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Get the cleanest dialogue tracks for your production. These pro dialogue editors will fix messy dialogue, record ADR, and mix together your best dialogue tracks.

Music producer and artist  - Dinky




Music producer and artist

I studied piano/ performing arts since childhood.At 19 I produced my first album and signed to Kompakt records in Germany. I have dozens of singles and 6 albums in labels like Visionquest, OstgutTon, Kompakt, Traum, Carpark, Crosstown Rebels,Running Back Top 10 albums of the year in Resident Advisor, Pitchfork, Sound and Recording..

Voice Actor - DenaDahilig

Silicon Valley

Voice Actor

Voice actor with broadcast-quality studio delivering professional commercial, promo, narration voiceover to corporate, educational and not-for-profit clients internationally. Specialty in event announcing, both live and recorded.


Mix and Mastering, Recording - Paolo


Mix and Mastering, Recording

Good Dialog editor: A lot of works on Rec and editing for theatral plays bakground vocal tracks

Advertising and Voice-over  - La


Advertising and Voice-over

Voice-over, sound production, advertising and dubbing. We work in Spanish, Catalan and English. Based in Girona, Spain.


Producer/Songwriter/Musician - Liam





Hey, my name is Liam - but in music I usually go by Molitor (my middle name)! I'm a songwriter, performer and producer from Toronto. In the past I've worked on projects as a producer, mixer, guitarist, composer, co-writer and much more so feel free to reach out for any audio-related projects. I love music and audio so that's why I do what I do!

Singer, Songwriter, Wordsmith - Darcy


Singer, Songwriter, Wordsmith

Songs need words, charismatic vocals, and depth of field, rather like a good picture, I help you frame your ideas and get the depth of field you need to reach above and beyond yourself.


mixing&mastering, music & film - Martin

La Plata

mixing&mastering, music & film

I'm a sound engineer, who focuses in post production and mixing sound, with experience in audiovisuals recordind, editing, and mixing, as well as music recording and mixing, with 5 years working on it. I provide my own mixing room for stereo mix.


Editor, Producer, Mastering - Edwin




Editor, Producer, Mastering

Freelance audio editor. Have a cum laude degree as sound engineer, producer which also includes mixing and mastering.

null - InnerSpaceSoundLabs

North Branford

Log Cabin Studio that feels rural but is 10 minutes from New Haven & Metro North Railroad


Fashion Writer - Deni

New York

Fashion Writer

Fashion Writer associated with Movie Leather Jackets Company


Post, Sound Design, ADR & More - Janice


Post, Sound Design, ADR & More

In need of someone to edit dialogue, create sound design, do Foley, record ADR, or even just create a Demo Reel for animation, video games, short films, etc.? Then I'm your girl!


Mixing & editing from anywhere - Paul

Tel Aviv

Mixing & editing from anywhere

I'm a music producer and engineer with a degree in Audio Engineering Technology.

null - Francois

Los Angeles

Audio post and Music for Advertising

Dialogue, Guitar, Mastering - Gregor

Melbourne VIC

Dialogue, Guitar, Mastering

Rock music and TV/film have been my full time day and night job for the last few years. I know what it takes to sound professional, and how important the delivery is.

null - CIEN3


Audio post-production facility for Radio, TV and commercials. Currently working for Red Uruguaya de TV (major TV network in Uruguay).


Mix Engineer (music and post) - Streetscape


Mix Engineer (music and post)

Streetscape Sounds is one of the top go-to studios for urban music in the area. We work with artists of all levels, from artists recording themselves at home to underground rap legends to Rich Gang artists, we cover any sound you are going for. If you want a raw and gritty underground sound, or if you want a clean pop sound, we have you covered.

Remote Editing & Mixing. - Rich

Penrith NSW 2750

Remote Editing & Mixing.

Studio/Recording/Live Sound Engineer, Sound Designer & Voice Over artist. BSc degree in Music &Sound Technology at Portsmouth University, UK. 7 years experience in studio recording using Logic & Pro Tools, industry plugins (Waves, Native Instruments etc). Home based studio, producing high quality demo's / E.Ps.

null - Denisa


I'm experienced musician composing both acoustic (mostly acoustic and classical guitar) and electronic music (ambient, experimental), currently studying sound engineering at film academy. I enjoy working with sound which includes recording, film post-production, audio restoration and also music mixing. I'll be glad to work on creative projects.


Engineer - Tiffanie





Welcome to my page! I have been Engineering/Producing for 7+ years. I have within these seven years been fortunate enough to work with many great artists from Record Label signed pros to beginners just starting out on their journey to stardom. I have been lucky enough to earn many credits and placements with them all….Congrats to you guys!

null - Gerardo

Canoga Park

Finished school in 2012 but has been working in sound engineering for many years. Mostly working with up and coming artists has now been working as assistant engineer to a big name in the audio engineering world. Has access to top of the line equipment and is eager to show what he can do.



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