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i live the guitar - Tayyar Ahmet

intermediate-pro guitar player , taking live sections

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 - SoundBites

My name is Alessandro Carpentiero, and I'm 24. I live near Milano (ITALY). My true passion is music. I've studied Sax and Piano for 9 years, I play the organ in a church, and I started studying singing since 2 years ago. I'm the singer from Fade To Rain (for which I also compose music).

Songwriter, Singer, Engineer - Esther Gadd Music

Audio school graduate, singer/songwriter with professional studio access and Pro Tools 130 certification.

I am a Lyricist - Faris Al-kadi

I am an 18 year old guy thriving to become one of the best songwriters in the world, i am ambitious and hard working, i write pop/rap and Country, if you are looking for a great Lyricist i am your guy.

Music Producer, Resident DJ - Dharam Intwala

Over 10 years of experience. I am resident DJ and music programmer for an upscale chain of restaurants across India. I am a music producer, sound designer & sound engineer.

Guitar, Vocals, Bass - Darnell "Big D" Cole


I'm a man who wears many hats, and plays many guitars. I have over 20 years experience, 7 of which are professional. If you want Blues, RNB, Soul, funk, something happy, something sad, dark, bright, gritty or clean you name it, I can help take your project to the next level.

Vocalist, parts arranger  - Freshfog

I am a recording and performing music artist and song writer, Been singing professionally for about twenty years. I have a natural airy vocal texture. Superb backing vocals and female lead mix. Been recording for music artists home and abroad for 8 years and counting. Singing is my best thing in the world. Let me give you the Best.

Air is my canvas for saxophone - Corey On Sax

I listen and love more styles of music than anybody I know. That also happens to help me adapt and be a great accompaniment to other musicians & artists. I take a lot of pride in that - playing for the song.

Audio Engineer - Nero Lee

Had been an assistant engineer in one of the Taiwan's greatest studios, Platinum Studio. Now, I want to start my own business with the skill and experience of audio engineering I've cultivated over the years by providing satisfying service for customers. Specializing in Audio Mixing, Editing and Noise Reduction.

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