Top Dialogue Editors for hire

Get the cleanest dialogue tracks for your production. These pro dialogue editors will fix messy dialogue, record ADR, and mix together your best dialogue tracks.

Vocal producer - IZO

I specialize in vocals, I view each vocal as unique, all vocals are different, each genre has its needs. Rock Pop Dance Modern and Retro. I've worked on an album nominated for the 2016 latin grammy awards.

Audio Engineering | Producer - John Wyatt Lowe

An experienced design and audio professional with 8+ years of professional recording experience in the music industry.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Harry D'Antonio Dry

If one of my clients who was on The Voice China wants to record with me, you should too! I'll professionally record, mix, and master your track and you can have as many edits as you want.

Recording, Mixing & Mastering - John M Buteyn

I'm a producer, musician, composer and educator that believes in the vision you have for your music. If you need honest and reliable tracking, mixing, or mastering, I would love to work with you.

Beat maker, Mix and Master - ZUNA

Services: 1.Production and composition 2.Mixing and Mastering 3.Working on your unfinished projects 4.Turn your Ideas into final track 5.Adding provided vocals 6.Adding sample vocals 7.Remixing

Mixing and Editing - Angelo Carretta

I'm co-owner of Sunset Studios in South Miami, FL and the senior engineer for Neon.16, headed by urban producer Tainy. My ears come equipped with eight years of intensive classical music training and ten years of diverse production experience. Frequencies and patterns fascinate me, music and lyrics move me. Let's Vibe.

Producer, Mix / Master, Rapper - Yuri

Hip-Hop / Trap / Dubstep producer, I'm offering my skills for rappers or producers that want their tracks to sound just right, needs vocals, or beats.

sound designer, music composer - Paul Fább

If you need mixing, music or sound for your video or game, you came to the right place.

Sound Design and Audio Cleanup - Jaime B

Great audio is my passion. I have a Bachelor of Creative Technologies (Audio Engineering and Sound Production).

Producer, Audio Engineer - Grayscale Productions

I am professional music producer and engineer with a main focus on the hip-hop to R&B genres. I am also a contemporary composer, and label owner. I have some of the fastest turn around times, with label-ready quality instrumentals and mixes from my home studio in Michigan.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Luca Nix

I will mix and/or master your music in my calibrated project studio with amazing clarity, compose and record that orchestral part that your song is desperately missing, provide that remix for your EP or DJ, or clean up and fix voice recordings, old mixes, damaged media and much more.

Audio Mixing Engineer - Aaron D.

If you're looking for an audio engineer with an intense passion for helping other artists, you've found one! I specialize in many kinds of services for all kinds of genres. Contact me and we'll get to work!

Electronic Music Producer - Nick Gourlie

I am synthesis instrumentalist and composer specializing in ambient and cinematic synthesis. I also perform a variety of music services such as full production including mixing and mastering, beat making, sound design and brand consultation.

 - Calum MacEachen

Aspiring Guitarist, Composer and Producer. Always up for a challenge!

Bringing imaginations to life - Flagship Studios

Hi I'm Matt, I'm the co-owner of Flagship Studios(music production/sound design), Flagship Recordings(Indie label), and The Monarch Agency. I've been playing, recording and producing music for 20yrs. I've also been a sound designer and a sound recordist for film and tv for the last 3 yrs. I'm very passionate about sound and creative expression.

Mixing Engineer Music/Audio - Jorel Corpus

5 Grammy and 1 Daytime Emmy Award Certification. Multiple Billboard #1 Singles and Albums. Ambie, Webby and Telly winning Certified Gold (PARI) Music Producer. Mixing Engineer and Musician in Los Angeles.

Audio Post Production Foley  - BMine Audio

My name is Ruben Vanbuel and I started my own audio company specialized in animation, film, foley. With my studio for mixing, mastering and previews from big pictures to short advertising and more. Foley is my dada and I love animation!

Sound Design&Surround Mixing - Mikhail Anisimov

Need someone to do sound for that crazy Sci-fi gear? Or for that huge creepy monster? Maybe titles? Re-recodring? Music mixing? Mastering? Well, You found your guy! For me, mixing is more, than plugins, DAWs and gear. It's all about emotions and feelings.

mixing, mastering,sound to pic - galya

hi, my name is Galya Georgieva, I am offering my help in mixing, mastering,music producing, sound to picture ,sound to games,

Audio Engineer & Producer - Raúl / Policrom Records

One half of Policrom, a professional sound studio from Mexico City. We do everything from mixing in stereo & 5.1 to ADR, scoring and music supervision for video production. Our work has been featured in channels like Nick Jr., TNT & Sony, festivals like Sundance and won prizes like the 2020 Kidscreen Award Best Digital Preschool Web Series.

Remote Music Composition - Robert Martin

Hello, my name is Robert MartinI and I am here to help you bring your project to life. Whether you need help with a film score or you need someone to mix & master your next single, I am the guy for the job. I pride myself on the quality of my work so once I commit to your project I will ensure that you are satisfied with the results.

Mix Engineer, guitarist  - Elijah Spader

Just finished a full mix for the Feature Film, With Night Comes Wolves. I Work in Melodyne so I can Pitch correct your vocals. I can Mix you song and add in guitar, piano, ukulele or virtual interments if needed.

Recording, Mixing, Mastering - Alan Whelan

Let me mix and master your projects to release standards. I am here to get your product to where it needs to be in today's music business. I am person who is not finished until you are 100% happy and I strive for perfection in everything I work on.

Latin Urban Music Producer - kHill

Looking for a unique, yet modern sound for your next track? Hit me up! Having worked as a freelance producer for labels such as Interscope Lat. & Empire Lat., makes me a perfect fit for you. Let's start something fresh or send me your vocal ideas and we can build an arrangement from that.

Recording and Mixer Engineer - Mr Armando Perasole

I completed my degree in this subject in July 2013 and my work experience to-date has been mostly based in Italy, applying the skills on a practical basis through various part time work experiences.Having graduated, I am now ready to expand my skills and to work full time for an international company. I am a hard working individual and patient...

'Sound Production'; 'Mixing' - W&W

We are a UK based mixing and mastering company who price each job according to the artists needs, allowing us to be the most competitive service on the internet.

Producer, Remixer & Engineer - Dave Edwards

I'm a producer, songwriter, and remixer based in NYC. As of early 2020, my tracks (production only) have been streamed over 20M times across Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube, with 11 #1 Hype Machine placements and releases on all 3 U.S. Major Labels, including Atlantic, Dim Mak, Republic, Sony, and Big Beat.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Frank Baker

I'm a composer/producer from Stuttgart, Germany and started my own musical experiments back in 1999 on cassette tapes. I began serious recording around 10 years ago with the production of my first solo works in Autumn 2006. I played in various bands and produced, mixed and mastered about 40 records.

Audio Engineer - Graeme D

Sound engineer and guitar player with experience in many areas sound. Graduate of Music Technology and Audio Systems Design(Hons) at the University of Derby, England and I've a good knowledge of acoustics, sound design, music recording and wildlife sound recording.

Recording, Mixing, & Mastering - Ethan Kotel

I create dynamic, spacious, high-quality mixes from the world-class Evergroove Studio located in Evergreen, Colorado. I love to help musicians realize their dreams and create a final product that everyone can be proud of. I also play bass, and can help you get a great bass part for your next project!

Music Producer - Souledit

Mihai Marza (Souledit) is a person living for arts. Visual artist, Producer and DJ, established in Alba Iulia, has the sole purpose to spread good vibes thru his vibrant music compositions and DJ sets, always presented In the best aesthetic way possible.

Music & Mixing - SmarTune Music

Hi, I'm Yehuda – musician and sound designer.

Produce, DJ, mixing, mastering - Ri Za

I am music producer specializing mostly od electronic music from early age, I have analogue gear so I am providing analogue mixing and mastering in high quality result.

Sound creator - Yoshi

Hi I am Yoshi. I am a professional at Sound. I write Music and do Mixing, Design, Recording and Production. I am studying Sound Design. I play guitar and listen to Nine Inch Nails.

Mixing, Recording, Production - CLFSound

Chris is a professional audio engineer, known for his in-depth understanding of the technical details of production and also for his ability to implement that understanding into his daily work. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in audio production from Middle Tennessee State University.

Engineer, Producer, and Artist - Maximo Diaz

My name is Max, I live in New York and go to school for audio engineering.

Rec, produce, mix & mastering - David Levinsson // LEVINSOUND

In the middle of Gothenburg me and my studio serve as an audiohub for creatives. For remote recordings, production skills, acoustic piano recordings or mix jobs all over the world , just send me an email. Best/David

Screenwriting, Songwriting, - The Valley

Singer / Songwriter / Screenwriter

Write/prod/mix/mast Afropop - Kubolor Cini

Quick turnaround, low cost professional, songwriting, production, mix, & master

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Matheus Marrane

I am a Brazilian passionate about music and yes, all details matter in music.

Recording Studio - OverDubb Studio

We understand what it takes to make great music and how artist creativity works, how to capture it and translate it to the world as they envisioned. This isn’t just a job to us, where we sit and press the record button. We always take our time to understand each client’s project and never rush the process. We believe in building long-term partners.

Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist - Abel James

Award-winning singer, voiceover artist, podcaster, and New York Times Bestselling Author and #1 International Bestselling Humorist. Top Virtual Reality and 360 Video producer, TV credits include starring on ABC, Fox, Entertainment Tonight, and multiple documentaries and series.

Production, Mixing - Jesse 4SE

I have a unique skillset for sound design, programing synthesizers, producing music, manipulating audio, mixing, and mastering. I enjoy experimenting with textures to produce iconic sonic environments to add to tracks and support the unique story in each piece of music. Let me help your next project amaze your fanbase and expand your reach!

Producer & Engineer - Avery Shyra

Full-time song-writer, producer, engineer and educator. I've amassed 1-million plays in total on my own music and helped countless others do the same.

Composer/Producer, Mix/Master - Richard Bongardt

Hip Hop/Trap Instrumentals / Scoring(specially spacy stuff) / Mixing and Mastering

Mixing and mastering engineer  - Sound Gate Studios

I will mix and master your song, cover or whatever you want!

Mixer-Session Guitarist-Writer - Blake Bunzel

Indie Rated Mixing & Mastering - Berkley Adam Audio

Hello everyone, My name is Berkley Adam, a professional freelance audio engineer in Hampton Roads Virginia.

Recording, Editing, Mixing - BoraOzkum Editing & Mixing

Hi! My name is Bora Ozkum. I started this journey about 9 years ago. I was working as a freelancer at the beginning stage of my career, then I started working in a professional studio in Ankara/Turkey. You can check my portfolio from my website. I'm looking forward to work with you!

Remote Mixing and Mastering - Castle Studio

High level Mixing and Mastering. Good communication, friendly and professional.

Mixing & Mastering - Rebels One Studio™

Your Favorite Engineer! Online Professional, Radio Ready, Mixing and Mastering Services.

Mixing, Mastering, Audio Post - Phoenix Mixing - Mastering

I am a creative technologist that works in all facets of audio post production. My mixing and mastering uses a combination of analog and digital tools (In the box and outboard gear). I work with the artist to make sure their hard work is taken to the next level. Sound is emotion, a feeling, and should sound timeless; that is my goal.

 - Kellen Mills

I've worked as an audio engineer/producer for six years in various professional studios in and around Seattle. I've recently moved to Germany and have been connecting with studios here as well. I've done a ton of work, care about my clients getting exact;y what they want, and, am ultimately proud of what I do!

Editing, mixing, recording. - Polish Audio

I'd love to help you to get your project sounding the way you envision it. Have mixed bands like Canned Heat, Long Beach Rehab(CueBall's sublime tribute), Afro Man and others. Been in the studio with Alan Sanderson and others on both sides of the glass. 15 years experience.

Music ~ Sound Design ~ Mix - Calvin Hunting Pia

Emmy-nominated mixer, sound-designer and multi-instrumentalist from Brooklyn, NY.

Mixing, Mastering & Production - Noel Wayne

I offer a high quality mixing, mastering and production service. Using only professional equipment and plugins I'm always aiming to achieve the best sound for every song I work with. The difference in packages is only in the amount of stems that you need to mix. I have worked on numerous Uk top 40 songs and have remixed countless artists.

Production, Recording, Mixing - Christian Wieland Audio Design

The services I offer include the full production line for bands, musicians or film production. Recording | Mix & Master | Production

 - Audioproducciones Patrick Mildenberg

Profesional recording studio located in Beautiful Bogota in Colombia specializing in recording real musicians .

Rock Singer, Producer,Arranger - John Jeff Touch

John Jeff Touch is a professional singer /producer/songwriter having the best equipment for studio recording /production .John Jeff Touch is also the producer of WebArt Records. and helps every artist/ band to find his own sound and direction. (

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Michael Bobino

Audio Engineering services: recording, mixing and mastering. Post Production services: dialogue editing, re-recording mixer, ADR, VoiceOver.

Producer and Session Musician - Maverick Judson

I have extensive experience in all areas of music production and performance. I'm an expert audio editor, especially at editing and tuning vocals if I might add! I have lots of experience mixing. I have produced several of my own works and for others. I am a graduate from Music Industry Arts at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario Canada.

I make rock n' roll records! - Josh Garcia

I just love to mix records and I have been fortunate to make records with some of my heroes. I mix on analog consoles and I love to track bands live in the same room to tape if possible. Lets connect and make some music.

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