Top Dialogue Editors for hire

Get the cleanest dialogue tracks for your production. These pro dialogue editors will fix messy dialogue, record ADR, and mix together your best dialogue tracks.

Film & TV Production inc Sound - The Film & TV Company

Award winning production company with many short form promos and adverts, short and feature films either broadcast or available via VOD and DVD.

Vocal Engineer - Tamir Hassan

One stop shop for all things vocal. In-house vocal engineer for the most prominent & iconic pop stars from the Middle East, as well as multiple producers & studios globally. Avid-certified Pro Tools instructor. Ableton user & tutor. Celemony Melodyne certified.

Beats, Mix/Master, Audio Edits - Quiet Moss Studio

I do: - Beats - Sound Design - Mixing/Mastering - Quick Audio Edits/Dialogue Cleaning/FX - Synth Programming

Audio Post for Films ON LINE - Miguel Ángel Caballero

PERFECT AUDIO SOLUTIONS and ONLINE SERVICES for FILMS, DOCUMENTARIES and SHORTFILMS. I OWN Best-of-its-kind recording and audio Post Production studio for Dialogue editing, ADR/Dubbing, Foley, Sound Design, Audio Restoration and Surround 5.1 & 7.1 Mixdown for motion pictures of ANY KIND and BUDGET.

Producer, Audio Engineer - Sightless Owl Studio

Hi, this is Sam. I am a life-long musician, a professional audio engineer with over 15 underground music releases and a studio production student. My skill set will allow your material to achieve what you desire them to.

Post Editor - Nova J Boruah

My name is Nova and I'm an audio professional from Bangalore, India. It’s my sincere desire to use my expertise in Audio editing, Dialogue Editing, Podcast Editing & Mastering, Post Editing, Audio Restoration, Vocal Tuning to help make your music or sound the best and take your career to the next level.

Song Writer/ Studio Engineer  - Chelly Jane

Looking to take your song to the next level? I'm your girl.

Mix Engineer Tune & Chop Vox - Jorge Figueroa

When it comes to your sound projects, there is only one person you will want. Do not settle for unprofessional and substandard projects. Get with someone who understands your vision and will follow up to make sure your projects get out. I hold an associates degree in the recording arts from Full Sail and enrolled for the bachelor's degree.

I make things sound better. - Mix Master Producer@WoW Audio

Let me make your creativity meet the sound it deserves.

Music Engineer/Mixer, Editing - Brittney C

Name is Brittney Chavez and I am a born and raised Sacramento Native. I am 24 years young and just graduated from Pinnacle College with a Degree in Music Production and Recording Arts. I've done music editing, mixing, live recording in studio,I am not afraid to let loose and get down dirty when it comes to making music.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Jerré

Artistry begets artistry.

Video Production, Animation - Bolt Entertainment

Film and Video Production Company In Atlanta.

Animation Graphic Loops - Sealoch Studio

I make professional graphics and videos for CANVAS looping tracks.

Remote Mixing Engineer - En Diel

Worked with Young Guru & Mixed By Ali, and they approved my mixes in the Enginears mix competition. You'll get a professional & radio ready song from an experienced mix engineer with 6 plus years in the game mixing various genres like hiphop, r&b, afrobeats, pop.

Audio Engineer - Aaron McCourt

Toronto based, recording, mixing and post-production engineer with over 15 years experience in a fast-paced, detail orientated professional commercial environment.

Audio Production Studio - Sunspot Audio Production

Strong team of musicians, song writers, and music producers. Great service and knowledgeable staff.

Music Producer, Remote Mixing, - Tom Allen

Experienced music producer and mixing engineer, looking to make some awesome music with cool people.

Voice, Podcast, Audiobook - Stephane Lambert

Audiobook, Podcast and Voice over in French, Italian, English Now available.

Re-recording Mixer - Brittany Ellis

Brittany Ellis- Supervising Sound Editor & Re-recording Mixer Brittany Ellis is a New Jersey-born Sound Supervisor who has a full-time residence as a Re-recording mixer with Warner Bros. in Burbank, CA. She is currently mixing on Star Trek Picard & Discovery (Paramount +) (Savannah College of Art & Design Alum, Sound Design BFA)

mixing and mastering - pavel eremeev mixing

Your music will pump, the instruments will be juicy, the mixes will have depth

 - doc breaknik

Situated at the break of dawn studios

Mix, Mastering, Music Producer - Aleix Gimeno

I have a wide music industry experience offering exclusive customer service and accumulating more than 15 years of experience.

 - Audioman

Audio producer with accentuation in advertising. CEO of Audiomania ( Native Spanish Voice Over Talent ... and Scout Master, Troop 15, Scouts de México

 - Trevor Mayfield

Use the best gear, take the time to make it right, write great songs... The end.

Audio Eng, Music Producer - Theo Koustas

Ive been in the industry for over 6 years with a sound engineering bachelor degree from Oxford Brookes UK. I also run a UK label and personal studio based in London UK. When I get to work on a track for a client, as much as it is technical, the feel and emotion I try to capture has much more value to me than anything else.

I'll make you sound good! - Syntonic Sound

Original Sound Design, Background & Ambiences, Composition, Editing. Mixing and Mastering

Music Producer/Mix&Master - Nameen Music

Music Magician, always deliver a fresh sound.

voice, lyrics, slam, comedy  - sol

i can sometimes put things in words that others cant. i can sometimes make sounds with my voice that can be considered unique . i am humble. i am grateful. i am relatively hilarious, sometimes.

Audio Engineering - Steve Believe

Multi-gold and platinum RIAA award-winning Audio Engineer since 2007.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - Jordan McDermott

Professional mixing, mastering and production tips. Taking your tracks a level level higher by adding depth and sparkle. World-class software and techniques, year of experience in the industry. Can add additional production or provide honest feedback to get the best out of your work

Post-Production & Mixing - Frodo

I'll make your project sound great!

Producer, Mix & Mastering - Alexius


Producer and Mixing/Master Engineer located in Stockholm. Focuses mainly on electronic and hip hop, but well experienced in other genres as well. Producing and/or mixing & mastering tracks for affiliates such as Henok Achido, Bladee & Yung Lean on their Grammy nominated & awarded albums.

Post-Production Sound - LE Productions

Essentially L.E Productions Record, Mix, Sound Design and provide Post-Production for screen media & video games. We are Professional, Versatile, Trustworthy, Dependable, Flexible & Have an eye and ear for detail.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - I.B.

Mixing to the Max!!

Recording Studio, Remote Mix - Rodrigo Donato

Sound Designer & Mixing Technician, OnLine to the whole world

End to End Music/Audio - Audiography

Comprehensive Audio Direction for any project, from song/script writing through final delivery.

Mastering - Master Frasco Audio

Master Frasco Audio Labs is run by Chris Frasco. He has worked entirely as a mastering engineer since 2012; specializing in Pop, Rock, Country, and Hip Hop, for artists such as; O'Shea, Hit The Lights, Brian Wright, Janelle Arthur, and many more.

Sound Designer - Games, Film - Alex Prenzler (Sound Design)

On a quest to deliver satisfying and memorable sound design for games.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Ethan Bricker

Ethan Bricker's influential mixes & masters have made it on some of Spotify & Apple Music's largest and most prestigious playlists.

Audio Post/Location Sound - Sigma Sonics

We will edit and fix your audio files to its best possible version. We will use advanced techniques and softwares to ensure the final product is a crisp and clean as possible. Whether you are recording a scene for your Film, Documentary, we will be there to guarantee that the sound and emotion of the live action is captured in the highest quality.

 - Emeen Zarookian

In short, I am a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter/composer, and sound designer/mixer specializing in Video Game Audio, TV/Film, and Analog/Digital Music.

 - Johny Garcia

Specialist in sound editing, sound design and restoration. Degree in Recording Arts.

Music Production, Sound Design - Gareth Worthy

Music For Picture | Sound Design | Audio Post Production Services

Mixing Engineer & Producer - Liam Annert Thirty Mill Studio

I've been a music producer for over 8 years working on original material as music for other artists. Recently I have moved into audio engineering, working on some fantastic new projects coming out of Australia. I'm an assistant engineer to Colin Wynne at Thirty Mill Studios who has a long list of accolades including multiple ARIA awards.

Mixing/Editing/Post Production - Michael J. Brunetti

I'm a student at Columbia College Chicago Studying Audio Design and Production and Sound for Cinema. I'm looking for any kind of mixing, mastering, editing, sound design, or post production work.

Freelance Audio Professional  - SDE Studios

Co-Founders of Soulcial Dreamin' Ent (SDE) Music Enthusiast, Audio Engineer by trade and self-proclaimed all around dopest nerd.

Sound Design, Music Mixer - Roberto Herrador

Online services for Movies, Shortfilms, Documentaries and Games.

Podcast Editing & Mastering - Miguel Galguera

Todo lo que tu podcast pueda necesitar antes de ser publicado: edición de audio, sonido limpio, ambientación sonora, mastering final para cumplir los standards sonoros de las plataformas...

SoundDesign/Mixing GermanStyle - ton.dreizehn

Munich based Sounddesigner and Re- Recording Engineer with a big passion for film sound. "The german Skywalker Sound ;)"

Remote mixing for all genres. - Kerry Popp

Audio engineer with a passion for music and film. I have a Certification in Audio Technology from School of Audio Engineering and am local to NYC. I have a background in heavy music and commercial audio design but am open to all musical genres and am always up for an opportunity to try something new.

 - Orange Label

Sello de Grabacion Independiente desde 2011 Estudio de grabación. Producción Musical, Grabación, Mezcla. Producción de Audio Publicitario Post produccion de Audio Asesoria de Montaje, Prensa, y difusion de medios de distribucion digitales y Fisicos (CD y DVD) Diseño Gráfico discográfico, Fotografia y Litografia. Sonido en Vivo.

 - Tony Stanhope

New to Nashville, and new to this site! I've got 3 years of Pro Audio/Music Business experience including a college education in recording and major studio work in Orlando, FL and Nashville, TN. Please get in touch with any questions!

 - Angelic Productions

Things we do: -Live Records -Multi-Track to Video -Studio Tracking -Mixing -Editing -Studio Design/Build -Live Sound -Stage Management -Touring

production sound mixer - briarputty sound

An experienced sound engineer starting in broadcast in 1994, freelancing since 2003. I have experience in all styles of projects, in all conditions.

Sound Designer, Drummer - Jason Stare

The heart creates rhythm which commands the body to move space. Sound Designer, Sound Mixer, Drummer

Mix in the Clouds - O

Music co-creator on a quest towards the spirit.

Sound Design, Post-Production - Kyriakos Charalampides


If you are looking for some unique, immersive sounds for your video, film or game you are in the right place. I have worked for multiple artists and companies designing sounds and creating soundtracks that identify their art or product.

Recording Mixing and Mastering, Guitarist - Brian Leonard

I currently work at FUNimation as a professional ADR engineer. I have been in the music business for 8 years, working with bands, and artists; writing, recording, and mixing. My goal is to use Soundbetter to offer my mixing services at a great price to music lovers such as myself.

Producer/Engineer/Studio Owner - Stephen Kurpis

Vitruvian Sound was built to provide a safe harbor for creatives of all stripes to work in a serious manner. This studio is a crossroads of technical resources and knowledge. It is a hub for artists to finalize their expressive output. It is a place where quality tools are not dismissed as unattainable luxuries, nor held in blind reverence, but

5.1 Surround Studio - Erez Eyni Shavit

Dedicated, efficient, strives for excellence

Audio/Podcast Post Production - Jonas Zellner

Providing professional sound editing and mixing services, I'll bring top notch audio quality to your project. Especially talented at fixing poorly recorded audio.

Sound Design & Composition - Alexander Nezhinskiy

I can enhance your story and create a strong authentic voice for your project with the help of sound and music.

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