Top Dialogue Editors for hire

Get the cleanest dialogue tracks for your production. These pro dialogue editors will fix messy dialogue, record ADR, and mix together your best dialogue tracks.

Sound Design, Mixing/Mastering - Luke Brindley

My name is Luke Brindley and I am Audio engineer looking for projects to add to my portfolio and to use as part of my degree. Offering cheap rates to get the Job done.

Music Producer/Audio Engineer - AsparTateSounds

Jialei Lee - 5 PIECES LOVE STORY: FX, Foley, and Complete surround mix. (2017) Merril Miller - Murals. Album production (2016) AsparTateRecords - IRIS, les chanson du printemps, Album production(2015)

Recording and Mixing Studio  - Eastside Music Studios

Pursuing the next best sound is what we do daily.

Songwriter/Sound Designer - Nate Flaks

As a songwriter, sound designer, podcaster, and half of a pop/production duo, I can cover a lot of ground when it comes to potential projects in music, podcasting, and film. Likewise, having written with 150+ artists in various genres I'm up for writing pop with any kind of twist you'd like! My top songwriting credit is "Long Shot" by Transviolet.

Music Producer & Mix Engineer - Razor Sharp Dre

"It's Not The Gear, It's The Ear!" Working with artist like Trinidad James, Bun B, Tinashe’ and many more, I’ve learned to take pride in setting the mood for your song and bringing it to life. Whether it's by producing from scratch or mixing your song to relay your message audibly pleasing to the listener. It's The Sound!

Audio Editor and Mixer - Rolands Andis Babris

Seven years of mixing experience using industry-leading mix and mastering hardware and software

Producer, Editor, Mix Engineer - Ian Walsh

Pro level vocal editing, programming, session playing, drum quantizing, and all other audio editing with Ian Walsh.

Podcast Production, Songwriter - Indy44

Full time podcast producer at "Labor Nurse Mama". Amazing quality, quick turnaround and great communication.

Pop / EDM / Hip Hop producer/s - Royalmacmagnus

Magnus is a household Pop / EDM / Hip Hop producer/songwriter. His credits include Moguai, Thomas Gold, Satin Jackets and many more.

 - Benjamin Whitford

Professional Audio, Professional Attitude. You SoundBetter. Contact me and we will discuss where your project is, and what you want to accomplish.

Creative mixing and editing - Elad Kleiner

Elad Kleiner is a creative mixer and system engineer based in London. Have worked on wide range of productions, live shows and world tours.

remote mixing & editing! - sounds official

Hey everyone! My name is Chelsea and I am a certified audio engineer. I attended and graduated from SAE (School of Audio Engineering) back in 2013 and have been working in recording studios ever since. Looking forward to working with some new artists!

Freelance Audio Producer - Mihail Sustov

Up and coming audio producer with a First Class Bachelors Degree in Audio Production from the University of Lincoln. Keen interest in audio for visual productions including SFX Design and Audio Post but my passion lies within original music production, more specifically Hip-Hop and Boom-Bap Beats.

Music Producer and Composer - Jonny Ridge

Audio Engineering and Music Composition experience professionally, academically and in a home studio. I can mix, master, compose, rearrange, and more. Anything you need to be done musically or technically, I can do it.

audio engineer, music producer - mohogany wimple

I am a professional audio engineer and music producer. I have worked in many sessions with many known artists today.

Mixing engineer - Kevin Rubio

The goal of each song will always be to achieve an authentic sound, enhance the music to the next level.

Programming, Mixing, Mastering - Basiel Jozey

I am a Sound Engineer and Musician specialising in Keyboard Programming, Recording, Audio Editing, Mixing & Mastering. Mastering Audio for online Streaming platforms.

Mixing Engineer / Producer - Jason Lee

With a solid commitment to personal and professional excellence, this has led to my work receiving 2 Grammy Nominations, multiple top 100 Billboard charting in 4 different countries, and 2x platinum sales for my respective clients.

Prroduction, Mixing - Marco Alexander Fischer

Hi! My name is Marco, better known as bloodscars. Not am I only a DJ and Artist, but also a producer and mixing engineer.

Sound Designers & Composers - Sound Surgeon Studios

We are eminent sound engineers, having numerous nominations and awards behind our belts, We pride ourselves on our sharp ears and unique approaches when it comes to re-recording mixing. Being musicians, we have learnt how to blend our music creativity skills into our audio post production workflow known to deliver rich and powerful mixes.

French Mixing engineer - Vincent P

Im mixing engineer folk,indie,blues, songwritter.... im also a musicien, producer (guitar, piano, edm producer) and i love to make track for upgrade me client song.

Sound Designer - Composer - Francisco Rios

Sound Designer – Composer with an audible tendency towards sonic exploration. For me, hard work, experience and research shape an ideal equation that leads to a great performance.

Music Production, Songwriting - Mark Dmowski

Music producer and composer (over 60 compositions written and self-produced - examples at: and Experienced studio and live performer - singer, drummer and keyboard player.

Post Production Sound Editing  - The Good Sound Guy

I am a one man shop for all your audio (for video) post production needs.

mixing and mastering producer - Foureva Productions

Throughout the years I have learned so many things in the production world and worked in IT management for 8+ years. Computers/Technology/Design and Music/Video Production is what I breath, eat and sleep on a daily basis. My passion is what produces results for your business.

Recording Studio - Bigleap Music & Post

Bigleap Music & Post is a professional service Recording Studio based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Sound Specialist - OB

Since many years ago I work with Sound, Tracks, Musicians, Mixing Consoles, Pro Tools, pro tools again, and again. Hard working on audio restoration, impossible is nothing.

Online curious producers! - NOAT - NEVER ON A THURSDAY

We are a group of audio producers and musicians from a generation where we do not “work for”, but “work with”. A generation where “to like what you do” determines your professional realizations. A professional team offering a quality service in: music production, recording, editing, mixing, mastering, sound effects creation and voice-overs.

Sound Designer & Mixer - Brian Golub Sound

Original Sound Design, Audio Post Production, Mixing for Film, TV, Promos, Multimedia Music Mixing, Mastering, and Remix

Remote Mixing and Editing - New.Wave.Prod.

We offer very low rates to artists of all kinds. Specializing in jazz/funk/hip-hop/trap/R&B.

Producer, Mixer, Guitarist - Eric Searle

Top Credit: Mastodon - Blood Mountain (pre-production)

Mixing and Mastering - Anand Andrew

Don't be fooled by someone like me! Always up for a challenge love to understand each project before tackling it and getting it to the home run!

Music Producer and Engineer - nkdvkng

Pay for more than a mix, Pay for the vibe.

get touched from some waves - Foxy Daniel

Handling the Sound with whatever it needs or not. Living from Project to Project, from Wave to Wave. Let's see whats next.

Mixing & Mastering, Producer - Calvin "MastrC" Parker

International Audio Engineer and Music Producer

Podcast, Dialogue Editor - Elvira Pena Pena

Experienced audio editor and audio production specialist for your Shortfilm, Podcast or AudioBook! Great proficiency in Audio Cleaning and Restoration with the iZotope RX Audio Editor and ProTools software.

Audio Post,  Sound designer - Juan Manuel Mesa

Audio producer and sound engineer for audiovisual projects. Electronic music composer and beatmaker.

Female Singer/lyricist  - Taylor Javier

I can learn to perform any song in a short amount of time. I have a passion for singing, love learning new songs and performing them. I love a new challenge and I am a fast learner. I have a wide vocal range and like most genres.

Remote Mixing - Editing -

> Επεξεργασία Ήχου: Μπορούμε να κάνουμε μια ηχογράφηση από το σπίτι σας να ακούγεται σαν επαγγελματική. > Μίξη Ήχου: Έχετε Ηχογραφήσει το Podcast ή το Τραγούδι σας και η μίξη δεν σας ακούγεται καλά; Είμαστε εμείς εδώ για να το κάνουμε για εσάς! > Mastering: Αναλαμβάνουμε να σας κάνουμε το τελικό Mastering!

Urban Music Producer and Mixer - Roberto Cervantes

People call me Boby. My only and true love is music. (I also enjoy movies) I'm a music producer, beatmaker, mixing engineer and sound designer. Can edit dialogues and add live, movement and excitement to your podcast, song, or animation.

 - Vladimir Jovanovic

FOH and monitor engineer; production and stage manager

Producer, Engineer, Musician - Nathan Daniel Music

Hi, my name is Nathan Daniel. I'm a professional producer & engineer based in West Hollywood, CA. I have a hybrid (analog & digital) setup, great gear and have been a full time pro for over 15 years.

Sound Designer - Francis Locadia

I am a freelance audio professional specialized in post-production audio. From editting, sound-design to final mixing, I can do it all. For my portfolio, go to (mostly Dutch).

Music Producer - Bodiax

I'm a keyboard player, arranger, producer and mixing engineer from Lviv, West Ukraine. I can mix your songs as well as record some piano, synth and other keyboard pieces for your album. You`re welcome!

Studio & Live Recording/Mixing - Angie Dickinson Mickle


Angie has over 35 years in the recording and sound world from tracking and mixing to location recording and live sound; analog to digital. Angie owns Avocado Productions and works to make every project that of which she and the artist can be proud.

Audio Recording and Mixing - Flocky Productions

I am a heavily ambitious freelance audio engineer who loves to contribute to rising artists and being an asset to virtually any audio project.

Producer, Mixing & Mastering - Loay Ismail

Music Producer, Based in Cairo. Guitarist, Keyboardist, Have done Music Production, Live Gigs & Session Recordings.

Audio Engineer, drummer - Ben Sampson Audio

I'm an independent audio engineer / sound designer who strives to succeed creatively. I've versed in using music software/digital audio workstations (DAWs) such as Pro Tools and Logic Pro. I've been a drummer for a few years, and play in a local band. Hopefully I'm the person you need for your next project.

Remote Editing and Mixing - Bad Cop Audio

Hi! I'm a musician/songwriter/audio engineer/editor/mixer from Edinburgh, Scotland. I love music! I'm also a big cinephile, reader and comedy fan. Oh, and in addition to the more creative stuff, I also work part-time in a Genetics lab!

Record, Edit, Saxophonist - Bear Music Productions

Saxophone Session Player : Producer : Mix : Composer

Let Me Hydrate You - DeLaVanta "D-Hydrate" Tabor

Award winning Musician (Drums & Keys) | Audio Engineer (Music & Post) | Music Producer/Director With experience in both music and post, I bring a unique blend of technical skills and creativity to each and every project. Send me a message so that we can discuss how I can Hydrate your next project.

Mixing / Mastering Engineer - Nikita Mekalin

I love otherworldly, hypnotizing soundscapes. As well as raw, rough & dirty sounds.

Songwriter and Music Producer - Tmronow

I studied producing, mixing, and mastering music myself and have produced a lot of tracks for myself and even for other customers.

Music & Post Recording Studio - Safe & Sound Studios

Safe & Sound Studios is a creative oasis where heart meets hearth. Be embraced in the warmth of high-fidelity. Our team is comprised of creatives who specialize in all arenas of sound, from audio recording to post-production. While we focus on post production, sound design, and mix - our hearts are in music and have built the studio to make art!

Mixing & Mastering, Beat Maker - DJLuminvti


Certified Music Producer & Audio Engineer with strong recording, editing and mixing experience. Also Experienced with TV Audio & Sound Design.

Recording Mix and Mastering - Leo Gonin

Guitar Bass Piano Mix Mastering ...

Audio Engineer/Videographer - Up Edit

My name is Liam, and I am a freelance videograpger/audio engineer residing on the Sunshine Coast QLD. Creating unique and comprehensive content for use in Video Games, Media, Film and the Advertising Industry.

Music Producer, Audio Engineer - Moises Blandon

216 Million combined streams. Worked out of top studios such as Criteria Recording Studios aka The Hit Factory and Rebel Eleven Studios. Clients: Telemundo, HBO, Cash Money, White Lion, Rimas, Ozuna, CNCO, Mora, Maffio, Anuell AA, Darell, Jowell y Randy, El Alfa, Karol G, Lil Pump, Smoke Purp, Snow The Product, Timbaland, YNW Melly, and more

Productor  - RealFace C.S

RealFace C.S a master of sound fusion that transcends genre barriers. In the vast cosmos of music platforms RealFace shines like a supernova star, illuminating the firmament with tempos that beat to the pulse of the universe and melodies that flow like the stream of collective consciousness.

Remote Mixing, Producer - Paige Coley


Hi! I'm a Mixing Engineer and Producer and I'd love to work with you!

Audio Engineer and Producer. - Kieron Matthew Banerji

London based musician, audio engineer and producer.

Remote Mixing/Mastering - Number 4 West Studio

Founder of Number 4 West & Co-Founder of Home Forever Collective which the studio operates under. I’ve been playing for over fifteen years & have been producing for about four years. In 2015 I studied at the Institute of Audio Research where I gained certification in the use of AVID Pro Tools. Lots of experience with platinum winning producers.

Live and Recording Engineer - Ryan Turba

Ryan received his Associates Degree in Recording and Music Technology from Madison Media Institute. He is a certified User and Operator of Pro Tools software.

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