Top Dialogue Editors for hire

Get the cleanest dialogue tracks for your production. These pro dialogue editors will fix messy dialogue, record ADR, and mix together your best dialogue tracks.

Session Keys, Producer, Editor - Kyle


Whether its composing for bands or TV, producing albums for record labels, or providing session keyboards for artists' projects, I bring passion, experience, and a critical ear to every project that I work on.

Producer- Mixing Engineer  - Cristian Délano

GRAMMY Nomination for Album of the Year (Lady Gaga: The Fame Monster) at the 53rd Annual GRAMMY awards, Lead Guitarist on the Backstreet Boys 2006 USO Tour in Europe Exclusive Endorsement by Martin Guitars

Producer, Mixer, Guitarist - Eric Searle

Top Credit: Mastodon - Blood Mountain (pre-production)

Mixing engineer - S-WIL Media

Need your tracks recorded, mixed, mastered? S-WIL Media is here to help with that.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - Andres Azpiri

Recording/Mixing/mastering engineer for 50+ clients. I've mixed hip/hop, RnB, bluegrass, indie rock, punk, and rock. Looking forward to expanding my portfolio across countries and genres, that's why I signed up to SoundBetter. Since 2016, I've been composing, sound designing and mixing for NPR's spanish language podcast Radio Ambulante.

Mixing & mastering engineer - MixedByTrap

i always bring something unique to the table, i have never left a client dissatisfied. new age hiphop is my main skill set, but i have touched everything from country all the way to metal.

Producer, Mixing & Mastering - Aidan McDonald

I can professionally mix and master your work, as well as help you achieve the production level that you desire

Mixing and Music Production - David Sound Wizard

Traveled the world for 11 years mixing artists like Marina and the Diamonds, Blood Orange, Tove Lo, Sofitukker, Nelly Furtado, Cut Copt, Washed Out and many more

Remote production & mixing - Rose Records

Hello! My name's Braden Norris and I am a mix/mastering engineer. I do mostly indie rock but also love working on pop and punk! Lets work together and get you a killer sounding track.

Music Producer/Mix & Master - Janelle Costa

Hi! I'm a record/mix engineer and music producer focused on Chillhop and Electronic music. As a recording engineer, I have worked in binaural recordings for Chesky Records with artists like Macy Gray, Cassey Abrams, John McEuen, and others. Need music mixed, audio, editing or sound design on your next project?

Mixing Engineer / Producer - Jason Lee

With a solid commitment to personal and professional excellence, this has led to my work receiving 2 Grammy Nominations, multiple top 100 Billboard charting in 4 different countries, and 2x platinum sales for my respective clients.

Music Producer - K.Rahshad

I'm a BeatMaker, Songwriter, Tracker, Composer, Producer also a Full-time Videographer/Cinematographer based out in Los Angeles,Ca looking to creatively work with aspiring artists around the world, to not only bring their dreams and talents to life, but to help make an impact in a creative way in the world.

Audio/Music Editor and Mixer - Gabriel Mialchi

Audio and Music Editor and Mixer. I work with voice editing, tuning, podcast editing and mastering, film, series and documentaries sound design.

Vocal Tuning and Audio Editing - Rafael Pereira Lopes


Audio Engineer specialized in vocal tuning and time alignment. Over 10 years of experience working with all sorts of artists, from mainstream to garage bands.

 Mixing, Producing & Recording - Will Massaad


Hi there, My name is Will. I have 17 years experience mixing and engineering sessions. My goal is to ensure your mix connects with its audience on a sonic and emotional level. Artists I am influenced by ;The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Tom Petty, Ray Lamontagne, The Boss, Ed Sheeran, Daniel Lanois, Blue Rodeo and Genesis.

Music producer/mix and master  - Bluddymix

Professional mixing and mastering engineer/ music producer. I use Logic Pro X and Izotope Pro Plugins

Creative mixing and editing - Elad Kleiner

Elad Kleiner is a creative mixer and system engineer based in London. Have worked on wide range of productions, live shows and world tours.

Producer, Rec. & Mix. Engineer - Andres Pardo

I am a professional Audio Engineer. I attened SAE Institute of Technology in NYC with a scholarship. After I graduated I interned at a Post Production Firm in NYC where I worked on professional projects for MTV, Comedy Central, and Cartoon Network. On my personal time I worked with local artists providing them with recording and mixing services.

Live and Recording Engineer - Ryan Turba

Ryan received his Associates Degree in Recording and Music Technology from Madison Media Institute. He is a certified User and Operator of Pro Tools software.

Sound Specialist - OB

Since many years ago I work with Sound, Tracks, Musicians, Mixing Consoles, Pro Tools, pro tools again, and again. Hard working on audio restoration, impossible is nothing.

Voice Over / Audio Engineer - Dominick Biava

I love my craft, and my work reflects it. No matter the project or situation, I look to make each VO Project and song enjoyable and satisfactory. It is my complete Obsession to achieve the best sounds possible, and taking them form ideas to complete bodies of work.

Music Producer and Engineer - nkdvkng

Pay for more than a mix, Pay for the vibe.

Production, Mixing, Mastering - Anton Chumachenko

I compose, record, produce, mix and master.

Audio Production - Isyraf

Open to new ideas in the field of audio production.

Producer, Mix & Master - Gali One

It's not the size of your studio or the cost of your equipment that makes you the best. My strengths for 10 years now have always been my mind and my ears. I totally immerse myself in the project and in the work, always trying to realize the idea that artists imagine themselves. If you want to trust me and my skills, then let's start!

Recording and Mixing Engineer - Jack Martin Audio

Experienced Recording Producer, Recording and Mixing Engineer based in Devon. Music is what I know, do, and love. There is nothing more important to me than creating a project that goes beyond what you imagined. I have been fortunate enough to work with names such as Liam Payne, Ken Scott and Gavin Francis amongst many others.

Producer, Engineer and Artist - K-OG

Producer and audio engineer here to take your songs from good to great.

Remote Music Production & Mix - Arthur Navarro

Graduated in Abbey Road Institute in London, UK, Class of 2018. I am a Sound Engineer, Music Producer and also a Composer and Artist, so I totally understand being on the both sides, Control Room and Live Room. I always aim for the best choices for work of the artists and clients I get the chance to work with and also look for their satisfaction.

Recording & Mix Engineer  - Safe N Sound O

Transforming audio into captivating masterpieces, I am your dedicated mix engineer, committed to elevating your music with precision and creativity.

Pop Songwriter, Pop Producer - Lisa Paul

Hi! In my 7 years of experience I worked with Rosalía, El Guincho, on mainstream TV Shows and Films for Netflix and Apple, as well as a wide range of local artists. Expert in production, sound design, and songwriting. I can record toplines, produce beats, or add sounds (vocals stacks, guitar, bass, synth). Let's work together! ENG/ES/IT/CAT

 - Vladimir Jovanovic

FOH and monitor engineer; production and stage manager

Music Production, Songwriting - Mark Dmowski

Music producer and composer (over 60 compositions written and self-produced - examples at: and Experienced studio and live performer - singer, drummer and keyboard player.

Remote Mixing/Mastering - Number 4 West Studio

Founder of Number 4 West & Co-Founder of Home Forever Collective which the studio operates under. I’ve been playing for over fifteen years & have been producing for about four years. In 2015 I studied at the Institute of Audio Research where I gained certification in the use of AVID Pro Tools. Lots of experience with platinum winning producers.

Producers - LittleBoxRecords


We are a team of producers trying to make your next favorite song :-)

Remote Mixing & Mastering  - DJ Komplex

As a Music Producer and Professional Sound Designer/Engineer, DJ Komplex has worked with Major Labels, Publishers, and Music Artist from around the globe.

Full Service Audio/Video Post - KMG

25 years making Film and Television sound phenomenal. Multiple awards and nominations

Mixing / Mastering Engineer - Nikita Mekalin

I love otherworldly, hypnotizing soundscapes. As well as raw, rough & dirty sounds.

Producer, Writer & Singer  - Wei Eara

I'm an artist and producer independent

Singer, Beatmaker,  - WhosBlare

Whats good fellas & ladies! Im a 17 year old aspiring artist from rural canada. We all know the young generation is killing the game right?! How about you check my ins & outs, let me know if you could use my skills! Im working on a friend basis with artists like, Dutch revz, Steven Cannon, & Lethal weapon actor Dante Brown!

Experimental Violinist - Alina Maldonado

I am a awarded session violinist and composer. I make music for films, theater, and dance projects. I like thinking outside the box when making music.

Remote Mixing & Mastering - José Manuel Busso

I am a sound engineer and musician passionate about sound in all its expressions. More than 13 years of experience as a sound engineer in recording studios. Sound manipulation expert: recording, editing, post-production, sound design, mixing and mastering.

Programming, Mixing, Mastering - Basiel Jozey

I am a Sound Engineer and Musician specialising in Keyboard Programming, Recording, Audio Editing, Mixing & Mastering. Mastering Audio for online Streaming platforms.

Production and Mixing - Jayden Reed & Ben Selfe

Music production duo, with 10+years of combined experience. Both 1st class music production honours degree students, with our music supported by top UK DJs and producers. Experience working with a variety of international clients, amassing over 300,000 online streams.

Audio Editor and Mixer - Rolands Andis Babris

Seven years of mixing experience using industry-leading mix and mastering hardware and software

Productor  - RealFace C.S

RealFace C.S a master of sound fusion that transcends genre barriers. In the vast cosmos of music platforms RealFace shines like a supernova star, illuminating the firmament with tempos that beat to the pulse of the universe and melodies that flow like the stream of collective consciousness.

Sound Engineer, Sonic Artist - Grant Harris

I am a sonic artist and have a passion for creating sounds that are enjoyable for every one, I want to help bring your projects to life and make some magic with you.

Music Producer - Music Producer

I'm a producer from Rochdale. I can also master, mix etc... I rap too & can write songs.

Mixing, Recording, Composition - Diamond Street Productions

Hello! My name is Spencer. I am a Billboard charting composer, engineer, mixer and musician. I record both analog and digitally. In the digital world, I use ProTools 12, Universal Audio interface, UAD plug ins, Wave plug ins, and I have a slew of analog keyboards: Hammond organ B3, Moog synth, upright piano, Wurlitzer piano and make more!

Certified Audio Engineer - Think61

Commercial Music Production - Specializing in Recording, Mixing, Mastering & Production.

Music/Post Production Studio - Wolfrom Entertainment

We are a Music/Post Production facility that specializes in everything from mixing and mastering to sound design, dialog editing, and composition. Our work can be seen at our website:

Online Mixing And Mastering - Paul Bessone

"Online mixing and mastering services to artists worldwide"

Recording Studio - Phat Wall Studios

Phatwall has over 12yrs of experience in music production, radio jingles, voice prompts, comedy skits, movie sound tracks and audio editing. We have worked with the likes of Terry_The_Rap_Man, Dj humility, Benjamin Omosiete (Flavour Nabania's Manager), Buckwylla, J-Stunt, Chris Okagbue, J Leo Films, Mi Fliss, Vic O and many more.

Pitch Perfect!  - Eugen Cochin

I'll be there for your vocals when they get slightly lost between the notes. But I got a bunch of other candy in my trunk.

Recording and Mixing Studio  - Eastside Music Studios

Pursuing the next best sound is what we do daily.

Sound Designer  - WatsonSound

As a sound designer, it is my job to give your world sound.

All Things Audio - Mike Westbrook Audio

Audio Post-Production for Film, Video & Animation Location Recording of Live Performance V/O Recording Mixing/Mastering Audio Editing Audio Restoration

Sound & Music for Film and TV - Amniótica Studio

Award-winning Post Production Sound and Music Facility. 15 years experience.

Recording Mix and Mastering - Leo Gonin

Guitar Bass Piano Mix Mastering ...

Female Singer/lyricist  - Taylor Javier

I can learn to perform any song in a short amount of time. I have a passion for singing, love learning new songs and performing them. I love a new challenge and I am a fast learner. I have a wide vocal range and like most genres.

Sound Design, Mixing, Cleaning - Damon Mckenzie

I am a sound designer from South Africa with 4 years in the game and a passion for taking projects to the next level.I specialize in creating SFX for games and animations with a knack for the unconventional. I have created audio and mixed for some of the biggest brands out there!

Mixing | Mastering - Patric Favreau

French Canadian mixer and engineer, mastering/remastering for artists and production companies, re-recording mixer for video/film. Unlimited Revisions for music. Fluent in French and English. I am genuinely passionate about my craft and eager to cultivate new client relationships.

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