Mixing Engineer - Darrell



Los Angeles

Mixing Engineer

9 Time Grammy Award Winning (Beck, Radiohead, Molotov, Swithfoot) 3 Time TEC Award Winning (Radiohead, Beck) Los Angeles based recording and mix engineer with 23 years experience working with all level of clients. Several number top 10 albums and radio chart toping mixes.

7x Grammy Award-Winning Mixer - Buck



Los Angeles

7x Grammy Award-Winning Mixer

7x Grammy Award-Winning Mixer

Grammy Winning Mixer/Mastering - Hugo



Los Angeles

Grammy Winning Mixer/Mastering

Beck ,Father John Misty, Radiohead, David Holmes, Primal Scream, GRAMMY Winning Mixer/Producer/Engineer at your service.

Mixing & Mastering - Todd



Los Angeles

Mixing & Mastering

25 years of experience making records in Los Angeles with the best in the world.

Producer, Musician, Mixer - Jordan



Los Angeles

Producer, Musician, Mixer

I'm a producer, songwriter, mixing engineer and multi-instrumentalist based in Los Angeles. Specializing in Electronic Music, I've toured and worked extensively with the band M83. I've also worked closely on albums with Beck and Oberhofer as a producer and musician.

Production, Mixing, Editing - Chris



Los Angeles

Production, Mixing, Editing

2 time Grammy nominated LA based Producer/Mixer. Major Label clients include Idina Menzel (Warner) and Pablo Alboran, Vanesa Martin (Warner Spain). I also have a lot of Indie label and no label clients. Let's make some music!

Studio guitar, bass & composer - Josh



New York

Studio guitar, bass & composer

As a member Norah Jones band for the last 8 years I can bring a lot of experience to your project. I can help you with guitar and bass tracks as well as arranging and songwriting. Let's go!

Pro Mastering Engineer - Kevin




Pro Mastering Engineer

We have mastered Oscar and Grammy winners, but don't charge major label prices. My name is Kevin Nix and I own L. Nix Mastering. I have over 23 years experience working on every style of music imaginable. I have top of the line, vintage outboard gear teamed up with state of the art DAW and best of all, great ears and experience.

Session drummer, producer, - Victor

Los Angeles

Session drummer, producer,

Played on many hit records. Send me your tracks.

Producer, Beats+Sounds - Henri


Producer, Beats+Sounds

I produce music since 1995, for DJs, Artists and Bands in different genres (electronic, jazz, rock, metal, singer/songwriter). For my work I need to understand the essence of a track and to grasp the inherent feeling. I then try to reinforce its soul, liven it up and take the listener by the hand and accompany him on his emotional journey.

Multi-instrumentalist, Mixing - Rory


Multi-instrumentalist, Mixing

See https://rory.work/ for things I've been involved in.

Canvas/Motion Designer - Agustin


Canvas/Motion Designer

With 7+ years of experience, I've produced content for major artists. Spotify Canvas, animated album artwork, lyric videos and overall motion design.

Recording, mixing & production - Alex

Los Angeles

Recording, mixing & production

I am a recording/mixing engineer and producer based in Los Angeles with over 10 years of experience working with some of the top artists in the music industry.

Music Producer/Mixer - David

Los Angeles

Music Producer/Mixer

I'm 5 time Grammy winning easy going human. Here to help people make their musical dreams come true.

Songwriter, Guitarist, Vocals - Cecilia

Los Angeles

Songwriter, Guitarist, Vocals

Top Songwriter, Session Guitarist, Bass player, Keys & Producer available to help you elevate your project. Played guitar for Beck & Charli XCX. I have song cuts both in writing and production with Allie X, Amaarae, Khary, RAC and more. I’ve performed alongside Thundercat, Gary Numan, et al. Plus 7 years experience in commercial sync and OST

Produce/mix/master/co-write - Danny





Recorded/mixed Beck, produced/mixed and co-written with Ben Harper, mastered Odd Future projects. Produced/mixed multiple #1 billboard reggae records

Guitarist and Backing Vocalist - Michael

Los Angeles

Guitarist and Backing Vocalist

From tours to local gigs to session work, contributing to the greater musical 'whole' is my happy place.

Write songs, play guitar - John

Los Angeles

Write songs, play guitar

Long time guitarist worked with Grandmaster Flash, Beck and other major label acts signed to Warner Bros, Capitol, BMG, Elektra, Dreamworks and Geffen records. Have had chart success in the US and Europe

null - Devin


I am the driving force behind TSC, a thriving and innovative company providing production for major, indie, broadcast, and other forms of digital distribution. The company is a full scale production and sales company based in Southern California with a rich history in live sound, studio production, remote recording, and system design.

Session Guitarist - Dakota


Session Guitarist

I have been playing Guitar for nearly 15 years. I'm a seasoned player in many different genres of music. I've had the great pleasure of working with the best music producers in the world through my apprenticeship under the composer/arranger David Campbell, in which I would help David with the music production and transcriptions for session players.

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