Music producer - Elvis


Music producer

Voiceover artist, mixing and mastering engineer, music production.

Recording studio, mix master - De




Recording studio, mix master

Mixing and mastering engineeer. Arranger, composer, voice editor, voiceover artist.

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Beatmaking - Staarskream



Don't run, just fly !


Write, record, play, produce - Riverking



Mark Municipality

Write, record, play, produce

I'm a creative song writer and music producer. I do everything that my clients trust me with. I record, produce, arrange, write/co-write, play, sing, mix and/or master. I play some instrument well, I cheat on others. I write songs and instrumentals. My music is signed to record labels and publishers. I'm a nice guy. I'm easy, honest and creative.


Vocals, Songwriting, Keys - Paulina



Los Angeles

Vocals, Songwriting, Keys

I would love to help you complete your project with vocals, songwriting (top-lining/lyrics/tracks), or keyboards/synthesizers!

null - Bulldog

Mexico City

Bulldog Studio is a young production company responsible for creating, producing, directing and coordinating the artistic needs that our client look in the music industry, advertising, film and television.

Music & Sound Production - Harmonix


Music & Sound Production

Harmonix Recording & Production Studio from Bucharest, Romania, is a professional recording studio where numerous recordings and full songs have been produced during the years. It is a place where the combination between top of the line gear, more than a decade of experience and passion for sound and music reaches peaks found nowhere else.

null - Newtunes


Newtunes is a talented producer trio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. In spite of the guys young age they are already having an impressive CV with work ranging from producing the electro soul diva, Ida Corr(''Let Me Think About it'') to remixing the rising EDM stars, Blasterjaxx. Contact:

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