Film Composers

These professional film composers have written soundtracks for top movies, tv shows, and productions

Composer/Producer/Multi Instr. - Alexander

Woodland Hills

Composer/Producer/Multi Instr.

My music can be heard in television shows like Alaskan Bush People, Locked Up Abroad, Savage Kingdom, Homestead Rescue, Judge Judy and feature films including 10 Minutes Gone and Grand Isle. A few artists I've collaborated with include Gloriana, The Mowgli's, Elisa Sun and Josh Atchley. Some of my ad clients include Starbucks, Purina and TikTok.

Composer & Producer - Rafael


Composer & Producer

Artists come looking for that blend between a radio hit and a deep cinematic feel. Your songs deserve those arrangements and textures to enhance the right emotion. I want your songs to be in movies, not just Spotify and radios, I want them in their full potential, I want them to be reminisced.

Composer, Singer, Violinist - Mirela


Composer, Singer, Violinist

Musical story-telling and emotions provider for your project! 6th Mark Awards winner for ‘Best Ambient Track’ in 2020 with ‘Gone’, composed and performed by me. - BBC TV Series ‘The Capture’ (episodes 5 and 6) - solo violin, Big Fish Audio virtual libraries: ‘Ambient Minimalism’ (Vocals + Violin) and ’Funk Soul Vintage String Loops'.

Film Composer,Keyboard Player - Achilles


Film Composer,Keyboard Player

Creating music through passion


Composer | Remote Mixing  - Ian


Composer | Remote Mixing

Avant-garde Composer, futuristic Mixing Engineering skills for music live instrumentation and Foley artist for Horror Films. Worked on Shungudzo's forthcoming album as co-producer (one track) and musician (two tracks). Composer & Sound Editor on FATE of a MaThoR (2021) Feature Film.


Composer & Sound Engineer - Anil


Composer & Sound Engineer

My ability to quickly create music that adds depth and imagination to media makes me a talented composer.


Music production studio - Rhodri


Music production studio

Professional-grade music and audio for the film, television, music, and games industries.


Film Composer, Trumpet player - Igor


Film Composer, Trumpet player

I am a classically trained composer working in film, theatre and experimental music. Also I play trumpet and I sing in various styles. My strong points are flexibility in genre and style, strong academic education and modern approach to creating music. Currently my focus in music is Armenian traditional duduk repertoire which I play on trumpet.

Music composer  - davide


Music composer

Music composer for movies and games, Producer, Beat maker

Composer/Producer/Movie Scores - Fation


Composer/Producer/Movie Scores

Fation Çumani composes conceptual Music projects usually (but not limited) integrated in Movies and Documentaries. With a conceptual approach, Fation absorbs the tradition of remembrance art into daily practice. This personal follow-up and revival of a past tradition is important as an act of meditation.

Composer, Musician, Designer - Miles


Composer, Musician, Designer

Classically trained multi-instrumentalist with years of modern-classical, ambient, and electronic composing experience, perfect pitch, and vivid synesthesia.

Film Composer - Guido


Film Composer

I am a professional musician based near Rome. I have written, arranged, played, directed and recorded theater music (dramas and musicals), documentaries, short films (sci-fi, crime, horror, comedy), commercials and TV, and I have worked with poets and photographers in many projects.

Composer, Arranger, Oud player - Shaul


Composer, Arranger, Oud player

Hi, my name is Shaul Bustan. I am a composer, conductor and multi-instrumentalist (Oud, Double bass and Mandolin). I will gladly write an original composition, an arrangement for orchestra, choir or ensemble for your project (film, album or song) and record it. And I can record my playing on the Oud for your project. I can play almost anything ;-)

Film and Media Composer - Mike


Film and Media Composer

I create music that works. If you are looking for music that needs to serve pictures and stories, you are looking for me. Experienced in orchestral music, but also likes to play around with synthesizers and intimate pianos. Has a soft spot for animation and romantic topics.

Music Producer,Singer,Composer - Jananiy


Music Producer,Singer,Composer

I’m an Award-winning Composer, Singer-Songwriter, Music Producer, Arranger, Record Producer, Performer from India. I've collaborated with doyens Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna, Dr. SPB, Hariharan & more. I have worked for Emi (Universal Music) Records.I have 20 yrs of experience in Music in almost all genres, since I started my career during childhood.

Composition and Sound Design - Universal


Composition and Sound Design

Every story has an underlying theme. There is nothing more satisfying than hitting that one single note where it is most needed, becoming your cue's best friend, remembered by people for years to come. That is my musical mindset, infusing the tried-and-true methods with novel ideas.


Film, Games and Media Composer - Yannick


Film, Games and Media Composer

I am a Music Composer/Producer from Switzerland with 7 years of experience. I write music to enhance the emotional experience of films, tv, games and other media. My style goes from epic orchestral music to light emotional piano and strings music.


Eclectic Instruments, Composer - Toyroom

New York

Eclectic Instruments, Composer

I have a large collection of eclectic instruments and hope to play one or many on your next recording! Can also make your MIDI piano into real upright piano quickly and cheaply!

Film Composer - Julian


Film Composer

I am a one stop film music composer. I play a large array of instruments, sing, and have scored award winning films all over the world. I am fast, versatile, and all my clients always return to me for their scoring needs. The musical examples are all written, sung/ performed/ programmed, and mixed/ produced by myself in my studio.

Film and game composer, mockup - Vincent

New York

Film and game composer, mockup

Composer for films and video games as well as VR and AR

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