywood, Punjabi, Bhangra, etc. I have had multiple worldwide releases under various record labels including Jazz Recordz, Amar Audio, etc. I have worked with various artists across the globe. Specialty in Punjabi Music.

Tuning, Mixing, Mastering etc. - Prosonic Studio

I have over 20 years of professional experience working as a specialist audio engineer in music production, audio production and audio restoration.

Audio Multitasker - Rafael Bermeo

Colombian Musician/Audio Engineer. Mixing for rock and experimental projects. Mastering. Audio Editing for Music and Podcast. Producer and Bass player. Let's take the best sound out for tour projects!

producer/mixing engineer - Nortey Dowuona

"We build better answers." - RAP Ferreira.

Audio Engineer and Producer - Gut Klang

Get the Mix and master YOU want. Remote Live Studio Session up to 16 Tracks possible. 3 Revision included.

Music composer, mixing, master - Mulika studios

Mulika Studios: Uganda’s Hidden Gem in Audio Production In the heart of Kampala, where creativity thrives and musical dreams come alive, stands Mulika Studios—a beacon of excellence in audio production. With a blend of passion, expertise, and cutting-edge technology.

 - Jose Pereira

I have over 5 years experience encompassing: - Sound Design for Film, TV and Games - Foley, ADR and VO Recording & Editing - Stereo and Surround Mixing - Music Composition & Production - Podcast Recording & Production Available for Music & Post-Production Projects. Home Studio & Access to 5.1 HD facilities.

 - Carlos Lares

I'm a mixing engineer with over 10 years of experience in music mixing, audio post-production and sound design for tv and film and radio.

Mixing & Mastering, Music Prod - Iván Cortés Mora

My name is Iván Cortés Mora, I'm a Music producer and Sound Engineer.

Mixing, Editing, Restoration - Alexander Vordan

Hello! My name is Alexander. I`m mixing engineer for electronic, rock and pop music. My last 3 projects focused on mixing electronic music, they are added to my portfolio. I can mix part of your song as "test drive option" to ensure your music in right hands!

Producer, mix engineer - Mixed by Salas

My name is Carlos, I'm a mix engineer base of Las Vegas Nevada, I'm starting to build my portfolio and I would love to mix your music, help you achieve your vision and at the same time you will help me achieve mine. I'm looking forward to work with you!

Songwriter, Singer, Engineer - Esther Gadd Music

Audio school graduate, singer/songwriter with professional studio access and Pro Tools 130 certification.

| Mixing & Mastering | - Syncwood Studios

| FILM & MUSIC MIXING | | Fully accurate 5.1 monitoring system | | Certified by AVID (Pro Tools HD Operator) | | Music Composition | | Professional & Fast Service |

ReRecording Mixer - Mihail Dichev

Freelance Songwriter - Jinny Qinn

Greetings, artists. I'm a rookie freelance lyrics writer that I usually do it for fun during my free time and I'm still in learning phase with it comes to creative writing. I can sing a little bit but preferably as a demo singer. Nothing too high or low.

Remote Mixing Engineer  - Jordan Paton

Mix engineer specialising in indie rock, acoustic/folk and also sound design

Mixing & Mastering, Produce - LQProject

I am a dj who know how things work

Composer, Music Assistant - Wayne Yang

Creative Composer and Music Assistant with a passion for multimedia projects and the emphasis of collaboration and teamwork.

Sound Design,Mixing, Mastering - Chloe

Experienced audio professional with expertise in mixing/mastering diverse genres & sound design. A keen eye for detail, passion for creativity, and delivering high-quality audio experiences. Elevating projects with versatile skills & wealth of experience.

Sound engineer,Immersive sound - Studio Horus - David Joya

Immersive sound for music and audiovisual products. We are experts in editing, mixing and mastering in conventional format (stereo, mono) and in immersive Binaural format. We also have a studio for Foley recording or sound effects for Films. Sound design and postproduction for Audiovsuales. Music production and much more

Composer, Producer, Artist - VVADE

I've been composing/producing sound and music for media, film, as well as writing/producing songs for 14 years. You can trust me with your project. I've spent 9 years as an in-house composer for an agency where I'd often compose 1-3 minutes a day. I currently run my own business and would love to hear from you!

Mixing & Mastering, Producing - Kelvin Wang

BS in Audio Production (The Art Institute of California - San Francisco) | I specialize in recording, mixing, and mastering. Outside of working with music, I am also capable podcast editing.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Stefan Mayer

30 years of experiance in professional audio productions, recording, mixing, editing and mastering. From classical music to heavy rock.

Mixing & Recording Engineer  - MonstaTheEngineer

Writer|Producer|AudioEngineer|NavyVeteran CollegeGraduate(Bachelors Degree). #MonstaTheEngineerMix All About Capturing Emotion through Sound. Music is Therapeutic and I'm determined To Spark Change. Graduate of Illinois Institute Of Art '16, Bachelor Of Science in Audio Production & Music Engineering #MonstaTheEngineer

Mixing, Mastering - Nicolas Kaiser

Hello, my Name is Nic. I can offer professional mixing and mastering for your music I also have the latest software and state of the art plugins. At the moment I study sounddesign at the Filmakademie BW.

Composer, Producer, Creative - Zane Callister


Zane Callister, a Kansas City native and the creator of Young Collective, is no stranger to songwriting. Callister allows the listener to escape the realistic confines of our world and be taken to other places without restrictions, walls and gravity.

Pro Audio Production and More - Belt Fed Studios

If your looking for a cookie cutter engineer, you might want to look else where. If your looking for a innovative top notch creative engineer that will intently focus on encompassing your artistic vision - then lets chat!

Music Producer, Vocal Tuning - Andrés Malacara

+6.5 million plays on Spotify from music I have produced.


Looking for new inspiring projects. Will work with all budgets.

Recording & Mixing - Daniel Spadlo

Daniel Spadlo is a Polish / British Sound Engineer, Mixing Engineer and Produce who is Collaborating with artists across all genres. In 2011 he composed music for advert spot for Tauron Nowa Muzyka produced by EXA Studio Poland and in 2011/2013/2014 for Rybnik Photography Festival Poland.

SoundDesign,Editing,PostPro - Marvin Gate

AudioPRO - Fast And Friendly Large Experience in the Music Industry. Worldwide Network Outstanding

Mixing & Mastering, Editing. - BB

I've been doing audio production work for over 10 years. Music production, mixing & mastering for completed tracks, ghost producing, podcast editing, audio dynamics and engineering, foley work. Name it, I've probably done it. Happy to work with you on whatever your project needs.

I make things sound better. - Sque Sound

I am an experienced mixing engineer, with a professional background in the following: Session Bassist Composer (Score & Library) Sound Designer Sound Editorial Re-Recording Mixer

RECORD MASTER CREATE DOMINATE! - Pyramid Recording & Mastering



Recording & Mixing Engineer - Reed Taylor

Hi! I am a New Hampshire born, New York established and now Denver based audio engineer. During the 13 years I spent working in NYC, I was lucky to make a ton of records with a huge variety of independent as well as some major label artists. That experience taught me to be versatile and fast in many different studio situations.

Remote Audio post and Mixer - Marcelo Guerreiro

Brazilian Audio post and mixer.

Composer and Audio Editor - Takumi Motokawa

Freelance composer/percussionist/pianist/audio editor based in Berlin, Germany, specialised in soundtrack composition and dialogue audio editing.

Music and Post Production  - Danny Fields

Hey there! My name is Danny Fields, and I am a music and post production audio engineer. I have a B.S. degree in audio production and experience working in world-class recording facilities. I am here to help with any and all things audio. Feel free to contact me today. Let's get started!

Session Guitar, Audio Engineer - Jeff Caines Audio

Session guitar player as well as an educated and credited Audio Engineer for Film and Visual Media. Jeff has played live for many artists in the Country and Pop Genres as well as done live sound, Sound for Film and even Studio design. A one stop shop for your band or films needs.

Mixing & Mastering/Production - 1519 Music Group

1519 Music Group is a full service production company and music marketing agency. We specialize in beats, music and audio. Now partnered with 7+ figure digital marketing agency Rocket City Digital we are here to be one of the very few Data Driven companies FOR THE ARTIST.

Editing Service - Joslyn Fresay

Music isn't just about the sounds it produces. Many people look to it as a general learning and study aid. In fact, counting beats in music can help you do more than learn to sing or play an instrument. In this article, you'll learn how music education can be useful on a daily basis.

Producer, Composer, Engineer - Johnny Ayoub

Hello I'm a producer, audio engineer, singer, songwriter and DJ from New York. I play multiple instruments including: guitar, piano, and drums. Some of my original work has been featured in multiple seasons of FOX’s “So You Think You Can Dance”. I have also worked with A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Alicia Keys, Lil Uzi Vert, Swizz Beatz, and Pharrell.

Sound Mixer-Post-Sound Design - Alberto Martinez

Expertise born of over 15 years experience in all aspects of the audio field, from production sound, sound design, post, mixing, ADR, FOH, Producing, sound system engineering and composition. As a IATSE Union A1, with a Masters in Recording Arts I feel capable in almost any audio related capacity.

Music Producer | Mix Engineer - Bailey Beats

Are you looking for someone to fully produce, mix, or master your song? Then you came to the right place! I can create your song from scratch or build and produce a full arrangement around the ideas that you send me. I also offer professional mixing and mastering services for both music and dialogue!

Audio Postproduction - Nael Oliveras

Professional experience with audio postproduction: editing, mixing, mastering and sound desing. Over the last few years, I have collaborated with industry professionals such as the Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow‘s soundtrack composer, Oscar Araujo.

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