Top Dialogue Editors for hire

Get the cleanest dialogue tracks for your production. These pro dialogue editors will fix messy dialogue, record ADR, and mix together your best dialogue tracks.

miracle lyricist - Cuzzo

I am new and fresh to rapping but I have been making lyrics for a while now and I believe i'm am getting decent making them. I'm currently looking for a job where i can write lyrics for someone else.

 - JL Canalejo

Sound Design & Post

 - Zala

Sound Designer and producer.

Sound Engineer - Ryo Homma

Audio Engineer for both Music and Post Production based on Tokyo, Japan. Graduated from Musicians Institute Hollywood with Associate of Arts Degree and Certificate in Guitar Performance and Audio Engineer/Post Production. I'm also a Pro Tools Certified and multilingual of Indonesian, Japanese, English and Malay.

Producer Songwriter - Town Camo

We create the vibe so you don't have to.

recording and post-production - D. James Tagg

D. James Tagg (Jamie) is passionate about presenting spatial realism in recordings. Whether it be the perfect capture and a true-to-period presentation of a live classical performance, or constructing depth and space in a jazz or pop mix, the artist is always featured in the best possible musical space and aesthetic.

Remote Audio Editor - Jasmine Cross

Apple Podcast Top 50 list Audio Engineer with a passion for great audio quality.

Audio Post Production - Chris Sprinkhuysen

Audio Post Production Services for Podcast, Film, & Video Games.

Podcast Editing & Sound Design - Soundmind Editing

Freelance Audio Editor, Sound Designer and Musician specializing in post-production for podcasts & other audio formats. High profile client-based including Spotify, Parcast and more. High standards & reasonable rates. Custom arrangement to suit your needs and budget. Lets work together!

 - Joseph Ward

NSCC Recording Arts student - Audio engineer.

mixing, piano playing - Mateusz Kucharski sounds

Audio Engineer graduated from AGH Krakow University of Science and Technology. Love creating new sounds, making short music pieces and mixing audio. I'm singing in a small choir group KantoKantare.

Mixing & Mastering Engineer - CS Mixing & Mastering

Hello my name is Christian Sanchez. I'm a professional freelance Mixing & Mastering engineer from Hollywood, Los Angeles California. I've been mixing and mastering for the past 10 years and have had the pleasure to record and mix on vintage industry consoles like the Neve Vr, SSL (G series and Duality) and Digidesign Icon console.

Remote Audio Editing - Emanuele Dezi

Installation and supervision of simoultaneous and consecutive translation's audio systems in National and International Conferences. Passionate about music and audio enhance, specialized in dialogues and music editing and mixing using Pro Tools.

Studio, Session Player, Radio  - Kempmusik

I make the sound in your head come out of the speakers.

Mixing,Mastering,Sound design - climonaudio

I mix and master records. I aim for clarity in every project but I understand creativity can also benefit the delivery experience listeners will have.

SSSSSSOUND - Alberto Madrigali

_ Milan based post-production audio editor, designer and mixer for dialogue, FXs and music. Need to clean up the mess you made during recording or you need sound for a video, documentary, or a sound trademark? I'm the (not so expensive) guy for you _

Audio Editor / Mixing Engineer - Tom Whitehead

I'm Tom and I want to edit your audio or mix your tracks. I have an Undergraduate and a Masters in Music Production, 9 years of experience working in studios all over the UK. These days I work primarily with audio for AAA video game titles - but I still have a strong passion for music. Please contact me for Music Mixing / Podcast Editing jobs.

Mixing Engineer, Bassist - Nick Fasshauer Musicproduction

Nick Fasshauer Musicproduction & Songwriting - The Familiar Sound

Lyricist, Composer, Roadie - HalfScratch

If you are looking for a wordsmith or unique melodies, I'm your girl. Not so much a singer/songwriter, more of a rhymer and keyboardist, known to scratch a mean record! I don't have much professional experience to brag about, as I haven't had anything published, but I have had the majority my work stolen, so I know it's good enough to make it.

Sound Designer/Mixer/Composer - Pedro Almeida Oliveira

Hello, my name is Pedro and I am Bilingual Sound Designer / Mixer and Music Producer from Portugal with over 12 years of experience in the industry especially in Advertising, Radio, TV and I have collaborated with brands like Clarins, Playstation, Mitsubishi, Lidl among others

Spatial Music & Sound Designer - Nate Attias

I am a Mixer with a passion for sound, storytelling and quality. I have over six years experience in Sound Mixing and Sound Design for Music, Films and Television. I have Mixed and Designed multiple projects from Music LP's, EP's and Films in Spatial/Surround. I have great ears, communication skills and unique mixing skills.

Sound Engineer, bass player - Bassndsound

Recording, Mixing, Broadcast sound, Concert post producing mixing.

 - Jordan Robins

We are a studio focused on bringing the greatest possible value to every artist. We are musicians as well as engineers and we understand the challenge of wanting to balance quality and affordability. We are willing to work with any budget to give you the best possible recording. We have the facilities and know how to bring your project to life!

Music, Musician, Production - Esteban Torres (Amaresi)

Independent music production, recording, mixing and mastering studio in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, México.

 - Jaime Marín

Titulado de ingeniería en sonido en la Universidad Tecnológica INACAP (ex-Vipro). Paralelamente realicé un diplomado de Rock, Metal y Progresivo en el Instituto Profesional Projazz con las especialización en guitarra. Soy lider y guitarrista de la agrupación Acid Resonance y fundador Celula Films

Post Production, Sound Design  - Alex Raschack

Alex Raschack was born and raised in Sacramento, California. Since he received his first drum set when he was 8, his dream was to make a living in the music world. Learning more and more about music as he grew up, he shifted his views to the world of Post Production and Sound Design. Since attending Pinnacle College, he has enhanced his sk

'Content Writer', 'Songwriter' - avipratap

I'm a published writer and artist. I have written some wonderful poems and if you feel that they can be converted into songs please ping me. Checkout my blog or if you want to contact me please email.

Recording/ Mixing Engineer - MW Audio

Over 3 years of experience in the entertainment industry as an audio engineer/ technician. Working in both studio and live sound environments I am capable of working hard and focused on the task at hand whilst under pressure, meeting the deadline.

Mixing, Mastering, Production - Nu Millennium (Higher Energy)

We aim to provide an environment for creative minds to explore endless possibilities and let their "Creative Juices" roll.

Surround Mixing and Mastering - BodyHz Sound

A filmmaker and mixing engineer with 15 years of experience looking to share his sound knowledge with like-minded creators.

Sound Designer & Immersive Mix - Danilo Battistini

Sound designer and foley artist focused on using audio as a storytelling mechanism. Such as creating the sound of Bilgewater and Frejlörd for an immersive experience for Riot's League of Legends theme booth on CCXP 2019 in São Paulo.

Sound Design Studio - Su8_Studio

We are a Sound Design Studio based in Italy.

Sound Design / Engineering - Daisy James

I've spent 10+ years in the industry as everything from a producer, writer, sound designer and engineer. Towards this latter half of my career, I've begun to focus exclusively on the post production side of things, including scoring, composing, mastering, engineering, and sound design.

Techno | Mixing & Mastering - Matias Bagato

Techno DJ, Producer, Mixing & Mastering Engineer.

Audio Refinement & Rescue - Kamal

For any audio that needs some finessing, fine-tuning or straight-up fixing! Whether it's unwanted noises that need removing, multiple recordings that need to sound more 'together', or you're not even sure what's needed but you just need it sorted... I can help!

 - Natural Audio

Music Production, Mix & Mastering.

Supervising Sound Editor - Greg Junovich

I have over 10yrs experience working in sound, mainly in film and tv. Recently I moved to Munich from Auckland, New Zealand and am looking for opportunities here in Europe. I still own and oversee one of NZ's longest running post production facilities, Native Audio.

Sound Design & Surround Mix - Thacio Palanca

Cinema and advertising: re-recording mixer, adr engineer and sound effects editor.

Audio Engineer - EmRauz

I am an audio recording and mixing engineer located in Los Angeles, CA.

Sound Design/ Mixing/ Editing - Lucas Scheidt

Hello, my Name is Lucas, I'm 24 years old and my passion is Sound. Since I can think I was fascinated thereof how music and technics are linked together and it was not surprising, that I evolved a deep love for Mixing and Sound Design. Furthermore I'm familiar with Dialogue Editing due to my job (Audio Engineer on a Public Radio Station).

Guitarist | Mixing | Producer - Vance Fite

Hi. I'm Vance. I'm a guitarist, singer, mixer, and producer and I freaking love music. I love playing it on stages and creating it with amazing people. If you're looking to create something dope, I want to be a part of it.

Sound Design, Composer - Broken Hz.

[Specialization] in recording sound for film, documentaries, series, commercials, [Special Qualities] - mixing, composing, jingles, ginging workshops. I produce also electronic music that I would like to be released.

Remote Post Filmix -Soundesign - Peter Rundquist

Ready to take your film's sound to the next level? Choose G8haus Studios and our top-of-the-line equipment, techniques, and passion for sound quality. We'll work with you to achieve the perfect soundscape for your project. With our unique background in music and passion for sound quality, we are the perfect partner to unlock audio clarity.

Artist, Songwriter - Norfside Donn

A compelling songwriter/artist that loves creating and providing the right energy and feels for whoever I build with.

Mixing & Mastering - Bijoy Ahmed

Hi My name is Bijoy Ahmed .I am here to Mix and master your audios or songs and give them next level touch.

Podcast Editing & Mastering - Giuliano

Podcast editing, post-production and mastering.

 - Ahmed Batis

Ahmed Batis, professional Arabic voice over with Standard accent, Foos'ha and Modern Najdee- Saudi accent. If you are looking for Arabic voice over or lyrics reader in Arabic.. You reach your choice.

2x Grammy winning mixer - MONOLisa Studios/Denise Barbarita

I am here to help my clients meet their needs and high expectations during every phase of a project. Whether hired to capture basic tracks, editing, or mixing, my idea of a successful session is hearing a client say, "What I'm hearing in this room sounds better than what I've been hearing in my head".

Recording/Mixing/Mastering - Jon Alexander

British Recording/Mix engineer based in Copenhagen Denmark.

Music and Sound for Games - In Game Sound

Sound Designer - Beau Gourley

Sound Designer with 10 years of experience in production and post-production sound for film and television. Specializing in dialogue, ADR, Foley and SFX recording editing, mixing and mastering for both film and television standards. Skilled in using FMOD and Wwise & other various tools for audio implementation in video games.

Film Post Audio + Podcast - Vasilis Fotopoulos

I’m a film audio editor, mixer and restoration engineer at The Criterion Collection and do music composition and mix podcasts at Crooked Media. I specialize in film post audio, dialogue editing and music scoring. Quick turnaround with top quality for podcasts - I helped design best practices for one of the biggest podcast companies in the world.

 - proSonica studio

Mix and master, studio for you. ProSonica Studio is mainly used to record vocals and advertisements, but we also cooperate with experienced mixing and mastering engineers. Ask me directly about the price.

Sound Design - Pranciškus Brazdžiūnas

Hey! I'm a sound engineer/sound designer from Lithuania. I spend most of my time editing and mixing sound for motion pictures. In the mean time, I love working with music. Used to be a musician myself, now I help others with their records. Recently I recorded and mixed an EP for a rising artist from Lithuania.

Record and produce Voice-reels - Round Island Voiceover Demos

Since 2006, I have worked with hundreds of actors and professional voiceover artists to create custom demos. Ranging from drama and narration to gaming and animation, I'm set up to produce the highest quality voicereels available in the UK today. My vocal booth (from is equipped to give a comfortable and inspirational experience.

 - Sound Method Post

Pro sound design, 5.1 surround mixing, dialog editing/restoration, sound effects, ADR/VO recording for film and TV. Sound Method Post is an audio post production facility that provides excellence, detail, and creativity to every project.

Film Sound Post Production ... - Rotor Film Babelsberg GmbH

Rotor Film is a full-service sound post production facility in Potsdam/Babelsberg just outside Germany's capital Berlin. Following years of experience Rotor Film was founded to provide infrastructure for an optimized post production workflow with less expenditure of time - thus directing focus on our work's main aspect: great sound for your movie!

Sound Designer/Mixer/Composer - Ana De Irisarri

Hello My name is Ana and I am Bilingual Sound Designer / Mixer and Music Producer from Colombia with over 12 years of experience in the industry especially in Advertising, Radio, Film, Tv, Live sound among others.

Re-recording Mixer with Studio - Post Home Pro

I've mixed TV and Web campaigns from "Harry Potter" and "The Dark Knight" to the new Emmy Award Winning Web Series "Dropping The Soap". Check out for details.

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